Tea With Sarah Patterson

Tea With Sarah Patterson A series of informal Interviews with leading Directors in film and advertising.

Tea With Sarah Is a celebration of creativity and craft. It's a series of informal conversations over a cuppa tea with some of the most talented Directors in advertising and film. It's a chance to hear their thoughts on collaboration and their very different ways of working. Next up a series of podcasts focusing on some of the amazing women in our Industry.


If you have been checking in on the podcasts -apologies for the delay in getting this up and running but I’ve had a few set backs early this year. I’m fully committed and hope to launch within next few months.

Tea With Sarah Patterson

Tea With Sarah Patterson



Welcome to Tea With Sarah – a podcast celebrating craft and creativity in advertising.
This new series is an evolution of the video interviews I produced for my you tube channel TWS in which I interviewed many top name directors including Noam Murro, Rupert Sanders, Tarsem and most recently Alma Harel amongst many others.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a job in advertising and over the years I have worked with many inspiring and talented people, I’ve travelled the world and had so many incredible experiences. Every job is different and provides new challenges that I thought it might be fun to share some of the stories. Over the coming months I will be interviewing people I have worked with in the past, present and those I would like to work with in the future. The conversations will be informal over a cuppa tea and largely focusing on what goes into the craft and creativity of the work they produce.

I love finding directors for a particular project and then seeing the ideas evolve as the director and a creative team collaborate. In this ever changing landscape there are so many new challenges and considerations, bigger teams of people to deal with, deliverables across multiple platforms, ever changing technology but fundamentally we are still trying to tell stories and craft something beautiful so that people actually want to stop to watch. For the first group of interviews I am going to focus on some of the amazing women I’ve worked with in the Industry. I am a big supporter of some of the initiatives such as #FreeThe Bid #MeToo and #Sayyourage and keen to dive into some of the areas surrounding diversity in our Industry.
I would love to get as much feedback as possible so my podcast can be something helpful to Producers, Creatives and anyone looking to get into this business. There is a huge breadth of talent out there but it’s getting harder for everyone and I hope I can create a place for creative folk to share their experiences and have a voice and ultimately celebrate an amazing Industry that continues to thrive when craft and creativity is at its best.


Really want to keep this going but since being freelance and traveling all over the place not sure I’ll be able to continue shooting videos. I’m thinking podcasts instead. What do you think ?

Tea With Sarah Patterson's cover photo

Tea With Sarah Patterson's cover photo

Tea with Sarah Patterson

I had Tea with my good friend Dany Kleinman 18 months ago and he was the inspiration for Tea With Sarah. I had so much fun chatting to him that I invited a few of the other Directors I had recently worked with to Tea. Daniel K, Rupert Sanders, Chris Palmer, Peter Thwaites and Matthijs Van Heijningen join me in my first video.

Sarah Patterson interviews A list British Advertising commercials directors


Really happy that Shots Magazine feature my interviews. I've given them an exclusive for a week before I post to my own channel.

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It's exciting when new Directors come on the scene that have so much talent and are on the verge of exploding. I believe Henry Hobson is definitely one to watch. I just finished an interview with him and the lovely Stewart Reeves has agreed to edit it for me. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to post.


I've wanted to interview a woman for a long time and really excited to be posting it soon. Ellen Kuras has been described as a rockstar among cinematographers. She has worked with Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes and Spike Lee, not to mention Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman on one of the most acclaimed and visually exciting films of the past decade, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.


Anyone who has worked with Tarsem will know that he's a great guy. Funny and generous spirited. I've done a few shoots with him and the all time favorite was traveling across India a few years back. He's an inspiration for young Directors and anyone who wants to work in the business.

Interview with Director - Tarsem Singh.

Noam Murro

I haven't personally worked with Noam so wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be one of my most enjoyable interviews. He's larger than life.

Award winning commercial and feature director owner of biscuit film works talks to Sarah Patterson about advertising, its future and his career as a director.

Tea with Sarah Patterson and Amir Farhang

After spending 3 weeks with Amir on location in Miami I got to know him pretty well. It was a long and challenging shoot and it was good to have him on the team.

Sarah talks to Amir Farhang about his work in advertising and how he came to directing award winning spots.


I was introduced to Danny over lunch and when he invited me to his book signing and exhibition at The Sunset Marquis I thought it would be a great opportunity to interview him for TWS.

Sarah Patterson interviews photographer Danny Clinch


My husband started his career as as a camera assistant, DOP and then Director with Ridley and Tony Scott and although I've know Jake for years I don't get to hang out with him often. Our cuppa tea lasted almost 3 hours so editing it into a 20 min interview wasn't easy.

TeaWithSarah ThomasBenski at Pulse Films


With the advertising landscape rapidly changing I wanted to add some Production Co's into the mix. Pulse Films is an ward-winning production and talent management company with offices in London, Paris, New York & Los Angeles and I met up with Thomas Benski soon after setting up his office in Venice CA.

Tea With Sarah Patterson

Tea With Sarah Patterson


Los Angeles, CA


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