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RuffHouse Studios RuffHouse Studio is a Cannabis Culture Video Production Co. in CA Also a Weed YouTube channel with +400K subscribers!

Cannabis Culture Video Production in Los Angeles, CA. is a popular YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and rising quickly. We have a young, growing and seriously engaged audience. Contact us for more information about how your brand, show or organization can grow with RuffHouse Studios.

Cannabis Infused S'mores Recipe | RuffHouse Studios
Cannabis Infused S'mores Recipe | RuffHouse Studios

Cannabis Infused S'mores Recipe | RuffHouse Studios

Fire it up with Cannabis Infused S'mores, a classic treat with and ancient twist, today on Infused Eats Episode #61. Save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at: Full

@plugplayallday_  #allday #lit

@plugplayallday_ #allday #lit

Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer Review | RuffHouse Studios
Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer Review | RuffHouse Studios

Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer Review | RuffHouse Studios

Welcome to the Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer Review from Blazin' Gear Cannabis Product Reviews. Pros: Attractive tiny design Pure ceramic oven Includes glass

Bit of an early start this season! #organicfarming

Bit of an early start this season! #organicfarming

New recipe coming soon for Infused Scottish Shortbread cookies using the @theherbalinfuser. These babies are dank af!

New recipe coming soon for Infused Scottish Shortbread cookies using the @theherbalinfuser. These babies are dank af!

Ain't life peachy!#crownroyalpeach

Ain't life peachy!

This is me on the regular so you know...

This is me on the regular so you know...


[email protected]
YouTube: Important notice addressing your recent actions
Matthew Lamb
We are aware of your repeated interactions with YouTube employees over the past few months that have contained threatening language, references to the YouTube shooting, and declarations of revenge.

While we recognize your right to air grievances with YouTube, the threats you’ve made are unacceptable. Any additional communication in this manner will require us to notify law enforcement authorities.

As a result of your continued pattern of threatening behavior, we have already eliminated your access to partnership support and YouTube Spaces.

We are committed to resolving your outstanding concerns regarding your YouTube channel so we’d like to provide you with a final opportunity to work with us respectfully.

Reply to this email with a succinct summary of your channel related issue and our team will review it further. Note that any communication initiated outside this thread will not receive a response.

YouTube Partner Support

Google Inc.| YouTube Team|

Matt - Ruffhouse Studios
8:59 PM (1 hour ago)
to yt-partner-support

Dear whomever I am speaking with at YouTube,

I would first like to thank you for reaching out about my concerns. I would like very much to come to a peaceable resolution with YouTube. But if we cannot, are you threatening to delete my channel again?

I have felt very dehumanized and and harassed by YouTube's actions against my account. (ie the deleting of the account, still with no explanation.) And the subsequent failure of YouTube, even still, to clarify why such a drastic action was taken against my account.

After years of encouragement, through invitations to labs, classes, events and special business accelerator programs, as well as years of work and over hundred thousands dollars invested into the channel, I feel the very least I am owed by YouTube is an explanation as to why my channel was deleted for a month. And also why it was reinstated. I was unable to get this answer after NUMEROUS attempts for clarification through partner support and I crossed the line of manners and respect and for this I AM SORRY. But I NEVER DIRECTLY THREATENED ANYONE AT YOUTUBE. If I had, you SHOULD call the police. I HAVE spoken with law enforcement myself about your actions. In April 2018, I spoke with San Bruno police department and asked them to look into the terrible way your company treated so many creators. A Sargent called me back and we spoke for a while.

I told him my concerns that the shooting occurred because of what YouTube has done to people such as myself. I told him that the very dehumanizing treatment of people who depend on YouTube for their livelihood will have consequences, and that I meant no threat. I'm concerned. Through channel deletion, selective enforcement of policies on age restriction/ demonetization, the "Signal" that suppresses viewership of certain content, etc., I feel this kind of behavior by YouTube contributed to the actions by the shooter at YouTube headquarters. I was, and am still, concerned it could happen again. In fact another YouTuber was arrested by the FBI for making similar threats. Any credible threats to harm should be taken very seriously and I DO NOT condone any violence to YouTube or anyone. If you really feel threatened by me, then you are failing to provide for the safety of your staff by NOT talking to law enforcement. I have nothing to hide and welcome law enforcement involvement. Because I never threatened and would never harm anyone at YouTube and would love the opportunity to explain YouTube's actions against me to them again. I believe it could give them some useful insight into the previous and threatened attacks on YouTube.

I do however feel betrayed and wronged by YouTube and have every right to revenge the wrongdoing through legal resources. I will continue to pressure law enforcement and law makers to stop YouTube from treating other creators as they have me and I have every right to do that. I do not expect YouTube to like it but I will sue you if you retaliate for it. It is my right to seek revenge for the wrongs done to me and many others and justice for those who have been harmed by your actions whether intentional or through your inability to manage the platform fairly and consistently. I am also considering legal action against the platform for the way they have treated me specifically. When I can get a good enough lawyer to take my case I will do it. This is the revenge I mentioned and continue to seek. Any thought that I am threatening harm against anyone at YouTube is perhaps some sort of manifest guilt as you know that I have been very unfairly harmed by YouTube's actions against me. And I still do not know if the action to delete my account was intentional, a mistake or what? Yet I am accused of being unprofessional.

YouTube and YouTube employees encouraged and enabled me to make videos on the platform. Matt Touffor, my partner manager at the time, directly insured me on the phone that my channel was in no threat only weeks before it was deleted. Deleting my channel destroyed the credibility of me to attract my own advertisers, which is crucial after YouTube took away all of my monetization after years of monetizing all of my videos. Deleting my channel put me in legal jeopardy to those who had just paid me to make videos, then to to be deleted by YouTube! YouTube is destroying lives with impunity, without even an explanation. But you are angry at me for being rude?

How am I suppose to react to this kind of seeming harassment? How would you react to your life being destroyed and sent to financial ruin by those who encouraged you to grow and build a business on YouTube?

I am very happy to try to peaceably work for a solution but if you expect me not to be angry, or hurt or damn near falling apart at the seams then it is not possible. I have no desire to visit YouTube Space ever again, I was betrayed by them and have no wish to see anyone there, but wish no one any harm. I have NO FAITH in YouTube partner support to treat me or anyone else fairly or provide any help. They couldn't even tell me why my channel was deleted. After MULTIPLE FUTILE ATTEMPTS. They even lied and said it had something to with bots, then directed me to the wrong part of the user agreement for my reference. This is my livelihood we are talking about and I can't even get a simple answer. WHY WAS MY ACCOUNT DELETED AND REINSTATED WITH NO EXPLANATION?

So if you'd like to start there and answer that basic question then I think we could move on amicably.

But I am still devastated, my life and livelihood in shambles from YouTube actions. I will continue to push for regulation to keep YouTube from doing this to me again and to others. If you want to punish me for that it's fine but that is more important to me than a relationship with a company who seems happy to destroy my life and yet unable to understand why that upsets me so badly. Not sure it's a relationship worth saving but I'm willing to try if you are.

My faith in YouTube is utterly destroyed. Every day I am worried my channel will just be deleted again, with no explanation, no recourse and no-one to offer any assistance. The emotional distress I experience every day has led me to depression and sadness, perhaps deleting the channel again would be doing me a favor. Good day to whoever nameless faceless person at YouTube is pretending to care. You almost made me feel a little less dehumanized for a moment.

Thank you,

Matt Lamb | Owner | RuffHouse Studios

BAD-ASS! Thanks Gabe @stonedninjacomics for the sweet comic and pot leaf Ninja throwing star shirt!

BAD-ASS! Thanks Gabe @stonedninjacomics for the sweet comic and pot leaf Ninja throwing star shirt!

I've been working very hard to get our videos trans-coded into a real multi rate streaming form and hope you can enjoy t...

I've been working very hard to get our videos trans-coded into a real multi rate streaming form and hope you can enjoy them on my site from now on and on any device. Check out the Weed Hacks playlist here:
Stay tuned for live show where I delete those vids from YouTube this afternoon.
PS. Would love some feedback on the site if you see room for improvements!

How To Smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax | RuffHouse Studios
How To Smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax | RuffHouse Studios

How To Smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax | RuffHouse Studios

Learn various ways to smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax today on Cannabasics episode 100 Let's take a look at several ways to smoke shatter, wax and rosin along with

X-Vape Vista Mini E Nail Review | RuffHouse Studios
X-Vape Vista Mini E Nail Review | RuffHouse Studios

X-Vape Vista Mini E Nail Review | RuffHouse Studios

The Vista Mini features a 2000mAh battery, a huge powerful ceramic heating chamber, 3 temperature settings and sleek compact design. You can dab directly on it


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Los Angeles, CA


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