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Brachioplasty | List of High Impact Articles | PPts | Journals | Videos

A #brachioplasty is commonly called as an upper arm lift, the excess fat hanging skin in the upper arm is removed. It is the procedure used to tighten the skin of upper arm. It is a #surgical procedure to reshape the upper arms.
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Breast, #Ear, #Nose, #Eye, #FaceAnaplastology (#prosthesis)-------------------------------------------------------------...

Breast, #Ear, #Nose, #Eye, #FaceAnaplastology (#prosthesis)
#BreastProsthesis is a #surgery that every #BreastCancer survivor should know about. This non-invasive process recreates the natural shape and appearance of your breast. In the same way ear, nose, eye, face prosthesis is done because to regain the original shape of the part and to activate the parts and function properly.

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Secondary Augmentation #Mastopexy to Correct #Malpositioned #NippleAreolaComplex (NAC)
51 year old woman who underwent a no vertical scar breast reduction with augmentation mastopexy 15 years ago and presented with breast distortion, gross asymmetry with medialized nipples and Baker’s Grade III capsular contracture.

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Head and Neck Free Flap Reconstruction
Resection of bulky head and neck tumors is typically followed by microvascular free flap reconstruction. The latter has shown an acceptable success rate but often requires a secondary revision with a free tissue transfer reconstruction to improve outcome; both cosmetic and functional. Direct surgical revision via electrocautery/scalpel poses a high risk of flap perfusion compromise.
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New Technique for Management of Relaxed #Vagina
Sexual health is vital to overall well-being. Orgasm is a normal psycho-physiological function of human beingsand every woman has the right to feel sexual pleasure. #Vaginal and #clitoral orgasms are essential for heightened sexual pleasure for which tight vagina having the capability of exerting sufficient pressure over glans pen*s is essential. Relaxed vagina cannot apply enough pressure over pen*s during sex and so both vaginal and clitoral
orgasms are diminished in intensity. #Gynaecologists world over do not recognize the loose vagina in isolation and therefore no proper procedure had been described for correction of loose vagina. We for the first time described a new technique for management of loose vagina in 21 patients and achieved good results.
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Botulinum Toxin Type-A Treatment for Severe Trismus of Occlusal Origin--------------------------------------------------...

Botulinum Toxin Type-A Treatment for Severe Trismus of Occlusal Origin
A 65 year-old woman was referred to our department with limited
mouth opening that was both extreme and painful and was causing difficulties with all facial expressions and making eating impossible.The dentist informed us that the patient believed the cause to be iatrogenic and prosthetic’. We were informed that the patient had changed odontologist and dental prostheses several times over the past 4 years.
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A Review on Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial Region-----------------------------------------------------------...

A Review on Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial Region
Craniofacial region suffers from many defects due to carcinoma, trauma, iatrogenic. The treatment of facial region is compromised and complicated due to esthetics. Though surgical option is the definitive one for curing cancer, it leaves huge defects physically and depressions mentally for the patient.
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The Current Role of Anaplastology in Maxillofacial Surgery--------------------------------------------------------------...

The Current Role of Anaplastology in Maxillofacial Surgery
Facial defects can result from trauma, ablative surgery for neoplastic processes or congenital malformations. Correction of such defects goes far beyond aesthetic considerations so the choice between the surgical reconstruction and prosthetic restoration of large defects remains a difficult one and depends on the size and etiology of the defect as well as on the wish and condition of the patient.
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Anaplastology: Current Research

Anaplastology: Current Research

ORF–An Uncommon Human Presentation of a Rare Virus----------------------------------------------------------------------...

ORF–An Uncommon Human Presentation of a Rare Virus
Orf belongs to the Parapoxivirus genus. This virus is endemic to
most countries in the world and is hosted by small ruminant. Most
human Orf infections appear as ulcerating skin lesions following
penetrating contact with the affected animal. In most cases reported in the literature, the affected patient had been directly in contact with the host animals.

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Updates in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction------------------------------------------------------Revolutionary advances hav...

Updates in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
Revolutionary advances have been developed in the past 20 years with respect to abdominal wall reconstruction. Innovative Surgical approaches and new biological and prosthetic materials have become an integral part of the surgical arsenal. Patients with complex abdominal wall defects must be evaluated on an individual basis; interventions can vary from simple coverage and contouring to reconstruction of a dynamic functional abdominal wall.
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Millions of plastic particles exist in cosmetic products----------------------------------------------------------------...

Millions of plastic particles exist in cosmetic products
Everyday cosmetic and cleaning products contain huge quantities of plastic particles, which are released to the environment and could be harmful to marine life, according to a new study.The particles are incorporated as bulking agents and abrasives, and because of their small size it is expected many will not be intercepted by conventional sewage treatment, and are so released into rivers and oceans.

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Poison lips? Troubling levels of toxic metals found in cosmetics--------------------------------------------------------...

Poison lips? Troubling levels of toxic metals found in cosmetics
A new analysis of the contents of lipstick and lip gloss may cause you to pause before puckering. Researchers found lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other metals in a sample of 32 different lipsticks and lip glosses commonly found in drugstores and department stores. Some of the metals were detected at levels that could raise potential health concerns.

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Reconstructive Prostheses----------------------------------Reconstructive prosthesis is the rebuilding of body parts. It...

Reconstructive Prostheses
Reconstructive prosthesis is the rebuilding of body parts. It involves using autologous tissue or prosthetic material to construct a natural-look. Reconstructive prostheses is a procedure in which the body parts regain their original shape and function accurately.

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Rehabilitative Medicine------------------------------Rehabilitative Medicine is a medical specialty concerned with evalu...

Rehabilitative Medicine
Rehabilitative Medicine is a medical specialty concerned with evaluation, diagnosis and management of persons of all ages with physical or cognitive impairment and disability. It is a field that bridges gaps between conventional and non conventional medicine by administering mechanical (massage, manipulation, exercise, movement, hydrotherapy, traction) and electromagnetic (heat and cold, light, and ultrasound) modalities in psychological and pharmacological therapies.

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Cartilage to Reconstruct Nose--------------------------------------Recently Scientists of University of Basel report did...

Cartilage to Reconstruct Nose
Recently Scientists of University of Basel report did an experiment on transplanting nose with cartilage cells. Cartilage cells were extracted and multiplied. The engineered cartilage was shaped according to the patient and then it was replaced.
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Bilateral Hand Transplant--------------------------------Bilateral Hand Transplant is a treatment for people who had bot...

Bilateral Hand Transplant
Bilateral Hand Transplant is a treatment for people who had both hands amputated. Recently, surgeons of children’s hospital of Philadelphia successfully transplanted two hands to a boy named “Zion Harvey”. In a hand transplant, you receive two donor hands and a portion of the forearms from a person who has died. Hand transplants are performed in only a few transplant centers worldwide.
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Plastic Surgery-------------------It is defined as “surgery done to restore, repair, injured, improve lost, defective, o...

Plastic Surgery
It is defined as “surgery done to restore, repair, injured, improve lost, defective, or misshapen body parts”. The father of modern plastic surgery is considered as Sir “Harold Gillies”. It is the surgical specialty that is dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, burns, trauma, and disease. Plastic surgery is also involved with the enhancement of the appearance of a person through cosmetic surgery. view more..

Head and Neck Surgery------------------------------Head and neck surgery comes under the department of otorhinolaryngolo...

Head and Neck Surgery
Head and neck surgery comes under the department of otorhinolaryngology. This Surgery has an integrative research program designed to address the needs of the head and neck cancer patient now and for years to come. see more........

Causes of Nonalcoholic Liver Cirrhosis--------------------------------------------------Causes of nonalcoholic cirrhosis...

Causes of Nonalcoholic Liver Cirrhosis
Causes of nonalcoholic cirrhosis
• A chronic infection by the hepatitis C virus is the most common cause of nonalcoholic cirrhosis in the United States.
• Chronic infections of hepatitis B can also lead to cirrhosis.
• Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
• Other rare causes of cirrhosis include blocked or inflamed bile ducts............

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Assessment of chronic viral #hepatitis----------------------------------------------- #Liver #biopsy is being performed ...

Assessment of chronic viral #hepatitis
#Liver #biopsy is being performed to diagnose a condition that affects the entirety of the #liver. Whether a patient has a chronic #viral #infection like chronic hepatitis B or C, or an #autoimmune disease like primary #biliary #cirrhosis, or a metabolic disease like hereditary #hemochromatosis, it is anticipated that the underlying disease process affects all regions of the liver equally.............

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#Liver #Biopsy in Type 2 #Diabetic #Patients------------------------------------Complications of  therapy of  diabetes (...

#Liver #Biopsy in Type 2 #Diabetic #Patients
Complications of therapy of diabetes (cholestatic and necroinflammatory)
Diabetes, by most estimates, is now the most common cause of liver disease in the U.S. Individuals with type 2 diabetes have a higher incidence of liver function test abnormalities than individuals who do not have diabetes.........

#Genotypic Distribution of #Hepatitis C #Virus------------------------------------------------The majority of hepatitis ...

#Genotypic Distribution of #Hepatitis C #Virus
The majority of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection results in chronic infection, which can lead to liver #cirrhosis and #hepatocellular #carcinoma. Global burden of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is estimated at 150 million individuals, or 3% of the world's population............

#Cryptogenic #Cirrhosis----------------------------#Cirrhosis of #liver is defined as a chronic, progressive, diffuse pr...

#Cryptogenic #Cirrhosis
#Cirrhosis of #liver is defined as a chronic, progressive, diffuse process, characterized by #fibrosis and structurally abnormal nodules in liver. Cryptogenic cirrhosis means cirrhosis of liver of undetermined #aetiology............

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#Tissue #Engineering- A new field of research-----------------------------Tissue engineering is a relatively new field o...

#Tissue #Engineering- A new field of research
Tissue engineering is a relatively new field of research, which may have roots in ancient practices but was best presented in the landmark paper of Langer and Vacanti in 1993 [2]. Tissue engineering involves the use of three critical ingredients, cells, #scaffolding, and 3cytokines to #fabricate tissues as a #therapeutic.........

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Congenital #facial #paralysis-------------------------------------Congenital facial paralysis is present right from the ...

Congenital #facial #paralysis
Congenital facial paralysis is present right from the time of birth and its frequency is about two out of every 1000 #newborns. About 8-14% of all #pediatric cases of facial paralysis fall under the category of congenital type [4]. The most common unilateral syndromic condition associated with facial paralysis is Hemifacial #microsomia..........

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Elastomer Infiltration into 3D Printed Facial Soft Tissue Prostheses----------------------------------------------------...

Elastomer Infiltration into 3D Printed Facial Soft Tissue Prostheses
Maxillofacial prostheses are constructed to correct facial disfigurement caused by the surgical ablation of cancer, severe facial trauma and congenital craniofacial anomalies. Facial prostheses have been used for many decades to improve aesthetics and function, and to enhance patients’ quality of life by improving their psychological condition............

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"#Mesenchymal #Stem/Stromal #Cells in #Liver #Fibrosis"-----------------------------------------------------------------...
Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Liver Fibrosis | OMICS Group

"#Mesenchymal #Stem/Stromal #Cells in #Liver #Fibrosis"
"Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) are #progenitors which share plastic-adherence capacity and cell surface markers but have different properties according to their cell and tissue sources and to culture conditions applied. Many recent publications suggest that MSCs can differentiate into hepatic-like cells, which can be a consequence of either a positive selection of rare in vivo pluripotent cells or of the original plasticity of some cells contributing to MSC cultures.
A possible role of MSCs in hereditary transmission of obesity and/or #diabetes as well as properties of MSCs regarding #immunomodulation, cell fusion and exosome release capacities are discussed according to recent literature. Limitations in methods used to track MSCs in vivo especially in the context of liver cirrhosis are addressed as well as strategies explored to enhance their #migratory, #survival and proliferation properties, which are known to be relevant for their future clinical use. "

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Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Liver Fibrosis, OMICS Group - Open Access Journals, Scientific Conferences & Events Organizer


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