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Randy J. Goodwin Although a Hollywood actor first, Randy has an equal love for filmmaking as well. A busy father of 3 Randy J. Goodwin (born Ivan J. Goodwin), is an American film and television actor.

Operating as usual


Thanks for a great week of faith based films, friends and fans!

Ernesto’s Manifesto hits select theaters next week! Pictured: Fernando Hidalgo, Adam Huss, Alesha Renee, and half of my ...

Ernesto’s Manifesto hits select theaters next week!

Pictured: Fernando Hidalgo, Adam Huss, Alesha Renee, and half of my face. 🤷🏽‍♂️

How about a screening of "The Job" at Paramount Pictures Studios? My favorite lot. Love working at Paramount Studios -Ti...

How about a screening of "The Job" at Paramount Pictures Studios? My favorite lot. Love working at Paramount Studios -Time to make some calls to my old stomping ground. Housewives & Girlfriends TV series, Linc's, Cuts, Neurotic Tendencies, LA Sheriffs: Homicide, Soluna, and more. I've had the great pleasure of working on this lot with some of the most talented peeps in Hollywood. Blessed beyond.


You asked for got it! I'll start posting more pics and vids of what I'm working on, WHEN I'm working on it. Lolol

My updated Drama Acting Reel

The acting reel is a compilation of scenes from specific shows, usually chosen by your manager and/or agents. FYI...they never like what I choose! LOLOL, so I leave it up to them. Enjoy!

Randy J. Goodwin's cover photo

Randy J. Goodwin's cover photo


Heading back home to Nebraska! We are the next Film Boom State!

Spread the word… #FilmNebraska


A new edit of the film is ready to be screened next week. Now I just need to reach Lacrea!


Kickstarter launch for final finishing and film festival funds (say that three times really fast) JUST around the corner!!

The Job is almost done!! Amen to ALL of that!! Lol!

Randy J. Goodwin's cover photo

Randy J. Goodwin's cover photo

Who would like to see me do a film with Morris Chestnut?
Morris Chestnut

Who would like to see me do a film with Morris Chestnut?

Morris Chestnut, Actor: Kick-Ass 2. A tall, handsome, and versatile American actor, Morris Chestnut was born in Cerritos, California, to Shirley (Wynn) and Morris Chestnut, Sr. He first came to be recognized by moviegoers starring as Ricky in Boyz n the Hood (1991), a role where he played a high sch...

Hey All, as we near completion of the indie-Faith-Base film, The Job...please follow us at:
The JOB - 2018

Hey All, as we near completion of the indie-Faith-Base film, The Job...please follow us at:

We are also soon to kick off The Job's Kick Starter campaign to shoot the flashback scenes in Omaha asap! Stay tuned and as always, thank you for your love and support of such an important project. Blessing to you all!!!!

The fight begins with faith and ends in forgiveness. ,


I'm not the best at keeping up with social media, but I do have people, like you all, who support what we do as Actor's and filmmakers, and I owe it to you to keep you up to date on what's happening in Hollywood. What shows And films I'm working on, who I'm working with, what scripts are being written, etc. whiteout fans and followers, we, Actor's, don't have a job, so Thank You!!! to ALL of you who e supported me for years, and to the new fans as well. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support of my dream. God bless and stay tuned. We've got a lot coming in 2017!!

Right now, the focus is still on our Faith based film, The Job. We are heavy into film festival submissions. Work, work, work.....


This really isn't film related... well, actually it is! I needed to shed about 15 pounds for an upcoming role and decided to trust a friend with a nutritional cleansing program and WHOA!!!! I cannot believe that I hadn't tried this before. I easily lost the weight, built lean muscle and improved my skin because it actually pulls toxins from your cells. More energy, better sleep, you name it! It happened! If you would like to feel and look better, comment below with a YES and I will add you to our private product page where you can learn more! :-)


First submission for our film, "The Job"... SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!!!!! And we're off......


Sound editing can be a BEAST! Gotta finish this pass, then do another before returning the full rough cut to L.A.


Not even in California and the auditions are rolling my way!


AAAAHHHHH! Can't find ONE shot that I need for the film. I know we shot it, but I cannot find it in any folder. God help me find what I need.


Investors, investors, investors... "Every no is one step closer to your YES!" We WILL get this film finished! So close...


Test groups are loving the edited footage of The Job! Still pounding the pavement for finishing funds here in Nebraska!


Working on this film night and day. Hit the linx yesterday with an old friend, Joe Fulcher, and a couple possible investors, at the Happy Hollow Country Club. I'm super sore today! After not touching a golf ball for several years after my Achilles tendon sever and surgery, the body has to get used to twisting again...but for now. Ow... Great day. Met some great people, saw some old friends at dinner. Haven't enjoyed myself this much in many moons. Blessed.

Check out Randy J Goodwin with host Tim Clarke of Heartland Focus. 6am Easter Sunday. Interview will be posted and viewa...

Check out Randy J Goodwin with host Tim Clarke of Heartland Focus. 6am Easter Sunday. Interview will be posted and viewable on after Sunday.


Really getting into being diligent with my social media. Posting a lot on IG (instagram), adding content to FB for "The Job" the movie, we have begun casting for three roles to be shot in Fremont and Omaha, NE. I do believe I have narrowed my choices to 5 actors. Good luck!

Part of the reason I'm in the shape that I'm in, is to finish the film THE JOB. After shooting 90% of principle, present...

Part of the reason I'm in the shape that I'm in, is to finish the film THE JOB. After shooting 90% of principle, present day photography in Los Angeles, I began working out for the flashback scenes, hurt my shoulder and developed tendinitis in my left elbow. This took me out of the gym and put production on hold for quite a while. While injured, we made the move to Omaha Nebraska and I and my partners began building the film industry in Nebraska, which also pushed production. Now that we've got a foothold here with Stacy Heatherly, who runs the Eastern Nebraska Film Office, the governors office, the mayors office, senator Colby Coash and many others, I've been able to get back into the gym and am ready to finish this film. FINALLY.

Hey All,The White Light City Film Festival in Fremont, NE is underway this weekend. Academy Award winning, Nebraska scre...
The Digg Site Productions, INC. - Film Festival

Hey All,

The White Light City Film Festival in Fremont, NE is underway this weekend. Academy Award winning, Nebraska screenwriter Lew Hunter will be honored on Friday night with a star studded guest list of Hollywood celebs to kick off the festival.

We also have a film, produced by and starring Omaha's own... ME!
The role was written for me by a young filmmaker, a mutual friend introduced us, I liked the script, and it will show on Sunday, 9/4 at 4pm.

Come on out and support us building the Film and Television industry here in Nebraska. I'm committed to this!

Go to: for more info about the Film Festival.


Randy J. Goodwin

(click on the schedule below for more info about the film times and dates)

The Digg Site Productions, INC. - Film Festival


Periscope in a week! We also have a couple of films coming to Omaha/Fremont and the surrounding area. Castings will be posted for smaller roles and many extras. Stay tuned.


Hey all, want to know more about acting? Have friends or relatives who won't shut up about being on TV or in the movies? Think you've got better ideas than the shows you see? Then follow me @randyjgoodwin1 on Periscope and Twitter as I gear up for my online coaching. Let me show you how I, "Navigate Hollywood with Integrity", and talk about "What I Wish I Knew Before I Got There."


Hey, I know the world is getting a little tired of the Vampire story lines, but what about Werewolves? We've got a pilot for a series to shoot in Omaha/Fremont, NE. It's very cool.


New shows, new shows, new shows... I'm loving Netflix right now. Loved the first 2 seasons of The Killing. Kinda lost me in season 3. Not really caring about these new people or the case.


1 Hollywood Place
Los Angeles, CA


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The Private Viewing of the movie Privileged held at Alamo Drafthouse Omaha, was a huge success with people excited to be in attendance and impressed with the movie and event as a whole. If you were part of the selected few who watched the movie, we need your feedback. Follow this link: A few beautiful moments captured from the event. Enjoy! #afswagmag #press #event #video #streaming #photography #actors #models #TVstars #movies #television #film #camera #Nebraska #blackexcellence #Omaha #movieprivatescreening #blockbuster #boxoffice #african #blackpower #blackconversation #entertainmentcompany Joshua L. Eady Chanel D Brown Bayo Alawiye @tracy Obonna Tumi Oluyole Don Crucifixto Entertainment Randy J. Goodwin Tim L Clark Juanita Johnson City Council - District 2 Johnny Rodgers
ITS Friday!!!! You want a hint to make Friday even better? Make it Heavenly with Heavenly Waffles Here is a clip from Episode 3 with Randy J. Goodwin Listen to the full episode at :
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Congratulations, Randy J. Goodwin! Your film is out on PureFlix and we're so excited to share with everyone. Great work, dear friend! 🥳🥳🥳 Check out Randy's trailer and view on PureFlix now!
You might know our friend Randy J. Goodwin from his role as Dr. Jonas Martin on Vampire Diaries, Davis Hamilton on "Girlfriends," or Kennedy Winslow on "Fast Track." What we know is Randy has a heart of gold, a solid reputation in Hollywood and Nebraska for his integrity, morals and values, and his policy of never "crossing the line." What's coolest though is that Randy taught The Digg Site's very first film camp! Nothing will stop his drive to promote the importance of film to our youth and the critical job of preserving our historic theatres (especially the Empress Art House Cinema!) Give Randy what he wants: a donation to help us #BringBackTheEmpress. DONATE TODAY at #FremontAreaBigGive
Ive loved you since "Girlfriends" and I hope your gonna be joining the reunion💞😍🔥....What can I see you in these days?🤔
Thanks to Rod Hieronymus and the great staff of Classic Rock Coffee Co. for having us out this morning! Thank you, Ritch Cassidy and also big shout out to actor/writer/director Randy J. Goodwin for screening The JOB faith based movie this afternoon!
There is a mess in the white house. Never cleaned the White House before. This should be A Breeze...
where is the 5 bite diet?