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John Chuka Productions LLC We develop African story ideas, make films out of the stories, and distribute the films. John Chuka Productions LLC is all about Africa storytellers telling African stories that their fellow Africans at home and in the Diaspora can understand and accept as their own storries, and ultimately be able to suspend their state of disbelief to be entertained.

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After 3 years of trainig screenwriters and actors at a zero cost to them at Asaba Film Academy (AFA), we're so pleased to announce that our pioneering AFA trainees are ready to embark on their Nollywood career.

An AFA-trained screenwriting team has just completed writing their first feature film screenplay, Asia: The Love Covenant. An audition is scheduled for AFA-trained actors to compete for character rolls on 28 October 2017. Nollywpod veterans will be invited to audition for character rolls AFA-trainees cannot handle.

All things being equal, we should be done with this and other preproduction activities in about a month and shift into the production (principal photography) phase.

We're still open to taking investors on board as we're yet to hit the upper limit of our film budget. We encourage you to come on board and be part of history. Each Naira/Dollar goes a long way. We'll reimburse you and share profit with you. This is crowdfunding for a good course. Let's make it happen for any of the long list of reasons that makes sense to you.

Please, note that we're still training creative and pationate Nigerians for the same purpose - we train, we empower, we hire and we mentor creative and pationate Nigerians into Nollywood. Send us your folks that are interested in building a Nollywood career but don't know how to got about it.

Call the office of the Administrator at +234 816 965 3405 for all enquiries. Please, share.


Asaba Film Academy had her annual end of year party two days ago and officially shut down yesterday for the holidays. 2016 has been quite a remarkable year and we're are grateful to everyone that contributed positively or negatively. In your separate special ways, y'all helped mold us into what have and perhaps yet to become.

We will resume business on 8 January 2017 for another wonderful year of constructing our envisioned Hollywood in Nollywood. We plan to continue with our free training for the financially challenged Nigerians. We will continue to mentor, empower and hire creative, talented and passionate Nigeeoans.

To our investors, we thank you. To our well wishers, we ask you to continue to share and like us. To our critiques, we ask you to continue to help us get better. To our potentoal students, we ask you to get off the fence and be part of history. And to our graduates, we dare you to reach for the sky. God bless y'all and God bless Asaba Film Academy.

Call the office of the administrator at +234.816.965.3405 for all enquiries. Please share.


Asaba Film Academy (AFA) received the 1st set of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members yesterday! AFA will train them for free and empower them to take advantage of the abundant gainful Nollywood employment opportunities. How about you? Still watching history in the making? Call the office of the administrator at +234.816.965.3405 for all enquiries.


Asaba Film Academy ( AFA) is still admitting and training passionate and talented Nigerians into her acting and screenweiting programs for free. Call the office of the administrator at +234.816.965.3405 for all enquiries.


Asaba Film Academy (AFA) is still training actors and screenwriters for free. Free accommodation, free feeding and temporally job opportunity are available for those wirh verifiable financial hardship. Call the office of the administrator at +234.816.965.3405 for all enquiries. Please, share.


At Asaba Film Academy, we empower talented and passionate Nigerians. We train and mentor our graduates into Nollywood. We position you to build a dream career at a zero cost to you. Call now at +234.816.965.3405 for your free enrollment in our acting or screenwriting program. Weekend programs are available. Tuition is free. Accommodation is free. Immediate part time employment is avaluable. Please share.

John Chuka Productions LLC is a legal entity registered with the Secretary of State in California, USA for the purpose m...

John Chuka Productions LLC is a legal entity registered with the Secretary of State in California, USA for the purpose making use of Nollywood raw talent and passion in combination with Hollywood knowledge and technology to produce and distribution films that prioritize African narratives. On arrival to Nigeria, home to the most successful film industry in Africa, otherwise known as Nollywood , we realized we needed to train our own cast and crew if we want to make quality films. So, we launched Asaba Film Academy with the primary purpose of training talented and passionate Nigerians and mentor them into Nollywood. We started with our flagship acting program, because most Nigerians are interested in acting. Quite early into the journey, we realized these talented and passionate Nigerians lack the funding to pay for our training. Hence we decided to train them for free and have them pay us when they become gainfully employed in Nollywood. We presently have about 50 actors trained and we're mentoring them into Nollywood. We send them around the country to attend auditions and book jobs. Many of them can't attend these auditions because they lack the financial ways and means to support themselves. We figured they need flexible jobs they could jump on whenever they need to raise quick money to support their careers. So we tapped into the popular local moped transportation budsiness in Asaba. Whenever you're in town, look out for Door to Door Mopeds (D2D Mopeds). Our actors driver them around town in uniforms, whenever they need to raise money to attend auditions. They have professional training from a driving school recommended by the Road Safety commission. Please, Patronize them and tip them well as a token of support for our empowerment effort. Please share.


The long-awaited screenwriting class at Asaba Film Academy takes off in two days. Free tuition. Free accommodation. Still not late to register. Learn at a zero cost and enhance your earning potentials. We teach you how to do it professionally and buy your screenplays. Call the office of the Administrator at + 234.816.965.3405 for all enquiries.


A well-articulated screenplay revolves around the main character's life experience - Professional, Personal and Private. And the best screenplays emanate from embellished personal life experience. You don't have to be a professional screenwriter to write and sell good screenplays. Asaba Film Academy seeks professionals from any and all disciplines to share their fascinating career experiences on the pages of screenplays that espouse the African narrative for the purpose of educating and entertaining fellow Africans. These screenplays will serve as blue prints for AFA-sponsored film and TV projects for cinema screenings and TV broadcasts. We need Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Soldiers, Police Officers, etc. Join our special 4-month long screenwriting training workshop schedule to commence on the 18th of June 2016. Lectures will hold on Saturdays and Sundays only. Asaba Film Academy will train you for free (if you can't afford to pay for the training) and buy your screenplays. Call the office of the Administrator for any and all enquiries. You may visit us at 19 Okelue St. Off Nnebisi Rd. Opp. Wema Bank. West End, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. Please share.


Asaba Film Academy ( AFA ) has been training actors to hire them to work on AFA - proposed film and TV projects, but there can't be any such projects without screenplays. AFA is stepping up the game a notch by introducing a special screenwriting training program to train and hire good screenwriters, such that serious participants will graduate from the training program with finished screenplays (TV episodes) for our proposed TV series revolving around the theme, Law & Order. The training will last for a duration of 4 months. Lectures will be delivered on Saturdays & Sundays only. A Lawyer and a Police Officer will be on board, working with the Screenwriting Instructor to help participants understand how to handle Law & Order cases on the pages of believable screenplays. Free tuition and free accommodation are available for participants with verifiable financial hardahip. AFA will pay for approved completed screenplays. AFA-purchased screenplays will be produced and featured as episodes on AFA-proposed TV series. We need 10 participants and we already have 5. Lectures will commence on 18 June 2016. Call the office of the Administrator to enroll now (+234.816.965.3405). You may visit the academy at 19 Okelue St. Off Nnebisi Rd. Opp Wemma Bank. West End, Asaba, Delta State. Nigeria. Join us and be part of history as Hollywood meets Nollywood in Asaba. Please, share.


For those of you that have been asking me about our screenwriting program, you dream is about to come true. Asaba Film Academy is fine-tuning a plan to get the screening program up and running way sooner than planned. Call the Administrator for all enquiries at +234.816.965.3405. Please, share.


Asaba Film Academy (AFA) has successfully trained a handful of talented and passionate actors in her flagship 5-week intensive acting training workshop. AFA is now helping these young professional actors to acquire experience and recognition in the Nigerian film industry by sending them to Nollywood auditions around the country. AFA is proud to announce that our graduates are booking acting Nollywood jobs. Every audition and every booked job is an opportunity to become a better actor. Ultimately these determined career actors will begin to feature in AFA film projects and TV episodes, delivering amazing performances. This is how AFA intends to help improve Nollywood. Would you like to be part of this revolution? Pleas join us. We need men, women, boys and girls of all ages that will play various character roles in Nollywood. AFA is recruiting talented and passionate Nigerians on daily bases. We train to hire. We offer free tuition for those with financial difficulties. Free accommodation is available for the duration of the 5-week intensive training as well. Potential students from other African countries are calling in to enquire about Asaba Film Academy, while some of you Nigerians with direct access to Asaba Film Academy are still wondering whether AFA is real. Pick up the phone and call AFA at +234.816.965.3405 or +234.703.019.6135 for all enquiries. If you need to see for yourself, visit us at 19 Okelue Street, Off Nnebisi Road, Opp. Wema Bank, Westend, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. You can either be part of history or watch history being made. AFA is rewriting the Nollywood history. Be part of it or watch us do it. Please share.


I've been on a 4-month working visit to Nigeria and I'm halfway through. I would like to spend a reasonable chunk of the remaining half of my time giving something remarkable to my Nigerian FB friends, fans and well-wishers before I return to the US.

I created Filmmakers' Dialect a few years ago, while I was a student at New York Film Academy, so as to enable me share freely with you, some of the knowledge I was then acquiring. I shared quite a lot on screenwriting, then. Now, I wanna do it again, and I’m excited I have the opportunity to do it in a B&M (bricks and mortar) environment, this time around.

Depending on the indicated interest, I would like to host a-week-long intensive screenwriting workshops in a few Nigerian cities. Abuja, Asaba, Lagos and Port Harcourt are on the slate right now. Subject to demand, a new city could be added to the slate.

Prior knowledge or experience in screenwriting is not required. If you can read and write, you can write that story in your head into a marketable screenplay. If you already can write a screenplay, you'll learn one or two new tricks from me (Hollywood-trained and African Oscars winning filmmaker) that can make you a better screenwriter. I assure you that at the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to write your own stories and market them in Nollywood.

If interested, please send me an email at [email protected] or text me at 070.6157.7986 to indicate your interest in the workshop and also let me know your city of interest. In order to offset the cost of organizing it, a token fee of N15K (Fifteen Thousand Naira) will be required.


As a startup film production company, we need funds to implement our mission and ultimately actualize our vision. Hence, we've designed an investment package that affords potential investors around the world to work smart instead of working too hard, by letting their money do most of the work for them. The investment package is designed such that any potential investor with as little as $300.00 (Three Hundred US Dollars) in discretionary funds is at able to come on board, if willing. Return on investment is amazing. We, at John Chuka Productions LLC, recognize the fact that filmmaking can be very rewarding in cash and kind when it's well planned and properly executed. Hence, we believe that all stakeholders (actors, producers, directors, investors, etc) at any level should be able to experience a dividend. As a result we've designed a program that allows our investors to bring their acquaintances on board as investors and earn a commission for their input. The company pays 10% in investment units or 5% in cash. The rational behind this initiative is that the bank would charges us money in fees and interest for loaning us money. We would rather pay that money to our investors if they would help us achieve the same goal as the bank by giving us access to funds we otherwise wouldn't have been able to access. Any interested party should reach us at [email protected]. We'll be glad to sen you more information on the investment opportunity.


John Chuka Productions LLC is a Hollywood-based startup film production company that seeks to develop African-oriented stories and produce them into films that can be distributed to African film enthusiasts around the world. If you're a screenwriter and would like to work with us (John Chuka Productions LLC), please send us a super short synopsis of your best work so far that is yet to be made into a film. Tell us what the story is about in about 3 sentences - Beginning, Middle, & Ending. We're primarily interested in contemporary African-oriented human spirit stories (drama) that can be produced with ultra low budget. We're presently not interested in witches and wizards stories. Please send your material to [email protected]. Don't forget to include your contact information. If we like your story idea, we'll contact you to work out a deal.


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Throes of Soccer. Social Contract. The Fetus. Norman's Instict (Work in Progress)


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