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Bad WiFi driving you crazy, during these stuck-at-home times? Me too! This article at the bottom of the text here, cover...

Bad WiFi driving you crazy, during these stuck-at-home times?

Me too! This article at the bottom of the text here, covers a lot of stuff, but one thing took me 10 minutes, and tilting my router, to fix the bad spots in my house!

A router, like mine there, radiates around itself, like a radar scope on an aircraft carrier. A big flat circle around the router.
If you have antennas on yours, they radiate around the vertical antenna. (NOT straight above it like a rifle)

So behind my router, my kitchen, was fine. Also fine was in front of it, my living room. Even my bedroom, in front and above the living room, was good. But my office, off to the right and above the router... sucked! So I put that roll of tape under the side of my router, to 'tilt' the plane that the router was radiating, so it covered towards my office TOO. WHAT a DIFFERENCE! The signal became 2-3 times better in my office and even better in my bedroom! But since I only lifted the side of the router, the plane still went towards my kitchen and living room, so they stayed great.

How did I test this? I use 2 things on my phone, to make it like a Star Trek Tricorder:
Wifi Analyzer:

WiFi Analyzer is like a Geiger Counter for WiFi. I use it to see what networks are in the air around a customer's place, their strengths in each spot around the house and what other networks may be interfering with the signal. You can see from the photo in the comments, my network, Missing-Pieces, is the strongest, since its the nearest. As I go around the house, like Spock 'analyzing', I could see everywhere was around -45/-60 decibels (smaller is better) for 2.4 and 5.0 networks, except for in my office. After tilting, everyone was up in that range!

[Another thing you'll notice from the photo is missing-Pieces is set all by its lonesome on channel 8. This gives me a clearer/stronger signal with no interference from my neighbors routers and you can see there's a LOT of them, all centered on their carrier's defaults of channels 3, 6 & 11. I went into my router, after looking at WiFi Analyzer, and picked a channel no one else was using, 8. You can see from the other pic that I did the same on the 5mhz band, choosing 38 over the SUPER crowded 42. This alone gives me much better WiFi than my neighbors.]

With SpeedTest, I determined what download and upload speeds I was getting. The article mentions 10mbps download and 5mbps are good. I was getting on avg 20 and 5.5 around my place, but only 5 and 4 in my office! After tilting my router, everyplace is now up around 20 and 5.6! To further test, SpeedTest is available online for PCs and Macs too, so I'll be sure to test my speeds on the machines too. But I wanted an even comparison around the house, so I used my phone posed in front of each of my PCs and Rokus and ran SpeedTest and got numbers I could reliably compare.

So with just a few minutes and a crude adjustment to my router, I have MUCH better WiFi around my place!



I used to infuriate 'engineers' where I worked when their computers had booting problems. I'd lift the machine up a 1/2" and drop it. Horrified, I'd tell them it sometimes is just a connection that has a little oxidation that needs to be worn off. They would always vilely shoot back, "Its ALL solid state YOU know!" ... And then I'd turn it back on and it'd work perfectly. :-) Engineers. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to call myself one of them. lmao


Finally SO tired of the advertising chirping and popups from Avast ruining AVG Free (they bought them last year), I'm testing free versions of BitDefender and Avira to see if they are effective, but less annoying. I've recommended AVG for years, but with the increase in popups, ads and reboots, AVG just seems to have lost its way. I understand they need to make money, like everyone else, but they have become as intrusive as a VIRUS! Keep watching!


Just sent to AVG: "I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!! I wake up my laptop to ANOTHER AVG ad! (100 times more annoyingly frequent than before Avast took you over!) It had a 'HIDE ME' button... do you think it did any effin good? I come back a a few later to ANOTHER AVG ad! ANOTHER 'HIDE ME'! And when I hit it?? ANOTHER AVG screen pops up IMMEDIATELY looking for me to SUBSCRIBE!! D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D T-H-E P-H-R-A-S-E... 'HIDE ME'???? NNNNNNNOOOOOOO! So NO, I am NOT subscribing... I AM UNINSTALLING!! YOU... ARE... A... V-I-R-U-S... YOURSELF NOW!!

I have been promoting you for years and installing you on ever computer I have repaired in my business. Hundreds of people have you becuase of me. How many HATE me now, because of YOU?? Every time your adverting has gotten higher, I have complained. Every time it resulted in MORE advertising! But this is ridiculous AND infuriating! I am now uninstalling you and will tell my customers to do the same AND I will put the same on my website and page.

You have ruined a great product. For a LOT of people."

To HP: "Write the book"??? More like burned it! Turning out the worst machines, more like Packard Bell, than Hewlett Pac...
HP Business

To HP: "Write the book"??? More like burned it! Turning out the worst machines, more like Packard Bell, than Hewlett Packard! A class action lawsuit for a decade of bad machines and you ignore it like 'the cost of doing [bad] business' and just turn it more and more sh*t. I repair computers and even though you turn out the same # as Dell, i see 5x as many of your junk and always hardware, not software, trouble. I have to bake your mother boards in my oven to revive them, since you went cheap on the... solder! On the solder! What bean counter came up with that idea? ABSOLUTE JUNK! And Chromebooks are useless and cost as much as a cheap PC, but you make more that way, huh? Cheaper crap, more profit. The HP way.

We wrote the book on PC protection. Save up to 46% on select services for HP Chromebooks.

Watch out for the latest idiot Microsoft Windows 10 Update! It tried and failed to install _10_ times on my laptop today...

Watch out for the latest idiot Microsoft Windows 10 Update! It tried and failed to install _10_ times on my laptop today! Failing every time, but some of the settings in my apps and programs have been totally RESET! GREAT thing to let loose 2 days before tax Day! Idiots. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to stop it yet. Sorry.

Thumbtack has just recognized me as a 'Top Pro' in the area! I'm humbled, but they must have a low bar! lol  But thanks ...
Top Pro - Thumbtack

Thumbtack has just recognized me as a 'Top Pro' in the area! I'm humbled, but they must have a low bar! lol But thanks Thumbtack, I appreciate it! :-D

Thumbtack and its professionals are passionate about delivering outstanding customer experiences. See what it takes to be a Top Pro on Thumbtack.


Yes, you can call or text thru FaceBook as well!


WARNING - CHAIN MAIL HOAX GOING AROUND: There is a hoax going around about "I heard this on the radio, 2 people named 'Davies' being hackers and a 'Pope' video, don't accept friends from them or watch the video, they will find your IP and kill your computer/phone. These are just widespread hoaxes. Don't pass them on. They have been around since _2007_ back when they claimed email, not FB friends, would get you infected and take over your machine. No one can trace your IP from you friending them. Your IP changes usually once a month or more often, depending on your carrier anyways. More importantly, there has been NO radio broadcast about these things. YOU did not hear it on the radio, no one else has either. These are just classic FB chain mail, just like back in the days of REAL mail. Before passing junk like this on, highlight the names and Google or Snope them. They will confirm these are hoax chain mails.

Another massive VHS->DVD project, done in time for Xmas! {phew!}

Another massive VHS->DVD project, done in time for Xmas! {phew!}

I REPEAT, DO _NOT_ BUY MAC LAPTOPS! What a piece of elegant, unfixable Mac-trash! DESIGNED to be UNrepairable! Even from...

I REPEAT, DO _NOT_ BUY MAC LAPTOPS! What a piece of elegant, unfixable Mac-trash! DESIGNED to be UNrepairable! Even from just a spill! The batteries (6 blocks across the top) are GLUED in place! Making the keyboard and such INaccessable, without a dangerous heating procedure that can EXPLODE the batteries!! Places like GotInk4U and Best Buy, refuse to service them anymore. Apple wanted to charge $850 to service this unit from a spilled drink. I couldn't save it without the chance of explosion. WHAT A ROTTEN APPLE!

I have been NOT recommending Mac laptops because of their fragile design and incredibly (recently) high breakage rates a...
Macbook Pro vs Surface Book i7

I have been NOT recommending Mac laptops because of their fragile design and incredibly (recently) high breakage rates and costs. (things reviewers ignore, but 2 Macs have right now, the 'Geniuses' quotes $850 and $750 repairs!! For WATER damage!) But NOW even reviewers are rating Microsoft SURFACEs above Macs, in design, features, power, versatility!! TRUST me, do NOT buy Mac laptops!

The latest versions of the Surface Book and Macbook Pro both offer top-notch performance at the same price, but which device offers better features and more value?

FRAUD ALERT!  There is a 'Win a Walmart gift card' scam going around!  It says repost/share and you have a chance to win...
Fraud Alerts

FRAUD ALERT! There is a 'Win a Walmart gift card' scam going around! It says repost/share and you have a chance to win a card. _EXCEPT_ the LINK in the picture is from the country of MALI?? (.ml) If it was REALLY Walmart, it would be from walmart.com, _especially_ NOT from another COUNTRY!! WATCH and LOOK at these things before sharing/reposting, people!

The following fraud and scams are not from Walmart. We are listing them here in an effort to educate you about these activities. If you feel that you have been defrauded, you may want to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.ftc.gov or at 1-877-FTC-HELP, or the Consumer Fraud Division of...


WARNING BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS: I've noticed a disturbing trend the last 4 months... I'm repairing more NEW machines than OLD! This is a first. Usually, I fix and resuscitate old machines that have worn down, filled up, or been out there long enough to have had an 'accident'. But NOW, I'm fixing BRAND NEW machines that are barely a couple of months old, that are just BADLY designed or are SO pushing the limits of thinness and materials, that THEY ARE FRAGILE JUNK that break with any bending or dropping pressure, that OLD machines would survive!

APPLES even MORE so! The new Mac laptops are so thin, they bond the screen to the shell, so ANY flex of the shell, BREAKS the screen! A regular laptop would just have it screwed in place, so there was some flex room. On Thumbtack, where I get more of my work these days, there have been a rash of Mac only screen breakages and because you have to heat-separate the screen and shell, NO ONE wants to attempt to fix them! So Apple requests on Thumbtack go unanswered and unfixed!

On the PC laptop side, I'm seeing a rash of Lenovo dead systems. (got one right in front of me) Usually HP laptops are the worst, with a class action lawsuit against HP for making crap for years. But Lenovo is pushing too hard, like Apple and their 'cool' laptops and 2-in-1s are dying like crazy for similar reasons. Toshiba and Dell fair better, not pushing the envelope so hard, but still easier to break/worse to fix than older versions.

And other than slightly faster processors (sorry Intel) and fold-over laptop/tablets, that don't really work too well, becuase Windows 10 STILL has WORSE touch screen drivers than Windows _8_, there are NO new features to make a NEW machine WORTH BUYING.

MY RECOMMENDATION IS (self-serving as it is, I admit lol) FIX YOUR OLD MACHINE INSTEAD!

Someone like me can clean your machine; speed it back up AND you KEEP all YOUR files, right where they are! Far better than trying to move them to a new machine that is prone to breakage FAR sooner than your OLD machine. (after I clean/speed up your machine, I even will Xmas Wrap them for whoever! ;-)

What WOULD I buy? Bigger hard drive or more memory. Drives and memory are cheap right now. (NOT the SSD drives! Reliable ones are still in the $300 and up range, do NOT buy cheap SSD drives, you'll regret it with lost data!) Otherwise, maybe external drives to back up your stuff and cheap tablets for media consumption. (they do NOT replace laptops! lol)

Sorry to ruin your Xmas shopping. JUST SAY NO! lol


Anyone have a Sony Mini DV camera/player I can borrow? I have a customer with tapes to transfer to DVD, but none of my player/cameras will handle digital (vs analog) tapes. Thanks!


WARNING: Mac laptops are fragile POS. Their method of bonding the screen and shell together, makes breakage far more eminent than any PC. They DON'T want them serviced, make them cheaper and want you to buy again SOONER. Just today, one day, I saw _3_ Mac laptops on Thumbtack with cracked screens! MANY this week. The most PC laptops with cracked screen I've seen in a day is 2. And PC laptops out-count Mac laptops 9-to-1! So Mac screens are breaking almost _14_ times more often than PC laptops and cost 3-4 times as much! So you're almost 50, _50_ times dumber to buy a Mac!! Stop the carnage and Apple profiteering!

A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau of NH!

A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau of NH!


FB WARNING: In addition to Porno Videos, and photos, there is a new hack on Facebook. Between the comments of your friends, it includes a hurtful phrase coming from you. It's very dirty, and it appears that it is you who have written it. You do not see it, but your friends do. This situation can create many misunderstandings. I would like to say to all my contacts, that if something shocking appears, it absolutely does NOT come from me and I would be grateful if you let me know.


SPAM WARNING: NOT from Amazon! Even businesses get spam emails! But the links were NOT from @amazon.com, just something that LOOKED like it! Be careful, HOVER over the link and see where they point ESPECIALLY _this_ time of year!:
" Amazon Processing Center

Invoice for Missing Pieces
Dear Customer, Missing Pieces

Thank you for your Order with Amazon Processing Center for $5,665.00. Your Order has been processed and we will ship it tomorrow morning. You will receive confirmation to (603) 521-8392. Shipping address: -0, Nashua, NH.

Download Your Order Invoice Available only for Desktop and Laptop computers view.

Missing Pieces, to cancel your order, contact customer service center with order invoice reference number.

Company Profile: Missing Pieces
Amazon Account ID: [email protected]
Billing Phone Number: (603) 521-8392

Amazon Processing Center takes your account security very seriously. Amazon Processing Center will never e-mail you and ask you to disclose or verify your Amazon Processing Center password, credit card, or banking account number. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link—instead.

We hope to see you again soon.
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