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Mt. Holly election results:

Mt. Holly election results:

Mount Holly Township NJ

Mount Holly Township NJ

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Mount Holly Township is seeking citizens interested in serving on the following boards/commissions/committees: Historic Preservation Commission, Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA), Recreation Advisory Committee, Planning and Zoning Board and Environmental Advisory Committee/Green Team. Those interested should contact Nikima S. Muller, Township Clerk at 609-845-1101 or via e-mail at [email protected] for an application. Applications can also be found on the Township website at on the Township Clerk's page. Submissions are due by Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 4:00 PM.


Election results: the fire district budget passed 80-yes to 32-no.

Pike and McIlwee win reelection with 69 and 66 votes respectively. Gardner-Saucier lost with 58.

Results are unofficial pending County certification.

Fire Elections: Here's some information about the Fire Elections that will take place this Saturday. Yes, a Saturday ele...

Fire Elections: Here's some information about the Fire Elections that will take place this Saturday. Yes, a Saturday election as required by the State.

Voters will vote on the 2017 proposed budget. This budget decreases spending, holds the tax rate stable with no increase, and includes the purchasing of self-contained breathing apparatus.

A majority yes vote approves the budget as proposed.

A majority no vote sends the budget to the Township Council, who can agree with voters, forcing the Fire District to find more cuts to the budget, or can override the voters and approve the budget as proposed. Current Mayor Jason Jones was formerly a Fire Commissioner when he announced his Council run. He resigned after winning that election.

Also on the ballot, two three-year seats on the Board of Fire Commissioners. Seeking the seats:

Donald Pike, who formerly served on the Eastampton Fire Commissioners Board, is seeking his second term with Mount Holly.

Richard McIlwee, a Cinnaminson firefighter, also is seeking re-election.

New comer Nicole Gardner-Saucier, who was appointed by the Township Council in January to the Mount Holly Planning Board, is looking to win her first elected position.

All voting districts will vote at the Municipal Building on Washington Street.

The members of Mount Holly Fire District No.1 are requesting the support of our residents in approving our proposed 2017 operating budget. The vote and election of fire commissioners is to be held …

Did you get this mailer about this Saturday's fire district elections? The Mt. Holly Fire District will hold an election...

Did you get this mailer about this Saturday's fire district elections? The Mt. Holly Fire District will hold an election this Saturday for two positions on the Board of Fire Commissioners. Chairman Don Pike and Vice Chair Rich McIlwee are seeking re-election, and newcomer Nicole Gardner-Saucier seeks to take one of their places for a three year term. A mailer was sent to residents today claiming McIlwee and Pike raised your taxes. But is that the whole truth? Figures taken directly from the Districts website show that in the last 10 years, Fire taxes increased three times: in 2010; 2011; and 2015; taxes did not go up in '08, '09, '12, '13, '14, '16 and will not increase in 2017 pending voter approval Saturday. More importantly, the raises in 2010 and 2011? Only one sitting commissioner from then still has his seat, Josh Brown, and he abstained. Voting details for 2015 were not immediately available, but that increase? Only 0.004%. Far less than a single percent of an increase to support a property and life saving service. It seems Ms. Gardner-Sauciers supporters don't want voters to see the full picture this Saturday. Tell me, are you informed?

Update: The Gardner-Saucier campaign has focused in on one particular bit of misinformation as her main campaign issue, alleging that Fire taxes will rise this year by $2,500, a truly astronomical amount. Where did they get this number? Thin air mostly! According to her campaign page, the increase will come from the firehouse referendum the voters approved last year. While no bids have yet been requested for actual costs, the project was presented as being a $7.9 million dollar renovation which would cost the average homeowner in mount Holly $127 a year: $2,373 LESS that what her campaign is claiming. Don't believe the hype! It appears her campaign thinks throwing large numbers around, even inaccurate, will garner her votes.


Early election results: it appears that Republican-turned-Democrat DiFolco and Democrats Lew Brown and Jason Jones will win reelection on Town Council; new comer Jennifer Mushinsky and incumbent Will Wonk will win against 3 term Skip Reale for school board. These results are pending mail in ballots, and certification by the County Clerk. DiFolco/Jones/Brown have enough of a lead, but it could be close between Monk/Reale.

Mount Holly reaches deal with long-serving EMS squad
Mount Holly reaches deal with long-serving EMS squad

Mount Holly reaches deal with long-serving EMS squad

Mount Holly has finalized a contract with the America Emergency Squad, which has been providing emergency medical service in the township since 1937.


Live from Mt Holly Township Council meeting. See comments.


BREAKING NEWS: MOUNT HOLLY TOWN COUNCIL TO POSSIBLY CLOSE TOWNSHIP EMERGENCY SQUAD AFTER 78 YEARS. Fliers have begun circulating that the Mount Holly Town Council is considering closing the America Emergency Squad on Mill Street, and going with an outside source. One possible contender could be Westampton EMS located on Woodlane Road. Currently, American EMS charges Mount Holly Township taxpayers $0 per year. If the Council were to choose an outside agency for ambulance services, taxpayers would foot the bill. At this point, no decisions have been made, however, America EMS is currently looking for concerned residents to voice their opinions about any change in ambulatory services, tax increases, and longer response times. The Council is set to received bids for services on the 16th. The last chance for residents to voice their opinions is at the next Council meeting on Monday, November 9th, at 7pm, at the Township Municipal Building at 23 Washington Street. Residents are currently being urged to attend, or to send emails to the Township clerk, with a message requesting your email be read aloud at the meeting, at: [email protected]


LOCAL ELECTION RESULT: No changes this year on the Mount Holly Board of Education, as Janet DiFolco wins (554 votes) her first actual election after being appointed to the BOE last year. Cyndy Regn was re-elected (555 votes) to her second 3-year term. William Monk, who was appointed to fill the seat left vacant by Lee Eckart, was elected (579 votes) to remain in Eckart's seat for one more year. Monk will have to decide whether to seek election to a full 3-year term next November. This years school board election was mostly uncontested, save for an unsuccessful write-in campaign by newcomber Jen Mushinsky, who asked voters to write her in for both a 3-year term (Against Regn) and the 1-year unexpired term (against Monk.) There were 62 and 21 write-in votes for the 3 and 1 year term, respectively. It's unknown how many write-ins went to Mushinsky. Note: Numbers may not reflect mail-in or absentee ballots, which the County does not always immediately release.

Mount Holly to see 1.5 perent school tax hike
Mount Holly to see 1.5 perent school tax hike

Mount Holly to see 1.5 perent school tax hike

MOUNT HOLLY — For homeowners, this year's local school tax increase could have hurt more, but the Board of Education gave them a break.


Breaking: Mt. Holly Township Schools Board of Education appoints former one-term board member, William Monk, to fill a one year vacancy left open by the resignation of member Lee Eckart. Monk lost his reelection campaign in 2011, and reportedly has not been involved in the school systems since he left office, including never attending any future board meetings until tonight. Eckarts seat is not expired until next year, however appointments can last no longer than one year. This November, citizens will vote on three BOE seats: that of Cyndie Regns; Janet DiFolco (who was also appointed a few months ago to fill the remainder of a term left vacant by Brian Grants resignation); and also Will Monks seat. It is yet to be known whether any of the three will seek reelection.


Election results: In an election with uncontested seats, the results are unsurprising. Betty Sykes and former Mayor Jule Thiessen win seats on Council; Becky Brown wins for Mt. Holly School Board; and in the only contested race, Dick Alaimo and Allan Hollowell win over Luis Lopez for Rvrhs school board.


Meeting Agenda: There are a couple of interesting ordinances up for first reading at tonight's Township Council meeting. Of course, since the Township does not want you to read ordinances until they actually meet, despite the ordinances being public record the moment they are drafted, it makes it difficult to determine just HOW interesting they will be.

#1. "ORDINANCE NO. 2014-10,AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF MOUNT HOLLY (HISTORIC PRESERVATION DISTRICT)" Is this Council doing away with the Historic Preservation Committee? Or is this something less cynical?

#2. "ORDINANCE NO. 2014-11,AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF MOUNT HOLLY AMENDING CERTAIN FEES AND SUPPLEMENTING ORDINANCE 2014-05 (APPROVING THE SPECIAL EVENTS INFORMATION PACKET)" Did Council finally take in the comments and suggestions of local businesses, residents, and non-profits and are amending it to better fit the peoples needs? Or, are they simply changing some of the fees?

#3. "ORDINANCE NO. 2014-12,AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF MOUNT HOLLY ESTABLISHING THAT A BUSINESS ENTITY WHICH MAKES POLITICAL CONTRIBUTION TO MUNICIPAL CANDIDATES IN EXCESS OF CERTAIN THRESHOLDS SHALL BE LIMITED IN ITS ABILITY TO RECEIVE PUBLIC CONTRACTS FROM THE TOWNSHIP OF MOUNT HOLLY" This one is quite interesting. Also known as pay-to-play or public contract reform. Will they be voting on the model ordinance that DiFolco once championed? Or, is it a muddled down version to try to stop the current petition drive that would put the question to the voters, and, if approved by the voters, make it a law forbidding the Council from rescinding it for three years?


Meeting Agendas:
Special MH Board of Education Meeting, April 9, 2014 7pm
MHMUA Meeting April 10, 2014 6p

Mt holly Petitions.pdf - Google Drive

Council Primaries: Not that we had any doubts, but in case you did.... It's very clear that political boss Jason Carty is trying to maintain his control over the township. The petitions of four of five candidates for the primary election were notarized by the office of George Saponero, the Township Solicitor who last year made over $164,000 of tax payer money after making a $500 contribution to the campaign fund of a council member (and subsequently, was hired as township solicitor.) Saponaro and Carty are close political friends, with Carty often using Saponaro's office on Cedar Ave in Mount Holly to host political fundraisers. Shame there isn't a law about notarizing something in which you have a personal interest.... oh wait...


Council Primaries: The deadline to file petitions to appear on the June ballot is Monday, at 4:30pm. So far, only MHBOE Vice President Tim Young (D) has officially announced he's running. Word on the street is that school board member Brian Grant (D) and former Mayor/councilman of 16 years and current MHMUA Commissioner Jules Theissen (D) will be running with an endorsement from the Mount Holly Democrat Committee. We're told Grant got the endorsement because the committee is too afraid of what political boss Jason Carty will do if they don't side with him. The Republican Committee has reportedly done no candidate interviews, so any (R)'s in the race will be flying solo for the primary. Stay tuned for more information as the deadline passes.


Referendum passes 546 to 104


Special Election: School board bond referendum vote is today. Voters are asked to decide on a $20 million construction project, with $12.5 million in State grant funding. Polls open at 3p and close at 9pm at Holbein School on Levis Dr.


Reorganization: the Mt. Holly Board if Fire Commissioners reorganized tonight, appointing newly elected Richard McIlwee as Chairman and Don Pike as Vice Chairman, who was reelected to the board in February.


Meetings: RVRHS BOE meeting tonight at 7:30. Here is the agenda:


Events Ordinance: Township Council passed with a vote of 3-1 an Special Events Ordinance, requiring event holders to maintain insurance, pay for police, public works, and crossing guards, and requiring each vendor wishing to set up in Town to pay a $100 permit fee. Many people spoke against this ordinance, stating the concern that it will considerably and negatively affect annual events we've grown accustomed to, such as the Witches Ball. We were the first to post the ordinance. Deputy Mayor Jones spoke out at the last meeting, complaining that the ordinance had been released to the public one day prior to Council voting on it. Council passed the ordinance on first reading (again, 3-1) and said they would take it up in March to give organizations time to weigh in. In a surprise move, it was taken up tonight, and NO changes were made to the original ordinance.


Redevelopment: The Mount Holly Land Use Board approved the new redevelopment area, with minor changes. It now moves to Town Council to vote on.


Redevelopment: The Mount Holly Planning Board meets tonight at 7:30. Topic of interest? The newly discovered redevelopment plan. No details have been released yet as to what the presentation will entail tonight, or whether the Board will vote tonight to approve the redevelopment zone. Agenda:


Mount Holly, NJ


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I was in the U of P hospital 11 days ago. There was no heat scanners or temperature checks like at the airports. No one was wearing masks or gloves except in operation room. A nurse told me this almost to the letter. Food for Thought. Not a debate.