Zizou's Backyard Comedy

Zizou's Backyard Comedy Zizou's is a backyard comedy venue and production house located in East Hollywood. Come here to work We do comedy here at Zizou's in an Underground manner.

Starting a trend of Los Angeles staple Backyard Mics that seem to be the trending live event in Los Angeles.


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Check out the new flick. On demand now. Please leave that review!!!!


Who is that? What is that? That's Duct-tape, our bass players. Watch "Vermin Town" a could be cult classic comedy. We did so many cool things in this film. Including breaking our backs making it. Be sure to share and comment after you watch it so I can laugh my ass off.


Be on the look out for our film dropping tomorrow!! I tunes and Amazon prime


Our very special movie drops tomorrow. This is a dark comedy that will have you addicted!!!


Vermin Town-My film is dropping tomorrow!!! Vermin Town is a paridicomedy with hidden parodies in the film. You tell me what they are. Film will be available on ITUNES, AMAZON PRIME!! And GOOGLE PLAY. Here's some marketing for the films band "the Vermen"


Check out my feature film. Let me now what you think. It's on I tunes in 2 days




I like my BBQ from the south dirty. Like the guy was smoking a cigarette when I ordered dirty.


If you were at mosaic yesterday you were blessed. He kept asking and saying who is this for. Who is this message for. Well it was Probably all of us. But it was really for me. Last night was amazing. Thank you he said you wait here while I go over there and pray. Last night was real. Thank you and thank you for everything you do.


FML god bless this man


FML god bless this man...


Realtime politics.


Vivid will be selecting next after these d***o and pocket p***y commercials. We hear next year that these out if high school talents will have to spend a minimum year in community college before entering the draft. That's the rumor. Now a word from our sponsors.


Vermin Town coming soon to a video on demand platform on your computer.


Vermin Town coming soon to a video on demand platform in your computer.





Me and my dad this easter. Celebrating life, family and god.


Past time ping pong. Got whooped by my dad. Just like the old days.


I think this is a breach of my private code of conduct as an American. Or does someone just really care about me?


Black and white. Where the duck is my axe? big thanks to james Gott for the pics.


making moves. God bless.


movin in you ass.


When I'm home feeling alone, sick depressed or sad I make beans. this is the step where I eat bean soup. Before mashing them in an hour. Ingredients are refried beans, half onion, half garlic clump, 2 small red peppers, butter. Salt. Trick is I fry up on a pan the garlic onion and peppers and butter. Then add some water bring to boil and add to already cooking beans. Then cook for 2.5 hours. youjulie


My family lost a great woman yesterday my Aunt Julie. May she Rest In Peace and dance with angels. Seems as if I m combating the feelings with jokes so here's a very funny joke about love. Cause there are some dumb ads men out there that really wanna love and the love of a woman. A woman as wonderful as my aunt. She's a mother to 3 wonderful men. All unique and great men. God bless you all and your loved ones. We really only have a short amount of time on this planet. Embrace it. And make yourself happy do the things you really wanna do. Love the people you really wanna love. Of bless. This year of comedy Andy hard work and every time I perform will be dedicated to you Aunt Julie. Hope you like my jokes cause they are all written for you.


Produced a comedy show at Los Angeles city college. Learned a ton. Had an amazing set. Super grateful. Now moving on.


Tomorrow's show is about to be lit LACC. We will have elite and agua frescas and more. Get your tickets asap. 10 dollars for everyone.


It's an honor to share the stage with these two veterans. come see us tear the roof off this theater.


I told my sister to keep her camera on my nephew. That he was a killer. And he would be scoring. A lot. And check him out!!!


Be your own bookie. coming soon. A podcast about jokes and online gambling. And jokes about online gambling.


Is it time?


625 N. Ardmore
Los Angeles, CA


(520) 235-4286



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