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Due to the societal disruption caused by the pandemic, I have had to revise my way of making a living. This announcement is a general notice that I am taking prospective students of music for tutorage online through one of the various face to face online apps commencing the first week of May. This means that I can instruct you no matter where you are in the world. Currently I will be set up for one on one classes with the capability to do group lessons to come in the near future. If you have interest in piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, basic to intermediate music theory, basic to advanced jazz theory, basic sound reinforcement or basic studio production, please message me for further details about pricing, scheduling, etc. I look forward to working to help you make your musical dreams come true.

Please share. Contact me through Messenger and reference this post so that I know it's not spam.

-Lew Taylor

I love beer. I love blues. I love beer and blues. I also love wine and jazz! 😋! If you do too, you should check out a co...

I love beer. I love blues. I love beer and blues. I also love wine and jazz! 😋! If you do too, you should check out a couple of new places in town:
Carmela's At The Loft on Timberlake Rd, and

Rendez-Vous at 12th and Main Sts

Fully stocked bars, exquisite food, and live entertainment of a smoother groove.

I recommend.

Rendez-Vous Restaurant
Rendez-Vous Restaurant

Rendez-Vous Restaurant

Located on Main St in the heart of historic downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, Rendez-Vous Restaurant and Lounge offers French and Caribbean cuisines in a cozy and inviting setting. Its bold design and décor add to the charm of downtown Lynchburg.


Had a pop-up performance last night at a new Italian restaurant in Timberlake (thanks for the referral, Matthew Billings) and had a great time! I may be back again VERY soon! Will keep you posted...

Official Voting for the Best of Us 2019
Official Voting for the Best of Us 2019

Official Voting for the Best of Us 2019

Voting open to the public recognizing individuals & business superlatives in our community of Central Virginia. Awards will be presented in an Awards Show & Celebration hosted by the Gamma Nu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at the Academy Center of the Arts Warehouse Theater Downtown Lynchburg on....

At the Kennedy Center playing a fundraiser for autism with Kool Kats Lite, courtesy of greatpartybands.com. Cool...
Great Party Bands

At the Kennedy Center playing a fundraiser for autism with Kool Kats Lite, courtesy of greatpartybands.com. Cool...

Home page of Great Party Bands, a marketing / publicity from Charlottesville, VA. We represent a small range of excellent bands available for private parties, weddings and corporate events.


This evening I will be performing at the 601 Main Piano Bar at the Holiday Inn Downtown at 7:30pm. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

King's Entertainment Agency

King's Entertainment Agency

Kings Entertainment Agency​ events this weekend:

Fri. Nov. 4: Lew Taylor​ at Macado's Blacksburg​ 9pm-12am

Fri. & Sat. Nov. 4 & 5: Adam Z. Markham​ in The Pine Room at The Hotel Roanoke​ 9pm-12am both nights


Lew Taylor with Elegance, Saturday, June 18, 2016!

Doing the Conga at Nan & James' wedding this past weekend!

Lew Taylor Productions's cover photo

Lew Taylor Productions's cover photo


Wow! 505 likes for LTP! Dare I hope for 1k?

Classical KUSC

Classical KUSC

Would that it were so, always for everyone around the world. ~ Dennis

Ok,folks, it's going down tonight! Lynchburg College presents "All That Jazz!" at Sydnor Performance Hall on campus, fea...
Lynchburg College Music Department

Ok,folks, it's going down tonight! Lynchburg College presents "All That Jazz!" at Sydnor Performance Hall on campus, featuring the Lynchburg College Community Jazz Band, Lynchburg's own big band, but get this: if you can't make it out, the show will be LIVE STREAMED here! So set your alerts for 7:30pm this evening, and check out Lynchburg's own!

Focus On: Sax player Max Abrams talks musical roots


Why you should know him: The Heritage High School grad and saxophone player has lived in Nashville since 1999. He recently began touring with the reunited band The Mavericks, which found success in the 1990s with songs like "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down," "There Goes My Heart" and "O What a Thri…

The Mavericks - The Only Question Is

Congratulations to The Mavericks, winners of the 2015 Best Duo/Group award at the Americana Music Awards. Saxophonist, friend, and past Student Of Lew, Max Abrams is featured with The Mavericks! Rock on Max!

The Mavericks (Raul Malo/Paul Deakin/Eddie Perez/Jerry Dale McFadden) and their side-mavericks (Michael Guerra/Max Abrams/Paul Armstrong/James Intveld) at th...


I am blessed and thankful for many things in my life, both significant and trivial, but among them is this: I am blessed to live in a time when, through the technological marvel of audio and visual recording, I can see and enjoy some of the greatest, including Ray Charles, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson and Prince...there are many more, but these influential people, to have been born near the same time and to have had access to their incredible and inspiring talent is a blessing to me, personally...

Herbie Hancock - AVO Session 2006

One of my musical mentors, one of my favorite musicians, and, quite simply one of the best jazz musicians of all time, the incomparable Herbie Hancock! Some of my most rewarding keyboard 'lessons' were taking the albums (yes, vinyl...) 'Headhunters' and 'Thrust' and sitting down and transcribing solos from 'Chameleon' and 'Actual Proof' and then actually learning to play them to get inside his head...and inside Herbie Hancock's head is a wondrous place to be...

http://www.herbiehancock.com/, http://www.avo.ch/ ● © IF YOU ARE THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OF THIS MATERIAL AND DO NOT WANT IT TO BE FREELY AVAILABLE, we are ready...


Sending a shout out to one of my excellent previous students, Cameron Teel, who has made the cut for jazz band keyboardist at Middle Tennessee State University in this, his freshman year! You will be an excellent musician and I expect great things from you! Go Cam!


A good professional musician not only provides live music at a quality level, they provide entertainment between the songs or selections, they emcee the event, they keep the mood light, they make value judgements about the mood of the attendees and guide the event to where the audience wants to go. They prevent others from hijacking the event. They provide break music pertinent to the mood of the event during their breaks. They are the lubricant that keeps the machinery of your well planned event running smoothly. From the moment your entertainer takes the stage until the end of the gig, there should be no moment when you are unaware of their presence, in a positive way, whether they are on stage or on break. No 'dead air'. No awkward silence. No unprofessional behavior. Do you really want to trust that to the lowest bidder or to a wannabe who offers you his or her services in exchange for alcohol, and then drinks their payment during the gig? Or do you want, as you would for any service whose quality you value, want to vouchsafe the good time you want your attendees to experience? Whether a wedding, convention, or a night at the club, you get what you pay for. You decide how important your reputation for serving up quality is for you.


Beginning in September 2015, I will be returning to private musical instruction through Lynchburg Music Center.

I will be offering:

Piano and keyboard instruction - basic, intermediate and advanced

Guitar instruction - basic and intermediate

Bass instruction - basic and intermediate

Ear training, sight singing and sight reading - basic and intermediate

Music theory - basic, intermediate and advanced

Jazz theory - basic, intermediate and advanced

Arranging and composition - basic, intermediate and advanced

Discounts for home schooled, seniors, and families with multiple students.

Ages from 9 to 90, whether you're just beginning and want to start out with a strong foundation, or if you're an old pro looking to polish, refine or upgrade your skills, I can help.

Call Jessie Garcia at (434) 237-0073, Lynchburg Music Center, and reserve a spot now with Lew Taylor.

Skype lessons to be available soon.


This Friday, I, along with the many other musicians and members of past local AA bands, will be honored with the opening...

This Friday, I, along with the many other musicians and members of past local AA bands, will be honored with the opening of a two-year exhibit at The Legacy Museum of African American History here in Lynchburg! A small group of we 'survivors' will get a chance to perform together and reminisce about our musical past history at the opening. If I'd had any idea that anything like this would happen, I would have saved more stuff, kept it more organized and in better shape, and retained a full head of hair...

The event begins at 6:00pm on Friday, August 14, at The Legacy, 401 Monroe St in Lynchburg.



How much do YOU truly appreciate MUSIC? Did you know that as recently as the mid 1990's there were upwards of 60 live music stages in and around Lynchburg, with huge music festivals often leading the parade of entertainment here. Now there are fewer than a dozen stages, and most of the festivals have closed down, or removed Lynchburg from their circuit. As these outlets for expressing musical talent disappear, so goes the opportunity for real musicianship and creativity throughout the community. Without the access to exposure, new music will stifle and wither away ultimately leading to no new music being created, and the disappearing stages are not a condition limited to just Lynchburg. Do you want to see a day when media outlets have no new music in their library because new talent is virtually ignored in the community? That day IS quickly approaching my friend, and this is our best chance to change that once and for all for the entire community, musicians and music lovers both. This event is just the first in a series to bolster existing, and create new non-profit live music stages, across the region and beyond.
Musicians and people who support and promote live music around our region are very well aware of the lack of opportunity to express new music in our region, and have come together to donate their time, talent, and assets to help insure the survival of live music in central VA and beyond through this fundraiser to save one of the oldest music theaters in the entire region, and one that operates with a completely volunteer staff, and has for the past 30 years serving Lynchburg. Among the long list of people and places that have donated some or all of their assets to saving the Ellington Fellowship Playhouse during this two day fundraising concert are a fully staffed Phase 2, The Ellington Fellowship Playhouse, All American Stage Rental of Lynchburg has donated it's biggest stage, Lowe's Home Improvement, Grayson Edward Ferguson of Grayson Ferguson Woodworking, TBS Productions, Loud & Clear (((0O0))) Productions Presents:, L.Oppleman, Inc., Dennis Powell productions W/ Bob Harvey, Lynchburg Fire Department, Lynchburg Police Department, Lynchburg Lifesaving Crew, Lynchburg Sheltered Industries ..... Bands Blackout, Borderline Taboo, Calvin & Company, CREEKSYDE, Country Proud Bluegrass Band, Deanie Blues, Emma Leigh, Firecracker Jam, Funky Bone, Hyperflesh, Imaginary Sons, KOOPER, Long Strange Night, Mourn The Illusion, MUDFLAP, Nefarious Characters, Of Company, ON3, PLAN: B, Rockafellers BAND, The Roosters W/ Gene Temple, SaraJane McDonald W/SweetFire, Section 8, Singleside, Smiling Politely, Sol W/ Sol Roots, Swamp Trash, Tara Mills Music, The House Band of VA, Hoppy Vaughn & The Ministers of Soul, The Travelin' Hillbillies, Uncle Band's Men at Rice, Work Release, Remedy, Duet performers: Murph & Slick, Bud & Worm, Matt Howard & Chris Schmitt, Soloists Jason Ring, Jim Murphy, Jodie Davis Acoustic Therapy, Lew Taylor, Matthew Howard, Chris Schmitt, Paul Gold, and Dorrie Self.
ALL of these people who have stepped up to donate their time and talent to save this one live music institution speak volumes about the need to do everything we possibly can to save every live music stage in the region. We can not do it alone by donating our time and talent, we absolutely NEED the entire community behind us in this effort, If YOU have declined to step up and do your part by planning on being there to support live music as a whole, please reconsider, and don't stand by and let new music become a thing of the past!

Dear Friends of the Ellington,

We know many of you have been wondering what's going on with the Ellington, and we apologize for the fact that up until now, for many reasons, we have been unable to share our deliberations. We thought we were going to take a summer hiatus and then resume our regular schedule of great musical performances in the fall. However, due to several unresolved
issues, we have instead ended up without a building to call home.
Though Ellington board members spent the past year working diligently to either secure our current location or find a new one, we have now ended up back at square one. We could not come to an affordable lease agreement. We looked at other facilities but could not find a location that suited our size and budget.
After 30 years of remarkable fellowship and impressive programming—not to mention our Music Bridge children's outreach initiative—we are faced with the choice of disbanding or trying to buy the building that has served us so well for so long.
For at least the last decade if not more, the Ellington has operated in the black, largely due to the fact that we are an all volunteer organization. However, that doesn't mean we've been rolling in money. We've simply had enough to pay the bills and put on the next show, with very little extra left over. The amount it would take to buy the building outright, as well as do the necessary repairs, is not financially feasible without your help, and we're not comfortable entering into a mortgage at this time.
Rather than give up, we are now looking to enlist our faithful patrons, sponsors, and supporters in the effort to save the Ellington. We're putting this before you, believing that the Ellington stands for much more than entertainment. It is an intimate venue, unique to Lynchburg, and a point of pride for music lovers throughout Central Virginia. No other organization can match our mission to "bring people together through music and to identify, cultivate, and expose artistic talent within our community."

Our options are:

1) Find a benefactor who would be willing to buy the building and donate it to us.
2) Raise $250,000 (estimated cost of building plus repairs).
3) Find someone willing to buy the building and rent it to us at a rate we can afford.
4) Come forward with a brilliant idea—we're open to things we haven't already looked into.

We believe our faithful supporters can help us raise the small amount we’re looking for.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY AT THIS TIME. We are looking for pledges only right now. If we reach our goal, then we’ll be calling for you to honor your pledge. Remember, the Ellington is a 501c3 volunteer-run nonprofit arts organization, so your gift will be tax deductible.

No pledge is too large, and no pledge is too small! BUT WE HAVE SET A DEADLINE OF JULY 31st to respond!

How to pledge:

1) Email your pledge or other offers to [email protected] with the subject line “I’m Saving the Ellington!” Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.
2) Complete the enclosed reply card and return by U.S. mail to PO Box 3072, Lynchburg VA 24503.
3) Follow the link on the home page of theellington.org to complete and return a pdf form via email or U.S. mail.

We know there’s been a huge void since the Ellington went on hiatus, and with your help, we’ll be bringing back the quality acts you’ve come to love and appreciate here in the Lynchburg region. Please help us today! https://www.facebook.com/202158849794768/photos/pb.202158849794768.-2207520000.1437915351./793180670692580/?type=3&theater
>>> https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647283242080849&ref=70

For anyone in the Blacksburg area tonight, I am performing at Macados on University City Blvd tonight, 9pm to 12 midnigh...

For anyone in the Blacksburg area tonight, I am performing at Macados on University City Blvd tonight, 9pm to 12 midnight. My first public gig in Blacksburg, although I've done many private ones. Come on out and give me a nice warm Blacksburg welcome, as only you can! Rockin' hits oldies and newbies live, guitar and vocals, so come on over for the Lew Taylor experience!


Nothing to do Memorial Day? Come on up to the Lake! Lew Taylor Live! will be performing at Wallers Waterfront at Crystal Shores Marina in Moneta, VA from 2pm to 6pm, Monday, May 25! Enjoy good food, good drink, and good music, all for no cover charge! I'll be there; I hope you will, too!


Lynchburg, VA


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