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Operating as usual


Yep. We cast that.

New Oculus directed by Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting


Yep. We cast that.

Science Moms "Outside Voices" directed by Jocelyn and Dawn. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting


Yep. We cast that Super Bowl spot.

M&Ms cast by Spot Casting.

Allstate "Moon"

Yep. We cast that Super Bowl spot.

Allstate "Moon" cast by Petite Casting.


Yep. We cast that Super Bowl spot.

Allstate "Duets" cast by Petite Casting.

Aflac Swim Meet

Yep. We cast that.

New Aflac cast by Ross Lacy Casting


Yep. We Cast that.

New out of this world Twizzlers cast by Spot Casting.

Amazon "Alexa Ironing"

Yep. We cast that.

Amazon "Alexa Ironing" directed by Andreas Nilsson. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting


Yep. We cast that.

Dodge "Chase" cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Beautiful Morning

Yep. We cast that.

Coors Light directed by Noam Murro. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Zero Sugar Done Right

Super Bowl Spot!

Pepsi "Zero Sugar Done Right" directed by Noam Murro. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Avocados from Mexico

Super Bowl Spots!

Avocados from Mexico directed by Frank Todaro. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Xbox Game Pass

Yep. We cast that.

New Xbox Game Pass cast by Spitfire Casting

Yep. We cast that. Toyota Prius directed by Noam Murro. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting
Toyota Prius TV Commercial, 'To the Top' Featuring Chloe Kim [T1]

Yep. We cast that.

Toyota Prius directed by Noam Murro. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

A woman picks up an unlikely hitchhiker, Chloe Kim, on the side of a snowy road. Kim has somewhere important to be and to get there they must drive up an icy mountain in the woman's Toyota Prius. Thankfully, she has AWD-e to get the two of them to the top as soon as possible and no caribou will stan...

Progressive Spot

Yep We Cast that.

New Progressive cast by Spot Casting!

Ford Explorer

Yep. We cast that.

Ford "Journey Home" directed by Steve Ayson. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Mini Electric

Yep. We cast that.

New Mini Electric spot cast by Spitfire Casting


Yep. We cast that.

Fruit of the Loom "CoolZone Fly Boxer Briefs" directed by David Shafei. Cast by Bill Bailey.


Yep. We cast that.

Hardees "Helping Save Vegetables" directed by Cameron Harris. Cast by Ross Lacy Casting

Fruit of the Loom

Yep. We cast that.

Fruit of the Loom "Breathable Jingle Contest" cast by Spitfire Casting


Yep. We cast that.

Fruit of the Loom "Breathable Jingle Contest" cast by Spitfire Casting

Spotify "Singalong"

Yep. We cast that.

Spotify"Singalong" directed by David Kerr. Cast by Dowd/Roman Casting.


Yep. We cast that.

Spotify"Singalong" directed by David Kerr. Cast by Dowd/Roman Casting.

Pop Tarts

Yep. We cast that.

New Pop Tarts directed by Sunbeam. Cast by Bill Bailey


200 South La Brea Avenue, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA

General information

200 South has emerged as the premiere Los Angeles Casting Studio, complete with every state-of-the-art casting technology. Located in the heart of Hollywood, we enjoy a sprawling 14,000 square foot space, have 11 fully equipped studios and stand ready to accommodate every aspect of the casting process. Our casting directors: Bill Bailey Casting http://www.billbaileycasting.com Carol Rosenthal Casting http://www.rosenthalcasting.com Deming Casting http://www.demingcasting.com Dowd/Roman Casting http://www.dowdromancasting.com Jeff Rosenman Casting http://www.rosenmancasting.com Laurie Records Casting http://www.laurierecordscasting.com Mary Ruth Casting https://www.maryruthcasting.com/ Pamela Starks Casting website coming soon Petite Casting http://petiteacastingcompany.com Pitch Casting website coming soon Ross Lacy Casting http://www.rosslacycasting.com Spitfire Casting http://www.spitfirecasting.com Spot Casting http://www.spotcasting.net

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Monday 9am - 7pm
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Friday 9am - 7pm


(323) 330-1020


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Hi, I'll be guest starring on the next episode of THE GOOD DOCTOR! Please check me out on Monday, October 21, at 10 pm on ABC! Thanks!
My daughter, Tehya is killing it! She has auditioned for 8 projects and booked 4 of them. She will be on the big screen soon. Take a look at her reel! It is no wonder why she is dominating her competition. I am her acting coach, but she takes direction well. Follow her on Instagram @tehyamae38 on YouTube to keep up to date with all her projects. #tehyamae Tehya Mae
want to get message to you if can thanks for offer to audition for role of Santa commercial so sorry i missed note about self tape. i understand the need to follow directions well just had my bad day yesterday now i understand there is consequence for that but again thanks for opportunity !
Sometimes things are not what they seem Especially when others are pulling the strings Dive deep inside find out who you are A leader a follower or operating scars All I ever wanted was to see happiness All around me in everyone feeling bliss Energies enforce detrimental ways Stomp slaughter slander competition everyday Tis Why I am running for President I'm educated & a holistic therapist Sure I've felt trauma to a crippling degree Events made me stronger made me ME It doesn't matter who others think you are It matters what YOU think what you hold in your heart My name is Sharon Bodine & I'm a warrior Not a follower not a panderer oh so very far From what others desire me to be for them What they don't get is I AM that I AM I AM a rock star broke as can be Cuz I'm not getting naked for all the world to see I'm not stroking c*ck$ desperate to survive I'm not a gold digger I'm an angel taking flight I'm not a thief of life force not a robber no I'm RejuvOHM Queen with intellectual blows I come in from the back door like a ninja indeed Infiltrating hearts & souls to align with my Team A TEAM of light & love accepting each others flaws Forgiving whats been done but like Denzel says Not going backwards for anyone I AM a starving artist & massage therapist I've been harassed stalked & stomped by insecure dimwits If your body is sore or you'd like to meditate with me Your chakras are all clogged needing tingling therapy Your kids driving ya crazy or work is driving ya mad Please don't hesitate to jingle in fact I'd be super glad I'll travel to your place of business home or hotel Share RejuvOHM with ya or soothe muscles like ringing a bell I've been a muscular therapist since 2009 Graduated school in Jersey super fine I come with table fully equipped Couples groups or singles Don't matter I can show ya bliss Google RejuvOHM & what will you find The most epic comedic therapist this world tries to hide
Thank you for doing what you do!! Tim from room #5 was Sensational and fun to read with!!! Best of luck to all the actors today at ALL the auditions!!! 🀩πŸŽ₯πŸŽ¬πŸ“Ίβœ¨πŸŒŸ #funtimes #rebrandingdisABILITY #inclusionmatters #pwd #angelarockwood #rollinggoddess #pushgirls
Winner of The Webby Awards, Best in Scripted 2018 Casting Director: Pamela Starks
Hello LA talent - This is an exciting short film project! Some roles have already been cast, but I've got two opportunities for you! Submit online ASAP - auditions are Sunday!! The Old Man's Hands marks writer, director Marc Bowen's directorial debut. It's an elegant script inspired by true events. Check LA Casting & Casting Frontier for both roles below. Actors Access posted our Connor/Young Vinnie role. Search: The Old Man's Hands ************************************* THE OLD MAN: Caucasian, Mid 40's to early 50's to play late 30's and age up to play 60's. Slender build with a full head of dark brown to medium brown hair. A little gray ok. Dirty blonde ok. Talent MUST BE ok with brief frontal nudity. You're playing a co**se being prepared for burial during part of the film. Talent MUST BE comfortable with / have experience putting in contact lenses on your own. ************************************* CONNOR / YOUNG VINNIE: Caucasian, 5 to 10 years, medium or average build. Light to dark brown hair. Dirty blonde ok. Our awesome youth performer plays two different roles in this short film. There will be a series of flashbacks enabling our talent to play Connor AND Young Vinnie.
Happy New Year. #puppymakeover #partyanimal
Behold the Paqui one chip challenge
I just wanna give πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘s up on that new bathroom!!! Its literally so lit!πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘ Thank you.πŸ™‚
Bella and I had a great time she loved the dogs.