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FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS UNDER ATTACKBig Boy Tech Giants ControlWe were the first to blow the whistle back in 2014.  Read th...
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Big Boy Tech Giants Control

We were the first to blow the whistle back in 2014. Read the details - Help us get the word out -

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I invested everything I owned to build a production team and the Radio Show in New York. Just as we were gaining a significant worldwide audience, paid sponsors and close to broadcast syndication… we covered the wrong story. That story was what many believe to have been...


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I was on Peter Boyles show on Wednesday talking about the book I co-wrote entitled "The Stealth Saudi Arabian Takeover of America." On 9/11/2001 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia committed an act of war against the United States. It was intended to be a decapitation strike, which if not successful would be at least plausibly deniable. If it was unsuccessful in these regards, the Saudis hoped, correctly, that their useful idiots or bought and paid for traitors, would cover their tracks. In that they have been for the most part successful. In the meantime they finance militant mosques and Islamic organizations, insert Islamist propaganda into our educational system at all levels, and have dragged us into a genocidal war in Yemen, in which we act as their junior partner. No wonder they were surprised when the world was outraged at the Khashoggi murder. They got away with 3000 murders here.
A talk, with Royce, about metaphysics, spirituality, religion, the title of ‘Christ’, and Christos, including some personal background:
From Near Death to Life: A True Miracle Written by Sergio McGee Over six years ago I passed out while working at a job I had just started. The ambulance was called and when the paramedics arrived they put me onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. Once in the ambulance my vitals were taken and I had a temperature of 107.5 -I died in the ambulance. As the EMT was performing CPR on me I was being rushed to the nearest hospital, which wdas Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan. When I got to the hospital, I was in a coma and all of my organs shut down, except my heart and brain. I remained in a coma for over three months and due to kidney failure my body was retaining fluid. I already weighed approximately four hundred pounds and gained an additional one hundred pounds. My family was told I only had a two percent chance to survive and if I survived I would be brain dead. My mother was advised several times by the doctors to remove me from life support and to start making funeral arrangements. While in a coma both of my eyes hemorrhaged and ulcers in my stomach burst and because my kidneys were not working, I developed yellow jaundice. I was told by members of my family that during the time I looked possessed. My eyes were blood shot red and my corneas could barely be seen. Because of the water retention and jaundice, I had yellowish fluid coming out of my skin all over my body. The doctors did several tests and antibiotics in the hospital, but nothing worked. The doctors told my family there is one more antibiotic they wanted to try and if it didn’t work, there is nothing more they could. After two weeks of getting the last antibiotic, my body started working. My bodily functions that came to a complete halt slowly started to return. The doctors indicated it was definitely a good sign my kidneys and liver were working, but I was still not out of the woods. I had a tracheostomy tube and a feeding tube for five months. I developed a decubitus ulcer at the base of my spine the size of my fore arm. I came out of my coma on December 1st, 2011. I woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing what had happened to me. The last thing I remembered was being at work and I woke to being in the hospital. When I came out of my coma, the only thing I could move was my eyes and I couldn't speak. While lying in the hospital bed I looked around the room and I counted seventeen machines hooked up to my body. A nurse came into the room; I couldn't talk to get the nurse attention, so I just followed her movement around the room with my eyes. Once the nurse noticed me following her, the nurse ran out of the room and about five minutes later the nurse and several doctors entered the room. The doctors started asking me questions and since I could not speak, the doctors asked me to blink my eyes to respond to their questions –blink twice for yes and once for no. After answering their questions, the doctors told me they were going to notify my family to let them know that I was no longer in a coma. About fifteen minutes later my mother and children came into my room. They surrounded my bed so I could see them. My mother began to tell me she always knew I wasn’t going to die and i would come out of the coma. As they talked to me, all I could do was cry. After about a month or so, I am moved to a private room. My friend and now my legal guardian, Allene said she knew I was going to make it and while I was in the hospital she signed me up for medical and disability insurance to make sure there would be insurance for my recovery. In February 2011, after being in the hospital for six months I was transported to a nursing home in Detroit. I remained in the nursing home until my bed sore became infected due to the neglect at the nursing home. The nurses and staff allowed me to sit in my own waste for hours even after I asked several times to be cleaned up. The waste got into my ulcer causing the infection, which could have entered my blood stream and killed me. Thankfully the would care nurse sent me back to Providence hospital where they cleaned up my wound, gave me pain medicine and an antibiotic and even showed my guardian what to look for if my wound ever became infected again. Before leaving Providence for the second time, Allene said to me “I can’t let you go back to that hell whole of a nursing home.” Allene found the nursing home that I'm in now, Imperial Healthcare in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. When I arrived here in April 2011, I was a total quadriplegic. I found myself questioning God and asking God why He would let me survive only to live like this. After several months of praying and not being able to do anything for myself I knew I had to try to do something to change my situation. So every day, a couple times day, I would try to move an arm or a leg. After several months of trying without any success, I was finally able to move my arm and leg a little. I was so excited I started crying because that is what I had been praying for, but it was also a sign for me to keep going. So everyday all day, I would try to move and within a year, I was able to move everything again. I kept it a secret that I was able to move. I waited a couple of weeks and when Allene was up to visit I told her I had something to her. Allene asked me what it was and so I began to move my arms and legs. Allene looked on in amazement and was excited for me. When I was done showing her I could move Allene asked me how long I had been able to move and who else knows? I told her for a couple of months and she was happy and a little bit mad at me for not telling her sooner. Allene said we need to let the therapy department know about this now so they can begin working with you. Allene told me that she's going to tell my nurse and leaves my room. About fifteen minutes later my nurse and someone from the physical therapy department comes into my room. The therapist says, “I heard that you can move now.” I said yes I can and they asked to see, so I began to move my arms and legs while they watched. The therapist said, “You’re definitely moving.” The therapist then said, “We need to see about getting you into the gym for therapy.” That is a brief synopsis of my story. I have written a book about my life titled “Blessed: The Life Story of Sergio McGee.” I really hope to publish my book soon! My church, People of the Light, has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise proceeds to self-publish my book. I also want to donate some of the proceeds from my book sales to a charity that works with the physically disabled., Please Donate & Share ! Gofoundme @ LifeOfSergio Thank you !