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Harrington Park Press has recently been relaunched as a scholarly/academic print and eBook specialty publisher in the area of diversity focused LGBTQ issues, theory & practice. Of special interest will be fundamental books that address theoretical concerns and research-based practice in the post-DOMA, post-DADT era. We aim to combined the quality of an academic press with the targeted marketing inherent in an independent commercial press.

Mission: new books/ebooks in the social and behavioral sciences of interest to LGBTQ researchers, faculty, students, and professionals

Important Meeting at Center for LGBTQ Studies (CLAGS) on Transgender Rights - Oct 30, 2019------------------------------...

Important Meeting at Center for LGBTQ Studies (CLAGS) on Transgender Rights - Oct 30, 2019
Dr. Red Washburn, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies and Associate Professor of English at Kingsborough Community College and CLAGS Board of Directors Member, and Dr. Paisley Currah, Endowed Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies at Brooklyn College and Professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, will be speaking and will share their ideas about these local and national topics.

Registration for tickets can be found at this link:

The Center for LGBTQ Studies (CLAGS), founded in 1991,
is the first university-based research center in the United States dedicated to the study of historical, cultural, and political issues of vital concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and communities.

Dr. Currah, we note with pride, was one of the senior outside editors for "Introduction to Transgender Studies" published by Harrington Park Press in 2019. His outstanding skills helped make this first undergraduate textbook for trans studies into a first-rate publication. One of the book's features, a free downloadable guide to 120 movies and television important for the transgender community and its allies, is featured in this week's "Advocate." Visit our website for this free item, as well as details on our current catalog of scholarly/education LGBTQ books:

This coming Spring, we will be proud to publish a long overdue monograph, "Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Change E...

This coming Spring, we will be proud to publish a long overdue monograph, "Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Change Efforts."

This 250 page volume is edited by Dr. Douglas Haldeman, one of the country's leading psychologists who has specialized in this area from a clinical point of view. The Foreword is by Dr. Jack Drescher, who most LGBTQ academics and community activists will recognize as another foremost authority and recognized powerhouse in this field, amongst many others affecting LGBTQ mental health.

"Change efforts" is a preferred term amongst clinicians and professionals, replacing as it does the older terms "conversion therapy" or "reparative therapy." The reason for this of course is that the older terms, in utilizing the term "therapy," implied beneficial aspects from the get-go.

The Haldeman volume is unique in that it analyzes the empirical basis and consequences of both sexual orientation change efforts ("SOCE") and gender identity change efforts ("GICE"). These are quite divergent topics for many or even most academics.

The legal scholar and historian, Marie-Amelie George, notes that since success of the marriage equality movement,sexual orientation has become a more elusive focus. The transgender population is, in her view,more usefully portrays the any disapproval of the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

This point (over-simplified here!) amongst many, many more insights and revelations, is recounted in an extensive law review article which was winner of the Dukeminier Award conferred by the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute. In case you don't have access to a library account, we located an open access link for you. Even if you a not a legal scholar, you won't regret reading and re-reading the most enjoyably written and eye-opening exposition, "Expressive Ends: Understanding Conversion Therapy Bans":https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/DAJ17_02George.pdf

Harrington Park Press is pleased to note that this coming Spring we are publishing the first English translationof the a...

Harrington Park Press is pleased to note that this coming Spring we are publishing the first English translation
of the archival manuscripts from the Zola Archives edited by Michael Rosenfeld with William Pen*ston under the title of "The Italian Invert: Confessions of a Homosexual to Emile Zola." Translators: William Pen*ston and Nancy Erber. Add yourself to our mailing list for details https://harringtonparkpress.com/

Alex has survived the trauma of so many defining generational moments—Vietnam, Stonewall, AIDS crisis. Last week, Harrin...

Alex has survived the trauma of so many defining generational moments—Vietnam, Stonewall, AIDS crisis. Last week, Harrington Park Press, LLC made it possible for Alex, an MJHS Hospice patient with a love-filled, but failing heart, to attend Sunday’s Pride Parade. But it almost wasn't so!
50 years ago, Alex participated in the Stonewall uprising. He was tired of being marginalized for who he is and who he loves. Prior to that, he had honorably served as a stateside medic with a MASH unit during Vietnam.
After the Army, Alex worked in serology, clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry. He also traveled the world, enjoyed the opera and watched PBS. Even when surrounded by beauty, he was haunted by PTSD—memories of friends dying in war, friends dying at the hands of hate, friends dying from a frightening disease.
Years ago, Alex was diagnosed with an advancing illness and a failing heart that led to nearly 50 hospitalizations and numerous surgical interventions. His baby sister, Carol, became his primary caregiver.
About a month ago, Alex chose MJHS Hospice for his comfort care. Now, our hospice nurse and social worker care for him at home. Necessary medical equipment gets delivered to his home. And, painful medical treatments are over.The focus is on peace and joy.
And joy is exactly what Alex and Carol felt when we called to say a donor was making it possible for them to attend the parade in person, “it was like the heavens opened up. It was a wonderful extension of kindness,” said Carol. She added, “Parade goers cleared a path for us, and so many people came over to shake Alex’s hand. None of that would’ve been possible without the discreet, portable oxygen tank. We spent an 4 exhilarating hours with family, friends and a supportive city.”
For us, Alex is an American hero. Being part of his history is truly an honor. And having special donors who help us make patient dreams come true makes us feel over the rainbow 🌈
If you would like to become a donor, please visit mjhsfoundation.org

Just off-press: "Families in Transition: Parenting Gender Diverse Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults" edited by Arl...

Just off-press: "Families in Transition: Parenting Gender Diverse Children,
Adolescents, and Young Adults" edited by Arlene Lev and Andrew Gottlieb.
"Full of indispensable advice and wisdom, all beautifully organized and compassionately expressed, it is a vital guide.”
Andrew Solomon, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Columbia University Medical Center and author of "Far From the Tree"

Our author, Ardel Thomas ("Introduction to Transgender Studies")  will be speaking at the upcoming annual OUTing the Pas...

Our author, Ardel Thomas ("Introduction to Transgender Studies") will be speaking at the upcoming annual OUTing the Past Conference & Gathering.

Please try to see if you can attend this event, held in beautiful Ulster (Northern Ireland).

The meeting is organized in conjunction with OUTing the Past: The Festival of LGBT History.

Ardel will also be providing a few signed copies of her book, which is the first undergraduate textbook in trans studies.

Several copies of the book will also be auctioned off, with 100% of the proceeds donated by Harrington Park Press to the conference.

The meeting will be held 29th - 31st March 2019 at Ulster University, Belfast.

Since its inception, the conference has maintained a commitment to examining the subjects and methodologies that are part of LGBT+ history. It furthers the goals of the OUTing the Past festival by coordinating a two-day programme featuring papers, panel discussions and workshops while providing a forum for productive and sustained engagements among its participants. With LGBT+ history is being created and curated now, the event welcomes academics, public scholars, students, activists, librarians, archivists, heritage professionals and others to join the conversation.

Conference information and registration is available at outingthepast.com
Further information regarding the Festival of L

"Introduction to Transgender Studies"....is the first undergraduate textbook for the field.   Just off-press.   For "Tab...

"Introduction to Transgender Studies"....is the first undergraduate textbook for the field. Just off-press. For "Table of Contents" see: . If you teach trans/transgender studies at the college level or above and would like to consider this book for adoption, write to:



‘Gay & Bisexual men living with prostate cancer’ from diagnosis to recovery'.
Edited by Jane M. Ussher, Janette Perz, B.R. Simon Rosser. Published by Harrington Park Press

Review by Simon Faulkner of lgbt-walnut
• I’m dyslexic - so most books I don’t easily read cover to cover, but with the format of the book it is easy to move around and read bite size amounts.
• As a gay man, diagnosed with prostate cancer 7 ½ years ago and on Active Surveillance, I coordinate the only face-to-face support group for lgbt people at the moment in the London and southeast area in the UK. It’s great to see an informative book talking about gay and bisexual men’s and trans women’s life experiences around a prostate cancer diagnosis. Even within our own lgbtq+ communities, acknowledgment of the nuances of difference of experience around prostate cancer can be something that is not initially recognised or appreciated, so it’s good to get people talking.
• ‘Gay & Bisexual men living with prostate cancer’ is an academic type book: a must for all hospitals/Urinary departments and oncology clinicians. The book provides a platform for discussion, and educates the diverse experience of everyone (gay, bisexual or trans women) who is diagnosed with prostate cancer, and their partners/supporters.
• One small criticism I do have, it’s the title and maybe in lack of content – as not all men are diagnosed early and some are given an advanced prognoses, so unfortunately not all men survive long term. From this point of view, the book does miss out with no ‘palliative’, ‘advanced’ or ‘end of life’ in the Index. At support groups we see those and their family networks who are dealing with these types of journeys too, men who are living with ongoing advanced or palliative treatments. They can be overwhelmed and/or undermined with out of context voices of ‘living with’ or ‘recovery’. We need to work and support them all too.
• For those patients thinking of buying the book, it is good to remember it is based mainly on research and healthcare systems not in the UK, although experiences of those gay, bisexual men and trans women with prostate cancer is often shared in common - so a must for health professionals.

Harrington Park Press congratulates Malecare for its excellent chapter by Darryl Mitteldorf, “Malecare: Twenty Years of ...

Harrington Park Press congratulates Malecare for its excellent
chapter by Darryl Mitteldorf, “Malecare: Twenty Years of Innovation and Service to Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women with Prostate Cancer.” This chapter appears in our new book “Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer: from diagnosis to recovery” jointly edited by Jane Ussher, Janette Perz, and Simon Rosser.

Malecare provides gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer
up-to-date support, care and treatment information. It is free and open to all, worldwide. It has served the GBT community for over 20 years.

Please subscribe to their free YouTube Channel for prostate cancer and gay men. Livestreams also included. Click here, and then click on the red “Subscribe” button [if this and the following link do not work, go to Youtube and search for “Malecare”] https://youtube.com/malecare

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

"Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer" is a thoughtful, and comprehensive look at LGBTQ life with prostate can...
How Is Prostate Cancer Different for Gay and Bisexual Men? | Metrosource

"Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer" is a thoughtful, and comprehensive look at LGBTQ life with prostate cancer and its treatment.....(from Metrosource)
Congratulations to our distinguished authors, Dr. Jane Ussher,
Dr. Janette Perz and Dr. Simon Rosser for a magnificent review of their new book in "MetroSource," one of the most popular digital magazines in New York City. Complete review: https://metrosource.com/how-is-prostate-cancer-different-for-gay-and-bisexual-men/

"Threads of Our Lives: Documenting the AIDS Quilt"(reading time: 6 minutes).....Famed gay librarian Rob Ridinger provide...

"Threads of Our Lives: Documenting the AIDS Quilt"
(reading time: 6 minutes).....Famed gay librarian Rob Ridinger provides his astute recommendations for the best books about the AIDS quilt.

Dr. Simon Rosser, one of the most prestigious authors with Harrington Park Press, is giving a presentation Monday mornin...

Dr. Simon Rosser, one of the most prestigious authors with Harrington Park Press, is giving a presentation Monday morning in San Francisco at the American Urological Association. He will cover emerging research and clinical practice involving gay & bisexual men with prostate cancer. His new book on this topic, jointly edited with Jane Ussher and Jannette Perez, is now on-press. Details: http://harringtonparkpress.com/gay-bisexual-men-living-prostate-cancer/

Free Webinar: LGBTQ Palliative Care--------------------------------------------The MJHS Institute for Innovation in Pall...
Interprofessional Webinar Series: Ensuring Palliative Care for All: Optimizing Access for LGBTQ People (FREE) | MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care

Free Webinar: LGBTQ Palliative Care
The MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care
in New York City is providing a free webinar on optimizing palliative
care access for LGBTQ people.

1) Date & Time
Thursday, May 17th...
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

2) Speaker: Dr. Richard Harding
The speaker is Dr. Richard Harding, Dunhill Chair &
Director for Global Health Palliative care and Professor,
King's College London, Florence Nightingdale School of Nursing,
Midwifery and Palliative Care.

3) Link
Below is the link for registration.
Continuing education credits are provided.

4 Recommendation...
Dr. Harding is a marvelous, delightful and
engaging speaker.

His early, evidence-based lectures on this topic
were in part the inspiration for us to commission
Dr. Kimberly Acquaviva's
LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice & Palliative Care,
winner of first place "Book of the Year" award
(Hospice & Palliative Care Category) from the
American Journal of Nursing.

It is our pleasure to recommend this event.

This free webinar helps physicians, nurses, and social workers to summarize existing evidence from research studies and examine evidence-based recommendations for better LGBTQ palliative care.

Remembering Dr. John De Cecco--------------------------------Two weeks ago Dr. John P. Elia, eminent editor of the ever-...
John Paul De Cecco - Wikipedia

Remembering Dr. John De Cecco
Two weeks ago Dr. John P. Elia, eminent editor of the ever-robust "Journal of Homosexuality," organized a memorial service
following the anniversary of the passing of Dr. John De Cecco.
Dr. De Cecco, as many LGBTQ academics will know, was the heart and soul of the "Journal of Homosexuality" ever since its founding. Dr. Elia kindly read a short remembrance I was able to prepare as Dr. De Cecco's Publisher:
"It is an honor to be asked to provide some words in honor and memory of Dr. John De Cecco. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. John P. Elia, who is in so many respects Dr. De Cecco's noble successor.
I first met Dr. De Cecco through the kind introduction of
Charles Silverstein in 1976. Charles had been contracted by The Haworth Press to edit our new "Journal of Homosexualtiy. Charles at the time was keen to start, but due to unanticipated commitments, was hard-pressed to keep up with a quarterly
schedule. He thoughtfully suggested that his friend and colleague John De Cecco should
take over, leveraging as he could establishing an editorial office based at his office and program for the study of human sexuality at San Francisco State University. The transfer of editorship was made smoothly and swiftly. Dr. Silverstein's suggestion was so wise!
How quickly reams of disorganized files and missing papers suddenly re-emerged! Dr. De Cecco was the master of manuscript care, respect, and
diligence. He also had a flock of student interns to help out. The journal zipped towards a regular publication cycle and
zoomed to a tremendous circulation of about 3,500 print copies.
John quickly became both a professional and personal friend. He confided little tidbits that demonstrated the eddies and cross-currents in the fast-growing field that was known then simply as just "gay studies" or "gay and lesbian studies." He was keen to spot anything especially intriguing "I might be snoozing at a conference," he confided once,
"when suddenly someone will describe a brilliant notion. I'd wake up in an instant to make certain as to who that speaker might be for a potential manuscript."
He also had a bit of a roving eye for "the boys." These comments were always conveyed in a quiet tasteful tone, and low-key and
A certain melancholy was not always masked.
He was lonely.
There was little I could do to help in that regard.
I was just glad that the "Journal," put a new spring in his
step. It was making its mark on
the world, and John was enjoying helping the journey
and making it as exciting and aggressive as possible.
The journal grew and grew, and along with it,
John's reputation and influence. He was not, however,
engaged in original empirical research himself. He would
help jointly guest-edit special issues, but there was not,
to the best of my knowledge, a single original empirically-based
article by John himself in the journal's history. This may be
one reason why his name does not appear in any roster
of most-cited LGBTQ scholars. No, his joy was in helping
lift up others in their careers or thinking.
Now decades have past. The "Journal" is in solid hands.
For this we should all be glad. But there is an undercurent
of melancholy in the air.
We miss our dearest, most authentic friend. We miss his quizzical smile, his deep rumbling laugh. We miss the off-color jokes which summarized lengthy academic volumes in just a few words.

We are lonely.

-Bill Cohen, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Harrington Park Press

Dr. John Paul De Cecco..

John Paul De Cecco (April 18, 1925 – November 2, 2017) was an American academic. He was a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Homosexuality from 1975 to 2009, and a "pioneer of sexuality studies."


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