Mount Washington Studio

Mount Washington Studio A state of the art recording studio with vintage gear and the latest Pro Tools 192HD

Analog meets Digital Approach: Mount Washington Studio is a 1,000 square foot facility located atop the beautiful hills of Mount Washington, California. The studio space was carefully designed to create a flowing and warm atmosphere with an emphasis on comfort. It was specifically constructed to create a great “live” sound in a soothing atmosphere. The space was given tuning assistance from Herman Virgen. It is best suited for recording full bands to capture the magic that comes from band members playing compositions together. It features an 18′x18′ live tracking room with treated walls and birch paneling, a high beam vaulted 20’ceiling and 4 ISO booths. A separate, isolated control room with a private lavatory complete with a personal shower, overlooks the live tracking room. A private outdoor guest lounge (which doubles as a smoking area), allows a fresh air break from sessions. The neighborhood boasts a scenic hiking trail and basketball court steps away at the quiet cul-de-sac. The hiking trail gives a person the opportunity to blend with nature and cleanse the mind to allow the creative juices to flow. No writers’ block here. Guest also have access to an outdoors deck complete with a private weight training/boxing gym to let off steam. If that is not enough then cool off after a long session in the private hot tub under a 100 year old California Oak Tree and watch the squirrels play. As an added bonus (additional fee), the 4 bedroom 2,000 sq. ft. modern contemporary house, has a private, furnished guest bedroom available for overnight guest and late night sessions. Guest room is equipped with its own queen size pillow top bed, cable TV, computer with wifi access! Full house privileges to the gourmet kitchen, 50” flat screen HDTV, surround sound, and working fireplace! In our belief of “giving back” we are also the home studio for the non profit organization Kids Rock Studio. For more information on this exciting kids program, visit Mount Washington Studio is truly a serene place to create your next masterpiece! Every signal path in our studio hits either a warm tube or analog tape or both! We believe that there are inherent tones and a warmth that can only come from using tubes or analog tape. The classic music that stands the test of time was cut in analog studios before digital recording existed and became the norm. Most classic and timeless music was recorded on 4, 8, 16, or 24 track tape machines and when an edit was needed, editing was done by splicing analog tape. An art form that is mostly lost to using a mouse in the digital age! We have collected vintage gear (see equipment list below) and take this “Old School” analog approach at our studio but we also realize the advantages that digital, “New School” offers to our clients. We have embraced digital, using the latest Pro-Tools 192HD3 to satisfy the demands of today and moving into the future. We use the marriage of both analog and digital formats to realize a final product the stands apart from those using only digital. The perfect blend of technologies to create classic music that is also preserved in a new digital world! Over the years, we have assembled an extensive list of vintage mics, vintage outboard gear, vintage analog equipment, and vintage instruments. We also want to stay current and relevant in today's music landscape so we also have the latest state of the art digital gear including Pro-Tools 192HD3. Chemistry Approach: The concept of musicians playing together to create a feel is missing in most of today’s music. We created a studio where the “vibe” is as important as the equipment that is used. When the vibe is right, the time is right for recording. Capture the magic that can only come from the performance of your band! That’s what we are all about at our studio. In today’s musical environment, digital recording can be done by just about anyone with a laptop or computer but classic music using vintage gear is becoming an art form of the past. Our vision is to realize the extreme importance of using vintage gear in the recording process and educating our youth on what our mentors from back in the day used to create classic music that sounds so much more “real” than a lot of today's music. Your music deserves to sound like it was recorded at the classic studios that used tubes and tape machines to give it “warmth”. Stand apart from the pack and blaze a new trail and come to our studio where analog still exist in this digital age! Your ears will hear the difference and so will your audience. We also have a long list of seasoned session players available to play on your project. Platinum Drummers, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, Background Singers, Songwriters, DJ’s, Engineers, Producers, Mixers, and Programmers for hire for your project! If you need it, we have it for you, at affordable rates. To get the word out about our studio for a limited time we are offering: FREE STUDIO TIME SPECIALS and INTRODUCTORY RATES. LOCKOUT RATE SPECIALS! CALL FOR DETAILS (323) 441-1253 EQUIPMENT LIST BEHRINGER MX9000 EURODESK 48 INPUT/24 PRO TOOLS 192 HD3 INTERFACE COMMAND 8 AUTOMATED CONTROL SURFACE MAC PRO TOWER QUAD CORE WITH CINEMA DISPLAY TASCAM D38 EIGHT TRACK ½ INCH TAPE MACHINE TASCAM T7 TWO TRACK ¼ TAPE MACHINE PRESONUS FIREPOD PRO A/D CONVERTER YAMAHA HS80M STUDIO MONITORS EVENT ASP8 STUDIO MONITORS MACKIE HD1531 3 WAY HIGH DEFINITION SPEAKERS JBL TR125 SPEAKERS CREST AUDIO LA901 POWER AMP LUDWIG 6 PIECE 1970’S VINTAGE JOHN BONHAM CHROME DRUM KIT TAMA 5 PIECE BLACK DRUM KIT ZILDIAN CYMBALS GALLIEN KRUGER 1001RB MARK2 BI AMP BASS AMP SVT 8X10 VINTAGE BASS CABINET HARTKE 8X10 GOLD CONE BASS CABINET MARSHALL JCM 800 50 WATT GUITAR AMP MOD BY MIKE MORIN MORIN P100 CUSTOM 100 WATT GUITAR AMP 2 MESA BOOGIE 240 WATT RECTIFIER 4X12 STRAIGHT CAB WITH V30’S 2 MESA BOOGIE 240 WATT RECTIFIER 4X12 SLANT CAB WITH V30’S LEE JACKSON CUSTOM 1 TO 6 SIGNAL SPLITTER DIGITECH GSP21 PRO GUITAR SIGNAL PROCESSOR SHURE AMS4000 MIXER YAMAHA MG82 STEREO MIXER DIGITECH STUDIO S100 MULTI EFFECTS PROCESSOR SONY DTC690 DAT MACHINE ART TPS2 TUBE PRE AMP AUDIO TECH SYSTEMS SE2000 STEREO EXCITER DBX 228 EXPANDER/NOISE REDUCTION BEHRINGER DEQ2496 ULTRA CURVE PRO 24BIT/96K DIGITAL AUDIO PROCESSOR DEQ2496 TASCAM CC222 DOLBY REWRITABLE CD RECORDER KORG MICROKORG SYNTHESIZER/VOCODOR YAMAHA PSR225 ELECTRIC PIANO DIGITECH VOCAL 300 VOCAL EFFECTS PROCESSOR ELECTRO HARMONIX V256 VOCODER GIBSON POWER STEALTH POWER SOAK ALTAIR PW5 POWER ATTENUATOR MORLEY JD10 ORIGINAL HARTKE BASS ATTACK HARTKE ACOUSTIC ATTACK STRYMON OLA BOSS DD2 DIGITAL DELAY BOSS MT2 METAL ZONE MOD BY ROBERT KEELEY MXR90 EVH PHASER BBE SONIC STOMP GUITARS AND BASSES 1989 GIBSON LES PAUL LITE CUSTOM WITH GIBSON FLOYD ROSE TREMELO 1982 LEO CARRUTHERS CUSTOM STRAT WITH SCALLOPED FRETS 2012 FERNANDES CUSTOM GHETTOMETAL MONTEREY 2012 FERNANDES CUSTOM GHETTOMETAL STRAT 2010 JAY TURSER CUSTOM LES PAUL 1978 FENDER PRECISION BASS 1981 FENDER JAZZ BASS 1980 MUSIC MAN STINGRAY BASS SIGNATURE PROTOTYPE 2014 SWEETWOOD BASS CUSTOM MADE 1992 YAMAHA D150 6 STRING ACOUSTIC 1999 MARTIN D50 6 STRING ACOUSTIC 2009 SAMICK GREG BANNETT DESIGN D-2-12 STRING ACOUSTIC 1995 CUSTOM “THE STICK” MICROPHONE LIST ROYER R-121 RIBBON MXL 990 LARGE CAPSULE CONDENSOR SHURE SM7B DYNAMIC AKG C 568 B SHOTGUN AKG C525 (2) AKG D3800 (2) AKG D3900 (2) AKG C5900 (2) AKG D1000E (2) AKG D112 (2) SENNHEISER E835 (1) SHURE SM57 (4) SHURE SM58 (4) SHURE PG57 (3) SHURE PG58 (3) SHURE 5655D (2) SHURE 5885B (2) SHURE PE585 (1) SHURE SM7B (1) SHURE BG4.1 (1) AUDIX F10 (4) AUDIX F15 (2) AUDIO TECHNICA DR T16 (1)

Live Room

Live Room

Mount Washington Studio

Mount Washington Studio


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