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Operating as usual IS MY BRAIN ON SLEEP by supplensoicssonics soundAs...
THIS IS MY BRAIN ON SLEEP by supplensoicssonics sound

As an individual who has fantastic dreams on a nightly basis, I have always been intrigued with what was going on in my head while I slept.

This is a recording made as I slept one night in the spring of 2021. I patched my soundmachines brain interface so that the EEG data of my delta brainwaves were controlling a korg ms21 mini synthesizer and string/piano samples in realtime from sensors placed on my forehead.

in order to load the the recorded track up to the Bandcamp server for release, I had to first split it into two parts, and then chop off the first 15 min of silence in order keep the record under the maximunm size restriction. the first 15min of the recording is pure silence which was the time that I hit record and lay down in bed wearing the neurosky mindwave mobile 2 eeg sensor. this is only notable in that the15 min is a very short amount of time to reach the delta stage of sleep. my understanding is that stage of sleep (your most restful dream state )was reached indicated by the fact that the instruments were reacting to the EEG data of my delta brainwaves.

please note this recording is not intended to be a presentation of creative musical output but rather the findings of my amateur scientific experimentation.
released October 28, 2021


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