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In the year of 2009 there were over 1.4 million children aborted. 1.4 million Children died before getting the chance to live. Everyday people die for all kinds of reasons. Abortion should not have the chance to be one of those reasons.
Most women have abortions because they have unprotected sex and then decide they do not want to care for a child. I realize some women are not mature or responsible enough to take care of a child but there are other options to getting an abortion. Women everyday are incapable of having a child. Adoption might not be as easy but it definitely is not as terrible as killing an unborn baby.
Aside from not being mature or responsible enough there are many other reasons women have abortions. Women also have abortions because they are happy with their lives as they are, they are unmarried and do not feel as though they can afford it, they have health problems, or they could have been raped. Many of these problems are difficult to deal with but even if they are unmarried or have health problems that does not mean they should not have their child. They are the ones who conceived the baby and they should take responsibility.
Knowing how many newborns die a year should help change your mind if you agree with having babies aborted. Abortion should be illegal because it is not only irresponsible but it will also scar you for the rest of your life.


Did you know that nearly 35% of teenagers have been threatened online and one in five of those teenagers are bullied more than once? Among this percentage, being ignored and disrespected were the most common forms of cyber bullying. Cyberbullying can be very damaging and hurtful to adolescence and teens. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide.
Everyone wants to fit in. A lot of teenagers see bullying going on and do not know what to do. They want to stick up for the victim or tell an adult but they know it will only make things worse. They know if they try to intervene there is a chance that they too could be bullied. 55% of teenagers admitted to seeing someone be cyberbullied and did nothing about it.
I formed a poll with both males and females ages fifteen through eighteen. I used three of the main types of bullying to see which they thought were more frequently seen. Out of forty-five students, gossip had twenty-seven votes, harassment had ten votes, and threats had eight votes.
While bullying shows no favorite, statistics show that 38% of girls are bullied compared to 26% of boys. In particular, 41% of females age fifteen through seventeen reports being bullied, which is more than any other age or gender group.
When I pulled people aside to get their opinion of cyberbullying I talked to Stephanie Guzman. When pulling her aside I asked her how she felt about cyberbullies. She responded with “I think that the person bullying is trying to make the victim feel degraded but truly, the actions of the bully are way more pathetic than the bully thinks of the victim.”
Some people think it is funny to get on the social networking sites and make fun of people. They do not understand the emotional and mental damage they leave on the people they bully. What will you do next time you see someone being bullied?


Did you know five seconds is the minimal amount of attention that a driver who texts takes away from the road? If traveling at 55 mph, this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road. Forty-three states, plus D.C. prohibit texting while driving but nearly 50% of teens and 77% of adults admit to texting and driving. Every time someone texts and drives they make their chances of wrecking twenty-three times more likely. Do not text and drive because you not only risk your own life but you also risk the lives around you.


The first day of Upward Bound was sunny and warm. This set a good mood of the beginning of what was going to be good with the weather, which did not last.

The first couple days of Upward Bound where nice. People were all outside playing games. Football games were started and basketball was going strong. There were people hanging out in the courtyard. People were running and having fun, then the clouds started to move into the area. It started to get colder and rain.

Over the next few days it was raining. Then Friday came and it was nicer but no one could hang out and play because then, everyone had to get ready to go home for the weekend.The weekend was cloudy, warm and light showers one day on the weekend. The weather was nice.

Then Sunday we came back, that night the temperature started to drop due to storms that started to move in.The next two nights everyone had to stay inside because of the weather. Rain and lightning kept everyone inside.

It never seems to storm when we were in class but in nights on free time it lets lose.This year so far has been slowed by storms. So when will the good weather come back? Soon is what hopes on many of the students of UB.


What is the role of a teacher? Just to teach us? No, role of a teacher is not just to teach us some history lesson. Not just to give us homework,or to bore us, even though we all know they do.Those early morning wake up calls, in which some of us are not morning people.

If you think about it you can see it, starting with homework. Your given homework by a teacher that is due in three days, it has to be six pages long. Your teacher wants it by end of the day after those three days. You will be given one hour for each day your in class. The rest has to be done outside of school. This gives you three things you need in life. The first is responsible you are given something that needs to be done. It is your responsible to get the paper done on time.

The second thing, you learn time management. You have to manage your time by working paper at home and other things you do at home. You also learn what is more important and what is not. Example you have to do paper for the grade or just watch tv. Paper is more important because of the grade. This would be just like work. If you are in a field of work you will be asked to do things. Your boss not going to care he going want it done.The paper is an example of what you are asked do by your boss. You won't get fired because you did not the paper. The papers more important do to, it will help you get farther in life. By doing what the boss says it will keep your job.

The early wake up calls. Ya, they are not always the best. Then again you have to get up early by yourself almost everyday of your adult life, You have to work. Unless you work nights or you are on a rolling schedule. You will still have get up and work at some point. This is what your teachers and school are doing, they are starting you on track to everyday life as adult.

So, yes in end teachers and school help set you up for adult life. As my old weights coach told his classes, “Ya we are the not best, but we just set you up for real life.” In the end they do more then more then you really think.


Forgetting a toothbrush is like a nightmare. When it happens, this is how to get through it. Put a bunch of toothpaste on a finger then use it like a toothbrush, brush all over the teeth like normal. After that wash your mouth out and hope someone will have a new toothbrush to give.That is how to survive forgetting a toothbrush.


Crowder College was built on an United States army post used during the 2nd civil war, it was named Fort Crowder. Now on the campus students and faculty often experience the sound of footsteps when there is no one walking down the narrow corridors. In the wide acres that were once a training ground for Army troops, the sounds of voices can often be heard when there is nothing more than squirrels and rabbits around. Near the site of a former military storage, some report sensing the presence of a soldier who worked on Army vehicles there. Others report the smell of cooking food near one of the old mess halls. Although today the junior college features new dormitories for students, the original dorms had once served as Army family housing Stude
nts sometimes reported the same type of events, unexplained footsteps and weird smells.


Marilyn Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her Brentwood home by her psychiatrist Greenson Ralph after he was called by Monroe's housekeeper Eunice Murray on August 5, 1962. She was 36 years old at the time of her death. It was ruled to be an overdose and said to be a likely suicide. Many detectives at the scene believe that she was murdered. Yet, no murder charges were ever filed. The death of Monroe has since become one of the most debated conspiracy theories of all time. No one is sure how Marilyn died but many people believe John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy, killed her so she would keep quiet about their personal secrets. Other people believe that they hired a mob man to kill her and some Mafia men dealt with her. There are a lot of possibilities on her death but one things for sure, she will always be remembered.


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