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Atlanta Media Pros We are a full service media production firm. We make music videos, industrial and corporate training videos, commercials, and other video content.

Sign up for our newsletter here: We are an Atlanta-based, full-service video production company driven to craft the highest quality content for our clients. We specialize in producing top-quality music videos, corporate, marketing, training,and other commercial videos as well as capturing and streaming live events. AMP's mission is to simplify the video production process, carefully create artful and interesting content, and bring the vision of our clients to life.

Operating as usual

Pricing your 30 second spot

The question everyone asks- How much does it cost?
Sammie goes over the types of 30 second spots you can get, and how they vary in pricing. Determine which type would work best for your content and budget, and reach out to us today for a free quote.

How to be engaging in a 30 second ad

You might think that 30 seconds isn't enough time to be creative and engaging for your ad. But that's where AMP comes in. We'll brainstorm a bunch of ideas and choose the gems to show you. Let us be your creative mindset for your videos.

Repackaging Content from existing video

You aren't limited to one video from one shoot. Sometimes you need your video content to work for different platforms. If you have a longer video for your website but need a shorter video for your social, we can do more than just trim it down. You'd be surprised how music, cuts, and other small adjustments change the overall feel and tone of a video cut from the same content. Get more out of your footage by repackaging your content in different ways.

How being a reoccurring client saves you money in production

Sam goes over how being a reoccurring client can save you money in Production. Everything from knowing exactly what equipment you need so we don't need to bring extra or rent extra equipment to knowing exactly how many people we need for that equipment effects your bottom line- and speed of turnaround.

Have you checked out our vlogs? Go into your video production meeting knowing what to expect and all the right questions...
Vlogs - YouTube

Have you checked out our vlogs? Go into your video production meeting knowing what to expect and all the right questions to ask. Be sure to subscribe to learn more!

Information vlogs on video production. Go into your production meeting knowing all the right questions to ask and what to expect.

How becoming a reoccurring client is beneficial

Colton is one of our Project Managers here at AMP. He discusses how having worked with you before makes the next time not only easier for him, but more efficient for you! Reach out to us today so we can be there for all your video needs.

Outbound Testimonial

We love working the Outbound sales conference (it's much more like a rock concert)! It's a lot that needs to be done over 2 days, but working with Jeb, Mark, Mike, Anthony and the rest of the Outbound team makes it fun and so rewarding. Let us earn your repeat business and build that connection with you that we've built with Outbound. Reach out to us today about your video project.

Have a safe and Happy New year from us at AMP.

Have a safe and Happy New year from us at AMP.

Nick Diachenko Testimonial

Nick at NDA was a great client, and we're glad he thought the same of us. If you need company branding videos, testimonials of your own, or other video content, we'd love to help. Reach out to us today and give us the chance to make you smile as much as Nick.


Happy Holidays from all of us at AMP.

Want to save time (and money) on your next event video? Check out our "Event Video" playlist to learn some helpful tips ...
Event Video - YouTube

Want to save time (and money) on your next event video? Check out our "Event Video" playlist to learn some helpful tips and tricks so you can walk into your next production meeting prepared.

Have a live event you want filmed? Watch these videos to have a great idea of what to keep in mind when talking to a production company (like AMP) about what...

How Brand Consistency is Maintained through Repeat Video Production

You've worked with us once, so what's the benefit of working with the same production company again? Bunny is here to explain how working with the same production company doesn't just save you time, but it also helps maintain brand consistency across your video content.

Happy Thanksgiving from us at AMP!

Happy Thanksgiving from us at AMP!

Pricing your event videography

So you're having a live event and want video coverage of it. Sammie talks to you about what affects the pricing for your event coverage and how we work within your budget.

How much can I get out of 12 hours?

Sam is here to talk to you about a 12 hour day in the film industry, and what that means for you the client. 12 hour days, don't necessarily mean 12 hours of footage. Post-production also works on 12 hour days, and Molly lets you know what that means for video editing.

Live video editing Myths

What's the difference between Live Editing and a Fast Turnaround? What restrictions do you have with live editing? What options do you have with a fast 1-day turnaround? Molly talks to you about your event footage and the types od edits that can happen at your event, and after.

Event Videography, when there’s only one take.

Colton talks you through the importance of location scouting before your event. This isn't just for finding a venue- it's for making sure we know where cameras will be placed, where power needs to go and other technical things to make sure you get the event coverage you want.

Substance & Style, what does your event video need?

Knowing what kind of shots, feel and message your video is going to say before you start shooting is important to make sure you get the right kind of shots to make it happen. Sam talks about the type of shots and equipment needed and Molly talks about how those shots effect the editing process. Watch and learn what you need to be thinking about when planning your event video.

Does your video content reflect your brand?

When planning your event, you're thinking about your brand. But your brand is more than just colors and logos. Bunny is here to talk you through things you should think about when planning your event video.

Drones aren't only for outdoor footage. Reach out to us today for your drone-video needs!

Drones aren't only for outdoor footage. Reach out to us today for your drone-video needs!

How to use Instagram stories

Bunny talks about Instagram stories, how they work and how to use them in your social media marketing plans.

Revisions on Video Production

Molly is here to talk to you about our Revision process here at Atlanta Media Pros. We want to deliver the best video to you in a timely manner, so we have a system in place to make sure that you get the video you asked for.

As much as we love shooting in our home city of ATL, we'll gladly shoot wherever you want us to!

As much as we love shooting in our home city of ATL, we'll gladly shoot wherever you want us to!


2440 Sandy Plains Rd, Building 10
Marietta, GA


(770) 278-9372


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Corporate Video
Web Content Video
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Thank you for the invite
This company is amazing. I reached out to AMP months ago to see if they could follow my son around as he traveled to play his senior year of baseball in college. I wanted to capture every moment I could. Jay and Sam talked with me for hours and hours to make sure they understood what I was looking for. We set up a contract to have AMP be at certain games. My son ended up getting hurt and dislocated his shoulder during his second game of the season. At that moment everything changed. I called Jay and said once my son goes back to play I wanted to re do the contract and have them be at as many games as possible. He and his videographer were there at standby waiting for the message that yes he indeed was playing to go ahead and travel to film him. It was roughly a three hour drive for them to get to the field. I cannot say enough about this company and how they worked with me on a day to day basis in all aspects and did everything they could to make my vision a reality. David Monostori was absolutely amazing at filming and editing and working with me to complete my final project. Here is my sons highlight reel and if anyone would like to see the movie they produced for my son to have I would be happy to share that as well. Again I cannot say enough nice things about this company and the people that work for AMP. I highly recommend! Thank you again to all those at AMP!

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