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Treasure Isle Recorders We are the second oldest independent owned studio in Nashville that is still under it’s original management. Home to over 75 members of the Country, Rock&Roll, Gospel and Songwriters Halls of Fame.

Best overall value of any major recording studio in “Music City, USA.”

Operating as usual


Thanks to all of our friends and studio clients as we approach our 42nd Anniversary as Nashville’s premier tracking room. As our friend and Grammy winning producer George Massenberg stated: “Treasure Isle is simply the best ‘live’ tracking room in Nashville.” Call us at (615) 297-0700 with your next demo or master project, be it tracking, overdubs or mixing. In fact ask us about complete production AND recording packages from teaming you up with great co-writers (if your music requires it) to handling “A” team musicians and background singers, Gold/Platinum engineers and Grammy nominated producer. Have a great day from Fred Vail and the Treasure Isle Recorders team!


I wrote this post two years ago. The same thing is true today but add newcomer Jacob Schumacher to the list of deserving and “radio tested” artists. If there are any budding entrepreneurs out there with deep pockets, call me and we’ll launch a label.


The initial feedback from country radio confirms what we already knew: the EP we recorded on artist Jake Schumacher is a hit with the listeners, PD’s and MD’s who reviewed it. A “home run” by any standard. Ditto previous EP’s and full albums by Rowdy McCarran, Philip Dain Powell, Kristi Bash, Boe Edens. Now the question is: when will the Nashville labels open their doors to these outstanding indie singers and singer/songwriters who have already more than proven themselves with thousands of radio listeners, social media fans, club goers and music buyers?


Things are starting to return to a bit of normalcy after a crazy COVID 19 2020 year. Calls are picking up from bands, engineers and producers inquiring about studio time. My latest indie artist, Jacob Schumacher, has been visiting radio stations in the Effingham, IL area and the initial response to the first five tracks has been phenomenal. Looking forward to taking Jake to the labels. Call me at 615-297-0700 if we can help you with your music project or studio booking: 615-297-0700


Always great to be back in the “A” room working with Peter Coleman and Brandon Epps as we continue mixing Jacob Schumacher. Also great visiting with Treasure Isle Recorders artist and friend Rowdy McCarran and his lovely bride Anne as we put together a marketing plan and release of his great album, “Eyes Wide Open.” It’s ‘radio friendly’ and loaded with potential singles. I just hope that the record labels have their ‘eyes wide open!’


A very Happy Birthday to my lifelong friend—and hero—of 58 years, the incredible and inspiring Brian Wilson! Thanks for creating the music that has inspired three generations of fans, fellow musicians and an industry that continues to recognize your accomplishments. You, along with your dear late brothers, Dennis and Carl, cousin Mike and friend Alan, forever changed the musical and cultural landscape of the world. Your grateful fans worldwide join me in celebrating your big day! Make it a “fun, fun, fun” one.


Recoding background vocals today on Treasure Isle’s latest independent artist, Jacob Schumacher, Fun working with the amazing background vocalist extraordinaire Perry Coleman and introducing new background singer Ellen Marconi to Treasure Isle Recorders!


Home sweet home. Working with the super talanted Wanda Vick on mandolin, banjo and dobro overdubs followed by lead vocals on new country singer Jacob Schumacher. Great to be back producing with Brandon Epps on the fantastic Trident desk.

The latest from Treasure Isle Recorders, Congratulations to studio client and friend Rock Hall of Famer James Taylor, wh...
American Standard: Moon River | James Taylor

The latest from Treasure Isle Recorders, Congratulations to studio client and friend Rock Hall of Famer James Taylor, who’s album, “American Standard, won the Grammy for Best Pop Album. It was recorded at four iconic commercial studios: Capitol Records and United Recording in Hollywood, CA and Treasure Isle Recorders and Blackbird Studios in “Music City, USA.”

“Moon River” was originally performed by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Johnny Mercer remarked that at the first screening of the mo...


Sad to have to post the passing of my friend of 46 years, and my Treasure Isle Recorders partner of 20 years, David K. Shipley, who died suddenly this past Sunday. Dave and I co-founded Treasure Isle in 1980 along with my late brother, Morgan. This year we celebrate the studio’s 41st birthday, the second oldest recording studio in the history of “Music City, USA” that is still under it’s original ownership. Dave’s passing was apparently heart related and came as a shock to all that knew him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nomi and their family. RIP old friend. You leave a great legacy.


Happy Birthday to two Treasure Isle session players and friends: Hall of Famer “Pig” Robbins and fiddler/vocalist Tammy King from Fred and the Treasure Isle team!


RIP to our friend—and studio client—“Country” Charley Pride. A true country music icon and an inspiration to artists and fans alike. Another great artist who has joined so many others who have gone on to “Hillbilly Heaven.”


Treasure Isle ‘officially’ turned 40 a month ago—September 22—such a blessing to be able to hang out with my heroes who became my friends. Looking forward to Jason Aldean album #10 and equally excited to see two Treasure Isle clients and friends—Marty Stuart and Hank Williams, Jr.—inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.


A BIG thank you to my friend—and photographer / songwriter JJ Como—for the new pix of Treasure Isle Recorders. Check out our console, outboard gear, mics, analog and digital recorders—along with great shots that capture our world renowned tracking room, keyboards and other features. And , finally, if you, a band you are in, or a friend of yours is looking to record a ‘master’ or ‘demo’ in “Music City, USA,” give us a call: 615-297-0700.

Photos from Treasure Isle Recorders's post

Photos from Treasure Isle Recorders's post

On Monday, Sept 23, Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. turned "40." We are the 3rd oldest recording studio in Music City,, US...

On Monday, Sept 23, Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. turned "40." We are the 3rd oldest recording studio in Music City,, USA that is still under it's original management.. We've recorded over 75 members of the Country Music, Rock and Roll, Gospel and Songwriter's Halls of Fame. Over
$2.5 BILLION dollars of music sales have come out of our studio. Dozens of Gold, , Platinum, multi-Platinum albums from all genre. A few studios are older than Treasure Isle, including Quad, Woodland, and Sound Stage, but they've been sold, re-sold, and sold again. Two others, including Sound Emporium and Southern Ground, are into their fourth or fifth owners. Allentown, now owned by Garth Brooks, dates back to the 70's, when the legendary "Cowboy" Jack Clement, opened it on Music Row. He had opened what became Sound Emporium on Belmont Blvd. a few years prior. Unfortunately, we've lost at least three historic studios to the wrecking ball. Two are parking lots, one is a high end apartment.


it's always great to work with a true music icon--a legend, so to speak. but it's just as fun to work with a new emerging or up and coming artist or band. Particularly when you know they have an equal amount of talent or energy and would do just about anything to land that often elusive 'record deal.' Over the past couple of years I've had the honor to work with eight such acts: Rowdy McCarran, Kristi Warner, Phillip Dain Powell, Beau Edens, Cale Moon, Todd Rash, Boo Radley and Mad Hoss Jackson. Rowdy, , Beau, Boo Radley and Mad Hoss are what the industry calls a 'working act.' They are out there on the road paying their dues. year in and year out. Phillip is an excellent singer, and along with Kristi, gives it his all (and her all) to please their fans. Todd did a 13 track album that got extensive play on XM, including a Top 10 single, Sometimes, unfortunately, having God-given talent, a great voice, great self written songs or even a solid 'live' performance is not enough. If the labels don't see 'marketing potential,' which is a catch all for 'age' and sexy good looks, they will more than likely turn the other way. We have three EP's and five full blown albums completed on the eight above referenced artists. Furthermore, they are as good, or BETTER, than anything currently on the radio. And they are not loaded with 'loops' and other such tricks that are the current rage. Solid 'radio friendly' singles, great vocals, arrangements, top notch musicians and background singers--as good as anything currently out there. When I was a kid, I would fall in love with the MUSIC, and I often didn't even see the singer, or group, until they were on Ed Sullivan or Dick Clark's American Bandstand. By that time, I was so hooked on the music it didn't matter to me what their physical appearance was. Do you think the word 'hunk' was ever used to describe Buddy Holly, Buck Owens, George Jones, Roy Orbison--or that 'cover girl' or sexy was ever used to describe Patsy Cline, or Tammy Wynette? Of course not. But all had God given talent and 'marketing potential' was not why Owen Bradley, Chet Atkins, "Uncle" Art Satherley, Don Law or Ken Nelson signed many of their labels biggest--and longest running--'stars.' I was honored to know four of the five (sorry Don, never had a chance to shake your hand or pick your brain) and I apologize to them for the country music execs who continue to ignore God-given talent. Oh, and by the way, all five of these gentlemen are in the Country Music Hall of Fame.


August marks the 40th Anniversary of Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. that opened as "Island Recorders" at 49 Music Square West in 1980. Since that time, and beginning with the legendary George Jones at our original Island Recorders studio, we've been honored to record at 50 members of the Country Music, Rock & Roll, Gospel and Song Writers Halls of Fame. We are Nashville's 3rd oldest recording studio still under it's 'original' management and/or ownership. I've been honored to work with many of my hero's, including Jones, Waylon, Johnny Cash, Dolly, Emmylou, Harland Howard, Rodney Crowell, Linda Ronstadt, and, of course, Carl and The Beach Boys. Dennis visited us at our original Island Recorders studio but, unfortunately, never lived to visit us at Treasure Isle. Our current #1 artist/client, Jason Aldean, just completed his 9th album with us. We are thankful to Jason and producer Mike Knox, for their support and loyalty. May the hits just keep a comin.' Call us if you have a master or demo project that is in need of a great---and very competitive--studio. Fred 615-297-0700


Always an honor when an artist/client/friend returns to Treasure Isle--particularly when it's a member of the R&RHOF, James Taylor!


40 years and counting! Nashville's 3rd oldest studio still under it's original ownership and management. A true music icon--a superstar--visited us for two days last week. Will let you know who it was when they announce the release.


We lost a dear---and super talented--Treasure Isle friend, "Captain" Daryl Dragon. Please visit my tribute on my "Fred Vail" page.


Welcome back Michael Knox and "Entertainer of Year" Jason ALDEAN for their 9th album! Here's to another "My Kinds Party, " now over 3 million. In sales and five (Yes, 5) #1 singles!


Treasure Isle continues to attract new and established bands, singers, groups, as we celebrate our 38th year===Nashville's 3rd oldest recording studio still under it's original management. Call us for competitive rates for YOUR next demo or 'master' recording session. Often imitated, never duplicated. Simply Nashville's best "live" tracking room," per Award winning engineer/producer George Massenberg.

Just received this link from a Podcast I did with Sean Smith several  weeks ago via the phone. It's a great look at the ...
An Interview With Fred Vail of Treasure Isle Recorders Inc.

Just received this link from a Podcast I did with Sean Smith several weeks ago via the phone. It's a great look at the studio scene in Nashville (and LA) over the past 50+ years I've been able to 'hang out' in studios, from the early days with Brian and 'the boys' at Western Recorders and CBS Sunset, to Treasure Isle and all points in between. Lots of small 'snipits' and 'war stories,' and, for my old friend, Lee Andrews, and my wife, Debbie, all the more reason to get back into writing 'the book.' :)

On this week's Broadcast Dialogue podcast, publisher Shawn Smith talks to Fred Vail of Treasure Isle Recorders Inc.


Treasure Isle turned 38 this year--Nashville's 3rd oldest studio still under its original ownership/management. Time to bring on a new partner. If you know someone who has a true passion for music and who wants to continue a rich legacy where nearly 100 members of the Rock & Roll, Country Music and Songwriiter's Halls of Fame have recorded--have them call me. No "talkers" only "doers." Fred 615.297.0700.


Being at this year's CRS showed how important is to keep the flow of great new songs and great new artists! We are here to help new and emerging songwriters and singers--as well as established "stars." If you are a new or emerging artist and are looking to record a "radio/retail" quality "master" we are offerings 3 Master sides for $10,000--4 for $12,000--for the same quality the major labels are currently spending $10,000 to $15,000 on. "A" team musicians and singers, Gold/Platinum engineers--35 to 50 hours PER track. You deserve no less!


Booking for 2018, including Jason Aldean working on his 8th TI album! Thanks Michael, Jason, Pete, Sam, Brandon and the entire Treasure Isle team! Call us about your next demo or master. We are the BEST overall studio--rate, equipment, history--of any studio in "Music City, USA."


Thx for all the positive feedback, views. Thx to Michael Knox & Jason Andean for this past week, more tracks for his 8th album with us. It's a team effort: the band, the sidemen, Pete Coleman, Sam Martin, Brandon Epps, ShalacyGriffith and so many others!


Call us for a complimentry production proposal, tour the studio, and help you select your best material for recording with Nashville's "A" team and Gold/Platinum engineers. 615-297-0700.


If you are thinking about recording in Nashville--or know someone who is--give us a call at 615.297.0700. Will go over all your options. Good luck and follow your dream. Fred Vail


Looking forward to working with 12 exciting singer/songer acts--including a trio and at least one duo--who were selected from over 300 entries in the "NashvilleDreamin'" competition. Approximately 25 auditioned at Treasure Isle last month and another approximate 10 SKYPE'D with us, including entries from London (UK), Scotland, Austin, TX, Missouri,


Hosted approximately 35 singer/songwriters on Sat @ Treasure Isle--first round of "Nashville Dreamin'" competition--second round via SKYPE--including 3 or 4 International contestants from Scotland, England & Canada. Oh, and Texas! Is that another country?:)


2808 Azalea Pl
Nashville, TN


(615) 297-0700


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That’s a wrap! Thankful to all these great musicians and engineers who worked really hard to put down some great tracks for the new record! Trey Ivey, Joel Key, Scott Williamson, Jacob Lowery, Joe Carrell, Brandon Epps, (not pictured) Kelly Back, Kevin “Swine” Grantt, Scott Sanders Susan Dry Whisnant, Aaron Hise, Ethan Whisnant, Austin Whisnant Treasure Isle Recorders
Been posting less these past few months. Lots going on in life as well as 'the music biz.' December is always 'bitter-sweet' as they say. Dennis and Carl Wilson, my dear 'brothers-in-spirit' for 20 and 35 years, were born this month--many years ago--1944 and 1946, and DW passed on Dec 28, 1983, at age 39. Also, on December 21, 1963, Carl's 17th birthday, we recorded the first of two live concerts at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium....where, on the 21st, I said those famous words: "And now, from Hawthorne, California to entertain you tonight with a gala (Christmas) concert and recording session, the fabulous Beach Boys!" I had conceived the idea for that album a few months before, and, as it turned out, would not only be the Beach Boys first #1/Gold album, but would be the first 'live' album by a rock band. It has become a part of history so to speak. Yes, December is bitter-sweet. Merry Christmas to all of you near and far. May 2020 be healthy and prosperous for all.
Kayley Hill (The Voice) released her new single and video for ‘Money Tree’ today, featuring Producer Joe Carrell at the helm in his Nashville-based Treasure Isle Recorders. Grateful to be a part of this great-sounding project! #kayleyhillmusic #joecarrell #moneytree #thevoice #masteredbyharold
Thank you Warm Audio for bringing this song to life! I've been jamming on this tune ever since Hannah Blaylock and I wrote it last year and I'm PUMPED that everyone can hear it now. This one's for all the ladies who got pride in picking up the tab. #honeyyesss . . . Warm Audio artist, Kayley Hill, and her latest single "Money Tree" is now available to download and stream! Recording and video featuring Warm Audio microphones and gear Producer: Joe Carrell Studio: Treasure Isle Recorders Mastering: Harold LaRue Mastering Videographer: Robby Stevens Midtown Motion Productions Songwriters: Kayley Hill, Hannah Blaylock Feat. Mike Gannon (BGVS, Slide Guitar), Stephen Hanner (Harmonica) Official Site: Merch: Booking: [email protected] Listen to Kayley! Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Follow Kayley! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
My apologies to Michael and Patty Turner for not including them in yesterday's post. As the duo "Boo Radley," they are also a working act, at least 150 days a year, and recently completed a seven track EP with us at Treasure Isle Recorders. All original self-written songs, including Michael's brilliant guitar playing (in additional to our great session leader, Chris Leuzinger). Saw Michael and Patty twice in the last couple of weeks, once at The Factory in Franklin, and, again, at a private Leadership Music party at the home of Nashville music attorney, and friend, Bruce Phillips. Lots of music folks were there, including Songwriter's Hall of Fame member Steve Dorff. Michael and Patty recently relocated here from Tallahassee, FL. Check 'em out.