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Nina Online Social Media Training & Coaching I teach driven entrepreneurs who to grow a profitable and thriving social media business that allows them the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever

I help tech-savvy, driven entrepreneurs who want to have a thriving online social media business that provides them the freedom & flexibility to work from anywhere they want to.

I help tech-savvy, driven entrepreneurs who want to have a thriving online social media business that provides them the freedom & flexibility to work from anywhere they want to.

I help tech-savvy, driven entrepreneurs who want to have a thriving online social media business that provides them the freedom & flexibility to work from anywhere they want to.



Any one can post content on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform. However, it takes a true strategist to post content with intention.

While most people follow trends, we review the data.
Don’t get me wrong, trends can be fun, and effective, but data never lies.

At Nina Online, we take a data driven approach to make sure your content is performing the way you want it to.

We take a look into these 3 core pillars of data to make sure your strategy is effective and gets you your desired results.

⚡️Review your current data to see what works/what doesn't
⚡️Set KPIs
⚡️Analyze the results
⚡️Experiment until we get a winning formula
⚡️Test, Tweak, Toss
⚡️Rinse and Repeat the most effective strategies to replicate success

✅We perform market research to see what your clients need
✅We find where your clients are hanging out
✅We build relationships with them on your behalf

While we don’t do the selling for you, we can help you get closer to your sales goals:

🔥Connect your best prospects and only deliver your best quality leads

🔥Re-engage and nurture your warm audience so they are primed and ready to buy.

🔥 Continue to review data and implement new strategies that increase your conversion rate.

When it comes to hiring a social media manager to move your business forward, you want to hire a strategist who understands your business, and provides you with fresh ideas to keep the leads and clients raising their hands to work with you.

Ready to grow and scale your business with social media?

DM “Leads” to schedule a quick 20 minute Double Your Leads Sales call to see how my team and I can help you support your social media goals.



That's how long it took me to hire a coach I really wanted to work with.

I was in her community for 4 years. There were opportunities for me to invest earlier, but the offer wasn't what I needed at the time or I was already in another container when she made offers I did want.

😱Here's the deal.. While it may not take your client 4 years to finally hire you, it may take them a few months, or in an extreme case, a year or more to warm up to you and finally invest.

Of course, there are people who find you, fall in love with you, and hire you win 2.5 seconds of hearing what you have to say.

❌But... there are also people in your audience who are still trying to feel you out.. even if they are ready to invest.

Yes, we all want clients who are ready, but just because someone is ready, doesn’t mean they will choose you.

For every coach that touts that they have an amazing program, epic content, and life changing transformation, I see ready, committed and dedicated women behind the scenes who were :

❌Gaslighted by a coach
❌Shamed by a coach
❌Scammed by a coach
❌Disappointed in a coach…

So, yes, your content can be epic, but no matter if your potential client is ready or not, they still have to know, like, trust, and BELIEVE you.

✅The best way I know how to build the KLT factor is to build and nurture a community of like minded individuals who are ready to change their lives, and do things differently.

🤑Some may buy in a matter of minutes, some in a matter of months, some in a matter of years.

In order for them to choose you, It’s your job as a coach to show you care about them as a person and not just a number/notch on your belt.

You can show them you care by being responsive to their DM’s, engaging with their content by celebrating their wins, getting to know more about them, and directing them to resources that can help them, even if they don’t hire you.

💃🏾This is true engagement; relationship building, nurturing and building a community.

Are you looking for another engagement specialist to say "LOVE THIS" on every post?

Or are you looking for an engagement specialist that knows how to build and nurture a community, while generating leads to help you grow and scale your business and transform more lives?

If you said yes to the 2nd question, send me a DM and let's chat. I now have 1 spot open for my Lead Generation & Engagement Service.



Engagement doesn't really matter.... kind of...

Your best people are going to buy from you regardless if you send them a " Hey girl, hey! message.

However, there are some people who want to be courted, wined & dined, before they invest.

They want the attention, connection, the relationship...

They want to feel valued, cared for, be happy that you spoke to them.

Not only does engaging with these people help build a relationship, it also helps the algorithm work in your favor.

The more you engage with your like minded followers, the more the algorithms will your content to the followers you engaged with.

And, for the lurkers, who are shy... they are watching how you respond, react, and engage. Then, when they are ready, they will buy without ever engaging with you-- but they will tell you everything they loved about your content and presence after they become your client.

While engagement doesn't determine if you get a sale or not, it helps in a BIG way!

⚡️It increase your visibility
⚡️It builds relationships
⚡️It nurtures community

Whether you engage or not, you will still get clients, but engagement will AMPLIFY your results. So, why get lackluster results when you can get GREAT results?

Ready to see how an engagement strategy can get more visibility that leads to high quality leads inquiring about your services in your DM's?

Send me a DM to book a Double Your Leads Sales Call today.



Ask different social media managers what it takes to grow your social media account.

Some may say #hashtags, while others may say #engagement. However, you can actually benefit from implementing both.

Hashtags get you noticed and help you find other like minded people to engage with.

✅You can use hashtags to find potential clients.

✅ You can use hashtags to have potential clients find you....

But, hashtags are simply not enough.

Building relationships through high quality content will always trump any given keyword. This is where Engagement comes in.

🔥Engagement builds the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor.

🔥 Engagement gets people on your radar

🔥 Engagement opens up an opportunity to start deeper conversations

🔥Engagement helps build and nurture community.

Yes, your content and copy is what is going to drive people to take the action you want them to take BUT if they don't see your content, they won't do anything.

This is why using both hashtags and engagement strategies are key to getting the desire result you want.

Use hashtags to increase visibility, engage to build relationships that lead to sales.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments below! ⬇️



If you have been watching the hit Netflix show Inventing Anna, there's a lot of hidden gems you can apply to your business minus the scams and cons.

One phrase that stood out to me was: "Rich people build their businesses on relationships and introductions."

You don't have to be rich to build your business or relationships though.

So, it start to make me think about social media and how so many people are becoming OBSESSED with trends and losing sight of how businesses are really built: Relationships.

Don't get me wrong; trends and tools do have a time and place and they can help to extent if used wisely.

However, no trends and tools can ever trump real conversations.

Conversations are where the real magic happens. They are the quickest and easiest way to get someone to know, like, and trust you.

That's why I love ENGAGEMENT so much. Engagement is just another fancy word for building relationships.

It just so happens that social media has made it easier than ever to expand your reach and connect with more people all over the world to start having conversations with.

Too many people worry about:

❌ Dancing on Reels
❌Visibility tanking
❌ Low engagement
❌ Decreased reach and the list goes on.

Not saying those are not important things to think about. But, you have to think about what's your end goal here? More Sales Calls?

If so, is spending hours on end creating, editing , and posting Reels the most effective use of your time?

What if you slid in someone's DM ( after building a relationship with them), in an authentic , heartfelt way, and start a conversation?

My tip to you is focus on creating as many conversations with people you know you can help and support.

Use the Social Media Trends and Tools to your advantage to help you reach your goal, but don't come obsessed with them and lose focus on your goals.

Conversations, may not always lead to cash, but they start relationships. And, relationships can lead to introductions of potential collab/joint venture partners.

With or without social media, conversations have always been the fastest path to the cash. Whether, if they are through DM's, phone, Voxer, Bat Phone, a conversation is going to be the starting point to help you reach your goals.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments below!


Any person with a phone and internet access can post a photo to Instagram but that doesn't make them a Social Media Manager.

A lot of folks are getting confused between having a teenager or a cheap hourly VA handle their social media instead of a qualified Social Media Manager.

Nothing wrong with hiring experienced teens and affordable VA's to post content- but posting content is simply not enough.

There's so much more to social media than what meets the eye.

So, if you are looking for results instead of visibility , you need a social media strategist.

Someone who is looking BEYOND a pretty feed.. because truth be told a pretty feed means diddly squat if you ain't making BANK, baby.

Social Media is way more than posting content.

✅ It's performing market research to figure out what your ideal clients really want.

✅ It's researching competitors to figure out what is your unique advantage.

✅ It's developing a strategy that gets you visible and increases your likelihood of conversions.

✅ It's about creating every post that has an intention and measurable KPI to help you determine what's working and what's not.

✅ It's about analyzing data to test, tweak, toss, until you get your desired results.

✅It's about building relationships by engaging with your most ideal clients who are most likely to buy from you or at the very least refer you to someone who will.

Social Media is about continuously experimenting with posts, captions, trends, formats, etc until you reach your goals.

And, even when you reach your goals its about keeping that momentum to get the same results or BETTER.

Don't have a solid social media strategy that includes this? Send me a DM with the word SOCIAL and let's chat.



Many social media managers talk about more visibility and more leads. However, there are so many more benefits to having a social media manager as your trusted partner.


✅ More Visibility
✅ Brand Awareness
✅ High Quality Leads.....

are great KPI's to track and measure. But, what about the benefit of the benefit?

It's no secret that you are high performing entrepreneur and your time is valuable and better spent serving your clients NOT in the nitty gritty of social media all day.

I say this to my husband all the time- you can always make more money but you can NEVER get back more time -- unless you are Marty McFly and we all know there can only be one Marty!

So, when you are a hiring a social media manager-- you are not only getting someone to help you with your measurable business metrics but your overall "Soul" metrics.

It's all about the Benefits Baby ( In my Puff Daddy voice)!

💃🏾 You get more time back in your day to serve your clients, optimize your offers or simply do nothing!

💃🏾You have more creative freedom and energy instead of being drained by what to post/where to post/ who to reach- all of the things!

💃🏾Move your business forward and focus on high level strategies and tasks so you can make a bigger impact on the clients you serve and plan to serve.

😊And to add you will have peace of mind knowing your pipeline is always full with high quality leads that you can support, serve, and provide a true transformation for.

If you are ready to get more time back in your day, have more creative energy and freedom to serve your clients, and ready to move your business forward as the BAD- ASS CEO you are, let's chat.

📞 I have time on my calendar next week to hop on a “Double Your Leads” sales call to show you how my social media management company can support you.

Send me a DM with the word “ Leads” so we can start the conversation!

3 TOOLS I LOVE AND USE TO RUN MY SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS.1️⃣ Slack- This is a communication tool that is a must. Emails ge...


1️⃣ Slack- This is a communication tool that is a must. Emails get lost and I hate being Cc'd or Bcc'd on emails with hundreds of people where the conversation and request gets buried in all of the replies.

Slack offers a quick way to communicate with my clients and my team. I have the app on my phone and my computer. This way when I get a ping, I am notified instantly and don't have to login to any portals to see what's happening.

2️⃣Toggl -While I don't charge by the hour, it's easy to go down the rabbit hole when doing engagement for multiple clients a day.
Toggl helps me track and manage my time- so I am not spending too much time on social media for my clients that I forget to do my own marketing and work for my own business.

3️⃣ Sprout Social- It's no secret social media can be a lot of work. It can be hard to post content consistently, and instantly on the app. That's why a scheduling tool like Sprout Social is my saving grace. It allows me to "set it and forget it". I can plan out posts days, weeks, and months in advance for myself in my clients.

This way I don't have to worry about content being posted consistently, because it's already automated to post to all the sites on the day I set. It frees up my time to focus on marketing, engagement, and mid-day dance breaks in my living room! 💃🏾💃🏾

Which tools do you love and use in your business on a daily basis? Tell me below!



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I help tech savvy, driven women entrepreneurs build a thriving social media business so they can have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere they want to.

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