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Traded: New York Recent commercial real estate transactions in NYC.

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IMAGE: Michael Gilbert & Epifanio Vargas
DATE: 03/15/2021
ADDRESS: 242 E. 167th St.

TENANT: Exclusive Convenience & Smoke Shop
LANDLORD: Sid Jon Properties
BROKERS: Epifanio Vargas & Michael Gilbert - Gilco Realty LLC

ASKING RENT: $113/ft. ~ SF: 372

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Bronx #EpifanioVargas #MichaelGilbert #GilcoRealtyLLC #ExclusiveConvenience #SmokeShop #SidJonProperties


IMAGE: Adam Spies, Kevin Donner, Mahbod Nia, David Bernhaut, Ricardo Cardoso, Andy Merin, Mark Meisner & Doug Harmon
DATE: 04/20/2021
ADDRESS: 51, 101, 103 & 150 JFK Parkway
MARKET: Short Hills, NJ

BUYER: The Birch Group @TheBirchGroupNY - Mark Meisner (@Mark.Meisner)
SELLER: Mack Cali - Ricardo Cardoso & Mahbod Nia
BROKERS: Andy Merin, David Bernhaut, Adam Spies, Kevin Donner & Doug Harmon - Cushman & Wakefield

SALE PRICE: $255,000,000
SF: 843,300 ~ PPSF: $302

#NewJersey #RealEstate #TradedNJ #ShortHills #Office #TheBirchGroup #MarkMeisner #MackCali #RicardoCardoso #MahbodNia #AndyMerin #DavidBernhaut #AdamSpies #KevinDonner #DougHarmon #CushmanandWakefield


IMAGE: Jordan Raphan & Albert Manopla
DATE: 04/15/2021
ADDRESS: 3924 Broadway
MARKET: Washington Heights

TENANT: 🌮 @TacoBell 🌮
LANDLORD: Bay Hedvat
BROKERS: Jordan Raphan & Albert Manopla @Kassin_Sabbagh_Realty

ASKING RENT: $130/ft. ~ SF: 2,500

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #WashingtonHeights #JordanRaphan #AlbertManopla #TacoBell #BayHedvat


IMAGE: DJ Johnston
DATE: 03/31/2021
ADDRESS: 900 Wyckoff Avenue
MARKET: Bushwick
ASSET TYPE: Industrial

BUYER: Shibber Khan - The Criterion Group
SELLER: Tom Tinneny
BROKER: DJ Johnston @B6RealEstate_JohnstonTeam @B6RealEstate Advisors

SALE PRICE: $6,700,000
SF: 37,000 ~ PPSF: $190

NOTE FROM @B6RealEstate: In March 2021, we closed on 900 Wyckoff Avenue, a 36,000 SF parcel of land in Bushwick, steps from the Halsey / Wyckoff L Train. This 180’ x 200’ corner lot is zoned M1-1 with an FAR of 1.0, making it suitable for commercial, industrial, and community facility use. The sales price was $6,700,000 or $185 per land SF.

We represented the seller, a family who has owned the parcel for 40 years, making this a personal and emotional endeavor. They selected B6 because we had recently represented two other long-term family businesses in Bushwick. The Standard Tinsmith at 333 Irving for $12M, and The Weirfield Coal Company at 386 Weirfield for $14M. These types of owners are the fabric of Bushwick and we value any opportunity to represent their best interests.

This sale had more twists and turns than the Brooklyn Cyclone, so if you want the full story, connect with us for the entire Case Study.

👤DJ Johnston
📱 914-584-7422
📧 [email protected]

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Bushwick #DJJohnston #B6RealEstateAdvisors #TheCriterionGroup #TheTinnenyFamily


IMAGE: Gil Loloi
DATE: 03/25/2021
ADDRESS: 2901 East College Ave. (Macy's Box at Nittany Mall)
MARKET: State College, PA

BUYER: HFL Corporation
SELLER: Namdar Realty Group - Gil Loloi

SALE PRICE: $3,500,000
SF: 95,000 ~ PPSF: $36

NOTE FROM NAMDAR REALTY GROUP: ACQUISITIONS: Send me all your income producing, Malls, Shopping Centers, Strip Malls, STNL, Office and Medical Buildings, Residential Buildings, Mixed Use, Multi Family, Performing and Non-Performing BANK NOTES and any good opportunity!

We buy all over the US, Any Size, Any Price, All Cash, with Very Strong Terms!!!!

DISPOSITIONS: We have hand selected all kinds of properties for sale for all types of Investors and Buyers, Developers, 1031 Buyers, Etc.

All Brokers are protected by us.

Send all emails to [email protected] and call me anytime at: (516)926-3327 to get more details on our Acquisition Criteria and get our Dispositions List.

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #GilLoloi #NamdarRealtyGroup #NittanyMall #Macys


IMAGE: Nina Sabag
DATE: 04/01/2021
ADDRESS: 944 Albany Ave.
MARKET: East Flatbush
ASSET TYPE: Multifamily ~ ZONING: R5

BUYER: Petagay Heaven
SELLER: Tamir Dahan
BROKER: Nina Sabag - 5 Boro Realty @5_Boro_Realty

ASKING PRICE: $1,100,000
SALE PRICE: $1,090,000
SF: 1,848 ~ PPSF: $589
UNITS: 2 ~ PPU: $545,000

LAST SALE: $475,000 (1/2020)

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #EastFlatbush #NinaSabag #5BoroRealty #PetagayHeavan #TamirDahan


IMAGE: @DovBleich & @Avi_Akiva
DATE: 04/01/2021
ADDRESS: 320 East 204th St.
MARKET: Norwood, Bronx

TENANT: @LevelUpMDUrgentCare - @MordyGetz
LANDLORD: Bentzion Reifer
BROKERS: @DovBleich & @Avi_Akiva @TriStateCommercial

ASKING RENT: $70/ft. ~ SF: 3,800

NOTE FROM BROKER: LevelUp MD prides itself on elevating
the urgent care experience as not just convenient
but relaxing, luxurious, and overall improves well
being after every visit.“
Dov Bleich & Avi Akiva proudly represent LevelUp MD in the current New York roll out, if you have or represent any space that's ideal for an Urgent Care, with Medical friendly Lease terms kindly send it to: [email protected]

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Norwood #Bronx #DovBleich #AviAkiva #TriStateCommercial #BentzionReifer #LevelUpMD #LevelUpMDUrgentCare #MordyGetz


IMAGE: Robyn Sorid, Jason Behfarin & Robert Palumbo
DATE: 04/16/2021
ADDRESS: 859 Myrtle Avenue
MARKET: Brooklyn
ASSET TYPE: Package Deal

LENDER: G4 Capital Partners - Jason Behfarin, Robyn Sorid & Robert Palumbo
LANDLORD: Abraham Brach - Signature Acquisitions
BROKERS: Henry Bodek & Martin Bodek - Galaxy Capital Solutions

LOAN AMOUNT: $105,000,000
UNITS: 142 ~ PPU: 739,437

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #JasonBehfarin #RobynSorid #RobertPalumbo #Brooklyn #G4CapitalPartners #AbrahamBrach #SignatureAcquisitions #HenryBodek #MartinBodek #GalaxyCapitalSolutions


IMAGE: Lauren Curcio
DATE: 03/01/2021
ADDRESS: 83 Debevoise Avenue
MARKET: East Williamsburg
ASSET TYPE: Industrial

TENANT: Drift Away Coffee
BROKER: Lauren Curcio @LaurCurcio - Worth Property Group @WorthPropertyGroup

ASKING RENT: $30/ft. ~ SF: 3,500

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #EastWilliamsburg #LaurenCurcio #WorthPropertyGroup #LaurCurcio #DriftAwayCoffee


IMAGE: John Harrington, @George___Giannopoulos & Thomas Giannopoulos
DATE: 03/19/2021
ADDRESS: 2104 Fulton St.
MARKET: Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
ASSET TYPE: Mixed-use

LENDER: Spencer Savings Bank
LANDLORD: @KingsCapitalRE - @George___Giannopoulos, Jeffrey Znaty (@JefffZ1), Thomas Giannopoulos (@TommyGiaps) & Richard Wheeler (@TheWorldInOneStupidPose)
BROKER: John Harrington - HKS

LOAN AMOUNT: $2,280,000
LOAN TERMS: 5 Years, 3.25% 30 Year Amortization Non-Recourse

NOTE: Kings Capital is seeking value-add, conversions, and redevelopment sites. We remain active and bullish in the New York City metro markets. Please submit all opportunities to [email protected]

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #OceanHill #Brooklyn #JohnHarrington #HKS #GeorgeGiannopoulos #ThomasGiannopoulos #SpencerSavingsBank #KingsCapital #GeorgeGiannopoulos #JeffreyZnaty #ThomasGiannopoulos #RichardWheeler


IMAGE: @MattanLevy & @ElanaMagreli
DATE: 04/01/2021
ADDRESS: 53 Shepherd Ave.
MARKET: East New York
ASSET TYPE: Multifamily ~ ZONING: R4

BUYER: Greg Quechol
SELLER: Jason Niaev
BROKERS: @MattanLevy & @ElanaMagreli @MovilRealty

SALE PRICE: $749,000
SF: 2,045 ~ PPSF: $366

LAST SALE: $576,000 (6/2016)

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #CypressHills #MattLevy #ElanaMagreli #MovilRealty #GregQuechol #JasonN


IMAGE: @Michael_Gammal
DATE: 03/16/2021
ADDRESS: 7 West 20th Street
MARKET: Flatiron

TENANT: Studio 16
LANDLORD: The Settepani Family
BROKER: @Michael_Gammal @LeviathanLeasing

ASKING RENT: $63/ft. ~ SF: 700

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Flatiron #MichaelGammal #LeviathanLeasing #Studio16 #ThreeSevens


IMAGE: Tom Reynolds, Derek Bestreich & Steve Reynolds
DATE: 04/14/2021
ADDRESS: 445 Rogers Avenue
MARKET: Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn
ASSET TYPE: Multifamily

BUYER: Chad Kurland
SELLER: Morty Kozak
BROKERS: Derek Bestreich, Steve Reynolds & Tom Reynolds - Bestreich Realty Group (@BRG_CRE)

SALE PRICE: $2,550,000
SF: 6,840 ~ PPSF: $372

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #ProspectLeffertsGardens #Brooklyn #DerekBestreich #SteveReynolds #TomReynolds #ChadKurland #MortyKozak


IMAGE: Jesse Limon & Saiid Boukhalfa
DATE: 04/12/2021
ADDRESS: 20 Wyoming Ave.
MARKET: Long Island
ASSET TYPE: Multifamily

BUYER: Andrew Zambratto & Corey Gluckstal
SELLER: Nina Platzer
BROKERS: Saiid Boukhalfa & Jesse Limon @MarcusMillichap_NY

ASKING PRICE: $3,800,000
SALE PRICE: $4,000,000
SF: 10,500 ~ PPSF: $380

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #LongIsland #SaiidBoukhalfa #JesseLimon #AndrewZambratto #CoreyGluckstal #NinaPlatzer


IMAGE: Carolina Aziz, Ike Bibi, David Green & George Skaliarinis
DATE: 03/22/2021
ADDRESS: 1420 Broadway
MARKET: Midtown

LANDLORD: AB And Sons & Aini Group
TENANT'S REP: George Skaliarinis
LANDLORD'S REP: Ike Bibi, Carolina Aziz & David Green @Kassin_Sabbagh_Realty

ASKING RENT: $195/ft. ~ SF: 2,400

NOTE FROM KSR: 2nd and 3rd floor are available for lease reach out to Carolina Aziz, David Green or Ike Bibi for more information

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Midtown #IkeBibi #CarolinaAziz #DavidGreen #CBDKratom #ABAndSons #AiniGroup #GeorgeSkaliarinis


IMAGE: @ChrisOkada & Francis Leung
DATE: 04/13/2021
ADDRESS: 135 West 52nd Street
MARKET: Rockefeller Center

LENDER: Cathay Bank
LANDLORD: @ChrisOkada & Francis Leung (@NYCFrancis) @OkadaCo

LOAN AMOUNT: $5,950,000

NOTE FROM @OkadaCo: Follow @ChrisOkada ... We have a 1031 exchange & are looking Midtown/Midtown South properties. Please DM me deals! Also whether you're an owner, tenant, broker, or lender we should be talking on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis minimum. The amount of opportunity in Midtown Manhattan Office/Retail is absolutely staggering. I believe this is THE BEST YEAR of transacting from 2016 - 2026. We will be talking about 2020/2021/2022 for DECADES! Every Deal Counts! Always Be Closing!

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #ChristopherOkada #FrancisLeung #NYCFrancis #RockefellerCenter #CathayBank


IMAGE: Ben Biberaj & James Famularo
DATE: 04/08/2021
ADDRESS: 277 Bleecker Street (32 Jones Street)
MARKET: West Village

TENANT: Pupster Bakery
LANDLORD: Centennial Properties - Steven Croman
BROKERS: Ben Biberaj & James Famularo - Meridian Retail Leasing

ASKING RENT: $180/ft. ~ SF: 700

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #WestVillage #PupsterBakery #CentennialProperties #StevenCroman #BenBiberaj #JamesFamularo


IMAGE: @VickramJambu, Jonathan Braun, @MarkKapnick, George Steffani & Chris Varjan
DATE: 04/09/2021
ADDRESS: 1769 86th St.
MARKET: Bensonhurst

SELLER: Tim Zisimopoulos
BROKERS: @MarkKapnick, @VickramJambu, Chris Varjan (@CVar23), Jonathan Braun (@BraunJon) & George Steffani - @LeeAssociatesNYC

SALE PRICE: $18,000,000
SF: 33,550 ~ PPSF: $536

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Bensonhurst #MarkKapnick #VickramJambu #ChrisVarjan #CVar23 #JonathanBraun #BraunJon #GeorgeSteffani #LeeAssociatesNYC #TimZisimopoulos


IMAGE: Doron Berenholtz
DATE: 03/25/2021
ADDRESS: 18 Hart Street
MARKET: Bedford Stuyvesant
ASSET TYPE: Multifamily ~ ZONING: R6B

BUYER: Yoel Blaustein
SELLER: Howard Wilson
BROKER: Doron Berenholtz @Doron_Beren @TheCorcoranGroup

ASKING PRICE: $1,799,000
SALE PRICE: $1,450,000
BSF: 3,800 ~ PPBSF: $381
SF: 3,192 ~ PPSF: $454

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #BedfordStuyvesant #DoronBerenholtz #YoelBlaustein #HowardWilson


IMAGE: Brandon Harris
DATE: 03/01/2021
ADDRESS: 905 & 915 E Dale St
MARKET: Henderson, NV
ASSET TYPE: Dev Site ~ BSF: 75,150

LANDLORD: Brass Cap Development
BROKER: Brandon Harris - Black Bear Capital Partners

LOAN AMOUNT: $7,500,000
TERM: 15 months, fixed rate, non-recourse construction financing

NOTE: Black Bear Capital Partners has arranged 15-month, fixed rate, non-recourse construction financing in the amount of $7.5MM for the ground up construction of Executive Airport Crossing, a proposed mid-bay industrial property comprised of two buildings spanning 75,150 total SF. The Property is located at 905 & 915 Dale providing direct access to the Henderson Executive Airport and major thoroughfares such as I-15 & I-215 Freeway.

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Henderson #NV #JDI #BrassCapDevelopment #BrandonHarris #BlackBearCapitalPartners


IMAGE: Nathan Horne
DATE: 04/12/2021
ADDRESS: 31 Belvidere Street
MARKET: Bushwick, Brooklyn
ASSET TYPE: Mixed-use

BUYER: Xian Zhang @BirdsOfAFeatherBK
SELLER: Jalisa An
BROKER: Nathan Horne @Horne.Team

ASKING PRICE: $3,750,000
SALE PRICE: $3,500,000
BSF: 5,110 ~ PPBSF: $684
SF: 3,526 ~ PPSF: $992

NOTE FROM BROKER: Congrats to @BirdsOfAFeatherBK, the perfect buyers for a truly remarkable and beautiful building that was recently featured in the NY Times --! Their intent to respect the existing beauty of the space while renovating it to it's full potential will go very well their delicious food and impeccable design!

This was a longer-than-normal process for the commercial branch of the Horne Team. It involved the hiring of zoning architects and attorneys to present before the LPC and DCP concerning a 74-711 special permit, as well as digging through the code for various buyers and brokers possible uses, but eventually the property ended up where it belongs, and at a good price for the owners as well!

Between resi and commercial the Horne-Team had two closings, two contracts, and three accepted offers totaling $26.5M this week, as well as two new listings going up today. Feel free to reach out to [email protected]/706-255-5657 with any questions.

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Bushwick #Brooklyn #NathanHorne #BirdsOfAFeather #JalisaAn


IMAGE: Rani Bendary & Stephen R. Preuss
DATE: 04/12/2021
ADDRESS: 1655-1661 Weirfield St.
MARKET: Ridgewood, Queens
ASSET TYPE: Industrial

BUYER: Ari Malekan
SELLER: Trudy Kloock
BROKERS: Stephen R. Preuss & Rani Bendary @TeamPreuss - Cushman & Wakefield

SALE PRICE: $2,500,000
SF: 12,000 ~ PPSF: $208

#NewYork #RealEstate #tradedny #NY #Ridgewood #Queens #StephenRPreuss #RaniBendary #TeamPreuss #CushmanAndWakefield #AriMalekan #TrudyKloock


New York, NY



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