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Kids Love Klezmer

Read "Kids Love Klezmer," an excerpt from William Walsh's new book "Stephen King Stephen King"

Look at little Gene dance. Spinning. Swinging his arms. Kicking out. His head down and then up. Look at his face. He’s ecstatic. What’s going through his mind? I call out to little Gene, This is a kolomeike, my boy. All the other kids are watching Gene dance. They are dancing like Gene. Kids love kl...

Preorder Stephen King Stephen King, a collection of short stories
by William Walsh

Check out William Walsh's new collection of short stories, Stephen King Stephen King!

"Kafka’s Gregor Samsa doesn’t feel lonely and alienated, like an insect among humans. Samsa is an insect. William Walsh takes the same conceptual step, in narratives both dreamy and precise. Playful (though playfully serious) moments spark and catch alight as Walsh bends realism and twists structura...



Apostrophe Eric Helms A bright splash of toilet water from the top hat of late Mr. Bloom. He had failed to yield at a stop sign, kept tapping his cane across Broadway, was run over by one of those broom- sweeping vehicles. The ridiculous length of his stove pipe. I’d bought it on eBay for temporary…

Ampersand, Mass. by William Walsh

Ampersand, Mass. by William Walsh

Ampersand, Mass. is a collection of per se stories from a per se town. These stories from the author of Without Wax and Questionstruck carefully examine the constant conflict between the willful and the reluctant. One of the most original and intelligent writers publishing in the indie lit world ...

The Anatomical Venus Wrestles with Pinocchio Syndrome

The Anatomical Venus Wrestles with Pinocchio Syndrome
Emma Sovich

The Anatomical Venus Wrestles with Pinocchio Syndrome Emma Sovich The tourists shuffle infinitely past and the Anatomical Venus thinks about masks. When she mentions them to David, he scoffs: “The mask is a symbol overused.” His scorn, she thinks, comes from his own experience with replication. She…

The Little Rogue

The Little Rogue

The Little Rogue Maria Kuznetsova Rufina sighed at her reflection in the mirror and tried again. She said, “I’m going back to America tomorrow. I’m sorry.” No, this wouldn’t do, she decided. This wouldn’t do at all. She took a deep breath. Then she said, “It’s not you. It’s Russia.” This was not muc…

Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands by Apryl Lee

Rubber Bands Apryl Lee Once a year, we gather out on the beach at Franklin’s inlet, at the very end of Dune Road. We all bring our canvas totes, our monogrammed picnic blankets, our reusable grocery bags of wine and summer salads, fancy cheeses. We bring lists of things to talk about—infant sleep sc…


Lanky by Cooper Renner

Lanky Cooper Renner Nothing will equal the loyalty of your vitamin: not bloom, not planet, not the lanky apparition of your wife looking sexy in her rental pajamas. Click on the oval. Yes, the bald one. Hungry? Spoken like a true throat. Cooper Renner's most recent publications are The Tommy Plans (…

Short, Improbable Love Stories

Three short stories by Daniel Brauer.

You were buck hunting from the air, going east. I was searching for lost Eskimo gold, going west. Our baskets crashed together and our balloons got tangled. Off came our night vision goggles, and introductions were made. We drifted off course and up into the atmosphere, and before we knew it, the sk...



A short story by David Peak.

Best Little-Known Book Publisher

Best Little-Known Book Publisher

A mysterious little book publisher that popped up in 2011, Keyhole Press has released a series of staggeringly good books and a damn fine periodical, despite their aloofness. William Walsh’s Pathologies, which Keyhole offers as a free download, is a blistering series of stories that echoes both Lydi...



A poem by Tatiana Ryckman.

One Time All I Wanted

Read Nicolle Elizabeth's One Time All I Wanted on Kindle for 99 cents:

A hybrid of fiction and personal recollection that glimpses the experiences and sensations of one person's fast-moving reality. Regularly funny, occasionally sad and always powerfully honest, Nicolle Elizabeth’s collection erupts more than it unravels; it challenges our understanding of me...



Short story "Smoke" by John Thornton Williams, Keyhole Magazine

Mishnah Kiddushah

Mishnah Kiddushah

but without him we’re string less kites. Mothers, the seams, hold us together, make us whole. A string can be pulled from a hem, unraveled from a nest, found on the ground, but the right string will let you try and catch the wind, rise on your own air stream to tangle in the top of the you-wild tree...

2013 Reading: How to Predict the Weather by Aaron Burch

2013 Reading: How to Predict the Weather by Aaron Burch

I confess that I picked up Aaron Burch's How to Predict the Weather out of my to-be-read pile (one of many, in truth) because it was short. I know Aaron, and so I’d intended to read it eventually a...

Pestilence by Jason Jordan

Preorder Jason Jordan's Pestilence, a short collection of short stories, shipping in a few weeks:

A boy whose skin is multiple colors. A home that freezes in the middle of summer. A pair of brothers who witness the apocalypse and attempt to fight it. A boy with four arms. A rogue wave that destroys a landlocked city. A house whose occupants experience different plagues each day. The six stories…


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