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Homily For Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 5th November, 2023
Readings: Mal.1:14-2:2.8-10; Ps.131; 1Thess.2:7-9.13; Matt. 23:1-12
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia.


Leadership is one of the characteristics of the human person, it is that which makes us unique from every other creature. It is a gift from God by which we serve him and our neighbour responsibly. But this gift often has been abused and misused by people who were entrusted with the responsibility of leading others, just like the Scribes and the Pharisees in the Gospel passage today, who had the responsibility to lead people to the Kingdom of heaven, but with their ugly ways of life, they neither enter nor allow those who want to enter to go in.

Hence, Jesus told his disciples that since the scribes and the Pharisees occupied the chair of Moses. They must therefore do what they tell them and listen to what they say; but do not be guided by what they do: since they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger to move any. Everything they do is done to attract attention.

Here, Jesus made it clear that we should listen to what the authorities are saying to us. However, we should not be such people who do not put into practice what we teach. So, as Christians, we need to start practicing what we preach, we need to do more witnessing than preaching. It is not enough to recall principles, state intentions, point to blatant injustice and utter prophetic denunciation; these kinds of words lack the real meaning of our faith unless they are accompanied by effective action manifested in our way of life.

Thus, Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites, because, they misused the gift of leadership entrusted to them. So, today we are called not to be like them, rather, we should be humble, committed and responsible with whatever we are entrusted with. Jesus made us to know that the greatest among us must be the servant of all. Because anyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and anyone who humbles himself will be exalted.

Also, from our Gospel, we need to acknowledge that our authority as leaders come from God, for we are not to pride ourselves as rabbis, teacher, leaders, father, mothers, priests, pastors and prophet in our name and capacity. Rather our actions should reflect the paternity of God in the way we live and serve others for it is God who allowed us to serve in his name. Therefore let us imitate our Lord Jesus by loving and serving God and neighbours in simplicity of heart.

Little wonder, the Lord in our first reading says: now, O priests and leaders of this world, this warning is for you. If you do not listen, if you do not find it in your heart to glorify my name, I will send the curse on you and curse your very blessing. But you, you have strayed from the way; you have caused many to stumble by your teaching and actions. This should not be our portion and lot.

Therefore, let us learn from St. Paul who said in our second reading: Let me remind you, brothers, how hard we used to work, slaving night and day so as not to be a burden on any one of you while we were proclaiming God’s Good News to you. For like a mother feeding and looking after her children, we felt so devoted and protective towards you and had come to love you so much, that we were eager to hand over to you not only the Good News but our whole lives as well.

Dear friends, preaching the Word of God is not enough, we must learn to practice what we preach. We must strive to follow the examples of our Lord Jesus in his dedication and total commitment to God the Father, for he put into practice all of the words he spoke to us. Teaching us that, it is not sufficient to speak, we must put into practice what we spoke about. We must let the Word of God touch and shape our lives. So, as leaders in different capacities, we are called not merely to hear God’s word but to daily put it into action. Let our actions reflect what we preach and represent.

Today, can we be that good leader that humanity seeks to encounter in the world? A leader who preach and also practices what he preaches, for that is the character of a good leader. Sadly, the world is full of leaders with a Pharisaic spirit of greediness, selfishness, pride and corruption. This is evident in the ugly situation of war, genocide, chaos, coups, terrorism and kidnapping happening all around the world. Today, we need leaders who will be truly servants of the people at all levels of leadership beginning from the self to the family, to societies and other levels where we may find ourselves. But what does it take to be a good leader? Jesus says humility that comes from a humble heart that wishes to serve and not to be served. A heart that understands that leadership is sacrificial. Can I be such a leader in my family, in society and country?

LET US PRAY: Lord God, humanity are suffering because of corrupt, greedy and selfish leaders who occupy virtually every important position of leadership. As we embrace your words today, may we become good leaders in our families, societies and the world at large? We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Do have a fruitful day.


Homily For Saturday Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 4th November, 2023. The Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo
Readings: Romans 12: 1-2.11-12.25-27; Ps 93; Luke 14:1.7-11
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia


One of the virtues that is lacking in our world today is humility, this virtue is really lacking in our society today because pride has become a way of life which most people wish to embrace. Hence we often hear people saying in a very proud way, do you know who I am? By the time I finish with you then you will fear me. We hear people taking all sorts of honorific titles whether merited or not, they want to be addressed and recognized so gloriously at every public event.

This should not be our attitudes or disposition toward Jesus in our Gospel passage today while addressing the Pharisees told a parable about humility saying: When someone invites you to a wedding feast, do not take your seat in the place of honour. A more distinguished person than you may have been invited, and the person who invited you both may come and say, “Give up your place to this man.” And then, to your embarrassment, you would have to go and take the lowest place. No; when you are a guest, make your way to the lowest place and sit there, so that, when your host comes, he may say, “My friend, move up higher.” In that way, everyone with you at the table will see you honoured. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.’

Here, we see the importance of humility, we see how humility can help elevate someone from nothingness to something great. While pride can bring down the might into nothingness. The truth is that humility is not a way of glory, but a road of surrender that leads to the passion and death of one’s self. It is a way of sacrifice, a service to others at the price of self-sacrifice. That is why many people do not want to be humble. Little wonder St. Paul in our first reading put this question before us: have the Jews fallen forever, or have they just stumbled? Obviously, they have not fallen forever: their fall, though, has saved the pagans in a way the Jews may now well emulate. Think of the extent to which the world, the pagan world, has benefited from their fall and defection – then think how much more it will benefit from the conversion of them all. There is a hidden reason for all these actions.

Dear friends, we must learn to say no to prideful actions in order to embrace humility. Though it may seem so difficult to embrace the virtue of humility, especially in our society today, this virtue has a lot to offer us both as individuals and as a group. In fact, our world needs humble men and women, because a good society is built on all kinds of commendable virtues such as humility. This is what we see in the life of Charles Borromeo whose memorial we celebrate today, for though he came from a wealthy family of Medici, he never let himself be distracted by the things of this passing world. Rather, in humility he dedicated himself entirely to serving God in his people in a very sacrificial way.

Therefore, it is time for us to put off our old self which is led by pride the first capital sin, to put on a new person born of humility, love, compassion, contentment, purity, forgiveness etc. So let us work hard to add more virtues in our activities and behaviour for blessed are those who are virtuous for they easily solve their problems. Thus, why not try humility in solving those challenging moments in your life? Just try to be humble because it works like a miracle.

LET US PRAY: Heavenly Father, we have often failed to follow the example of Christ’s humility which he has taught us. As we are reminded once again of the need to be humble, grant us through the intercession of St. Charles Borromeo the grace to truly be humble at any level we find ourselves, we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Do have a blessed and peaceful weekend.

Projects wake up from your slumber! The third day of the month of November is rounding off. How many times have you pray...

Projects wake up from your slumber! The third day of the month of November is rounding off. How many times have you prayed the Cleansing Soul Chaplet today? Souls are waiting to be saved and they rely on you. Do you know that it is a must for you to pray the Cleansing Soul Chaplet at least seven times everyday throughout this month of November? What are you doing and what are you waiting for? Pick up your Chaplet now! Souls waiting for you!!Cleansing soul chaplet.
Prayed two times daily - in the morning immediately after Divine Mercy Chaplet(3am) and in the Afternoon Immediately after Divine Mercy Chaplet (3pm) also prayed severally during the month of November.
(All kneeling down throughout the prayer but In the month of November, with the head bowed down to the ground while kneeling as in the Chaplet of Holy Trinity)
Step1:- opening prayer (After the sign of the Cross)
Leader: O God poor sinners like us before your presence;
All: Have mercy on us (3 times)
Step2:- On the Glory be bead:
Leader: For the Cleansing of the souls who have faithfully died in your name continue to look with pity on us and on them;
All: And shower your infinite mercy on us all.
Step3:- On the hail Mary bead:
(With heads bow down)
Leader: Oh our God;
All: Shower us with your ocean of mercy(10times).
Continue and complete the five decades as in the Holy Rosary.
Step4:- concluding prayer.
All: Oh our God have mercy on us and be good to us let the rain and shower of your caring love continue to endow us with the truth and zeal to serve you until life of the world to come amen.
Leader: Come Lord Jesus;
All: The Way, the Truth and the Life.
Leader: In the Name of the Father;
All: And of the Son and of the Holy Sprit. Amen.
Note: Every CDP Prayer ends with "Come Lord Jesus..." before the sign of the Cross.
Projects wake up from your slumber! The third day of the month of November is rounding off. How many times have you prayed the Cleansing Soul Chaplet today? Souls are waiting to be saved and they rely on you. Do you know that it is a must for you to pray the Cleansing Soul Chaplet at least seven times everyday throughout this month of November? What are you doing and what are you waiting for? Pick up your Chaplet now! Souls waiting for you!!


Homily For Friday Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 3rd November, 2023
Readings: Romans 9:1-5; Ps 147; Luke 14:1-6
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia


Most times when we reflect on the relationship between Jesus and his audience, we wonder how he was able to manage all the situations placed before him even when it seemed as if he had no escape root. Such is the situation in our Gospel passage today when on a Sabbath day Jesus went for a meal at the house of one of the leading Pharisees who had invited him; of which they watched him closely. Because in front of him was a man with dropsy, and Jesus addressed the lawyers and Pharisees saying: ‘Is it against the law to cure a man on the Sabbath, or not?’ But they remained silent, so he took the man cured him and sent him away.

Here, we see Jesus who always honours all his invitations whether from the poor or the rich, friends or ‘enemies’ including Pharisees and Sadducees whose invitation was a trap to set him up. But Jesus cannot be trapped, rather he used the opportunity to teach us that no Sabbath law, no religious restriction, can ever forbid us from being compassionate and caring for the poor and the sick. And St. Paul in our first reading made us to know that as God’s chosen people, we have been adopted as sons, we have been given the glory and the covenants; the Law and the ritual were drawn up for us, and the promises of God were made to us in order to completely embrace the will of God

Dear friends, we can see that nothing can stop the Lord from taking care of us. So, today we are called to learn how to be compassionate no matter the situation we may find ourselves, in because Jesus has always been compassionate to us. For this kind of attitude will help us to become pure and blameless, and prepare us for the Day of Christ when we all will reach the perfect goodness which the Lord Jesus planted in us for the glory and praise of God. But, are we willing and ready to show love, compassion and care to those who need our love and care especially when it seems very difficult?

LET US PRAY: Lord God, we often wish to be compassionate and caring like you. But we often fail because of fear and lack of proper disposition. As we listened to your words today, may we find the courage to be compassionate and caring, we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Peace be with.


Homily For Thursday Thirty- First Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 2nd November 2023. The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls Day.)
Readings: Wis. 3:1-9; Ps.23; Rom 5:5-11; Matt. 5:1-12
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia.


Yesterday we celebrated the solemnity of All Saints, today being the 2nd day of November the Holy Mother Church in her wisdom asked us to commemorate and pray for all the faithful departed (All Souls), especially the suffering Church. That is, as a militant Church, we are expected to pray for those souls that belong to the body of Christ but are still in need of purification. Thus, we are called to remember our loved ones who have gone before us into eternal life by visiting their tombs and praying for them. But why must we pray for the departed souls? Today’s celebration will help us to understand why we must learn to constantly pray for the departed souls.

This is important because immediately after death we belong either to the suffering Church or the triumphant Church. The suffering Church is the souls that belong to the body of Christ but are still in need of purification. In this state they are helpless, they can not help anyone neither can they help themselves. They only rely on the intercessions of the triumphant Church and the militant Church. So as a militant Church, it is necessary and mandatory for us to be charitable to the suffering Church through our prayers and intercessions. That is why we need to pray and intercede for them. Little wonder the Church set apart a day like this for us to pray for the departed and also visit the cemetery and graves of our loved ones.

So as regards this visitation, I can recall my experience of visiting the cemetery as a seminarian. As customary, in the seminary, every 2nd November we often choose people to visit the cemetery to pray for the souls of the Faithful Departed Oftentimes my name will always be among those going to visit the cemetery but not often when it comes to going for other glorious and social occasions and events. Though at a point I felt I should complain I accepted it even though I had no option. Then, as usual, in 2017, I was privileged again to be among those to visit a cemetery at Oke-Are in Ibadan. Being more disposed than in previous years I was more observant. So, on our way to the cemetery which is located on a hill in the heart of Ibadan, passing through the market and streets all I could see were people struggling, buying and selling, fighting and cursing each other, beggars, sick people and poor alike, among the people were the rich, the educated, their leaders both traditional and political.

But getting to the cemetery I saw on a wall the names and dates of so many men and women who had passed on from this interesting community. Then I asked myself in my deep reflection, where will all of us in this beautiful community be in the next hundred years? Where are all these people whose names are listed on this wall? Were they like us before? Yes. Are we going to be like them later? Of course Yes. With this in mind, I realized that there is time for everything in this world, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to break down and a time to build up (Eccl: 3:1-11). Then I realized the reality of this life and the need to reflect and pray for the souls that have passed away from this passing world.

This we should do not in grief but in the spirit of faith and hope, knowing that they are living in communion with us as they share in the resurrection of Christ. Just as we heard in our first reading that the souls of the virtuous are in the hands of God for those who are faithful will live with him in love; since grace and mercy await those he has chosen. And St. Paul in our second reading tell us to rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation in order to live a beatific life which Jesus gave us its guiding principles in our Gospel passage today.

Dear friends, do you know that you can offer some little help to souls struggling to attain heaven our beatific vision? Do we know that there are helpless souls who only rely on our help to attain the beatific vision? What am I willing to do for these helpless souls? Before now, have I even thought of it that my departed brethren need my assistance in other to reach their destination? Am I sure that I can avoid this state of suffering and purification? Do we ever remember that our loved ones may be there now?

Perhaps while they were in this life, they were of great help to us. Do we realize that our prayers and sacrifices represent the key to releasing them and we can use them if we want to? Do we care about using it? Therefore, as we remember the souls who are passing through this rigour of purification, it would be good for us to offer some prayers of intercession, especially for our loved ones as plenary indigence awaits us when we do this devoutly today or any day in November at the Holy Mass or at the cemetery.

LET US PRAY: Heavenly Father, as we commemorate and pray for all souls today, may the light of your mercy shine upon them, especially those who are in need of your mercy. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Wishing you a fruitful day.


Our Mantra for the month of November 1-10, 2023 is: to be chanted from November 1 to November 10:
This Should be said 10times every hour, four times every midnight and 3times before stepping out or into your home, office and church premises, from November 1-10.


On the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed:

Litany of the Faithful Departed
Lord have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Christ hear us.
Christ , graciously hear us. God the Father of heaven,
have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed.

God the Holy Ghost,
have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed.

Holy Trinity, one God ,
have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed. Holy Mary,
pray for the souls of the faithful departed.*

Holy Mother of God ,*
Holy Virgin of virgins,*
St. Michael,*
All ye angels and archangels,*
All ye orders of blessed spirits,*
St. John the Baptist,*
St. Joseph,*
All ye holy patriarchs and prophets,*
St. Peter,*
St. Paul,*
St. John,*
All ye holy apostles and evangelists,*
St. Stephen,*
St. Lawrence,*
All ye holy martyrs,*
St. Gregory,*
St. Ambrose,*
St. Augustine,*
St. Jerome,*
All ye holy bishops and confessors,*
All ye holy doctors,*
All ye holy priests and levites,*
All ye holy monks and hermits,*
St. Mary Magdalene,*
St. Catherine,*
St. Barbara,*
All ye holy virgins and widows,*
All ye saints of God ,*

Be merciful, spare them O Lord .
Be merciful, graciously hear us O Lord .

From all evil,
O Lord , deliver them.**

From Thy wrath,**
From the rigor of Thy justice,**
From the power of the devil,**
From the gnawing worm of conscience,**
From long-enduring sorrow,**
From cruel flames,**
From intolerable cold,**
From horrible darkness,**
From dreadful weeping and wailing,**
Through Thy admirable conception,**
Through Thy Holy Nativity,**
Through Thy most sweet name,**
Through Thy baptism and holy fasting,**
Through Thy most profound humiliation,**
Through Thy prompt obedience,**
Through Thine infinite love,**
Through Thy sorrow and anguish,**
Through Thy bloody sweat,**
Through Thy bonds,**
Through Thy scourging,**
Through Thy crowning with thorns,**
Through Thy carrying of the cross,**
Through Thy most cruel death,**
Through Thy five holy wounds,**
Through Thy most bitter cross and passion,**
Through Thy holy Resurrection,**
Through Thine admirable Ascension,**
Through the coming of the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete,**
In the day of judgement,**

We sinners,
we beseech Thee, hear us.***

Thou Who forgavest Magdalen and didst hearken to the prayer of the thief,***

Thou Who savest freely Thine elect,***

Thou Who hast the keys of death and hell,***

That Thou wouldst be pleased to deliver the souls of our parents, relations, friends, and benefactors from the pains of hell,***

That Thou wouldst be pleased to have mercy on those whom no special remembrance is made on earth,***

That Thou wouldst be pleased to grant them all the pardon and remission of their sins,***

That Thou wouldst be pleased to fulfill all their desires,***

That Thou wouldst be pleased to recieve them into the company of the blessed,***

King of awful Majesty,***

Son of God ,***

Lamb of God , who takest away the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest.

Lamb of God , who takest away the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest.

Lamb of God , who takest away the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest everlasting.

Christ , hear us.
Christ , graciously hear us.
Lord , have mercy.
Christ , have mercy.
Lord , have mercy.
From the gates of hell,
Deliver their souls, O Lord .
O Lord hear my prayer.
And let my cry come unto thee.

Let us pray

O God , the Creator and Redeemer of all faithful, grant unto the souls of Thy servants departed the remission of all their sins; that, by pious supplication, they may obtain that pardon which they have always desired. Grant this, O God , Who livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

O eternal God , Who besides the general precept of charity, hast commanded a particular respect to parents, kindred, and benefactors, grant, we beseech Thee, that, as they were the instruments by which Thy Providence bestowed on us our birth, education, and innumerable other blessings, so our prayers may be the means to obtain for them a speedy release from their excessive sufferings, and free admittance to Thine infinite joys. Through Christ Our Lord . Amen.

Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord . And let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.
Come Lord Jesus, the way the truth and the life.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Sprit.


Homily For Wednesday Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 1st November, 2023. Solemnity of All Saints. (HAPPY NEW MONTH)
Readings: Rev. 7:2-4.9-14, Ps.24, 1John 3:1-3, Matt. 5:1-12
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia.


Every first November, the Holy Mother Church presents to us the Solemnity of All Saints. But, who are the saints and why are we celebrating them. The Church as we know is not just the physical structure we have all over the places, no, the Church is much more than that. The Church is the body of Christ which every one of us are member by virtue of our baptism.

This Church is divided into three groups, that is the militant Church, the suffering Church and the triumphant Church. The militant Church are all of us especially the baptized who are still inhabiting and struggling with the human flesh. But immediately after death, we belong either to the suffering Church or the triumphant Church. The suffering Church is the souls that belong to the body of Christ but are still in need of purification. While the triumphant Church are the souls of the saints which we are celebrating today. They are those who are pure in heart, they are the ones who shall see God because they have been washed clean from the stain of sin by the blood of Christ and sustained by their holiness of life.

So, today we celebrate the triumphant Church that is, all the saints known or unknown to us who have triumphed victorious to heavenly glory. By celebrating them we are reminded that we are called to grow in holiness and to become saints like them, for that is our primary goal in life.

This solemnity dates back to the 7th century, and the occasion of its introduction was the conversion of the ancient Roman Pantheon into a Christian Church. As emperor, Phocas gave the Pantheon to Pope Boniface IV, who converted it into a Church and dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints in the year 608. But later in the year 731, Pope Gregory III consecrated a chapel in St. Peter’s Church in honour of all the saints and since then the solemnity of All Saints has been celebrated all over the world.

Therefore, in this great event, we are called to imitate the heroic virtues of the saints by living a life of beatitudes as peacemakers, pure of heart, meek, humble and merciful as Jesus teaches us in our Gospel passage today. And in our first reading St. John in the book of Revelation tells that these saints are the people who have been through great persecution, and they have washed their robes white again in the blood of the Lamb, which in our second reading he made us to know that we are already the children of God but what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed; but when it is revealed we shall be like him because we shall see him as he really is. And everyone who entertains this hope must purify himself and try to be as pure as Christ.

Dear friends, are you pure in heart? Are you merciful? Are you a peacemaker? Are you persecuted for righteousness' sake? Then you are a living saint. So, today’s Solemnity reminds us of our universal vocation to holiness, it strengthens us in our struggles towards our goal which is to attain eternal life. It helps us to recall our communion with saints. It reminds us that we are pilgrims on this earth and also it strengthens our faith in the teachings of the Church. No doubt all of us want to become saints and oftentimes we really want to live a holy life but there are always obstacles on our way to holiness, these obstacles make us become aware of our sins, our weaknesses and our failures.

Yes, we are sinners, but so are the saints. They only relied on God’s mercy and grace and so we too. We cannot become holy through our efforts alone we need to cooperate with the grace of God. Remember, anything worth having is worth making sacrifices for, and the more it’s worth, the more significant sacrifices we should be willing to make for it. If holiness is necessary for one to attain heaven. Then it is worth all the sacrifices Jesus mentioned in the beatitudes. So, let us embrace these great virtues and so become the saints of God that we are called to be.

LET US PRAY: Lord God, as a militant Church on earth, there are a lot of troubles and challenges we are struggling with, help us through the intercession of all the saints, to overcome them and so make it triumphantly to your heavenly kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Happy new month and a blessed All Saints celebration

Come Lord Jesus. All Hallows Day Celebration 🍾 ✨ Please be in the Church 15 minutes before All Hallows Day Solemnity Mas...

Come Lord Jesus.
All Hallows Day Celebration 🍾 ✨
Please be in the Church 15 minutes before All Hallows Day Solemnity Mass.
Meal tickets 🎟 will be issued only to those who will be in the Church ⛪ 15 minutes before the Holy Mass.


Come Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

For those who cannot be present at vigil tonight. For All Member's All Hallows day Eve Vigil into the new month of November 2023. Please pray from your location anywhere you are in the world. Observe 1 hour midnight prayer and pray with the following PS. 2. PS. 21, PS. 24. PS 19. Revelation Chapter 12 verse 11. 1st John 4:4. 1st Peter 2:9 and litany of the Saints. With your usual midnight rosary and spend at least one hour.
Note 📝: There will be no Basic Vigil in Lagos Archdiocese this 31st October. All vigils should be Detachmental and midnight prayers can be held at Members' Beachheads.
Come Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Homily For Monday Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 30th October, 2023Readings:  Roman 8:12-17; Ps 68;  Luke 13:10...

Homily For Monday Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year A, 30th October, 2023
Readings: Roman 8:12-17; Ps 68; Luke 13:10-17
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emenike Onyia


From the scriptures, it seems like every encounter that the Pharisees had with Jesus was always aimed at finding faults with what Jesus was doing. But to their great surprise, Jesus will always escape and used that opportunity to communicate an important message to the people. Such was the occasion of our Gospel passage today. When on a Sabbath day Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach, and a woman was there who for eighteen years had been possessed by a spirit that left her enfeebled; she was bent double and quite unable to stand upright.

When Jesus saw her he called her over and said, ‘Woman, you are rid of your infirmity’ and he laid his hands on her. And at once she straightened up, and she glorified God. But the synagogue official was indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, and they addressed the people present saying: There are six days when work is to be done. Come and be healed on one of those days and not on the Sabbath. Then Jesus said, this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom Satan has held bound these eighteen years was it not right to untie her bonds on the Sabbath day?

Here the synagogue official affirms that the Sabbath is not an appropriate time for God to manifest his compassion and mercy. But Jesus on the other hand made us know that God’s actions cannot be dictated or restricted by humans. Because God’s mercy and healing know no limits of time or place if we sincerely turn to him. Hence, we see how Jesus demonstrated his compassionate care for humanity, for the most important thing for God in this world is the human person. That's why he makes all efforts to save humanity from damnation. He desires to see us making effort to become faithful and holy. His mercy is so deep that he proposes it as the guiding principle for the perfect fulfilment of the laws of life.

This, Jesus in this passage has to teach us that humanity’s welfare should not be neglected because of laws and regulations. That nothing should restrict us from doing good to people not even the laws of the Sabbath. Therefore, in as much as we desire to honour God’s laws we must seek the good of people as well. This is what the Pharisees have failed to understand, for they are rather fault-finders and self-righteous people, who only wish to mislead the oppressed and suppress the truth and the good works of others, just because of their selfish desires to sustain their ego, pride and their worldly ambition. But we should not be like them, rather we should be compassionate and merciful like our Lord Jesus Christ for that is what we are called to do.

Little wonder St. Paul in our first reading, tells us that everyone moved by the Spirit is a son of God. The spirit we received is not the spirit of slaves bringing fear into our lives again; it is the spirit of sons, and it makes us cry out, ‘Abba, Father!’ The Spirit himself and our spirit bear united witness that we are children of God.

Dear friends, no law or regulation should stop us from ensuring and caring for the well-being of people around us. So today, we are called to constantly do good to everyone. We are called not to be fault-finders who are blindfolded by pride. We must also renounce all sorts of immoral actions and wickedness that may destroy the purity of our souls. Therefore, let us be compassionate and merciful for that is what we are called to do in this life.

LET US PRAY: Lord God, we often fail to listen to your teaching because of our selfish desires and pride, help us to always listen to you and be willing to do good always as we resolve to live a life of purity and humility. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Do have a blessed week ahead.



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CDP Official Notice: Recitation of the Doxologies of Christ is Compulsory for all today May 26, 2022 being the Feast of The Ascension of the Lord. This should be done 3 times after the Lord's chaplet at 4pm.
CRBA Passage Update:
February 5:
Revelation 4:1-2.
"1.Then, in my vision, I saw a door open in heaven and heard the same voice speaking to me, the voice like a trumpet, saying, 'Come up here: I will show you what is to take place in the future.' 2.With that, I fell into ecstasy and I saw a throne standing in heaven, and the One who was sitting on the throne,".
For all CRBA Students to Read, Reflect, Recite and Memorize during the today's Bible Rosary Prayers.
Program update: June 21st .

Program update: June 19th.

Program update: June 18th.

Program update: June 17th.

Program update: June 16th.

Program update: June 15th.

CHAPTER 1, verse:
April 1: 1-2.
April 2: 3-4
April 3: 5-6
April 4: 7-8
April 5: 9-10
April 6: 11-12
April 7: 13-14
April 8: 15-16
April 9: 17-18
April 10: 19-20
April 11: 21.

CHAPTER 2, verse:
April 12: 1-2.
April 13: 3-4.
April 14: 5-6.
April 15: 7-8.
April 16: 9-10.
April 17: 11-12.
April 18: 13-14
April 19: 15-16
April 20: 17-18
April 21: 19-20
April 22: 21-22.

CHAPTER 3, verse
April 23: 1-2
April 24: 3-4
April 25: 5-6
April 26: 7-8
April 27: 9-10
April 28: 11-12
April 29: 13-14
April 30: 15-18.

Approved by CDP Director of Programs
Come Lord Jesus...
Our Mantra for the Month of April 2021 is " Every Authority has been given to us in Christ Jesus; who has Conqured the World" Say this 10times every hour and four times every midnight and 3 times before stepping out or into your home, office and church premises throughout the month of April.
Approved by CDP Director.