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Remnants of Jose will create a great weekend ahead. Hurricane Maria to give New York some effects later next week especially southeast New York and Long Island. More details later


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Tree and wires down (and on fire) on Route 32 near Admore Street.

Tree down on wires, with a transformer fire, at John Street and Clara Avenue in New Windsor.

Wires down on North Jacqueline Street in New Windsor.

Tree down across the road on Route 32 at Willow Lane in New Windsor.

Tree down across the road on Riley Road near the sewer treatment plant in New Windsor.

Tree down on wires on Shore Road in Cornwall.

Smoke detector and odor of gas inside the building at Hanaford. Believed to be storm related damage to HVAC unit.

Fire department is reporting they just found additional numerous trees down throughout the neighborhood across from Quality. Sounds like straight-line winds hit over there. That's where most of the storm reports are coming from....We aare driving around and most of the damage is isolated to a small area on route 32 between the five corners and the Cornwall line.


STORM UPDATE: Model runs are becoming more consistent in showing a powerhouse Nor'easter blasting Orange County. The storm will start Monday night and continue all day Tuesday, bringing 1-2 feet of snow and 40 mph winds. Thunder snow will be possible in some of the heavier bands. Periodic whiteouts and blizzard conditions are likely and an upgrade to a blizzard warning may be needed. Prepare for isolated power outages.


And now for your Hawaii forecast :) We wish...Snow begins late tonight. 2-4".


Strong coastal storm is entering our area tonight ending Tuesday night. 100% chance of rain with some sleet and snow depending on elevation with breezy/ windy conditions. Wind gusts can reach 35-40 mph around the Hudson Valley and higher along the coast. The Catskill Mountains will see sleet, ice and snow. Because of elevation, accumulations will range from 1"-6" inches.


Saturday... Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs around 29 and lows around 15.

Sunday... Slight chance of flurries or snow showers in the afternoon. Otherwise, partly cloudy with breezy conditions. Highs around 25 and lows around 12.

Monday... Mostly cloudy with highs around 28 and lows around 20.


Dry tonight into the first part of Saturday. Attention to a low pressure along the coast on Saturday keeping snow to our east. Our accurate forecasts are collaborated by 4 weather stations positioned in O.C. ..Team members ensure our readers the best forecast. Any significant snow within the next 5 days? Steve: NO. Mike:NO. John: NO. Mike Talbottt: NO. Expect a dusting.


High temperatures at our network of weather towers throughout the mid Hudson Valley topped out at 97° this afternoon with heat indices of 105°. At 11:45pm, temperatures are still 80° with more hot weather on the way. Temps will approach the 100° mark across the region tomorrow.


At 11:30am, heat index values at two of our four towers have just reached 100°. Actual air temps are already 90° at our towers. Temps continue to rise at a rate of +3.1° per hour.


What's the word? Showers. That's it. Sun and clouds from Thursday into the weekend with stable temperatures. You will not see 90 degrees for sometime as we been mentioning a persistent summer of showers and fairly normal temperatures.


We have some electrical storms around the county dropping loads of rain. Due expect clouds, thunder and rain later today. Will advise if severe weather strikes.


Thunderstorm will be departing this are soon. Enjoy the weekend as you can expect non severe thunderstorms.


The National Weather Service just issued a statement claiming that thunderstorms are moving into Orange County. We're here to tell you this is a *false alarm* and hype. No thunderstorms are on the radar and conditions are unfavorable for them to develop. Expect steady rain, possibly moderate at times, over the next hour.


Hope everybody enjoys Mother's Day! Not a horrible day tomorrow as we are looking at warm temperatures with some showers scattered about with bits of sun and increasing clouds.


Wind speeds today are exceeding those of Hurricane Irene, which barely reached 30 mph in our area despite media alarmists claiming otherwise. Wind gusts today have reached 30-35 mph at our towers.


Thunderstorms later. Isolated. Rain. Bye.


What's on your mind? We do have a contest on HVX1. Got to say, some good stories that were messaged to us, you can also leave it as a comment, we thank you!......How about that forecast: I've got low to mid 50's across the board with cloudy and cool conditions today with some isolated showers with temperatures in the mid 50's. ..That's gonna wrap it up with me, do have yourself a good day!


How are you on this very early Saturday morning. We do have a simple forecast for our readers. Rain for Sunday as a low pressure comes from the Gulf. Do expect a firm 2-2.7'' of rain as an average amount, more to our south and no snow at all to our north as other knuckleheads have posted. Real sad way to build readership on their part, as they are looking to hype forecasts once again... Anyways, today looks not bad! Mild and partly sunny with clouds rolling in later. Gale force winds along the coast Sunday night..That's going to wrap it up with me, do have yourself a nice day...Be back with you Sunday night with weather reports.


Say it ain't so! The National Weather Service is forecasting high temps near 91° for tomorrow. Not bad for mid April!


What a day! Enjoy the mild and sunny weather. Get those air conditioners prepared!


It's time to get psyched! Temps could very well soar into the mid 80's on Monday!!


I don't know about you, but my allergies are just HORRIBLE!!!. The levels are very high! Now, for the weather: Warm this weekend. Thank you very much!


Breezy conditions will continue overnight and increase by morning with gusts to 35 mph during the day. Red Flag Warning in effect for Orange County and all points south. Here are the top gusts at our towers so far today... Gardnertown & Vails Gate Towers 31 mph, New Windsor Tower 28 mph, Ducktown Tower 26 mph.


Top wind gusts today... Vails Gate Tower 33 mph, Gardnertown Tower 30 mph, Ducktown Tower 24 mph, New Windsor Tower undergoing data transmitter repairs.


Rainfall totals at our 4 towers... Gardnertown Tower .30", Vails Gate Tower .25", New Windsor Tower .17", Ducktown Tower out of service. Our Dave Schwartz called it the best - his forecast stated that the bulk of the moisture would go to our south. Only the high elevations near Hunter Mountain saw a slushy inch of snow. All other locations were plain rain.


So much for the big snow storm that everyone hyped for Monday. As we mentioned a few times previously, temps will be near 60° with sunny skies. For tonight, even the highest elevations will only see minimal wet snow accumulations... not a single winter weather advisory has even been issued. We posted in January that the area will see no more major snow storms and we continue to stand by that forecast.


Enjoy the sun, it won't last long!..High pressure is departing and a low pressure is enroute to the Hudson Valley from the west. Easterly winds, showers for the area--yuk!...Isolated frozen mix precip will fall 35-50 miles north of NYC..Precipitation could even fall as all rain except northern Orange County and Ulster County area. The best bet to see the most snow will be on the peaks of the Catskills. We are looking at 4'' over 2500' MSL..Lower amounts below 1000' throughout the Hudson Valley. This does include the Hudson Highlands as well, but less amounts.


Top wind gusts so far today... Vails Gate Tower - 28 mph; New Windsor Tower - 25 mph; Gardnertown Tower - 25 mph; Ducktown Tower - out of service.


Last week, we told you that the alleged upcoming major snow storm was a hype. Some local alarmists and amateur meteorologists attempted to create a major hype saying that there was a "potential" for a major snow storm. Some tried hyping wrong information on our page and they were banned to protect you, our fans. As you know, in our print edition, our online edition, and our page, we have never been a fan of hyping anything until it is factual. As such... warm temps are slowly returning with a forecast high in the mid to upper 60s for April 2nd. Remember, you heard it here first.


A line of showers with developing thunderstorms across parts of northern Orange County. These storms will remain non-severe.


Oddly enough, tonight's wind gusts will be higher than the overnight temperature. At 9:20pm, the temp is 36° and will continue rapidly dropping. A few nights ago the temp was still 60° at this time of night.


Our newest team member Dave Schwartz, former Weather Channel on-camera meteorologist, says tonight's cold weather won't be as stubborn to stick around as the recent warm spell was. Pick up a copy of Friday's edition of The Orange County Post Sentinel and check out page 2 for Dave's weekly forecast.


Gusty winds will continue through the evening as a strong cold front moves through. Temps will drop into the low 20s tonight and create wind chills in the low teens. Today's top wind gusts so far... Gardnertown Tower 41 mph, Vails Gate Tower 35 mph, New Windsor Tower 30 mph, Ducktown Tower 30 mph.


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