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I'm asking actors that I know who would like to be in private staged readings of new works in development, using video conferencing, to get in touch.

Please include a link to your latest reel I haven't seen your work in two or more years.

No clients for this yet, but it is good to know who would want to do it. I will take referrals for clients who may include writers and small production companies.

Legally this would be a workshop for private consumption only.

If a writer/producer client wants to use some of the material for pitching, we need to come up with a deal-memo release prior to the reading for all actors as a publicity vehicle - where naturally we *want* you to get cast, even if we can't guarantee it. Expectations will be in writing prior to your participation.

You can contact me through this page and I will make a file. I hope to hear back from my non-New York actors, too.

The Art of the Chase - First Promotional Teaser

Our official first peek at the world of "The Art of the Chase" Feature Film. Written and Produced by Gisele Haralson and Produced by Rachel Kadushin Directed by A.J. Spurlock (Jade Assist). Title song written and performed by SingerKrystal Parker.

Thanks to our cast and crew. Follow through to vimeo to see full credits. Please share and collect!

The Art of the Chase Movie Teaser Trailer Three career women, lead by fashion editor Nina Malone, and their disastrous love lives. Set primarily in Baton Rouge,…


Watch this space. Big post coming tomorrow (1/2/19 during the day/afternoon).

We have a web-page and presentation video up for Who Said You Can't?. Click through from our page or come direc...
Who Said You Can't?

We have a web-page and presentation video up for Who Said You Can't?. Click through from our page or come directly to

and play the video that shows some of our footage to date, and introduces some of the obstacles our African-American Women in Science Professions have faced.

Who Said You Can't? Resilient Achievements of Women and African-Americans in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). We are looking to shoot additional interview footage, gain rights to use archival historical footage and images, pa...


We have created and are updating the Instragram for Who Said You Can't? @WhoSaidYouCantProject. For now please visit and like the page where we are cross posting articles of interest and links about Women Achievers and African-Americans in STEM, plus some extras events and activities for Black History Month.


Please check out our "new" page that Rachel Kadushin is Co-Producing with Follow Dreams Productions.

Who Said You Can't?


Stay tuned... we added Art is Alive Film Festival to our page favorites, and are going to host an album of photos and memories from this year's festival.

Lots of things are still in the background but not the back-burner. However I can show you a first look at a documentary...
Cinematic Arts Presents The Lucky Eleven

Lots of things are still in the background but not the back-burner. However I can show you a first look at a documentary that Rachel Kadushin is Co-Producing with filmmaker George Tillman. Please check out and like -

11 South Side High School football players from Memphis joined the Fisk University Team, leading to Championship Seasons in 1973 and 1975 before going Pro.


I know I haven't updated this page a lot or posted new photos in a while here or to twitter - there will be some updates during the next week. Got some nice photos from the film festival... and there will also soon be a separate page for "The Art of the Chase" movie.


This is a place holder "introduction" post to mention that Rachel Kadushin, Gisele Haralson , Tamie Collins Markee (Tammy Collins Markee), and Eugene Mikle are teaming up with others to try to help residents in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. The proposal from one of our friends and partners is to create a "Baton Rouge Relief Fund."

We are still in the very early stages of planning, but want to do something right now. The replies to this post will be "resources" and "services" doing things right now in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, which includes several parishes and small incorporated towns and cities.

We are going to be reaching out to groups and pages on facebook and ask you to "like" Best Friends Productions for updates or to participate in planning or taking steps.

One example - which does not have a page on facebook at this time - is Gisele Haralson's "Celebration of Women" #CelebrationofWomen Event which debuted in March 2016 and donated to the Baton Rouge Food Bank and St. Judes Children's Hospital from their proceeds. There will be a 2nd Annual event in March 2017.

Teaser Trailer (4.5 minutes) for A Celebration of Women Footage High Resolution

Editing this post to reflect Gisele Haralson's release about her next Celebration of Women Event:

She wrote, "The date has been set for our next A Celebration of Women event. March 11, 2017 is the date and the best and brightest women will be celebrated for their accomplishments and achievements.".

In the video clip , "Listen as Louisiana 1st female governor Kathleen Blanco speaks about women supporting each other."

Gisele continues, "Last week we reached a milestone when Hillary Clinton became the 1st woman to become a major party nominee for President of the United States. Regardless of feelings about her; history has been made. Inbox me if you would like to nominate an outstanding woman for next year event. We Rock!!!"

Tagging our video crew partners Fresh Wave Media Solutions.

While Rachel Kadushin is not a committee member for the event, Best Friends Productions will help out as requested or to be planned. Thanks everyone who helped with the test version of this post.

This reel shows highlights of the event "A Celebration of Women" which was created by Gisele Haralson and took place on March 6, 2016. The Pi 3.14 Foundation…


Reading and evaluating film business plans is only one element of being a producer, but they take a lot of skills and experience to be done right. You're in a position to both elevate work in the arts and do good commerce for potential investors.

The keys to reading a film business plan are figuring out what they have, what they want, what you can provide directly, what you can provide from your team (who could be available in your team to do it), and figuring out how the things that the project will need beyond that could be fulfilled.

One part reading comprehension, one part experience, one part knowledge, and one part analytical. Part of being analytical is determining if it is worth your time to see if anything important was left out of the business plan. Then, if what was left out was from ignorance or from hoarding resources. - Rachel Kadushin


Due to financial and logistical issues, we are going to have to postpone the June 12th Eclectic Variety Show. Thank you Lock In City, SHERWIN XL, Stephanie Lexis, Meechie DaComic Unleashed. Vickie Phillips, and Infinite Wiz for joining us on this journey. Looking forward to working with all of you in the future.

An additional special thanks for everyone on our email lists who sent us positive feedback, supported the kickstarter campaign, or got tickets. The tickets have been refunded.

Last day to get advanced tickets in a way that will help us have the show -- or not. I need 50 plus seats sold/reserved ...
Eclectic Variety Show

Last day to get advanced tickets in a way that will help us have the show -- or not. I need 50 plus seats sold/reserved by the end of today or the show will have to be postponed to an unknown future date.... and all of the same artists will have be contacted at that time to determine their availability.

Head-lined by young Lite Feet dancers members of #LockInCity. Lite Feet is the Jazz of dance styles, employing improvision and combining themes and moves from many other styles. Use the link above to get to the page for Lock In City with links to photos and videos. Master of Ceremonies She…


Hey, all - the theater seats 250 - and we've got 220 tickets on sale now - help us figure out how big the 1 hour reception after the performance should be by getting your tickets now -- (before June 1st for the show is on June 12). Thanks!


561 Hudson St, # 99
New York, NY


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