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We think differently, building integrated marketing campaigns using digital, social and traditional media platforms that speak authentically to your audience, engaging them, inspiring them and driving loyalty. Our industry expertise ensures our client campaigns will reach their best audience at the right time. It is something we have collectively spent years and decades perfecting. We know that it is not just about audience impressions… it is about impressing your audience.

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PSA Continue to Deliver Strong Results
The latest Nielsen TV results are in and through the first 8 months of the year, total detected TV airings were up 11% compared to the same period last year, with 1 in every 6 detections Nielsen identified being C360 campaigns! Detected airings of Connect360 distributed TV PSAs were up by 20%. That means our airings grew faster than the overall industry.


C360 Virtual Roundtable Event
Join us on September 28, 2022 at 2pm ET for C360s next “Couch Conversation” that will focus on driving nonprofit revenue through corporate sponsors, grants and media partnerships. The events panel of experts will discuss how to identify the right companies to target, marketing tips to attract corporate sponsors and many other topics. Learn more:


C360 and ESPN Digital
Monday was the most-trafficked U.S. Open Opening Day for ESPN Digital Properties on record, two million unique users. With the NFL season getting ready to start and MLB playoffs right around the corner, audience growth on ESPN Digital properties is increasing substantially. C360s partnership with ESPN Digital enables PSA campaign messages to reach an engaged audience real-time on their preferred user devices. Learn more


Connect360 partnered with a national nonprofit organization to promote two television PSA campaigns that have helped bring our nation’s parks to the public and grow the crucial support they need to provide to the National Park Service. To date, the two campaigns have generated more than $107 million in donated media value and more than 2 billion impressions. Check out our recent case study to learn more


Integrated PSA Campaign Case Study
C360 developed a trade association awareness campaign alerting consumers about the health risks associated with pests and the importance of keeping pests out of the home. The campaign utilized broadcast PSAs with digital marketing tactics to generate millions of dollars of donated media and thousands of clicks to the campaign website. Check out the case study for more info


Insights on How You Can Connect with Hispanic Audiences
The Hispanic community is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the American population, making up nearly one fifth of the U.S. population (roughly 62 million people). Reaching the Hispanic community is key for nonprofit organizations and marketers to have a successful campaign. Check out our latest blog post for insights from top Hispanic marketing experts on how to connect with and market to this important audience group.


Nonprofit Pro Article and Connect360
C360 featured in an important article that just appeared in NonProfit Pro. It reports on the extraordinary surge Nielsen has detected in television stations' airings of PSAs. According to Nielsen, stations and networks today are airing more PSAs than at any other time in history. Learn more:


Navigating the Midterm Elections
This year’s midterm elections are already more politically charged than ever. What does this mean if you are planning a PSA launch for Q3 or Q4? Or, if you released a PSA earlier in 2022? To learn what to expect and how to navigate the midterms, here are five points you should know:


Event Recap on Last Weeks’ Virtual Roundtable
To help nonprofit leaders learn everything they need to know about fundraising in 2022, Connect360 hosted a virtual event with leading experts from Fundraise Up. We talked about how nonprofits can raise more money by incorporating some of the same revenue-collecting strategies that for-profit companies use. We also shared everything you need to know about fundraising in 2022. Check out more here:

Fundraising and Technology in 2022Connect360s next virtual roundtable discussion will take place on May 11 at 2pm ET. To...

Fundraising and Technology in 2022
Connect360s next virtual roundtable discussion will take place on May 11 at 2pm ET. Topics include ways you can double online donations with more information about fundraising, cryptocurrencies, effective websites, online forms and much more!

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Fundraising in 2022 From Crypto to Ways You Can Double Online Donations and More!


Geo-Targeted Out-Of-Home and Digital Marketing Campaigns
There are a few strategic marketing tactics that will help organizations reach their intended target audiences and empower them to take action. The key is utilizing cross device marketing outreach with hyper-targeting technology to engage with individuals and drive them to a dedicated landing page for more information. Check out a recent case study to learn more:


Amazon TV Advertising
Amazon TV has changed the way all generations consume content. Especially for younger audiences and cord cutters. 56% of Amazon TV subscribers are 18-34. Utilizing Amazon TV as a part of an organizations’ video marketing strategy boosts a campaigns’ ROI significantly. To learn more about how the Amazon Prime Video platform can benefit your marketing strategy, click here


If your organization has a public education or public facing message, you should consider taking advantage of donated TV and radio station advertising. Millions of dollars in donated advertising space that reaches hundreds of millions of people can be attained with a national TV PSA campaign. Learn more about the advantages of TV PSAs for nonprofits and trade associations:


C360s updated PSA campaign analysis and infographic is completed and results show PSA airings increasing by over 50,000 compared to the previous year. All this culminated in one of the best years for impressions and media value! C360s team analyzed over 2.5 million PSA airings across TV and radio stations and the infographic highlights which dayparts had the most airings, how airings fell by market, which PSA lengths aired the most and many other insights. Check out more info here:

It’s Twosday! And it’s also 2/22/22. The most exceptional date in over a decade,. Check out some more interesting info a...
Happy Twosday! Don't miss out celebrating the coolest date of the decade | CNN

It’s Twosday! And it’s also 2/22/22. The most exceptional date in over a decade,. Check out some more interesting info about the unique date in this CNN article:

Have a terrific Tuesday -- or should we say Twosday -- as we celebrate one of the most special dates of the decade. February 22, 2022, is a palindrome date, meaning it's written the same forward and backward.


Analysis of 2021 Internet Campaign Results
Connect360s 2021 Digital Campaign Analysis is completed and shows tremendous growth in online video views, as well as mobile device streaming. Connect360 delivered over 8.8 million video views online, a 30% increase from 2020. Over 25 million highly targeted impressions were delivered, with more than 749,000 tracked clicks for our clients’ Internet marketing campaigns. Mobile device video views continued their steady climb year-over-year, with 70% of all video views streaming on a mobile device. For more 2021 digital campaign results, please check out our Digital Campaign Infographic:


C360 Virtual Roundtable Event for Nonprofits
Connect360 next virtual roundtable event for nonprofit organizations will be Wednesday, February 9 at 2pm ET. The discussion will feature Nielsen’s Shirley Kinney, an Attribution expert who will talk about many topics, including how best to use Attribution for marketing campaigns. For more information and to register click on this link:


Location Based Mobile Marketing
Nonprofit organizations have been increasingly utilizing geo-fencing technology that tracks a user’s current location based on their GPS coordinates in real time with addressable audience targeting that reaches specific street addresses on a 1:1 level with display ad and/or video media assets to engage with their preferred audience segments. These “virtual fences” enable nonprofits to reach viewers in precise geographic areas to efficiently and accurately deliver their campaign messages to a viewer’s mobile device. Let’s Connect on how geo-fencing works and the ways it can benefit a digital campaign’s ROI


PSA Content on CTV
Connected TV platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and many other have become destination channels for PSA videos. The ability to both demo and geo-target PSA content on popular streaming channels adds to the value of utilizing CTV as a part of a video marketing campaign. Let’s connect on how to place PSAs on CTV channels


Today is Giving Tuesday!
Giving Tuesday is a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Let’s use this opportunity to give back to our communities and causes in safe ways that allow for social connection and kindness even while still practicing physical distancing. We can make a difference. Learn more at #GivingTuesday


Giving Tuesday is November 30th
Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity and an opportunity for people around the world to come together to thank, help, give, show kindness, and share what they have with those in need. Learn more on ways to make a difference at #GivingTuesday

Leveraging Connected TV (CTV) to Increase Brand EngagementConnected TV is dominating the digital ad space in 2021. Viewe...
Leveraging Connected TV (CTV) to Increase Brand Engagement

Leveraging Connected TV (CTV) to Increase Brand Engagement
Connected TV is dominating the digital ad space in 2021. Viewers are increasingly “cutting the cable cord” and spending more time with streaming services than ever before. For marketers, the opportunity to reach engaged viewers with more efficient tracking and measurement tools make Connected TV a valuable digital marketing platform. Check out our latest blog post for CTV data points that show the increasing value of building CTV into a marketing campaign:

CTV viewers are 42% more likely to take action after seeing an ad as compared to a traditional TV viewer. With many organizations’ key performance indicator (KPI) being consumer engagement…

Little Known Secret to Improve a Nonprofit’s Expense-to-Overhead RatioOur latest News, Notes & Quotes article outlines h...
Little Known Secret to Improve a Nonprofit’s Expense-to-Overhead Ratio

Little Known Secret to Improve a Nonprofit’s Expense-to-Overhead Ratio
Our latest News, Notes & Quotes article outlines how sending a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to broadcasters who donate media space to air a PSA can help improve a nonprofit’s expense-to-overhead ratio, which is an important aspect for donors who want to ensure their donations are going to the mission, rather than expenditures like salaries or rent. Check out more here:

Before writing a check, many donors will access resources like nonprofit rating services to review the organization’s financials. In particular, they will want to see the organization’s expense-to-overhead ratio to assure their dollars will go to the mission, rather than salaries or rent. A litt...

TV PSA Airings Continue to GrowTV PSAs are providing strong awareness potential for nonprofit organizations, with total ...
Let's Connect

TV PSA Airings Continue to Grow
TV PSAs are providing strong awareness potential for nonprofit organizations, with total airings for all TV PSAs up 15% through October compared to last year. Within the latest airings data just released, in the first 10 months this year, 16% of all airings were distributed by Connect360. That is 1 in every 6 TV PSA airings Nielsen detected!

Learn more about PSA campaigns and marketing opportunities:

Let’s Connect New York Office Phone: 212-624-9180 170 Old Country Road Mineola, NY 11501 Chicago, IL Office Phone: 212-624-9182 San Francisco, CA Office Phone: 650-579-7811

Thank You For Your Service!Happy Veterans Day to all those who proudly serve our country and protect our freedoms. In th...
8 Ways to Express Appreciation on Veterans Day

Thank You For Your Service!
Happy Veterans Day to all those who proudly serve our country and protect our freedoms. In the memory of many and in honor of all who have served, Thank you. Please check out this article from on ways we can all show our appreciation:

Veterans Day is an important day for showing appreciation to members of our military - here's a few suggestions on how to do it.


Giving Tuesday is December 7th
For nonprofit organizations, getting in front of potential donors in the important 10 days leading up to Giving Tuesday is crucial. Mobile marketing has increasingly become a core marketing tactic to hyper-target audiences and help drive donations. Let’s Connect for more information on ways to utilize mobile for a Giving Tuesday campaign.


C360 Virtual Roundtable Discussion for Nonprofits
On Wednesday, October 27 at 2 p.m. ET, Connect360 will host a virtual roundtable with nonprofit marketing and communications leaders to discuss what strategies worked during the pandemic and the challenges being faced when planning for 2022. To learn more about our upcoming event, click here:

Nonprofits Learn What’s New with “Out of Home” MarketingC360s recent nonprofit virtual roundtable featured a discussion ...
Nonprofits Learn What’s New with “Out of Home”

Nonprofits Learn What’s New with “Out of Home” Marketing
C360s recent nonprofit virtual roundtable featured a discussion on new opportunities with “Out of Home” marketing. The session featured out of home (OOH) expert, Marc Malovany from Mobly Media, who offered key insights into the latest OOH trends and opportunities. Check out our latest blog post for more info:

Last week Connect360 conducted another “Couch Conversation,” a virtual roundtable for nonprofits. The session featured out of home (OOH) expert, Marc Malovany from Mobly Media. Marc brought his 25+ years of experience to the table - sharing valuable insights.


C360 Virtual Roundtable Event
Please check out C360s next virtual roundtable on September 22nd at 2pm ET about the latest trends and technology for out-of-home marketing. Join us and get insights from our guest speaker, Mark Malovany, who has 25 years experience in domestic and international out of home campaigns. Learn more here:


AICPA Not-For-Profit Industry Article
Nonprofit gift-in-kind contributions for PSAs are a wonderful benefit. C360 strives to help CFOs at nonprofits stay on top of financial issues related to their PSA campaigns. Check out the AICPAs latest article in the Industry Insights section of the C360 website, with example gifts-in-kind NFP financial statement disclosures for more info:


Digital Sports Marketing
A new NFL season is ready to kick-off and along with that, sports web properties will see a spike in traffic. That creates a unique chance for marketers to effectively connect their brands and campaign messages to an engaged, active online audience. Check out our latest News, Notes and Quotes newsletter to learn more


Nonprofits Seeing a Major Increase in Their TV PSA Airings
TV stations and networks across the country are airing more PSAs for nonprofits than at any time in history. This is enabling organizations to build national awareness about their causes and enhance their direct mail and DRTV fundraising results. Check out our latest blog post for more in-depth information and results on the latest PSA analysis:


Leveraging Digital Tactics
With Labor Day approaching, marking the unofficial end of summer, many organizations are starting to plan for the Giving Season. Believe it or not, Giving Tuesday is just 90 days away! When planning your marketing efforts for this year, keep in the mind there isn’t one-size-fits all fundraising, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Check out our latest article for a few digital marketing ideas:

New Connect360 WebsiteWe are pleased to announce that today is the debut of the new Connect360 website! The site feature...

New Connect360 Website
We are pleased to announce that today is the debut of the new Connect360 website! The site features enhanced design elements, animation and images along with new sections, like our Learning Center, Industry Insights, Case Studies and Events pages. Please check it out here: We welcome your feedback. Thanks!

C360 Virtual Roundtable EventWould you like to learn whether TV stations still air PSAs? Is a celebrity needed? Can you ...
You Are Invited To A Special “Couch Convo” With Brie Allio - "Inside the Mind of a Broadcast PSA Director"

C360 Virtual Roundtable Event
Would you like to learn whether TV stations still air PSAs? Is a celebrity needed? Can you ask for donations? Are there tips to getting a PSA accepted? C360s next virtual roundtable event for nonprofits is Thursday, July 22 at 2:00pm ET. Get PSA insights on these questions from our guest speaker who handled public service announcements for CBS Network.

Check it out:

Inside the Mind of a Broadcast PSA Director


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Producing PSA video comes with its own set of rules, different CTAs, and a different strategy for measuring success. We sat down with Connect360 Multimedia to learn more: