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A candid shot from the last Sundowner with the Creative Vision Foundations after coming back from the wishing rocks with Kathy Eldon and Liz Gibbs and many more. Incredible ladies! DM me


The Warner Brothers New York City lot, because shows in New York cost a lot... .


The Kairos Society is such an amazing group brining some of the biggest Venture Capitalist in the world together with some of the most amazing young startups. Incredibly grateful to Photograph this event to help grow Kairos society and create content to show no only there youthful energetic personality but also the way the connect startups with VC's and have a ton of fun doing it!


What a view from the mansion I was shooting at for an editorial in the Hollywood Hills!

Photographer? DM me


At the after party with this amazing lady. The Kairos Society wrapped up their event at the Avalon of Hollywood on Tue night, this lady from Holland is a part of team that creates a computer that plugs into a 3D printer that prints almost anything! It was so fun to come back the next day and shoot the Bernie Sanders event! ? DM me www.jupitermediagroup.com


I also had the pleasure of shooting the Bernie Sanders event with Seth McFarlane. Both men have a lot of authenticity and some good points. The place was packed. Photographer? Branding? Help giving your company personality and core values? DM me


The View at Night from the mansion was incredible, I will have more detailed photos later. Need an event photographer? Starting to take booking for Christmas Cards! Let me know!


I also had the pleasure of meeting Willie Gault a 6 time olympic Champion and Pro Receiver, as well as a classy guy...

Photographer for an , , ? Portrait? DM me


It was a great week, Mon I did shooting, and branding content for the Kairos Society while I shot there event at the Winklevoss (Social Network) Twins and there mansion in LA.


Shooting with the Kairos Society on the Warner Brothers lot was a real treat. Shooting for content for there website, flyers, as well as event is something I enjoy, treating the whole space like an editorial canvas. photographer


Enjoying your life and doing what you love is essential to your well being, I am grateful to have ended up here for a shoot...

Interested in a photographer? I work with your family, business or self to create content that shows your personality and values to help you achieve your goals. Using my method of intentionality and clearly understanding your goals I help you get the content you need to communicate to your friends, family, clients and the world exactly what you want them to see and feel. DM me.


Such a great moment at the event, Creative Visionaries! Thats Kathy on the end jumping first... Naturally.


These people are amazing! Two incredible directors of Imba means sing http://imbafilm.com/ Erin Bernhardt (winner of 2 Peabody awards) and Brad Allgood director of the www.landfillharmonicmovie.com/ these incredible people were so much fun to connect with. The stories they tell truly inspire.


What an amazing event last night connecting with Kathy Eldon at Visions! It was such a pleasure shooting there event Turn On LA with Robert F Kennedy JR. , Maria Bello and many more!


So fun shooting a promo video for . What an amazing consulting group for non profits! And free! If your intrested in contribuiting to your communcity with some extremly intelligent and fun people, or a non profit in need of some consulting check out www.seedcg.org/ Need Video? Branding? Marketing? Consulting? Photography? PM me.


What a great night last night! Doing for and . Red Carpet and what not! What an amazing night of Oscar winners and Celebrities . What an interesting person that fights for the environment! Need an photographer, , , ? PM me


Doing at for there step and repeat and red carpet was so fun! Check out www.creativevisions.org to find out more! ? PM me


Cory Brandt for bringing great contentent from our interview session for the campaign. If you know a young person 14-23 that could benefit from getting a 7 year leap on life www.leapfoundation.org . Need content video, photo, help with branding? PM me.


Working with the team as there photographer for there event at in for was so fun! What an amazing group of people to work with! And for such a great cause! Check out www.creativevisions.org and see how you can particpate. ? PM me


Love working with the team. Christian Johnson at one of out shoots for there video campaign. Need video content? Interviews for your BTS. PM me.


Here is a shoot from the in right before they headed out to the . They wanted to capture the moment, and the dresses!


BUSINESS can come from anywhere! Even at in the 7th inning stretch!

I was at the with my friend Rane Pakiz sitting next to a group of women. They were nice and we had arrived at the game in the 4th inning.

We began to chat as you do, and I had my on me, she asked what I did for a living and if I could take her . I told her I was .

She said she needed a , so I told her I would be happy to book something with her, to my surprise she said "NO" lets do it know with a big smile (very busy and in agriculture) .

I said yes, we agreed on a price gave her a discounted price as we where at "DODGER STADIUM, AT NIGHT

Kairos Society

Looking forward to doing the Event! They are bringing together Venture Capitalists and 50 of the youngest and most innovative startups in the world! Looking forward to shooting this event! Check them out at http://www.KairosSociety.com/

Kairos brings together young entrepreneurs solving significant problems with corporations, influencers, and strategic investors.


What a great day to be working with at in Hollywood. WE had a great shoot for Ben is going to be featured this fall issue. Its such a pleasure to be able to combine my two passions and ! Interested in ? Need a good ? PM me.


for thier vote here now! : http://ow.ly/oBvQC


Lake Titicaca: So there I was on the high Bolivian Plateau going for Puno, Peru to CocaCabana in Bolivia. Now most people associate CocaCabana with Brazil, but on the shores of Lake Titicaca you can find one as well. The way you got there was by taking small boats across the lake. Now as I boarded the boat I was rather curious as to how the bus or "autobus"was going to make it across the lake. Now take in mind its rather windy and the water is choppy.

I thought to myself, they must be driving around, this portion is to get a little more money out of the tourist, not that much really just about 50 cents to cross, it would be fun, get on the lake and see the way locals get across.

I was wrong. As I began to get onto my tiny boat with many other locals, as well as some of the travelers from the bus, I saw these buses, being carefully, and in what looked like a crazy way, shuttled across the bay. These buses where put on narrow barges with very little to safeguard them from toppling over than a rail 1 foot high! It looked impossible! I was watching these barges with one man on them take these twenty foot high, eighty foot long buses across the lake. It looked like one of the most precarious and nerve racking jobs there where. The bus driver had to stay with the bus. Just watching this practice made me tense up, and of course it dawned on me why we had to get out and take the smaller boats. Why you couldn't have a bus full of people on a tiny little barge crossing Lake Titicaca. Because you would die in the bus, the extra weight would sink or topple the bus, not to mention the hysterical, panicked, let me out right now this is freakin crazy tourists you would have to deal with.

How this ingenious and crazy practice came about I have now idea, all I know is, it is unique. Never before or after have I seen a several ton sail like vehicle be put on a barge of almost equal size and motored across a wind swept lake towards its destination.


To all you wonderful people out there! I am asking for your support in this adventure I am setting out on. I am competing to be the Chief World Explorer for jauntraoo.com and would apprecitate and be grateful to recieve your support by clinking on the link below and "Like" my submission. This is part of the game and I hope you will support and play along as well, and even submit yourself. Thank you for your support. I love you guys!


Show your support for your favorite Chief World Explorer candidates by watching their videos and clicking the Like button. You can Like each candidate once every 24 hours.


Naomi Henn on 3 short productions: "Mums", "Mexico", and "Enough"


Here are stills from "ASK" directed by Ian Bailey and starring Nathan Lee Brynner and Mali Mayfield.


So this is awesome, to all my buddies in Long Beach and Newport that have will it do row Gondolas.


Grateful to be shooting and co-creating at Agape!


Long Beach, CA


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