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Our hosts talk with scholar and author, Grace Dillon about Indigenous Futurism, a term she coined to describe indigenous art, literature and media expressed as science fiction with an emphasis on science

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🧠Tune in to this episode as our hosts talk with Impact Entrepreneur Bing Chen about the use of his storytelling talents in efforts to build socioeconomic equality for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and more!

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🐜Crawl into this episode as our hosts talk with singer and Canadian Idol contestant, Mikey Bustos about his passion for ants and his YouTube channel AntsCanada 🐜

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👽🛸Check out these episodes about the studies of EXTRATERRESTRIALSLInk is in bio to WATCH and SUBSCRIBE to the #wondrospo...

👽🛸Check out these
episodes about the studies of EXTRATERRESTRIALS

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Tune in as our hosts talk with Harlequin Romance Novelist
Leigh Michaels about how she writes her hugely popular romance stories.

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Future of Hospitals

Classrooms and work offices have adapted to be in the comfort of your homes since the pandemic. Are hospital rooms next?

Find out as our hosts talk with Founder & Director of Scripps Research Translational Institute Dr. Eric Topol and Chief Scientific Officer of Sharecare Walter de Brouwer about the future of hospitals.

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100th Episode

The moment we have all been waiting for!

Tune in as @Jesse Dylan and Priscilla Cohen interview each other, reminisce on their journey to the 100th episode, and much more!

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Priscilla Cohen asks all the right questions and has fun while doing it!

Tune in tomorrow for our 100th Episode!

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Tune in to this episode as our hosts talk with Genomicist, Brain Researcher and Futurist Juan Enriquez about the impact science has on the structure of society, our next stages of evolution, and more.

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#future #science #evoltion #thinkers


Our 100th Episode is approaching!

In order to celebrate we will be using our Insta-Story leading up to the 100th episode to look back on some of Jesse and Priscilla’s greatest guests, interact with our viewers, and more!

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Tune in to this insightful episode as our hosts talk with Historian and Author Onyeka Nubia about the colonization and destabilization of Africa and more.

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#africa #coloniation #history

Links to Onyeka Nubia's books:

England's Other Countrymen: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Englands-Other-Countrymen-Society-Blackness/dp/1786994216

Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their Presence, Status, and Origins: http://www.narrative-eye.org.uk/blackamoores/"


This is the real deal as our hosts talk with the Head of the Department of Arts Workshops, Castings, and Chalcography at Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais Sophie Prieto about the 200-year-old practice of sculptor-casters reproducing the world’s great works and more!

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#sculpture #art #reproduction #history #artifacts


Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Isaac Kohane stops by the show to talk about gene editing! This is a wild technology that could fundamentally change who we are.

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#genetics #geneediting #science #futuregeneration


Hop on this episode as our hosts talk with Researcher at USC Game Innovation Lab Martzi Campos, to talk about her avant-garde creations and games that blend old technologies, cultural trends and artifacts with new.

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The Ethics of War

Check out this episode as Former Intelligence Officer Andy Owens uses his lens of philosophy to examine the quick and critical ethical decisions that soldiers make countless times a day.

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#ethics #war #history #philosophy


If you like what you "sea", tune in to this episode as our hosts take a deep dive with Film Producer Brian Skerry into his experience directing the Disney Plus docu-series “Secrets of the Whales”, his findings within whale culture and more!

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In this episode, our hosts talk with Co-authors and Directors of the Data + Feminism Lab, Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein, about their work in feminist technology, data literacy, and civic engagement as data bias shapes our everyday lives.

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#data #DataTechnology #feminist


Get into this informative episode as our hosts talk with Dr. Kedar Mate, Michael Seid, and Peter Margolis, physicians and researchers from The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center on how to better our reality when it comes to the future of healthcare.

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In this episode, our hosts speak with Washington Post journalist, Paul Farhi, about evaluating popular songs and artifacts from the past century through the lens of modern moral standards and more!

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#artifacts #journalists #history #musichistory

Remembering Bob Moses, Civil Rights Leader

“You get knocked down, you stand back up.” We had the privilege of documenting one of the last living Civil Rights elders of MLK’s inner circle, Bob Moses, who passed away on July 25th, 2021. Learn more about his incredible life on the University of San Francisco Institute of Nonviolence and Social Justice blog: https://bit.ly/3g82Y3x.


This episode is all about staying connected to your roots as Communication Strategist and expert on Mongolian nomads Khulan Batkhuyag shares how she got into the study of her Mongolian heritage, the regional differences within Mongolia more!

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If you've ever wanted to know more about the Beatnik literary movement, one of the most expressive movements of our time, then Davis Wills is your guy!

Our Hosts talked with Founder and Editor of Beatdom Literary Journal David Wills about the Beatnik literary movement and the men who made it.

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#podcast #beatnik #literature #movements #beats #innovation


This episode is all about Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell. They are a couple who has rewilded their English estate located in West Sussex to bring back fertile and thriving biodiversity.

To learn more about their rewilding journey at the Knepp Castle Estate and Isabella's book, Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm, tune in!

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#rewilde #biodiversity #animalcare #wildlife #conservation

The Future of COVID-19 Vaccines, Variants, and Treatment - Watch Live on 8/5

Dr. Adolphe Edward of El Centro Regional Medical Center will moderate a discussion on the vital role of #COVID19 monoclonal antibodies in the the future of vaccines, variants, and treatment with Dr. John Redd of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Dr. Lauri Hicks of CDC. Watch live tomorrow at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on the Combat COVID page: https://bit.ly/2RAPUKA #CombatCOVID #COVIDTreatments


In this episode, Equal Opportunity Leader Israel Davon Lopez, Chairman of The Do-Gooders of Hampton Roads Whalan McDew, LTC Boyce Buckner, Volunteer Coordinator Ghana Smith enlightens our host about the power of unity as they talk about how they came together to clean up graveyards and reconnect communities with their shared histories.

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#community #nonprofit #humanity #unity


The world today can be an overwhelming place, leaving more and more young people feeling isolated and gripped by anxiety. That's why we're proud to have partnered with RADical Hope to produce this PSA. Learn more about how the right tools can help our young communities at RADicalHopeFoundation.org. #breakthegrip


Do you know what’s in the Frozen Zoo?

Well, you’re going to find out on this episode as our hosts talk with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Director of Conservation Genetics Oliver Ryder Director of Reproductive Science Barbara Durrant about their work put into preserving the genetic material of extinct animals inside of a frozen biobank.

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Tune in to this episode as our hosts talk with Psychiatrist and former president of the American Medical Association Dr. Patrice Harris about the current work being done to end the #opioidcrisis in the United States

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"Rap is what we do, Hip Hop is who we are"

This episode is "gonna make you wanna jump" as the Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum Rocky Bucano talks about why the museum was built, the power of hip hop culture, and the people who started it all.

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#music #hiphop #history #culture


Have you ever smelled a mummy?

Art Historian at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Caro Verbeek talks with our hosts about how smells and aromas play a huge part in our behavior, culture, history, and who "nose" what else.

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Welcome to the Wondros Podcast!

This is not your ordinary podcast. Every week our hosts Jesse Dylan, Founder of Wondros, and Priscilla Cohen, Chief Creative Officer at Wondros, hold diverse conversations with fascinating individuals.

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X-Men do exist!
...well more like "X-Wildlife"

Tune in to this episode as Professor of Biological Science @TimMouss talks about his research and findings surrounding the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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#Wondros #Podcast #Chernobyl #wildlife #radioactivity


Celebrate International Fruit Day with us as our hosts talk with Contortionist and Rare Fruit Hunter Jared Rydelek about his exotic fruit discoveries, his life as a circus performer and more. You do not want to miss this juicy episode!

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