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We run a very high-end marketing/SEO company and a movie studio that stays open 20 hours a day renting out the facility and equipment. We also do marketing consulting with some of the coolest companies all over the USA. We try to help out business owners who are down on their sales and film makers whenever we can, so if you have any questions please contact us.



• Size: 26 x 17 x 72″ Tall
• Condition: used with a few minor scratches
• Material: Resin
• Reproduction
• Item Weight : Approx. 50 lbs.
This life size replica of the Norma Jean statue has a retro feel along with tons of fine details. This item was hand crafted and hand painted using the finest quality materials. This head turning masterpiece will bring character to any home, office, business or commercial institution. $307


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Atomic Studios's cover photo

Studio Pictures

Studio Pictures

Atomic Studios

Atomic Studios


Atomic Studios


2556 E Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

General information

For one flat rate, here's what you get: * 24 hour shoot day (NO OVERTIME!!!) * 100% completion guarantee. (Free reshoot day) * Free build days (save up to a whole day of location fees!) * Free casting days (let your talent know how serious you are…) * Free rehearsal days (maximize your shoot day with everyone on the same page) * Free T-1 internet access (great for uploading large movie files) * Free Pre light time (again, save up to a whole day of location fees!) * Free on site studio manager (would you pay a parking lot attendant his hourly wage?) * Coolest studio owner in LA (Hands Down) * 15,000 square feet (with almost 14,000 shootable) * All open space (no columns to get in the way) * 20 foot ceilings (great for those low angle shoots) * Green Screen Cyc (Over 200 linear feet with a 6 ft radius on the cyc even the big boys only have a 5 ft radius on their cyc) * White Cyc (Over 200 linear feet also with the 6 ft radius on the cyc) * Black Void (48 linear feet) * 5 space loading dock (no need for lift gates) * Parking for up to 100 cars (no extra charge!) * 4 stall restrooms (No lines!) ( I hope...) * 2 huge roll up doors (to bring in cars trucks or large props) * 400 amps of house power (not bad for free) * Heavy duty over head I beams (for wire work & stunts) * Almost 200 feet from one end to the other (for long lens shooting) * Smooth concrete floor (for when there is no time for track) * Amazing under bridge day or night exterior (with access to power) * Amazing industrial/urban exterior (in the rear of the facility) * Awesome shootable roof top (with downtown view) * Spacious green room (great for separating talent from the set) * Huge private shootable ally (easily fits 3 cars across with room in between.) * Craft service Kitchen (my favorite part of a studio) * Private Office (for the production team) * Double fenced in entrance (for extra security and control) * Multi car capacity in studio (big enough to get driving shots too!) * Wardrobe/dressing room (great for privacy from the rest of the studio) * Modern sprinkler system (in case pyrotechnics get out of hand) * Production size trash dumpster (fill it to the top for no extra charge) * Green Screen Treadmill (In case 200 ft is not enough, but that’s like 3 tractor trailers) * Large assortment of flats with windows doors and bars (Just in case you need a jail) * Hi-End Modern Furniture (To be used as you wish) * All kinds of Props (Including hospital, Asian, Egyptian, & many cool prop guns) * 20 ton of grip and lighting (Enough to handle most shoots up to 2 million) * 150 linear feet of heavy duty pallet rack (To store everything. Maximizing shoot space) * A huge movie distro package (A must for powering those big lights that your DP loves) * 43 foot Star Trailer (To be used anytime your production team or for stars privacy) * Remote head jib by Jimmy Jib (and nothing says “production value” like jib shots) * Phantom Hydraulic Crab Dolly (by Premier Studio Equipment) * ProVid Steadicam with low mode * 3 Final Cut Pro editing stations (In case you just cant wait to get home) * 24 possessor Macintosh render farm. * Movable speed rail lighting grid (Easily get that back light anywhere your DP wants) * 18 foot rolling scaffolding (To safely reach and light from grid or ceiling) * Le Maitre Radiant haze generator. (when you want seeing the light beams) * Le Maitre low smoke generator * 650 watt – 12k watt dimmers, variaks, flicker boxes (For next level of light control) * A couple of HVX-200s with the mini 35 adapters * A Ziss super speed F1.3 prime lens package 18-25-35-50-and-85 * A huge assortment of tools, power tools, air tools, and a sturdy work bench) * Tele-prompter (for when your talent didn’t the script revision and needs a little help) * Canon Copy Machine (and we don’t charge for copies) * Access to every type of crew member from PA’s to AD’s * Within one mile of 4 major freeways (convenient for cast and crew)


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