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Available on Amazon Worldwide, as eBook and Paperback.

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Guerrilla film making, things!

Guerrilla film making, things!



In 1977, while addressing an audience at the University of Lagos, Professor Chinua Achebe said, ”God forbid that we should be the generation that had the opportunity to create Africa’s first truly modern state but frittered away the chance in parochialism, inefficiency, corruption, and cynicism.”

But the reality today is that every Nigerian under 60 has been failed woefully by their father, grandfather, uncle, et al. We have been collectively failed, without any doubt whatsoever.

Our fathers failed us incredibly, and that goes without saying. Ironically, someone once referred to us as ”the failed generation.” And, frankly, there can't be a more apt description of our generation.

But my question to us today, the under 60 years old, is, what legacy would we leave for our own children?

Another failure, perhaps? I sure hope not!

If you're currently a parent, I'm sure your children have started asking you questions. Heart-wrenching questions I might add.

So, I ask again, are we going to continue to fold our arms and do nothing? Or are we going to continue to sit on our ”lazy” behinds and wait for a miracle to happen?

When is enough really enough?


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#Legacy: Genesis of the Popular Nigerian 419 ScamAvailable on Amazon:
‘I have always loved to be a writer’

#Legacy: Genesis of the Popular Nigerian 419 Scam

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Ernest Bhabor is an award winning filmmaker and one of the pioneers of the Nigerian film industry. He is a founding member of both the Writers Guild of Nigeria (WGN), and the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN). He is a product of the University of Ibadan; the British Film Council, the Lagos Film Insti...


“Using digital cameras and computers, the novice can now at low cost experiment, improvise, solve problems collaboratively with cast and crew, revise earlier solutions, and treat crises as disguised opportunities. A guerrilla approach like this—common in documentary but foreign to the cost-driven norms of the features industry—means you are empowered as a low-budget independent to produce cutting-edge creativity” - Michael Rabiger


"Only the person who’s made the movie knows what goes into the decisions that result in any piece of work. They can be anything from budget requirements to divine inspiration” - Sidney Lumet

Naija Productions, LLC

Season Greetings everyone!

‘Naija Blues’ - A Documentary By Ernest Bhabor … Coming Soon!


Sidney Lumet always said, “The key to making a good scene is easy -- you just get GOOD actors” - And I concur 110%!


"Most marketing executives will concede that the most that they can accomplish is to get moviegoers to taste the movie the first week of its release. After that, word-of-mouth takes over. Ultimately, the quality of the story determines whether a film succeeds or fails" - Tiuu Lukk


"Civilization is but a sieve through the holes of which there passes the discard. The good remains" - Jean Renoir


“It’s common that the creative group you’ve cultivated in film school becomes the one you rely on when you’re making your first professional projects, but close collaborative relationships can also originate outside film school” - Michael Rabiger


“If you establish a reputation as someone with strong ideas who also creates an atmosphere of artistic excitement, mutual respect and hard work, then you’ll attract the most serious minded people around you” - Michael Rabiger


“Filmmaking offers a close link to a communal identity in that it’s not really the expression of a single individual, rather we always make film with others” - Michael Rabiger


“When generosity of spirit is lacking, it’s the movie that suffers most” - Michael Rabiger


“A director must conceive and clearly articulate an overarching vision for the film: the thematic goals, the stylistic approach, and the overall emotional tone and resonance. All the principal collaborators will take their cues from these central ideas. The ability to devise and communicate a clear creative roadmap for the project is at the core of a director’s authority and is the basis for the trust that the cast and crew must have in their leader” - Michael Rabiger


“A director need not take every suggestion offered, but the act of inviting and considering ideas from creative personnel generates more possibilities for success and makes everyone feel personally invested in the project. This inspires people to give their very best and every director should strive for it” - Michael Rabiger


“Cinematographers, actors, art directors, and editors often work on multiple films in a single year, of all sorts, while a director is lucky to make one film in three years” - Michael Rabiger


“It is the director who sets the creative tone for a film production, and an intelligent director will not bear the burden of making an entire film themselves; instead they take advantage of the experience, expertise, and creative sensibilities of the team around them” - Michael Rabiger


“Each special-ist yields the greater part of his or her life to making a contribution, and cinema’s strength and appeal come from the collaborative interplay at the core of this process" - Michael Rabiger


“To complete the Noah’s ark, there are producers, distributors, exhibitors, and financiers who make filmmaking possible because they insist that it find a paying audience” - Michael Rabiger


“People think directing must be the ultimate in self-expression, but the cinema earned its preeminent place because it is a collective, not an individualist’s medium. Making a feature film takes directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, art directors, editors, sound designers, makeup artists—creative craftspeople of every kind, all working together” - Michael Rabiger


“As a director, I’m a sort of human lens through which everyone’s efforts are focused. A big part of my job is making decisions about how all the great talent that I’m working with blends into a single consciousness” - Michael Rabiger


“The truth is that giving birth to a story for the screen is an intoxicating business. Whoever does it fully and completely is living existentially—that is, entirely in the present and spending each precious moment as if it were their last” - Michael Rabiger


“In short, a film director is a leader, and as a leader must exude authority, build trust, communicate abstract ideas clearly, and inspire good work” - Michael Rabiger


"For every scene you need to choreograph a dance between your actors and the camera, with the perfect lens choice. And that's before you even think about directing performance" - Christopher Kenworthy


"In TV, and even many films these days, people often move the camera just because they can. Or because people think a moving or wobbling camera is somehow more exciting. But skillful, motivated master shots and well-executed moves can make all the difference between shooting another journeyman scene, and capturing something truly great. Never move the camera for the sake of it, but never sit it on a tripod because you're too lazy to think of something more interesting" - Christopher Kenworthy


"Color affects moods, changes audience perceptions, and creates links between scenes, characters, and locations. Color can highlight a specific area of a frame, a specific point in time, or it can have the opposite effect and hide an object within its surroundings" - Jeremy Vineyard


"The manipulation of Color, the application of it in the set design, the costumes, the lighting (using filters) is everywhere in cinema. By using and altering Color, you can create a profound effect on the audience" - Jeremy Vineyard


"Cinematic Reality is the technique of “snapping” the restrictions of merely capturing “real life” or “day-to-day” events. When the filmmaker ignores physics, defies logic, or shakes off cause-and-effect, he can create new and unique cinematic constructs out of images, characters, editing, and story" - Jeremy Vineyard


"One of the great things about cinema is that it gives the storyteller a special kind of freedom. Filmmakers can create sequences in films that have no bearing on the reality we know and experience in the world around us" - Jeremy Vineyard


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Naija Productions, LLC has been in business for many years, but formally since 2007; working with music and movie producers as joint or co-producers. Our goal is to collaborate and partner with gifted and talented artistes, entertainers, and other industry professionals from conception to distribution; from script to screen.

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