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Seaking's Seaglass Where Music Comes To Have Fun Hello my loyal fans and new fans alike. If you don't know Seaking's Seaglass has been around for about two and a help years now and is been steadily growing.

The radio show itself is your main place to find the latest and greatest Chipmusic from around the web. I play everything from Bit Shifter to Smiletron and everything in between. If you want to contact us to request a song or just talk you can. Just email me At [email protected]

Hot Sugar - Last X-mas (feat. Molly Soda)

Merry Christmas people.

Hi guys. Just 2 clear up some questinos in the comments . This is a complety serious video. Molly took voice lessins just 2 b able 2 per4m 4 u and I learned ...

Hot Sugar - Last X-mas (feat. Molly Soda)

Happy holidays everyone. Here's a classic from the seaglass vaults.

Hi guys. Just 2 clear up some questinos in the comments . This is a complety serious video. Molly took voice lessins just 2 b able 2 per4m 4 u and I learned ...

Anamanaguchi -「Pop It (ft. ______☆)」 (Official Music Video)

ANAMANAGUCHI has another cool music video and it's pretty cool why don't you watch it while I play GTA V and not record a show yet.

Anamanaguchi - Pop It NHX - POPSOFT 2014 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Pop It Like a wheelie should I'm up on your mind feeling Pretty Good Don't stop it Ay you in my way Than...


Whoops, forgot to do my show today. So go listen to some bitmuch and call it a day.


Hey so since I have no plays on my last show if you listen to this one and the last one it will be like two new ones.


Did a quick little show.


Hey due to some mild technical stuff there will be no show tonight, but fear not something will be released Saturday.


Yo recorded a show, but now I need you to do your part and listen to it. The link will be in the comments down below so hopefully more than like three people see it.

New show. New Soft Grunge Thumbnail. #softgrunge
Seaking's Seaglass: Sea-Monkeys, Doing It Right

New show. New Soft Grunge Thumbnail. #softgrunge

Hey do you like listening to me talk about comics and stuff I like and don't like then listen to this show because I play cool music too. If that description isn't enough to turn you off the show then you will probably like it because that description is awful. Cool
Find me on social media at these places:
Twitter @EricSeaking
Ello @ericseaking


Uploading a new show whenever I finish recording it.

My Light Bulb Collection, Part 1.

Might put out a show this week, or soon.

Here is my light bulb collection, with the incandescent standard, wattage, reflector, decorative, halogen, and miniature bulbs, followed by the specialty, vi...

Yo New Show! Check it outtttt.
A SuperNEW Show

Yo New Show! Check it outtttt.

Brand new show after months of not doing it, Hope y'all like it and i promise to have more music and chiptunes in the future just not today.


Some kind of update coming tomorrow.

carpesteven #14 - fish & chiptunes

For all your fishing needs

Feeding some fishies. Listening to some chipchoonz. Trains & planes all booked. I'll be back in Australia on December 5th. Zef - Gambit from Blackout http://...

POW!, by The Duchess

Hey guys!
So about two years ago one of the first people to approached me about an interview was this relatively unknown artist named TheDutchess. now its two years later and the music we talked about is finally released for everyone to hear and i hope you will take a moment to give it a listen and throw this guy a couple bucks he really deserves it.

8 track album


New show after a whole bunch of weeks!

Most recent BOSTON8BIT show check it out!
Boston8Bit: July 21st 2013

Most recent BOSTON8BIT show check it out!

Sets let you organize your photos on Flickr. Explore the 26 photos in this set.


Keep and eye out for a new edition of Seakings Seaglass later on in the week, as well as pictures from last nights BOSTON8BIT show!

Time Warp - Live on WUML 5-7-2013

Hey look its Sam Mulligan being awesome. I would tag him but Facebook won't let me :(

I played some songs on WUML (91.5 FM Lowell, MA) for Seaking's Seaglass radio show finale, and this is one of them. Seaking's Seaglass: Eric Byr...

The Image of Cool EP, by nickelPUNK

NickelPUNK does it again everyone. If you haven't listened to his tracks I highly suggest this EP to you its probably one of his best works to date.

13 track album


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