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***Deborah Richards Update***Estate Sale May 7,8,910am-3pmMany have asked if there is anything you can do to help Debora...

***Deborah Richards Update***

Estate Sale May 7,8,9

Many have asked if there is anything you can do to help Deborah, well, here you go. 😁Proceeds from the sale will be used to help with Deb’s medical bills. Photos of furniture & other items can be viewed on the BeesKnees Estate Sales. If you can’t make it perhaps you know someone who may be interested. Please help spread the word. Thank you!

View information about this sale in Marietta, GA. The sale starts Thursday, May 7 and runs through Saturday, May 9. It is being run by Bee's Knees Estate Sales LLC.


***UPDATE*** on Deborah.

Many have asked so here's the latest. The good news is she is recovering well. The bad news is she will not be able to keep her studio open. That's not to say it will never be open again but for now, DRS is unfortunately closed for business.
If you are looking to find out more about voice over or if you're waiting on something from the studio please reach out to Bill Celler at . You can message him from there or his website at Thanks again for understanding.


***UPDATE*** on Deborah. The good news is she is recovering well. The road will be a long one so if you are waiting on something from the studio please reach out to Bill Celler at . You can message him from there or his website at Thanks again for understanding.


If you had a recording session appointment with Deb this week or if you need studio time please contact Bill Celler through . We’re trying to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Thanks for understanding.


📣📣 NOTICE 📣📣

Until otherwise noted all appointments and group sessions are on hold 🤚at the studio. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we are not able to see anyone for a little while. Thank you for understanding. 👍


Congratulations to our own Deborah Richards for booking a BIG TIME national TV spot!!! YEAH Deborah, YEAH AMT!!


There's a nice big animation series in play this week so a quick word of advice, make sure you read the harsh voices last. Don't strip your vocal chords on the screechy, yelling, gargle voices then try to do the softer reads afterwards. Its always best to save your vocal chords. When in doubt remember, Grethers Pastilles work wonders on strained throats...they're magically ...well not delicious but effective.


Carole Tomlinson just voiced a French grandmother for a hot new video game!


Upgraded my home recording studio with Klipsch speakers and a subwoofer just like Deborah has! Loving the sound! Paid for by vo booking! Carole is a happy vo talent!


Congratulations to Shannon Hemmings who booked her first month on Voice 123....go girl go


I booked a testimonial for a rehabilitation center. Advertising agency team was stellar! Testimonials are my bread and butter!


As most of you know I've been doing this a really really okay really long time but today I had a first video...I can only assume I've been cast as some evil crone and curiously I'm okay with that.


Lots of talented ladies in our audition group today. Deb is a genius in interpreting copy on agency auditions! i have to read between the lines with her help! I am receiving some direct invites fro Voice 123 clients and it is all due to my demos constructed by Deborah.


That wonderful Brande Serrano isn't even back from Moscow yet and she booked a three hour session for Thursday (and yeah she booked off her demo so yeah for my team at the studio too) and Hayden Bishop booked a job with one of my favorite producers in the history of audio...JJ FOXX.....its a good, good day!!!!

We had such a wonderful time at the People Store party Saturday night to celebrate the Atlanta Film to se...

We had such a wonderful time at the People Store party Saturday night to celebrate the Atlanta Film to see John Curran, Rick Joyner, Pat McKittrick and especially Hadyden Bishop but I gotta say Carole Tomlinson stole the show, she looked amazing!! Go girl.


Last Satruday Audition Group with 8 vo students enjoyed tasting two of Deborah's delicious pies-apple and chess. A tasty reward after hard work and fun!


Three students booked their first gig's last week, Two students were signed by Houghton Talent equals One happy studio!!


So if you're naming an agency audition file with dots...sometimes the file like .amt at the ends makes the computer think amt is a file extension so it saves it as a data file which your agent cannot open. Solution? Simple just save it twice, the second time it will save as a proper mp3. Make sure the file you send has the little blue music note. Problem solved.


We had 10 vo folk crammed into studio for agency and Voice 123 auditions for Wednesday audition group. Deb miraculously managed to edit all these auditions. She is the Mozart of Editing.


My students constantly ask what they should bill for a job, your rates are your business, literally and figuratively, but here are the numbers regarding Voice Over/ Editing and how the whole world turns. Just plug in your numbers to estimate your fees. If you ever need or want help beyond this protocol, please don't hestiate to email me.

Billing protocol…
It takes 1 hour to read 20 pages…figure 200 words per page…it takes 2 hours to edit one hour of reading.
So to figure out your billing, decide how much you want to charge per hour of reading…the first hour is a standard charge or any part there of…after that I prorate is on the half hour, then figure out what you want to charge per hour of editing.
If the client wants a quote based on finished , edited hours of audio….figure it this way….how ever many minutes of finished audio, it will take twice that to record…twice that to edit. Add the two numbers to figure out the total time to do the project. What you charge per hour is up to you.

Using this absolute, you should be able to figure out a per word, per page or per finished minute rate. If the math is confusing, let me know and I’ll explain it further.


Those of us who repped by AMT VO got a video game audition-Evony. It pays $5000. Client wanted a voice similar to Cate Blachett in Game of Thrones. Fun but challenging for us voiceover actors.


One of our new students, Forrest Conoly, was just signed by Houghton Talent VO off his awesome demo. He is a college football commentator for ESPN. Forrest is being considered to voice a feature film on Boxing. We are so proud of him!


So busy this week I broke my don't work on Sunday rule and believe me, when you're a self employed actor, producer, writer, musician, voice talent, editor, the day off rule because the industry is throwing you that much opportunity is one I'm happy to break. I also like breaking that brown liquor clear liquor rule but that's another story.


My driveway is icey an dangerous please stay home today, although I'm here if you need me I really advise you stay put and stay safe


Three nice, beautiful, lovely and amazing agency auditions in play. I'm open all day tomorrow for those who need help with their auditions. Remember, kids, text me don't call. Better to email me, you know I'll move heaven and earth to get you all in by deadline.


Number 17 of why I love Brande Serrano.....invited her to come audition with me this afternoon, her response? Can't talking to teens at a homeless shelter this afternoon. Good poeple think kind toughts, great people do kind deeds


Yesterday finished a commercial demo for a first timer and enjoyed seeing her reaction to what a voice talent sounds like when the projects fully produced with music and sounds effects. Once again, the spot she hated most when studying is now her favorite on the demo. Most of all, the demo sounds good because Daniella Cerulli worked hard every day (stated a couple of weeks after giving birth to her first child). So proud of you girl!


Kim Wilson has been signed by J Pervis Talent Agency. She's been booking solid e learning jobs and has worked so hard she really deserves this next step up the ladder of success


Cogratulations to Lisa Rosemond who's been signed by J Pervis Talent Agency...ROCK ON GIRL


Rick Joyner booked his first gig on Voice 123 and Zach Douglas booked his first and SECOND gig in one week after joining voice 123....know what they have in common? THEY AUDITIONED. Remember, ,once the training and the demos and learning to edit are all done, the real work begins. Audition, audition and audition!!


How that Thanksgiving is over gear up new voice talent. Last minute Christmas Commercial VO's are hitting already and boy oh boy is this a great time of year to book. I've been on Voice 123 15 years and 14 years I've booked on Christmas eve....gentlemen (and gentlewomen) start your studios....(rev sfx)


An animated series, national NIKE and a Warner Brothers Disney audition....and a patridge in a pear tree


John Jones booked his highest paying job and Patrick McKittrick booked before we even finished his dang demo


2910 Horseshoe Bend Road
Marietta, GA

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I'm so sorry Deborah. I did not know you were not feeling well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take GOOD care!!
Hi Deborah, this is Angela Dawson. I hope you are doing well. I need your help. My computer is cutting up and I need to record something this evening if possible. I checked with Antoine, but no response. Hope to hear from you soon!!
angela.y,[email protected]

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