3KINGS Celebrating Creativity, Passion and Balance among our Black youths and young adults. Giving them the platform to showcase their talents, seek advice and get heard.

3KINGS – A Christian Magazine that caters to African-Americans ages 15-30, serving to address their needs, broaden their horizons and stimulate their intellectual growth. A magazine that celebrates creativity, passion and balance by providing a platform for youths and young adults to get their voice heard, seek advice, get involved and showcase their talents to the world.


Pay attention to what you're saying about yourself. Your life is moving in the direction of your words; so keep speaking what you're seeking until you see what you've said #faith


The things you find out about yourself in your darkest hour when you're going through something can sometimes leave you so vulnerable but enlightened all at the same time


Happy 4th July Everyone. I know it's been a minute. But please be safe out there and stay hydrated.


Season Greetings from 3KINGS. Wishing everyone a safe and bless holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday


Don't be afraid to think you deserve better


Girls be getting their behinds beat by dudes on WSHH. And we watch and laugh like there's nothing wrong. Like how can you kick a female in the head, then go on with your life like you ain't wrong. Forget WSHH... Ya'll make us black folks look like animals smh


16 and Pregnant can go plank on a knife. We need a show called 18 and Graduated. #BigSean


Would you rather be his practice wife or the real thing? Quit giving wife privileges when you're just a girlfriend


Its easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams...that...is being naked - #LB


Don't say there are no good men - say "I'm narrow-minded & go the same places & date the same men expecting different results" #Simmons


Ladies please listen...dress how you would like to be approached and talked to. Don't dress like a hoe and not expect to be treated like one


Don't let what you can't see stop what you're looking at #consistentfaith

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We support positive movements.

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Be Envious of NO ONE!!! God gives you, and so does Satan.... Next time you feel you want what the next man has, ask yourself "Did they sell their soul for their goal?!! Sometimes what your witnessing is Greed & Lust, a compromise with the man below & not above... #Spice


While your wishing for a different life, someone is praying to have a life just like yours... treasuring what you think is "trash".


When you can't help yourself, help others.


It is not the fact that they are of lower intellect that worries me but the fact that they do not desire higher learning..... #joox


"I'm not ghetto but I'm hood" - Royce on Basketball Wives. Now someone explain to me what that statement means cause I clearly didn't know there was a difference


American mainstream is obsessed with black created genius..be it music, walk, style.. but at the same time puts a low priority on the black social misery which is the very context out of which that creativity flow. #thoughtprovoking - Dr West


Happy fathers day to all the real dads raising their kids! You're a blessing and inspiration. Keep paving the way and setting an example. We love ya'll


Invest in yourself. Take risks. And see the bigger picture.

K4S Entertainment

The homie producer Kevin Forrest of K4S Entertainment Kay Ef has launched his website. Giving you the best at what he does. Check it out for yourself www.k4sent.com. Support positive moves when you see it. Support local people when you see them. It's not always about Hollywood in LA when you got Hollywood in your backyard.

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Relationships are tough, but when you find someone who sees your worth, it'll all be worth it


just read an interesting article on essence.com.

Jeff Johnson said..."ultimately the guy does not want to be with you....If he did he would value the relationship enough not to put it in jeopardy. He can change eventually, sure but not with you...you're a glorified placeholder until the woman he really wants comes along." True story!


Become a fan. Join the page. Join the discussion of He's perfect but he has a girlfriend. Share your viewpoints. Meet people with similar...or different mindsets.


Check out the video... leave a comment. Enjoy the rest of your night.


Ladies anyone can admire your frame but a real man will try to understand the portrait #deepstuff


I realize no woman or man who holds themselves hostage to FEAR can never truly affectionately give you the love you deserve. Their time with you will always seem to be about re-confirming why they can't commit. - Driven Models


If you want to know how you think, listen to what you say.


Honesty is like insurance. If your partner is constantly lying to you then stop renewing that relationship policy. That situation should be a cancellation with no thoughts of reinstatement. - Maurice Outlaw n in his famous voice *Ya diggg!*


Women who feel the need to backbite, lie, steel and gossip. Be careful, the world is a small place. Here is our advice. Think before you leap and If you feel the need speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water's edge.


I just read this and had to share. "Your chances of having a heart attack in the next 48 hours are changed by what you ate today and who you fight with tonight". - How to Save Your Man's Life


3KINGS is in Canada right now promoting. So if I'm a little absent, just know that means I'm being very productive. #watchmework


I'd rather fall in love with a moderately successful career person with a balanced life rather than a very successful workaholic. Follow 3KINGS on twitter @3kingsmag


People don't realize the world is at our feet. If you save up money as opposed to wasting on crap, you can experience the world on a budget.


55% of men said they would respect a man who had a successful marriage over a man with a successful career.


Hey everyone my birthday was a blast! Content to see another year. My question/word for you today is "Everybody got a title, but do you know your name".


Today is the 10th May. That means I am not working on my magazine. Finally taking my friend's advice n not doing anything 3KINGS related today. Paying attention to me. Something I haven't done in a while. So with that said. "Closed for business. Its my birthday" signed Management


Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful mothers out there..from the 3KINGS team. We hope you are cherished because your worth is far above rubies. S/O to my mommy.. I LOVE YOU!


Note for today: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.


The African-American campaign needs a new PR because no one is talking abt the good Black men ARE doing. 24/7 all we're hearing is wht they ain't. S/O to all my Black men who r makn positive moves, taking care of their own n didn't have to shoot a gun, sell drugs, become a celebrity athlete or artist to get where they at now.


Amber Rose had these chicks going bald... Nicki Minaj had them being barbies.... I wonder Who's gonna have them going to college?


3KINGS is holding a talent/fashion show in August. If you live in the tri-state area and you would like to be a part of it then let me know. Upcoming models, artists, and fashion designers hit me up at [email protected]. Giving you the platform to showcase your work.


Self-Concept Thursday: When are you going to change? Perfection is illusory, yet strive to manifest it in the most possible way by simply being better. No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.


New York, NY


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