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Red Rope Social Re-Capturing the promise of social media. We give your audience attention, make them feel special, make them love you. You reap the rewards!

Engaging with your audience on social media is the key to revenue. And it can be challenging. We make it easy - you win the results.

Mission: gluing your customers to your brand


2-5¢ per action. That's what your engagement should cost.
Facebook is such a cheap platform for getting attention.


Great customer service starts with talking to customers.
Everywhere :-)


Can I get a show of hands for everyone who absolutely loves automated phone trees when they call a company?!
What do you love about it?



Finding dissent is incredibly valuable.

It helps us understand where our communication is less effective and our perspectives are not universal.

Only having safe conversations is doing yourself a disservice.


Patience - such a valuable business tool.


Sales is a tricky business.
Well, maybe not “tricky” but often seriously mis-understood.

I’ll go out on a limb that most sales trainers and techniques completely miss the point.

I don’t know why but I think it’s because of fear.
Fear is a wiley shape shifter and often hides behind a mask of rationalization.

Every sales training I’ve seen talks about how a sales person can get past their fear.
“It’s a numbers game”, “fake it until you make it”, “close with these 3 techniques”, etc.
So yeah - it’s all wrapped around on avoiding that fear.

Here’s the silver lining.
They are all approaching sales from the wrong angle.
They all are approaching from a single sale perspective.
They all promote big email lists, giant social follower numbers, and leveraging influencers.
But what if you are starting from scratch? What if you aren’t selling “information products” ( or even if you are )??

This is where it get’s interesting.
Start creating repeat customers.

Smart restaurants and running stores do this - so does Amazon, Apple, Google, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Turo, etc.
Insurance companies and hair stylists clearly understand the repeat customer model.
So can your business - whatever you do.

This also makes the whole sales game much easier.
Earn a customer, make them happy, invite them to come back.
Damn near everyone forgets the “invite them back” part. This is a critical flaw. It is killing your revenue.
Newbies can KILL big businesses just with that simple invite.
When they return, make them happy, invite them back.
Do this cycle continuously.

When you follow this strategy, you begin to leverage the “rule of 78”
Basically it's the total number of repeat customers after a year.

It’s hard to build a business - but taking on the recurring revenue game makes it a lot easier.

Best of luck :-)


Content strategy is a door opener.
And very easy to take way to far.
Start talking with people ASAP - it works.
#sales #uglytruth #awkward


Few things are as fun as showing clients where and how they can improve their revenue 🤑🤑


Recurring revenue.
It's why to do social media.
With a relationship building strategy.

If this idea intrigues you - [email protected]

(every business can be a recurring revenue business)




What's your customer's experience?
I always wonder about that and notice when my experience is excellent.

Do you check in with your customers? ask how they are doing? make sure they feel trusting?
Try it - the upside is business growth.


Take care of the customers.
Take the long view of the relationship.
It's what works.


Lots of parts in earning a first time customer.
Few parts in keeping them.
Keeping sounds better to me :-)

"consumers no longer go to stores for products, but people"

"consumers no longer go to stores for products, but people"

Unlock As the term “innovation” becomes the biggest whore in the English language, it’s useful to think of what changes to product, marketing, or retailing processes result in meaningful value, vs. a press release that solely reinforces the perception of your firm as an innovator. True “unlocks” are...

Red Rope Social

This is going to get interesting :-)

Next topic - customer retention!!
What are your customer retention metrics?


Next topic - customer retention!!
What are your customer retention metrics?


Businesses are built around people.
If you disagree, we want to hear about it 🤔


Conversations are the best way to grow a business.


Take great care of your customers and they will take great care of you :-)


Customer experience.

Should be the #1 goal of every business and their employees - right?
If not - what would you suggest?


If your hiring a social agency for damage control - it’s way to late and that agency really won’t help.
You did something very bad and should fix ( over - fix ) the issue.
Your reputation is stained - period.

Reputation management is like securing a network - after all the data has been scooped into someone else’s computer.

You can take a pro-active approach - starting on day 1.

Here’s 3 ways to stay ahead of the game.

1. Recognize where your customers are posting about you - and it’s NOT on review sites.
More customers are posting compliments ( and critiques ) on regular social channels than are using review sites.
If you care at all about your reputation, be part of those conversations.
2. Say “thank you” and “I’m sorry”.
Just like you learned as small children, these are incredibly effective ways to lubricate communications with people and leave them with a good impression of you ( and as a business, leaving customers with a good impression is very important ).
3. If you don’t get this right - everyone gets fired.
One of Sam Walton’s less famous quotes "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”
Sam was a very sharp guy. He understood customer dynamics. Remember that your job is determined by happy customers - period.

So about that rep - how much are you really working to make it amazing??


Consumers are avoiding calling businesses in droves.


Just because it's popular doesn't make it the right strategy.
No business strategy lasts forever.....

Except building amazingly strong relationships.


Smart companies have realized that "customer service" is a key part of marketing and sales.
It's not just product returns anymore.

Has your company made that connection?

A little Friday levity from the leviathan. Whales - plotting to take over the world..#world #domination
Are Humpback Whales Plotting to Take Over the World?

A little Friday levity from the leviathan.
Whales - plotting to take over the world..
#world #domination

Maybe you thought the apocalypse would come from a nuclear war or climate change or revolting sentient robots or something. But after reading about a strange new humpback whale behavior, you might want to add a cetacean coup to your list. Happy Friday.


Social media is a conference call - not a radio station.


Smart business is all about happy customers.


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