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Mountain Brook Area Real Estate Roundup
Mountain Brook Area Real Estate Roundup

Mountain Brook Area Real Estate Roundup

Our new real estate roundup for the Mountain Brook area has something for every house hunter. See this week's top homes.


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Black History Month In The Year 2022
The promised land was defined by the 13th,14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Life as free citizens in America is the promised land. Martin Luther King, Jr. the King James Version of the Holy Bible metaphoric Moses, did not cross over into this new land with us. We have many metaphoric Joshua’s who continue to scout out this new land and have perceived that this new land is seemingly filled with people who make Joshua look like an ant compared to them, but unlike Moses ‘Joshua, our African American metaphoric Joshuas aren’t willing to apply their numerous acquired assets like being humanized and enlightened through ongoing racial and cultural integration, education, science, cell phones, cinematography, the usage of all sophisticated technology, and the right to vote to help bring about a more perfect union. African American metaphoric Joshuas are increasingly learning that their protective Ark of the Covenant contains education, science, drones, cell phones, television, sophisticated security technologies, cinematography, informed thought, respect for, and an understanding of the law. We must all realize that the promised land is a concept of freedom, yet to be fully achieved, that requires maintenance via the law (i.e., lex populi) by all of the American citizenry.
These are the words of the Last Theorem of the American, Czechoslovakian Philosopher Dr. Rudolph Krejci (deceased) formerly of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska Campus, one of my philosophy mentors who firmly believed in the concept of an “open society “: “We humans and the rest of known organic nature seem to possess a primary stimulator within the inner core of our mind whose agency manifests itself variously as memory, fantasy, dreams, visions, and eurekas. They seem to be the suppliers of our creative mental life which makes itself known through the totality of our expressions: in other words, these primary imaginations produce our word proxies and our other symbolizations. The question remains. Shall we ever decipher this human mystery? And if we do succeed, are we not in danger of destroying it? Why are we creative? The question is out there. “With the help of empirical science and nano-technology we are “deciphering this human mystery.”
White supremist and white privilege creative thought comes before action and rich men like Donald John Trump shake their fist at God and ask” why don’t you speak clearly to mankind”? To a confused world Trump presents himself as a newly created model of a white supremist, white privileged, existential, nihilist, a-moral authoritarian American leader that is opposed to the citizen equal enjoyment of the legal freedoms codified in the U.S. Constitution, and approximately seventy-four million Americans voted for him in the last presidential election. Let’s get clear on the psychology of the rich, and famous. Trump lavishly dines upon the riches of the earth. He has his heaven on earth, and from this comfortable pillow he launches his rebellion against God by expressing anti-Christian messages using roman metaphors. We should consider the supposed origins of that ancient Rome which Trump hopes to resurrect. Rome was the most decadent government known to mankind in this that their armies, and their society were both homosexual, and bisexual, their dining rooms had adjacent vomitorium where they regurgitated what they had just eaten to make room to eat more, and they ate their meals lying down. The classical Latin language itself is a command language lacking in words like” please” and” thank you.” They devalued their women not thinking them worthy of separate, individual names thereby naming numerous women in the same family names like Cynthia I, Cynthia II, and Cynthia III. Rome was founded by two young men who were supposedly raised by a wolf. Again, if we pay particular attention to the human ethics inferred by alluding to the ethics of a pagan nation founded by wolf-raised feral children (i.e., Romulus and Remus), we gain insights into the desired ethical foundation of a man like Donald Trump. Trump wants to maculate the American white male this time devoid of Christian ethics so that they may purify America. Trump howls for America to return to ethics that determine non-whites as less deserving of their care, and consideration. He wants us to take off our regalia of puny Christian ethics codified in the U.S. Constitution (i.e., the bill of rights) so that we may be more untamed. Both Trump’s and Putin’s Virtu’ or” behavior showing high moral standards allude to the virtues or moral standards of an ancient roman citizen, not an American citizen, the virtues or high moral standards of a wolf, not a contemporary human being. Trump wants to put afoot an uneducated white male and female, high technologically trained, a-moral savage which is Trump’s version of Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Das Ubermensch (i.e., The Superman).
During Black History Month we are encouraged to reflect upon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s thoughts in the midst of the spread of a pneumonia virus named COVID-19 Pandemic, and after the shameful, and thoroughly dangerous January 6th, 2021 insurrection by Donald John Trump supporting white supremacy, and white nationalist terrorists who executed a successful attack upon our sacred Capitol Building in Washington D.C. taking the lives of several, damaging the Capitol Building itself, endangering the lives of many of our congressmen, congresswomen and federal workers. We should remember, and note the logical progression of the work of our fallen martyr, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King wholeheartedly believed in the legality of the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. King clearly reminded us that we can help make America a better place for all of our citizens through the substantive political mechanics of a pluralistic democracy with a capitalist economic base that believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit. America’s political system elected an African American citizen, the Democrat, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, and presented an African American woman, Mrs. Michelle Obama, as First Lady of the United States of America. Constitutional law helped produce an African American President and First lady from among our multiracial citizenry via the votes of our citizens to the collective displeasure of millions of Republican and Democratic American citizens who rebelled against an Obama political regime by selecting the amoral, existential, nihilist, white supremacist, and white nationalist authoritarian, clenched white power fist waving, Donald John Trump. This Republican presidential candidate, Donald John Trump, came to power after receiving millions of votes from lower class, middle class, upper middle, upper class, the rich, and the super-rich. Despite the fact that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, Trump drew votes from all classes of American citizens because of his dislike for big, intrusive government. An attractive Part of Trump’s political platform was his willingness to reduce governmental regulation and taxation of businesses thereby increasing business’s personal income, and business’s ability to grow, and to provide higher employee wages. The promise of more money in the hands of citizens endeared Trump to his political base which includes the educated, and the uneducated of all races, creeds, and colors. Trump could not control the illegal and politically embarrassing activities of his racist and controversial right winged supporters who harbor questionable motives resulting in his twice impeachment by congress. The overall influences of the Constitution of the United States of America remain intact to continue to be used to improve the lives of African Americans even though there are those who still would like to do away with the Constitution of the United States of America. Dr. King did not speculate upon an America headed by an existential, nihilist, authoritarian leader, but like King, who navigated the cognitive unknown, the African American is still very “creative”, and should use this creativity to defend, and build upon the favorable possibilities of the Constitution of the United States of America.
Thank you to our friends at Mountain Brook Patch for sharing the exciting news! 🗞 Click below to check out our executive officers and Board members for 2022 👏🎈
In addition to COVID-19 victims, many who have not suffered the disease personally, are suffering emotionally and psychologically. Now there's help. Great story in Birmingham, AL Patch and Mountain Brook Patch
Mountain Brook Alabama has had an illegal tax increase on millage property taxes in 2020. The Jefferson County Tax Assessor has included the illegal .108884 property tax increase and it is at their website citizen portal now.

In 2019 the Alabama Legislature passed Senate Bill 177 regarding a ten-millage rate annual tax increase for the city of Mountain Brook Alabama beginning in 2020. However the bill was not legal. A revenue increase bill must begin in the house, and it is a senate bill. It allows for only a citywide vote to increase millage tax, and that is not legal now in Alabama. The vote and now the tax increase on the city taxes, which calculate to be almost 11%, overall increase is illegal.

I will paste the text of the bill here. Please know that Amendment 4 on the November 3, 2020 ballot if a big lie and with that amendment the legislators will have blank check authority to fix all the illegal things they have done wrong, like this bill.

Here is the bill text and a link to the bill text. I cannot get this paper to print any truth about the illegal things Alabama Legislators are doing. If the citizens of Mountain Brook were to sue they would win, this is an illegal tax increase bill.

If Amendment 4 passes, the legislators will be able to add amendments “thereto” which will give them blank check authority to increase any and all taxes, and make all illegal things done wrong to be the law. The amendment will then hide the Alabama constitution from public record access. I will write more on amendment 4.

I made pictures of the text of the Mountain Brook bill that is illegal. The tax increase is illegal. Citizens could sue, but they do not know that. The ones who do know it is illegal lied.

Birmingham also had an illegal school millage tax vote. Birmingham’s school taxes do not expire. There only needs to be a vote to increase millage taxes The millage rate increase vote must be either a countywide or statewide ballot measure. That requirement will disappear if Amendment 4 passes in November. I will write more on that soon.

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