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Into Life Productions / Into Life Films Into Life Productions and Into Life Films are movie production companies headed by Charmaine Cruz in Los Angeles, California. Here we post details and updates about current projects.

Our current project in production is the documentary, "What's Up With Down", a cutting edge documentary on Down syndrome. See for complete information.

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"Too often in the past, we have thought of the artist as an idler and dilettante and of the lover of arts as somehow sissy and effete. We have done both an injustice. The life of the artist is, in relation to his work, stern and lonely. He has labored hard, often amid deprivation, to perfect his skill. He has turned aside from quick success in order to strip his vision of everything secondary or cheapening. His working life is marked by intense application and intense discipline."

Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1962

Charmaine Cruz

Charmaine Cruz

Netflix "Love" Screening! Saw some faces I haven't seen in awhile and others I'd never met. My friend Rob had a great time too. Most hilarious Q & A session ever but what would you expect with David Spade moderating? We had a surprise guest in the audience as well. Judd Apatow continues to be comically genius in his choice to have David Spade moderate. Fun evening for sure! Audience "loved" it!

#love @love #LoveOnNetflix

View at end of day...

View at end of day...


I am so grateful to ALL WHO SUPPORTED our World Down Syndrome Day Arts Benefit Fundraiser for “What’s Up With Down”, OUR DONORS, OUR PARTICIPANTS who were present by viewing, “Liking”, commenting on, and sharing on our posts and of course to the WONDERFUL and INCREDIBLE ARTISTS - James Storm, Mimi Chen, Leslie Spring, Cissy Wellman, Sharon Yablon, Marcia Moran, John Kerry, and Linda Engel and crew - Amy Benjamin, Paul Bok Puzon, and Ricardo Gale' who gave of themselves and their talents – including our wondrous dog wrangler, Jon Patrick Cavanaugh-Spain who although home and not well that day also delivered a piece of equipment we needed! Thank you Michael Colin and Ailia for your clip you provided us too! I can’t think of a better day to have held our event or BETTER PEOPLE to have around in support of this effort. The energy was INTOXICATING. The event will be a lasting SOURCE OF INSPIRATION on our journey in the making of this documentary. We broke even on our hard costs and GAINED SO MUCH from the event. We SPREAD AWARENESS, and thereby HELPED IMPROVE the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, our main purpose! We also gained a wonderful co-producer Amy Benjamin! Amy is busy working away on our grants and fellowships funding. Sooooo lucky to have you on board Miss Amy!!! We will continue on our path to spread awareness, educate others in our effort to enrich and improve the lives of those living with Down syndrome and those who love them! THANK YOU TO ALL DONORS and PARTICIPANTS in our past fundraisers and with the making of this documentary as well!! Renee Stahl Dektor, the band Renee & Jeremy, Michael Colin, Gail Ford Williamson, Blair Williamson, Chris Chapman, Mary Rings and Born to Act Players, Al Satterwhite, Valery Satterwhite, Jon Cavanaugh, Richard Bluth of Bluth Enterprises, Kari Lutz, McRory Pediatrics, Trader Joe's, Charles Haid, Cissy Wellman, Shirley Rastatter, Kristine Lazar Hatton, Sandra Baker, Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, Club 21, Carole Dean, Richard Kaufman, and From the Heart Productions, Inc., Maria Florio of Earthworks Films, Clive Larry Brooks, Larry Brooks Hair, Angela Skulteti-Wilson, Candace Silvers, Kelly Lopez, my family and Ben Cruz, David Sarda, Juliette Calayag, Brett Byers, Alisdair Lee, Alondra Ortiz and my inspiration for this documentary, ,my Nathan, and last but IN NO WAY LEAST ALL THE PARENTS, FAMILIES, AND INDIVIDUALS with Down syndrome - you have helped make this project come to being and are considered part of the project!!! Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone (please message me if I did :0) All who donated for this fundraiser will be listed in the Special Thanks at the end of the documentary and upon completion of the doc will receive the perks from previous fundraising efforts. We are on our way!!! Remember, even after today you can still go to our website at and make a donation… THANK YOU again to all and all the best for a FANTASTIC SPRING BREAK!!!

World Down Syndrome Day 2015 Arts Benefit for "What's Up With Down"

Thank you those of you who are SPREADING THE WORD! We have TWO DAYS LEFT! I should have a tally soon of what we've raised so far. ALL WHO CONTRIBUTE WILL BE LISTED IN THE SPECIAL THANKS CREDIT for the movie and donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Do your part to support the community of individuals with Down syndrome and those who know and love them...Please go to and donate today!!! You can also watch the pitch reel there!!!

Arts Benefit held on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, 2015 to benefit the documentary “What’s Up With Down” with Suzie Bohannon, Jim Storm, Mimi Chen, Lesl...

Checking in…lots of great material we've shot for the documentary (see to scrub through! 19 hou...

Checking in…lots of great material we've shot for the documentary (see to scrub through! 19 hours of material and this is just the stuff on HDDV tapes. Much more shot on HD cards. We're moving right along shooting as we go. Next goal is getting an HD camera that uses cards rather than DV tapes! Onward and "Up"ward!

Into Life Productions / Into Life Films's cover photo

Into Life Productions / Into Life Films's cover photo

Into Life Productions / Into Life Films

Into Life Productions / Into Life Films


Day 12! 49 fans and counting. Thanks all! Life is grand - it's raining again in Southern California and that's okay by's beautiful and we need it.


Day two of The State of Marriage site up and running - 32 fans and counting for Into Life Productions! Thanks you guys!!! This brings me SO MUCH JOY! I hope all are well. It's raining again in Southern California - what did Albert Hammond (songwriter) mean? Oh, but then again he's English - yeah.


I am excited to finally get to this process! I hope you will join in!


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Los Angeles, CA


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