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Alterations Taylor Model Magazine Alterations Taylor Model Magazine social media management, PR, photography, film making, life strea

Model Magazine social media management, PR, photography, film making, life stream, pranks, talent agency, SEO, photobooth, fashion show production [email protected], marketing, DJ and MC

Photographer/videographer, or advertising/ public relationship person is needed in Alterations Taylor Model Magazine to ...

Photographer/videographer, or advertising/ public relationship person is needed in Alterations Taylor Model Magazine to represent my billboard publication division from Times Square NYC. I plan to pay $3000.00 per month part time for 20 hours per week, that is $25.00 per hour side gig for the right person. Thank you very much or [email protected]
Examples of billboards and price list
Prices from $300.00 to 5k depends on duration, content, etc
I need a photographer/videographer to take pictures and videos that I can post on Times Square Billboards for my clients. I need that person to find new additional clients and serve my existing client book. Need more PR and advertising agencies to subscribe to my advertisement fulfillment productions and to do more drop shipment advertisements.
About me
I do campaigns for businesses including publications on Times Square NYC. Posting video of your billboard will most likely give you a significant engagement boost; I have data to prove it. I can send my media kit. The way it works, there are four options: 1. You get paid to be on billboards as a talent for a client. 2. You can pay to be on billboard. I have from 300.00 and up deals. 3. We can trade if it makes sense. 4. Drop shipment / fulfillment advertisement or white label. I can send you a few links as examples of my billboards. I average 40 billboard premieres per month, many of my clients experience revenue growth like . I average 15 millions monthly views on FB on my 700 pages with over 4 million followers combined. I do mostly YouTube and ig

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Supplements, Integrated Approach by Efroim Gurman Press-release Fresh, un-engaged view on a theory and practice of food ...

Supplements, Integrated Approach by Efroim Gurman Press-release
Fresh, un-engaged view on a theory and practice of food supplement usage. Easy to read for regular readers as well as inspiring with the new ideas for professionals and scientists.
The author, Efroim Gurman, PhD, Dr.Sci., turned his many years of experience at nutritional science and veterinary practice into fascinating reading - facts and new ideas behind the most important subject of human life – support of health by eating right. As a byproduct of these ideas he founded the brand "VetVittles", a line of healthy supplements for pets, which are both tasty and healthy. Efroim is an advocate for those that created food and supplements using natural ingredients and above all accounted physiological technology of organisms. In his view nourishment is as important science as nutrition is. It is his 7th book, each of them is written in different genres, from strictly scientific monographs till handbook and humorous stories about humans and their pets. Writing for him is not a commercial project but a way to serve humanity. The book “Supplements: Integrated Approach” is addressed to those who are interested in healthy nutrition and lifestyle and who want to understand the scientific arguments and motives behind numerous popular recommendations and myths.
To order a copy of the book please reach out at ig alexanderegurman thank you. We are urgently looking for promotional influencers to increase book distribution. Book signing ceremony December 18 NYC dm for details. Great gift for the holidays. We are grateful when you share our book release on your social media with your community, thank you. We are going to print shortly next edition and actively looking for the advertisers to include at the back of the book. We are looking for the voice over artists to read from the book and we are looking to facilitate testimonials and assist with fair and balance reviews on the book. We are looking for the wholesale buyers and additional distribution networks. We are interested in production of promotional materials to advance the book sales now. Disclosure: paid content. Amazing Birthday gift, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift. We are interested to find experts on the subject and find out your opinion on the book. If you have a promotional idea, we would love to hear about it. We are looking for celebrities and various people with various accents to read the book to appeal to different audiences. With proper microphones in studios we can record content that may help to promote the book sales. Businesses that are in the space of supplements, please reach out, perhaps we can find a common ground. If you have food related business or in the space of fitness and care about health, perhaps a medical related field please consider this book. Folks who are in similar fields would great to hear your opinion on the book once you buy it and read it. Restaurants and chief please reach out. We might be interested in book redesign for next edition. Looking for restaurant to co produce relevant promotional content. Any content that would increase book sales is good as long as it legal and will not hurt us elsewhere. We want this book to become national bestseller. On Black Friday the book will be available at Amazon. Book will be available at eBay in a few days. Electronic kindle edition in the talks now, we do not want to cannibalize print book sales for now, but will do kindle version at some point. Barnes and Noble small press division will probably carry the book by the next year. We are looking for on camera talent to promote the book. We are looking into the ways to film a documentary based on the book for film festivals submissions. For the next large print order we are looking for the printing house that can handle quantity and quality.

Supermodel is needed to do interviews at the Miami Swim Week at the art hearts fashion show. Pay rate is $150 -$250 per ...

Supermodel is needed to do interviews at the Miami Swim Week at the art hearts fashion show. Pay rate is $150 -$250 per day, 4 days of interviews. Great looks are needed, good voice and interview skills are helpful. Please message at if you are available July 7th to July 11th. Production is partially sponsored by Dino Luzzi Energy Drink, and and Mr. Great. Please reply what is your instagram, portfolio, any particular requirements. We have over 700 fb pages with over 500k followers and millions of views on a monthly basis. We also often get many publications in mainstream media magazines as well. Also looking for the public relationship person. Our page as distributor also got paid in products / cans from Dino Luzzi Energy drinks so if you would like you can buy energy drinks directly from us and help us convert our product payment in cash that we can use to produce great content for you. Please message us here or at [email protected] we run quite a few promotions for various sponsor like you are welcome to join our team. We are in strong need to get more distribution, if you can help to sell the products, please reach out. Huge shoot out for Tobi Rubinstein with her new book another announcement is in regard to full feature film “Fashion Week” we are filming now in NYC and Miami, please reach out for product placement and if you have interest in background participation. Also we are in the process to place TV advertisement for our page, radio commercial and magazine print publication. We are also looking for SEO expert to advance our page and our clients. As far as our fashion show in Miami Swim week we still have room for more designers to join us. Our main sponsor VetVittles supports our fashion shows with dogs and cats and Dino Luzzi Energy drink support our other fashion show production with their energy drinks. We would be happy to find more sponsors and advertisers with 700 fb pages and over 2 million views monthly combined between mega pages and new pages we feel we can bring value to brands. Message us for the media kit and analytics. We can introduce you to our clients and they can share what results we deliver for them in terms of marketing.

Alterations Taylor Fashion show

Alterations Taylor Fashion show

Underwater lingerie and swimwear fashion show at night July 6th 8 pm at the beach by Collins Park. We booked amazing mod...

Underwater lingerie and swimwear fashion show at night July 6th 8 pm at the beach by Collins Park. We booked amazing models for the show. Lingerie and swimwear fashion show in Miami, July 12 9 am Collins Park, Miami, press accreditation available. Schedule of other designers will post shortly, follow and like to see updates. List of participating models and celebrities will post shortly, Visa assistance for international designers and talent to come to the show. Tiktok videos production at the show, product photography and commercials and advertising content before and after the show. List of our sponsors will post shortly. Additional shows we will announce shortly. We expect to have various buyers and celebrities at the show participating in the event. We do have drinks and snack for the crew  please vote  her instagram,Paid partnershi...
04/21/2021 please vote her instagram,
Paid partnership with super model Wendy Escobar
Sponsorship content, if you want to advertise and produce content with Wendy please reach out directly and do not forget to vote for her on Maxim cover girl magazine
After you vote for Wendy if you can message her on the instagram that you voted that would be wonderful for tracking and accountability of our posts
thank you
Wendy should win the contest and will be on her way to big fashion show productions

Alterations fashion show

Alterations fashion show


Reporter, interviewer is needed for the fashion show productions. Budget $600.00 ideally with access to distribution. April fashion shows productions. For the Rain Fashion Week please contact


Alterations fashion week

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more information about dog fashion week show


testing live stream for the NYFW Week show

Alterations Taylor is needed for NYFW show

Alterations Taylor is needed for NYFW show




2220 Avenue X
New York, NY


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