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The Doggie Plunge, scheduled for Monday, Aug. 26, at Indian Foothills Park, has been cancelled due to the weather.

Lightening strike causes structure fire in Blackburn Wednesday morning
Lightening strike causes structure fire in Blackburn Wednesday morning

Lightening strike causes structure fire in Blackburn Wednesday morning

Reports of a structure fire in Blackburn started at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 21, and by 9:30 a.m. firefighters from several area jurisdictions reported the fire to be mostly contained. West Central Fire Protection District-Blackburn Chief Bill Kellerman said firefighters returned to the site Wed...

U.S. Route 65 now closed in Carrollton
U.S. Route 65 now closed in Carrollton

U.S. Route 65 now closed in Carrollton

CAROLLTON -- Flooding has once again closed U.S Route 65 from U.S. Route 24 in Carrollton to just south of Route B after heavy weekend rains. MoDOT is urging everyone to closely monitor conditions in their area and never enter a water-covered roadway or drive around barricades. Just a few inches of....


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I am trying to find out whatever happened to the Saline County Poor Farm Cemetery. I may have had a relative buried there in 1911 and I can't find anything about him except that if I have the right Joseph Clements that is where he was laid to rest. Can anyone tell me if the place was totally deserted or if the deceased were moved elsewhere? Sure would love to know some answers. I am by the way the granddaughter of John W. "Pat" and Frances E. "Frank" Flynn Crow who lived for years at 664 South Lafayette. Grandpa was an alderman in Marshall for a number of years. He died in 1967 and she in 1974.
Please bear with me a moment while I vent. My grandsons attended the boy scouts in Marshall, Missouri. My son recieved a TEXT not a letter asking him to not return with his boys to First Christian Church Cub Scouts pack 45 and troop 45. Needless to say my grandsons are 5 and 6. Mr. Kevin Dryer the Charter Representative told my son this. Due to some adult problems going on your family is not welcome here. Without going into great detail what happened with the adults is between the adults. How you can make two little innocent boys pay for adult decisions is beyond me. To let one family of adults stay and punish the other is not right. Okay I will stop ranting now. Just makes me hoppin mad.....grrrrrrrrr.
New Marshall Missouri group No censorship here
There was a power outage in Marshall on the night of July 29th. I’d be interested to know what caused it.
Caden Bothel, winner of the watch at the fair. You may use the picture.
No Wednesday paper again today, just checked again at 7pm.
Are there any photos from the Saline County BBQ and the queen contests?
STOP TRUMP’S REIGN: MAKE AMERICA SHINE AGAIN (Addendum to May 1 letter below) May 21, 2019 Five key points: (1.) Some would say Trump lied, so what? However, he committed more serious crimes, including tax evasion and money laundering from Russian sources, which relates to why and how he has conducted foreign policy as a TRAITOR and Russian asset, endangering our national security. (2.) Don’t vote for a Traitor and crook just because we have a low “unemployment rate”. Millions of people can’t find a job or one which pays a living wage, or only find work part time or as a temp but aren’t counted in the unemployment statistics, due to antiquated methods of count. Further, the working masses are faced with healthcare, housing and education costs rising faster than wages. (3) Another four years of Trump packing the courts with conservative judges would grow his power and leave the Congress with little power, allowing Trump to act increasingly as a dictator ignoring the Constitution and the freedoms of all of us. (4) Trump is trying to destroy the pre-existing conditions guarantees we need as a healthcare safety net, This would endanger lives. He is supported in this and almost all things by Republican sycophants in the Senate. (5) Trump and his Republican party are waging 'War on Women' and suppressing voter rights. This alone should enrage more than half the population. Trump wants to Reign as a King! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIDEN IS BEST to DEFEAT TRUMP May 1. 2019 Biden has the best chance by far to defeat Trump. Certainly he can win over the working class white voters who comprise most of Trump’s base. He can also get crossover endorsements from moderate Republicans and as President work with Republicans in the Senate, having been a respected Senator for 36 years. As Vice President for eight years, he worked closely with President Obama, who entrusted him with serious tasks, unlike Trump’s prop Pence. Biden is tough and effective in debates, and could stand up to Trump, unlike Bernie Sanders- who is too easily flustered and belabors his 1 % issue too long. None of the other Democratic primary candidates have the status or experience of Biden, who can get funding and support from Democrats across the board. Biden is also well known and respected among world leaders and is the best person to repair the damage Trump has done to our international standing. He will be able to counter Russian transgressions into our democracy. Biden is a rational person who will rule as the Constitution and the rule of law requires, and not as a tyrant like Trump. Biden also has the ability to run the government efficiently and to unify the nation and heal the wounds that Trump created and exploited. We must unify as an electorate and ensure that an honorable and competent President will be elected in 2020. In short, if we have 20-20 vision, Biden is our best bet. 1 Com
It's 622 and no paper what's going on