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Christopher Gray Casting Casting real people, real life characters, and awesome faces which tell a life time story at a moments glance, is the artistry of Christopher Gray Casting

For over 30 years, Christopher Gray Casting, has been at the forefront of casting Major Film and Television projects . With offices and staff throughout the U.S. Christopher Gray Casting is highly sought out by major studios, producers and directors for our diligent approach to real life casting. Casting real people, real life characters, and awesome faces which tell you a life time story at a moments glance, is the artistry of Christopher Gray Casting. We provide diverse, uncommon, interesting and genuine beauty of real life characters that add creditable breath taking imagery on screen.


Memphis Extras Needed Tomorrow 12/05 for Netflix Film Uncorked for an Upscale Diner Scene.

Caucasian Men & Women, Age 30-60
Available for a 6pm Call time to finish out day.

Rate is 58/8 plus Time and a half when applicable

Send the following ASAP

Full Name
Phone Number
Wardrobe Sizes
Shoe Size

1 Headshot photo

Send all submissions to:
[email protected]

Subject: Upscale

MUST have upscale Attire, Suits, Khakis, Button Up shirts, ties,


Netflix original Film called Uncorked here in Memphis. We are casting people who would like to come and work as an Extra in the movie for Scenes shooting Sunday 12/2.

We are looking for Men and women to work with us on Sunday 12/2 as Master Sommelier, Students, Teachers and Vendor Booth Employees.

This is a paid Job, It is $58 for 8 hours plus Time and a half after the first 8 hours

If you're available and would like to come and have a fun day on a film set and have the whole day available to spend with us, 8 - 10 hours typically, please email us the following information.

Full Name
Phone number

1 Headshot type photo(Can be taken with a cell phone)

Sent emails to: [email protected]

Subject: Wine Sunday


Motherland - Additional Photography

Seeking the following for Atlanta on Wednesday the 25th.

Low-End Cars - Carola's, Cavaliers, Pontiac Sunbirds ect...
Cars are seen parked or driving around the streets of a lower income area in California. ( SHOOTING IN ATLANTA - LOCALS ONLY)

Homeless Person- Male 40's or older, Open Ethnicity.

Pedestrians with & without bikes. No high-end bikes, Basic 10 speeds and or mountain bikes or BMX bikes.

Rates are 64/8 plus bumps for cars and bikes.


Phone Number
Wardrobe Sizes
Shoe Size

1 headshot
1 Full Body photo

Submit to: [email protected]

Subject: (The Role you are submitting for)

Looking for General Background (All Types) to work in major motion picture. Pays well.Must be able to work Tuesday 10/24...
The Actor's Database |

Looking for General Background (All Types) to work in major motion picture. Pays well.

Must be able to work Tuesday 10/24 and Wednesday 10/26.

If interested immediately send selfie photo, height and weight with cell phone number to be contacted and booked.

Please make sure you send us a selfie and your cell phone otherwise you won't be contacted.

If you have not signed up on then do so for more opportunities.

Good luck and see you on set!!!

Submit to the following email address with all of the required info.

Required information

wardrobe sizes
shoe sizes

1 headshot
1 full body photo

[email protected] Want to work in the movies? We have the database for that. Go to the actors database and creat...
The Actor's Database | Want to work in the movies? We have the database for that. Go to the actors database and create your free profile! tell your friends as we work more shows and films nationwide. Lets get everyone to work on set and in the movies!!!


Christopher Gray Casting Atlanta is seeking the following to work with us tomorrow. Monday 10/16/17 with a 10am Call time.

Must be local to Atlanta

Hispanic/Mexican Grand Parents.
Rate 64/8
60's and older.

Submit the following information for review:

Full Legal name
Wardrobe Sizes
Shoe Size

Sent in Recent photos of yourself Including 1 headshot and 1 full body shot from head to toe.

Send All Emails to - [email protected]

So, I have selected a random test group on folks to help in the beta testing of my new site. You can register with the l...

So, I have selected a random test group on folks to help in the beta testing of my new site. You can register with the link or sign up button. New TV and Film projects coming up!

Tyrese Gibson

Filming in Cuba

"Fast & Furious 8" Set Video Visits Vin Diesel in Cuba #F8

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Through the darkness of future's past,* the new Twin Peaks came to be.

Director/Executive Producer: David Lynch *
Executive Producer: Mark Frost *
Producer: Sabrina S. Sutherland *
Line Producer/UPM: Christine Larson-Nitzsche

Assistant UPM (WA): Fon Chen Williams
Production Supervisor: Kate Kelly
Production Coordinator: Matthew Rockel
Production Coordinator (WA): Alison Kelly
Production Secretary: Daniel Fisch
Production Secretary (WA): Kylie Walchuk
Assistant To D. Lynch: Michael Barile
Production Assistant: Dana Marie Farley, Zachary Robert Craft, Chrissy Maroon
Production Assistant (WA): Brendan Griffin, Antonio Decossio

Accountant: Beverly Rose Kubik
1st Assistant Accountant: Lenore Sena, Dana Michaelsen
1st Assistant Accountant / Payroll: Stephanie Cornick
2nd Assistant Accountant: Samantha Dabkey
Payroll Accountant: Jean Marc Madelon
Accounting Clerk: Lorene Sponsel
Accounting Clerk (WA): Alex Schulz

Production Designer: Ruth De Jong
Art Director: Cara Brower
Set Designer: Nancy Deren, Scott Herbertson, Barbara Mesney
Graphic Designer: Jason Perrine, Karen Teneyck
Art Department Coordinator: Carolyn King
Art Department PA: Jake Cavallo, Keara Birmingham
Art Department PA (WA): Evelyn Weston

1st Assistant Director: Scott Cameron *
2nd Assistant Director: Ime N. Etuk
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Lori Ashfield
DGA Trainee: Mindy T. McKoin, Cody Gallo
Production Assistant: John Sclimenti *, Riley Lynch, Magdalene Serpa
Production Assistant (WA): David R.D. Goodman
Add'l Production Assistant: John Pullano
Add'l Production Assistant (WA): Haley Watson, Paul Dahlke, Micaela Colman

DP / A Camera Operator: Peter Deming
A Camera 1st Assistant: David Eubank
A Camera 2nd Assistant: Eric Amundsen
B Camera/Steadicam Operator: George Billinger, Soc
B Camera/Steadicam Operator (WA): Manolo Rojas
B Camera 1st Assistant: Lisa K. Ferguson, Steve Cueva, Tommy Klines *
B Camera 1st Assistant (WA): Steve Itano *
B Camera 2nd Assistant: Robin L. Bursey
C Camera 1st Assistant (WA): Bob Webeck
Loader: Brendan Devanie
Loader (WA): Alisa Tyrrill
DIT: Maninder "Indy" Saini
Digital Utility Technician (WA): Nick Kelling, Robyn Scaringi
Still Photographer: Suzanne Tenner

Assoc. Producer / Casting Director: Johanna Ray *
Casting Director: Krista Husar
Location Casting (WA): Heidi Walker *

Catering: Bruce's Gourmet Catering
Chef: Maurice Sok
Assistant Chef: Edgar Gomez, Marcos E. Ramirez Ponce, Alfonso Pano, James Lilley, Andrew Demarest
Catering (WA): McGuffin Catering, Cameron Catering

Construction Coordinator: Karen D. Higgins
General Foreman: David Ott
Paint Supervisor: Jason Byers
Construction Buyer: Brian Tipton
Labor Foreman: John F. Karas
Toolman: Steve R. Valenzuela
Propmaker Foreman: Clete Cetrone, Neal Garland, Brett Mangiarelli, Chris Parkinson
Propmaker Foreman (WA): Alan Feffer
Propmaker: Alan C. Alvarado, Paula Burnett, Bill Cash, Chris Chichotka, Daniel C. Colegrove, Robert Espinoza, John David Harris, Mats Holmberg, Mike Kissick, Jose Miranda
Propmaker Welder (WA): Dan Laclergue (Danclerg)
Propmaker (WA): Nathan Rivers, Gary P. Barks, John Lammon
Labor Foreman: Ted Kerr
Labor Gang Boss: Ernesto Garcia
Labor: Paul Ruiz, Fred Valenzuela
Labor-Plaster HOD: Roy G. Decauwer
Paint Foreman: Dennis Murillo
Paint Foreman (WA): James Workman
Paint Gangboss: Jennifer Carruthers, Rafael Lopez, Robert Perez Jr.
Painter: Jimmy Garcia, Thomas Moffitt, George Picero, Richard Suarez, Michael Sweda, Kevin Valentine, Amy Wadworth, Bill Williams
Painter (WA): Ellen Lepinski, Lilly Kristin Frank, Jeff Ringer, Beth E. Peterson
Scenic Painter (WA): Steven Larose
Plaster Foreman: Ronald Savini
Welder Foreman: Mark Caplan
Welder: Bret Barrett
Standby Painter: Aaron Rodriguez
Utilty (WA): Matt Sage, Alex C.D. Chalk
Greens (WA): Nick Worsfold, William Chalk

Costume Designer: Nancy Steiner
Costume Supervisor: Leslie Sungail, Sue Bub
Key Costumer: Tasha Goldthwait, Jennifer Starzyk, Mila Hermanovski
Set Costumer: Anita "Snoops" Brown, Lori D. Harris
Set Costumer (WA): Kimberlee Iblings
Costumer: Laura Wong
Costumer (WA): Frances Kenny, Gerard Parr, Linda Scott
Buyer: Adrienne Greshock
Seamstress/Ager-Dyer (WA): Ledawn King, Victoria Simons
Costume PA: Jenelle Kinney, Meredith Murphy, Valeria Barrera
Costume PA (WA): Aidan Vitti, Kristen Bonnalie

Craft Service Foreman: Curt L. Ayers
Craft Service: John Burns
Craft Service (WA): Justina Panther-Renaud
Add'l Craft Service: Curtis "Tug" Ayers
Craft Service Assistant (WA): Brian M. Gurnett

Editor: Duwayne Dunham*, David Lynch
Additional Editor: Jonathan Shaw, Brian Berdan, ACE, Justin Krohn
Assistant Editor: Noriko Miyakawa, Mathias Hilger, Michelle Gold, Ken Ramos
Editorial PA: Angie Browne

Chief Lighting Technician: Michael Laviolette
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Eric Sandlin
Best Boy Electrician (WA): Jeremiah Skender
Dimmer Board Operator / Set Lighting Technician (WA): Chris "Chalky" Chalk
Set Lighting Technician: Dessie Coale, Lee Ramsey, Chris Andersen, Wesley Alley, Ken Sylvester
Set Lighting Technician (WA): David Ray Robinson, Travis Becker, Joey Feffer
Rigging Gaffer: Steve Kucharski, Steve Zvorsky
Rigging Electrician: Kevin Cadwallader, Norbert Quiban, Vince Manocchia, David Diamond

Extras Casting Director: Christopher Gray
Extras Casting Assistant: Christopher Gonzalez
Extras Casting Director (WA): Denise Gibbs

Key Grip: Paul Wilkowsky
Best Boy Grip: Joe Guzman, Bruce Carothers
Best Boy Grip (WA): Keegan Larson
Dolly Grip: Tim Collins
Grip: William Clouter, Christopher Goe, David Gamble, Anthony Lockerman, Douglas L. Wall, Shaun Sangkarat, Bruce Letterman, Adam Camacho
Grip (WA): Donald Robert Stier, Mike Astle, Norman Tumolva, Niall James
Rigging Key Grip: Jayson Rury
Rigging Key Grip (WA): Gregory D. Smith
Best Boy Rigging Grip: Kevin Enright, Jr.
Best Boy Rigging Grip (WA): Jon Lafollette

Department Head Hair: Clare M. Corsick
Key Hair: Bryn E. Leetch
Additional Hairstylist: Sheryl Blum
Additional Hairstylist (WA): Akemi Hart

Location Manager: Eric Fierstein
Location Manager (WA): Dave Drummond
Key Assistant Location Manager: Philip Barnes, Andrew J. Areffi
Key Assistant Location Manager (WA): James E. Canavan
Assistant Location Manager: Christian A. Fechser, Susanne Medina
Location Assistant (WA): Niles Compau, Kevin Demunn, Zachary Bennett

Department Head Make-Up: Debbie Zoller
Key Make-Up: Richard Redlefsen
Additional Make-Up (WA): Eva Lohse

Make-Up Effects: Carey Jones, Knb Efx Group Inc.
Additional Prosthetics: Debbie Zoller

Set Medic: Dan Harder
Supervising Medic: Chris Carrington
Medic Coordinator (WA): Ed Gorre
Medic: Nathan Bell, Evan Liss
Medic (WA): Lori Starke, Kris Hampton, Tyler Beahan, Kim Becerra, Fred Jaross, Desiree Ramirez, Erik Keyes, Ryan Murphy, Scott Ruijters, Scot Beahan, Adam Chamberlin, Matthew McSharry, Christopher Dideon

Property Master: Mick Flowers
Assistant Property Master: Laura Sherrier, Drew Pinniger, Josh Ritcher
Assistant Property Master (WA): O.N. Lofgren
Prop Assistant: Claudio Vergara, Hunter Brown
Armorer: Tony Didio
Armorer (WA): Daniel Smith

Script Supervisor: Cori Glazer *

Set Decorator: Florencia Martin
Leadman: Thierry Labbe
Buyer: Allison Isenberg
Set Dresser: David L. Bush, Chris Hayes, Sean Smith, Glenn Strauss, R. Gregg Szabo Jr., Shane Valentine, Brenner Harris
Set Dresser (WA): Tania Kupczak, Aaron A. Fink, Damian Lund, Erin O. Kay
Draper: Jory Alvarado, Michael Garcia
On Set Dresser: Mike Malone *

Sound Mixer: Douglas Axtell
Supervising Sound Editor: Dean Hurley
Boom Operator: Gunnar T. Walter
Sound Utility: Anna D. Wilborn, Steve Blazewick
Sound Utility (WA): Kelsey Wood

Special Effects Coordinator: Phil Bartko
Special Effects Supervisor: Gary D'amico
Special Effects Tech: Jay Bartus, Blair Foord, Chris Nelson, Ryan Dodd, Teizo May

Stand-In: Skip Buccola *, Ashley Siloac, Sean Michael Quezada, Tyler James Neuhengen, Leah Chapple

Studio Teacher
Studio Teacher: Josie Batorski
Studio Teacher (WA): Linda Bloom

Stunt Coordinator : Mark Norby, Brian Duffy, Tad Griffith
Stunts: Koby Azarly, Helena Barrett, Richard Bucher, Darrell Davis, Courtney Farnsworth, Tait Fletcher, Kirsten Foe, Kiralee Hayashi, Cassidy Vick Hice, Michael Hilow, Casey O’Neill, Ryan Sturz, Trampas Thompson, Cody Thornbury, Kyle Weishaar.

Transportation Coordinator: Dusty Saunders
Transportation Captain: Chad S. Moore, Steve Rawson
Transportation Captain (WA): Ronnie King
DOT: Steven Saunders
Picture Car Captain: Patrick Peña
Driver: Joe Auger, Hector M. Gonzalez, Heriberto Osorio, Jose Sanchez, Reese Lane, John "JJ" Jordan, Mary Fritts, Phil Balani, Mark J. Quinn, Martin Tajra, Mike Santana, Bryan Cawthon, Sammy Danielsen, Harold Bud Lacy, Mike Phillips, Jerry Shore, Glen Walker, Richard Vestal, Ric Wiley, Devon Moore, Randy Werner, Steve Deleon, Gary Watts
Lunchbox Driver: Justin Howard
Camera Car Driver: Byron Carter, Lyle Christensen
Water Truck Driver: Ricardo Sepulveda
Driver (WA): Jim Charleston, Robert Mair, David Anderson, Chester Sohn, Jeannie Mccarthy, Jimmy Hicks, Bill McCarthy, Diana Yarborough, Leslie Church, Rick Wiley, Grady Hughes, Ian Savage, Herman Esau.

Video Assist: R. Scott Lawrence

VFX: Pierre Buffin, Stephane Vogel, Robert Schajer, Coline Six, India Osborne, David Lynch *, Noriko Miyakawa

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The cameras have stopped rolling.
A key piece of the mystery is revealed.
Welcome back* to Twin Peaks.

Jay Aaseng
Alon Aboutboul
Jane Adams
Joe Adler
Kate Alden
Stephanie Allynne
Mädchen Amick*
Eric Ray Anderson
Finn Andrews
Elizabeth Anwies
Dana Ashbrook*
Joe Auger
Phoebe Augustine*
Melissa Bailey
Tammie Baird
Matt Battaglia*
Chrysta Bell
Monica Bellucci
Jim Belushi
Leslie Berger
Richard Beymer*
John Billingsley
Michael Bisping
Ronnie Gene Blevins
Kelsey Bohlen
Sean Bolger
Rachael Bower
Brent Briscoe
Robert Broski
Wes Brown
Richard Bucher
Page Burkum
Scott Cameron
Juan Carlos Cantu
Gia Carides
Vincent Castellanos
Michael Cera
Richard Chamberlain
Bailey Chase
Johnny Chavez
Candy Clark
Larry Clarke
Scott Coffey
Frank Collison
Lisa Coronado
Catherine E. Coulson*
Grace Victoria Cox
Jonny Coyne
James Croak
Julee Cruise*
Heather D'Angelo
Jan D'Arcy*
David Dastmalchian
Jeremy Davies
Owain Rhys Davies
Ana de la Reguera
Rebekah Del Rio
Laura Dern
Neil Dickson
Hugh Dillon
Cullen Douglas
Edward "Ted" Dowlin
Judith Drake
David Duchovny*
Christopher Durbin
Francesca Eastwood
Eric Edelstein
John Ennis
Josh Fadem
Tikaeni Faircrest
Eamon Farren
Sherilyn Fenn*
Jay R. Ferguson
Sky Ferreira
Miguel Ferrer*
Rebecca Field
Robin Finck
Brian Finney*
Patrick Fischler
Erika Forster
Robert Forster
Meg Foster
Travis Frost
Warren Frost*
Pierce Gagnon
Allen Galli
Hailey Gates
Brett Gelman
Ivy George
Balthazar Getty
James Giordano
Harry Goaz*
Grant Goodeve
George Griffith
Tad Griffith
James Grixoni
Cornelia Guest
Travis Hammer
Hank Harris
Annie Hart
Andrea Hays*
Stephen Heath
Heath Hensley
Gary Hershberger*
Michael Horse*
Ernie Hudson
Jay Jee
Jesse Johnson
Caleb Landry Jones
Ashley Judd
Luke Judy
Stephen Kearin
David Patrick Kelly*
Laura Kenny
Dep Kirkland
Robert Knepper
David Koechner
Virginia Kull
Nicole LaLiberte
Jay Larson
Sheryl Lee*
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jane Levy
Matthew Lillard
Jeremy Lindholm
Peggy Lipton*
Bellina Martin Logan*
Sarah Jean Long
David Lynch*
Riley Lynch
Shane Lynch
Kyle MacLachlan*
Mark Mahoney
Karl Makinen
Xolo Maridueña
Berenice Marlohe
Rob Mars
James Marshall*
Elisabeth Maurus
Josh McDermitt
Everett McGill*
Zoe McLane
Derek Mears
Clark Middleton
Greg Mills
James Morrison
Christopher Murray
Don Murray
Joy Nash
Priya Diane Niehaus
Bill O'Dell
Casey O'Neill
Johnny Ochsner
Walter Olkewicz*
Charity Parenzini
Elias Nelson Parenzini
John Paulsen
Sara Paxton
Max Perlich
Linas Phillips
Tracy Phillips
John Pirruccello
Linda Porter
Jelani Quinn
Ruth Radelet
Mary Reber
Adele René
Mariqueen Reznor
Trent Reznor
Carolyn P. Riggs
Kimmy Robertson*
Wendy Robie*
Erik L. Rondell
Marv Rosand*
Ben Rosenfield
Tim Roth
Rod Rowland
Carlton Lee Russell*
Elena Satine
John Savage
Amanda Seyfried
Amy Shiels
Sawyer Shipman
Tom Sizemore
Sara Sohn
Malachy Sreenan
Harry Dean Stanton*
J.R. Starr
Bob Stephenson
Charlotte Stewart*
Emily Stofle
Al Strobel*
Carel Struycken*
Ethan Suplee
Sabrina S. Sutherland
Jessica Szohr
Russ Tamblyn*
Bill Tangradi
Cynthia Lauren Tewes
Jodee Thelen
Jack Torrey
Sharon Van Etten
Eddie Vedder
Greg Vrotsos
Jake Wardle
Naomi Watts
Nafessa Williams
Ray Wise*
Alicia Witt*
Karolina Wydra
Charlyne Yi
Nae Yuuki
Grace Zabriskie*
Christophe Zajac-Denek
Madeline Zima
Blake Zingale



You're No One Until You Have Enemies. #Ballers

Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton

Congratulations #StraightOuttaCompton on the MTV Movie Award Win for Best True Story!

The Academy

The Academy

Be there Sunday on ABC. #Oscars

Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton

Congratulations to the cast and crew of #StraightOuttaCompton on their NAACP Image Award for Best Picture, and to O'Shea Jackson, Jr. for winning Best Supporting Actor!

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti

The 101 will close for 40 hours this weekend, so we're getting ready to take it slow. We teamed up with our friends at Roosevelt High School to drop a slow jam and get the word out.


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