The MovingTheNEEDLE (“MTN”) brand content is produced to “normalize” investment culture: private equity, venture, & investment subject matters.

MTN produces financial related content using Hip Hop & Pop Culture syntax, bars, to drive the market. The Moving the NEEDLE (“MTN”) is produced to “normalize” venture capital for Gen X’ers, Gen Y’s & Gen Z’s in professional sports, entertainment: music, television, & film, and art who have accumulated wealth, power, and/or key positions in the marketplace.

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Diddy’s REVOLT to Expand Black Programming and Reach Millions in New Comcast Deal - AfroTech

REVOLT will be in more households by month’s end. On Sept. 29, Comcast will expand REVOLT’s availability to Xfinity TV customers across the country in new and existing markets. Under the networks’ new deal, the hip hop TV platform will be added to the Xfinity Digital Starter package in various...

Gwen Jimmere #movingtheneedle
Almost Homeless, Laid Off, Divorcing, $32 in the Bank, NOW Gwen Has Opened a 4,000 Sq Ft Manufacturing Facility For Her Haircare Empire | Urban Intellectuals

Gwen Jimmere #movingtheneedle

Gwen Jimmere had just $32 in the bank! What would you do in that situation? You’d laugh if we suggested you start a business but that is what Gwen did and it was the best decision of her life. Gwen had been laid off from her corporate gig, she was going through a grueling divorce […]

Jabre Dutton #movingtheneedle
This Black-Owned Car Detailing Business is Owned By 11-Year-Old Jabre Dutton - AfroTech

Jabre Dutton #movingtheneedle

For many, the idea of running a business as a child is far-fetched to achieve, but surprisingly kid entrepreneurs are becoming a powerhouse phenomenon proving that age holds no boundaries when it comes to reaching goals. Entrepreneur Jabre Dutton, 11, is breaking barriers in his own way as the creat...

Get em Regina!
Regina King Makes History as First Black Woman Director to Premiere at Venice Film Festival - AfroTech

Get em Regina!

Black women in Hollywood continue to pave the way for the next generation of creatives to defy the odds and break barriers in spaces that lack diversity. Famed actress Regina King made her directorial debut this week at the Venice Film Festival with her new film, “One Night in Miami.” Thus, maki...

#icecube Yay Yaaay! #movingtheneedle
BREAKING: Biden Campaign to Meet with Ice Cube to Talk Contract with Black America - American Urban Radio Networks

#icecube Yay Yaaay! #movingtheneedle

A meeting between Ice Cube and the Biden campaign is expected today to discuss Cube’s Contract with Black America. The Biden Campaign also held a “Black Man’s Listening Party” with Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The campaign declared it was a good call, which featured DL Hughley,...

Alyson Rae Lawson #movingtheneedle
Black-Owned 7-Eleven Becomes Top Retailer For Largest U.S. Black-Owned Wine Merchant - AfroTech

Alyson Rae Lawson #movingtheneedle

7-Eleven owner, Alyson Rae Lawson, is making history all while taking Black girl magic to the next level. Lawson’s Texas-based store recently set record-high sales as the franchise continuously sells out of its Black Girl Magic wine inventory a part of the McBride Sisters Collection founded by Rob...

Zachary Hamlett #movingtheneedle
This 18-Year-Old is Opening a Coffee Shop to Serve as an Incubator For Black Entrepreneurs - AfroTech

Zachary Hamlett #movingtheneedle

The call for more Black entrepreneurship is at an all-time high right now, and young people are stepping up to fill in the gaps to increase representation for Black businessmen and women. According to Black Business , 18-year-old high school graduate and entrepreneur Zachary Hamlett recently launche...

Keyboard Gangstas... this for you!
This Cyberbully Detection Software Aims to Crack Down On Trolls Abusing Athletes - AfroTech

Keyboard Gangstas... this for you!

Social media comment sections can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying. From the average citizen to public figures like former First Lady Michelle Obama and sports star Serena Williams — no one is safe from trolls hiding behind anonymous profiles. There are several student-focused anti-cyberbull...
This Black-Owned Scooter Company is Not Only Eco-Friendly, But Plans to Push the Culture Forward - AfroTech

Technology continues to evolve, even during a pandemic, as we find more ways to utilize it to our advantage. Created to help reduce traffic congestion and provide a more eco-friendly method of transportation for its users, Verve Scooters offers dockless electronic scooters. It’s also the only Blac...

P #movingtheneedle
Master P Introduces Black-Owned Brands to Replace Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben

P #movingtheneedle

Rap mogul and entrepreneur Master P has introduced a new line of Black-owned products to directly compete with Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup and Uncle Ben's rice products. His products include Uncle P's Original Syrup, Uncle P's Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix, and Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned Ric...

Jason Wright #movingtheneedle
Jason Wright Makes History as Youngest and First Black NFL Team President - AfroTech

Jason Wright #movingtheneedle

The Washington Football team made a historic announcement this morning as the NFL team hired former running back Jason Wright as its new president, making him the youngest and first Black president of an NFL team, according to Bleacher Report . Wright — who previously played seven NFL seasons befo...


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MTN Media Productions, LLC. (“MTNMP”) created “Moving The NEEDLE (“MTN”). MTN produces content to “normalize” venture capital for Gen X’ers, Gen Y’s & Gen Z’s in professional sports, entertainment: music, television, & film, and art who have accumulated wealth, power, and/or key positions in the marketplace. MTN presents “risk” as an editorial thread to “story tell” how one’s life experiences to identify, manage, and overcome risk should equally parallel how one identifies, manages, and overcomes risk within his/her own portfolio.

MTN normalizes a new VC subculture culture with drip, sauce, cool as a commodity, alongside an increased appetite for entrepreneurship and investment in growing verticals, i.e. tech, real estate, etc. Applying risk control strategies toward capital-at-risk in investment, will create solutions for access-to-capital with decreased volatility levels. Implementing strategies to protect principal capital-at-risk will unite value and opportunity and facilitate scale.

Limited access to capital and volatility rates create a demand for risk control. MTN is the new normal in venture capital. MTN editorializes all the effects of one’s learned behavior and skills acquired growing up in a “risk environment” identifying, measuring, and overcoming risk.

MTN is a metaphor for scaling in business. Equally it is a metaphor for turntablism in Hip Hop Pop Culture. MTN uses Hip Hop Pop Culture to teach venture capital strategies and subject matters through our curriculum:

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