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Branzino with portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, celery heart in a white wine sauce. Perfection.

Branzino with portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, celery heart in a white wine sauce. Perfection.

Branzino with portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, celery heart in a white wine sauce. Perfection.


Sharing a post after editing out the F bombs. Apologies if I missed one.

Concerts are coming back. But before we get started, here’s a handy guide on how things are gonna go.
RULE #1: No guest list.
Don’t ask. Not now. Not ever. Everyone in the live music industry has been out of work for 13 months and we all need your support now more than ever. Buy the damn ticket.
RULE #2: Support local.
Before you buy that high priced ticket to see that big name artist at that big corporate venue, consider putting that money back into your own community. This is the best way to ensure that a thriving arts & culture scene will return to cities across America.
RULE #3: Wear a mask.
If you’re going to a show, tiny cloth go over mouth & nose. Period.
Vaccinated? Don’t care.
Already had it? Don’t care.
Rona is a hoax? Also don’t care.
We only get one shot at restarting this machine. Please don’t be the one that screws it up.
RULE #4: We are not babysitters.
We get it. Social distancing sucks. Masks suck. You’re tired of washing your hands. After more than a year of isolation, all you wanna do is lean in close and spew your spittle on friends and strangers alike.
But it’s been 13 months. You know the rules by now — please follow them.
RULE #5: No free drinks.
Don’t ask. Venues have been shutdown for 13 months waiting for this moment. Support them.
RULE #6: Tip your bartender.
20% is ok. 25% is better. More than 25% is best. Anything under 20% is a non-starter.
RULE #7: Support the scene.
Can’t make the show? No problem. It costs $0.00 to support us in other ways.
Share the posts. Listen to the music. Invite your friends to the event page. In order for this to work, we need all hands on deck.
RULE #8: Be kind.
Look — it’s been awhile. We’re gonna be a little rusty. Plus, so much of what needs to happen in order to bring back live music safely is new for all of us — fans, venues, promoters and artists alike.
There will be hiccups. There will be lines. There will be unforeseen circumstances. Be nice anyway.
RULE #9: Go to the merch table.
Support the artists.
Buy the t-shirt.
RULE #10: Have fun.
You’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a year — so enjoy it.
Come out early. Stay out late.
Dance. Laugh. Make a new friend. Discover a new band.

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As the weather warms up and CoViD-19 rates go down, please consider how you feed your body. Are you hooked on garbage? P...
Author Michael Moss on food addiction, food industry practices

As the weather warms up and CoViD-19 rates go down, please consider how you feed your body.
Are you hooked on garbage?
Processed foods, fried foods, sodas, sauces full of vinegar and unpronounceable ingredients waste your body’s energy and compromises your immune system.

Could people's struggles with weight and health be the result of addictions encouraged by the processed food industry? Best-selling author Michael Moss speak...

On my radio show tomorrow, Speaking of Wellness, I have some juicy information about the CoViD-19 vaccine, thanks to som...
WVOX 1460AM - Westchester's News & Information Headquarters

On my radio show tomorrow, Speaking of Wellness, I have some juicy information about the CoViD-19 vaccine, thanks to some brave medical professionals. Tune in at 10 AM New York time on 1460 AM radio, or stream it live on You can also watch me if you join the Facebook group “Speaking of Wellness with Janelle Allbritton.”

WVOX is Westchester's last local and vocal radio station. Serving Westchester, the Bronx, and Long Island with community focused programming.

Here is a Christmas sing-a-long video from my family to yours. Created for Cerrbral Palsy of Westchester and sponsored b...
Silver Bells • A Christmas Sing-a-Long

Here is a Christmas sing-a-long video from my family to yours.
Created for Cerrbral Palsy of Westchester and sponsored by bandleader Philip Kiamie, Sr. Featuring The Philip James Band.
(Full credits at the end of other videos in the playlist.)
Dad on the piano here in California is the other half of this duo.

Janelle • VocalsJerry ("Dad") • Piano

Good food and drinks

Good food and drinks


It’s worth waiting for the sunset.

Kale aKale and beet salad

Kale aKale and beet salad

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich


A 360 degree view from the inside bar.


Oysters and champagne. Celebrating life at Half Moon.


A gorgeous Autumn day in New York


Gina Marie’s in Mount Vernon! Nero, resident artist, shares his magic.


Miami wins!




Wow wow

Come on!!! NBA finals!!!

Come on!!! NBA finals!!!




Be kind. #thecnotes #martinigrill #westchestercountypost


Covering Sade....


Getting my hair done for tonight’s Y-COP 5th Annual Gala❤️❤️❤️❤️


First time in Detroit and what do I do? Find the most famous jazz places, of course.


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Hi Mount Vernonites, There's still time to be counted for the census. Please, do your part. Census #s determine how much federal funds the community will receive. Funds are used for: --Special education, Head Start, after-school programs, and classroom technology. --Food assistance, including free & reduced-price school lunches. --Maternal & child health programs. --100+ programs inc. Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, & SNAP. --New roads and bridges
The Yonkers PD and OSHA cover up this double homicide. Con Edison is murderous organization and I have the facts to prove this crime . I reported this crime to all law enforcement agencies but I’m being ignored. Can you locate these families and tell them their love one die a horrible death. Con Edison sent the police after me to keep me quiet. Here is evidence of the police helping Con Edison cover up this crime: First, the Con Edison has failed to prove that Butler’s non-criminal consumption of a legal substance rose to the level of abuse or that Butler’s consumption of alcohol adversely affected his job performance or the public’s trust (whatever that is). Moreover, the only consequence of off-duty chemical substance abuse is that the employee will be sent for a JFE. Here, Butler was sent for a JFE on December 16, 2014 tested negative for drugs and alcohol. On December 13, 2014, Butler was purported observed by Officer Brito moving from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat a couple of hundred yards from the DWI checkpoint. Officer Brito did not testify that Butler was driving erratically or displayed other indicia of someone that was driving while impaired. The Union concedes that Officer Brito’s assumption that Butler’s actions were to avoid being identified as either a driver who had been drinking or a driver who might not have had a valid license is reasonable. It is also reasonable for Officer Brito to assume that if he could see Butler then Butler could see him. That assumption is not reasonable. Officer Brito also demonstrated his expertise and training in many facets of alcohol and drug testing but the only verified test result was the breathalyzer results. This is important because clearly Brito had an animus against Butler. Brito testified that Butler was quietly being difficult and when Brito was asked why he issued Butler a summons for refusing to test AFTER he submitted to a breathalyzer test Brito testified that Butler was walking out of the police station with a summons regardless. Butler was issued a summons that was so patently meritless that the Westchester District Attorney’s office did not even submit opposition to Butler’s motion to dismiss. (Union Exhibit “2“) The Union submits that Brito’s testimony is troubling. A police officer charged with upholding the law and who described himself as an expert in the observation of behavior under the influence of drugs and alcohol and who is also charged with knowledge of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law issued a summons that (based on his expertise) he had to know was invalid Brito practically admitted that since Butler gave him a hard time and wasted his time that night (because he did not engage in criminal conduct), he was going to give Butler a hard time. That hard time translated into the issuance of an invalid summons that forced Butler to retain counsel and utterly wasted the time of the Court that dismissed the summons that the Westchester County determined unworthy of opposition. 
Wednesday: Town Hall on New State of Criminal Legal System After Historic Reforms Discussion on the impact new bail, discovery, and speedy trial legislations will have on New York MEDIA ADVISORY CONTACT: Nada Khader, [email protected], 914-449-6514 On Wednesday, July 10th, the #FREEnewyork coalition in Westchester will host a Town Hall to discuss the recent changes to New York’s bail, discovery, and speedy trial laws through reforms passed in the state budget. The panel will bring together advocates who have been directly impacted by money bail and mass incarceration and other experts to analyze the impact that these reforms will have on New York State and in Westchester County. Advocates estimate that under the new bail law, at least 9,000 people who are currently incarcerated pretrial would instead be home with their families. We will also discuss strategies for the next stage of addressing pretrial injustices to ensure the presumption of innocence for all, as well as a just implementation of the newly passed pretrial reforms in Westchester County. WHEN: Wednesday July 10th, 6:00-8:00 pm ET WHERE: Yonkers Public Library 1 Larkin Center, Yonkers, NY 10701 WHO: Dozens of community members, advocates, and elected officials, as well as representatives from key advocacy organizations, including: JustLeadershipUSA, NYCLU, Westchester for Change, WESPAC, LPS Progressive Life Services, VOCAL-NY, Irvington Activists, Westchester Children's Association and Westchester Coalition for Police Reform.
Janelle is a special person doing a wonderful job of communicating with our people. She is also a gifted musician and as such an asset to the community. You go girl!
Hello J. - Gods blessings 🚮🌍🤗
Janelle Allbritton, is there a digital version of The Mount Vernon Post monthly newspaper?
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