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TRI Online is an innovative fully accredited boutique Distance Learning Program grounded in Jewish thought and based on Jewish values. TRI Online specializes in Undergraduate and Graduate Jewish Studies courses in the fields of Theology, Bible Study (Torah) Talmud Study (Gemarah) Medieval Jewish Law and Medieval Jewish Thought (Rishonim and Machshavah) Jewish History and Jewish Philosophy. TRI is a Hybrid Distance Learning Program which means that most of the material is studied and prepared independently but some instructors expect a minimal on-site presence.

Mission: TRI cultivates an atmosphere of serious and lively discourse. We will often hear from students, participants or graduates that their experience at TRI was inspiring and transformative. TRI pursues cutting edge best practices in everything we do. The result is meaningful and important opportunities created for personal and professional advancement.

Theological Research Institute

Theological Research Institute

Theological Research Institute's cover photo

Theological Research Institute's cover photo

Theological Research Institute's cover photo

Theological Research Institute's cover photo


Tens of millions with a shocking identity!


The great decentralization is upon us.. College 2.0

UVERSIT is proud to open applications for our Mobile Bachelor's Degree to Yeshiva Students worldwide!

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Psychedelics in the Bible

Rabbi Harry Rozenberg​ has a discussion with Dr. Gerald Schroeder​ regarding the role of DMT in the Biblical Narrative. DMT is considered to be one of the most psychoactive chemicals known to humanity, and a plant containing it is found throughout the Torah.

Profile pictures

Profile pictures

Hundreds of years before the Holocaust took place, the great Rabbi's of Europe were sending waives of Torah scholars to ...

Hundreds of years before the Holocaust took place, the great Rabbi's of Europe were sending waives of Torah scholars to settle and rebuild the land of Israel.. The first thing they did when they got there was write a letter to the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' in Africa begging for their return to Israel along with their pure teachings of the law of Moses.. Read the heartfelt letter here, written by Rabbi Israel of Shklov, student of the Vilna Gaon (known to have been one of the greatest Sages in Jewish history (portrait of the Vilna Gaon below was done by his grandaughter, and a modern rendition by Israel's very own Solomon Souza))'s_students_letter_to_the_Lost_Tribes_of_Israel.1?lang=en&layout=lines&sidebarLang=all

In honor of Martin Luther King day we share a fantastic tale of two great men from two seemingly different backgrounds (...

In honor of Martin Luther King day we share a fantastic tale of two great men from two seemingly different backgrounds (MLK and Rabbi Heschel, see article below), complimented by some Jerusalem street art depicting Rabbi Heschel, who had the honor to be painted next to Rabbi Wentworth Arthur Mathews, one of the original spiritual leaders for the Judean African's in the diaspora.

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Profile Pictures

Theological Research Institute's cover photo

Theological Research Institute's cover photo


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TRI offers courses with College Credit Recommendation by the National College Credit Recommendation Services (NCCRS)


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Hi, we’re TRI

The Theological Research Institute, Ltd. (TRI) -a National College Credit Recommendation Services (NCCRS) member since 2010- was founded in 2009 to offer students and professionals a comprehensive and robust learning experience focused on the History, Philosophy, Biblical law, and Hermeneutics of the Jewish religion.

Utilizing classical methods of Rabbinic scholarship combined with special emphasis on religious humanism, TRI strives to bring a new and innovative twist to Jewish learning that emphasizes evolving issues, both past and present.

Humanistic ideals of morals, ethics and tolerance, based on the writings of the Pentateuch, Talmud, the academies of the Geonim and Maimonides, are underlying themes that form the basis of the curriculum and are integrated into lesson plans and course work, highlighting the continuity of these cherished characteristics throughout Jewish traditions and to the present day.

The goal of TRI is to provide college–level coursework focused on Judaic Studies to a wide and all–encompassing audience regardless of religion, race or creed. Courses in Jewish Humanities, Thought and Philosophy, Talmudic, Jurisprudential and Biblical Studies form the cornerstone of course work. Instructors highlight the theoretical and practical applications of the traditions and contemporary concepts in modern society. This program ensures that the students of TRI will have extensive knowledge of these principles and their daily applications.


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