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Man arrested in sophisticated real estate scam

Man arrested in sophisticated real estate scam

Officers in Michigan arrested a man they say scammed about $50,000 from 9 different victims in real estate fraud. ◂ The ABC Action News app brings you the la...

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I have an Internal Cardiac Device (Pacemaker/Defibrillator) made by Medtronic. The device I have isn't on their recall list but I have experienced 26 treatments since 2009. Now that's not a lot but here's the thing. My doctor recommended that I get some exercise so I took up Kajukembo because even though it's a martial art it incorporates breathing and controlling your heart rate. Well I was defibrillated 19 times in a row every 15 seconds. I was in front of my son, wife, mother in law, Shifu (teacher) and 13 other students. I thought I was gonna be killed by the very device that was suppose to help me. At the hospital the doctor and the Medtronic Representative tried to hide the fact all 19 treatments were unwarranted malfunctions. Turns out it was reading the peaks but not the valley beats so a 150 bpm read 300 bpm. The other treatments I've received have been during intimate times which has really destroyed my confidence. But worst of all this I'm scared all the time. If I even get the feeling of butterflies or the feeling of my heart racing I go into a panic attack. Like fear sweeps over me and I beg God to help me and it's embarrassing cause I can't control it. I don't live a full life anymore because I can't trust this device. I have contacted 11 lawyers but none will take my case. I understand Medtronic is a billion dollar company but this is inhumane. I have a battery replacement coming up and I have a feeling I won't make it home. I need some help finding a lawyer who isn't scared of this tech giant. My malfunctions are all documented.