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G-Square Consulting Services LLC G-Square is a well established company with experienced trainers providing training and support services in corruption detection and prevention. G-Square's Services are provided, Worldwide.

The SQUARE OF INTEGRITY Stephen Covey once wrote; "The challenge is to be a light, not a judge, to be a model not a critic. This is the mindset upon which attentive organizations will build the square of integrity. G-Square's approach to eradicating corruption and building organizations of high standards staffed with individuals of integrity is rooted in what we call the Square of Integrity. The four walls of the square are built with the mortar of Honesty, Character, Accountability and Self-Restraint. If you closely examine any organization with a reputation for integrity, you will find that these four walls keep the organization strong, grounded, focused and productive. HONESTY: It has been said, "The Saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemy, it comes from your inner circle". This is not only an undeniably true statement; it is also the strategy upon which individuals seek to destroy nations and businesses. The beauty of honesty is that it encapsulates the essence of what an organization and staff should stand for. With Honesty, you get Promise-Keeping and Trustworthiness. With honesty comes an unshakable position of knowing that loyalty is present. With honesty comes a vital ingredient in the recipe that makes up Integrity. CHARACTER: Abraham Lincoln once said, "Reputation is the shadow, Character is the tree." Character is so much more than what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are, even when no one is watching. Good character is doing the right thing because it is right to do what is right. It is just that simple and at the same time, so complicated for so many people. It is the wall of character that in every case will determine how those around you will respond to situations and life's circumstances. Without character, you have before you an individual of form without substance, willing to be shaped for personal gain with no regard for organizational good. ACCOUNTABILITY: In the words of Stephen Covey, "Accountability breeds Responsibility". There appears to be a stunning lack of accountability in far too many organizations worldwide. This rebuffing of accountability by those in authority on multiple levels has translated into a failure to take responsibility, a failure to be honest about one's failings in this area and a frightening lack of character where it is needed the most in governmental organizations and business. SELF-RESTRAINT: “Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character; it requires moral rather than athletic or intellectual effort, and it imposes on both leader and follower alike the burdens of self-restraint.” (Lewis H. Lapham). This is the bearing wall that holds the Square of Integrity in place. It is in the beauty of Self-Restraint that you will find success. G-Square proudly boasts of a team of professionals with collective experience of more than half of a century. In progressing through the battlefields of corruption, immorality, the ethically challenged and those devoid of values and morals, we are repeatedly confronted with those feckless leaders and those who claim to be leaders with little or no ability to exercise self-restraint. This failing opens the door to the destruction of nations, organizations and even families. It all begins with controlling one's self. If self-restraint is large in one's heart, it will release the flood of responsibility and build a strong sense of accountability. It is through accountability that character is display like a blinding light in the face of those disreputable individuals who from, time to time, will seep into organizations of good will. It is self-restraint that allows honesty to pour freely over the discouraging dams of desolation holding back the nurturing waters of prosperity in organizations today. At G-Square, we strongly believe that the joining of these four approaches builds a square of protection that is simply know as integrity. Organizations existing in the Square are far more likely to be organizations of success than those who simply encourage good behavior without a clear established path to follow. At G-Square, we will present you organization with a proven method on success in the Square.

Mission: The G-SQUARE MISSION STATEMENT We encourage our clients and students as professionals to operate inside the Square of integrity in both their professional and personal lives. The four walls of the Square consist of unshakable walls of Honesty, Character, Accountability and Self-restraint. Those walls together form the Square of integrity. The mission of G-Square Consulting Services LLC is simple, yet impassioned and uncompromising. That mission is to make our clients and students better than they were before meeting our team of life changers. The G-Square motto is elegant and philosophical. It simply says, "Life Gets Better in the Square". It does not say; we try to make life better, or that our goal is for business growth and personal lives to be better. It is a clear and authoritative statement. Life will absolutely get better being in the Square. It is not our mission to be number one. The G-Square mission is for our clients and students to be number one after experiencing our relentless drive for excellence. We are life changers committed to a business ethic of Honesty, Good Character, Accountability and Self-restraint.

G Square Publications

G Square Publications


I have never found anyone worthy of my hate.

It is just far too much work to maintain the pace, to keep up with a draining emotion such as demon inspired hate.

The toxic fumes that would fill the air if I began to focus on how much about you I do not care, conflicts with my plan to dismiss you as the star you foolish think you are.

It is just simpler and more pleasing to me, to spend my time singing of love atop most any mountain or tree than to stand in the dirt with little hope of changing your ways, which is likely to leave me in dismay.

I would much prefer to stand upon that mountain and, thank the Father for the blessing poured out on me each day, then lamenting about your evil ways.

I have no spiteful plans to stand at a cauldron mixing recipes of hate intended to determine your lowly fate.

For every second that I acknowledge you and your hateful ways; opens the door for your sinister heart to continue simmering your brew to feed others your hateful stew.

Each day that I am alive will be focused on sipping the nectar of love mixed by almighty God.

G Square Publications

G Square Publications

By: D.E. Green
And she asked:
Speak to me of love
And he hesitated before responding
He thought long, and deep
And he said:
I cannot speak to you of love as others speak
For I have not known it as others claim to have
The love I know is one that gives
While expecting nothing in return
The love I know does not hold a heart ransom
Only expecting to be returned in kind
The love I know
Lives a life unto itself
Feeding itself
Nurturing itself
And lives long after the passion of the moment

G Square Publications

G Square Publications


If we were on an uninhabited island would we get along, just you and me?
Would you grow to adore me, and I adore you?

Would we build a home or separate houses?
Would we farm the land or grow individual gardens?

Would we establish borders or open the land, speak to one another understanding there were no others?

Would we work to escape our potentially lonely fate?
Or work each day to make peace with our fate?

Would you learn to love me and I love you, or would friendship be the best we could do?

Would we be the first generation of a new nation?
The Adam and Eve, once we lay and you conceive?

Would our sons and daughters work to maintain order, in the nation-state that we create?

First, let me get this one thing straight.

If we were on an uninhabited island, could we start anew, just me and you?

G Square Publications

G Square Publications

G-Square Publishing is excited to announce the release of the audiobook version of "Untrammeled Love-Trusting Love and Rejecting Lust", narrated by Natalie Golloher. It can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the listen.


As many of you know, G-Square Consulting Services is blessed with many gifted speakers among its ranks.
We have no intent on keeping those gifts to ourselves. In early 2020 G-Square will be establishing a Speakers Bureau (GSSB) staffed with Gifted motivational speakers prepared to come to your location to inspire and motivate staff, students, parishioners and youth of all ages.
This service will be available nationwide and free to one and all, excluding travel expense. We invite you to watch for the GSSB kickoff date.
As our research suggest a significant request for this service, we encourage to make request early, Carpe Diem!

G Square Publications

G Square Publications

G-Square Publications is in great anticipation of the upcoming release of our newest children's book; "Thanks to the Sun." We are looking forward to a Thanksgiving release on both eBook and softcover.

Who Rigged the Bids

Who Rigged the Bids

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready
Who Rigged the Bids, Volume 2 will be released this fall.
It is a Road Map to protecting your organizational fisc.

I am working on two new children’s books.

I am working on two new children’s books.


“Each man must be his own purveyor of truth.”

Let the word go forth from your uncluttered mind, spilling hopes of coming times that will lift the best minds of all humankind.
This includes your ideas and mine.

Never think that from your lips; wisdom cannot arise showing the location of X from which we can all dig to locate the gems intended to sustain the future of humankind.

Allow yourself to be a dispenser of truth, packaged to catch the eye of evolving Beings who will make up the next generation seeking wisdom from purveyors such as you, eager to lift inspiring minds.

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Apr 9, 2019, 12_35_21 PM

A Million Voice is an excerpt from the Book "A View From My Bay." it is a memoir presented through Short Stories and Poetry.

G-Square Defensive Driver Training Academy is proud to announce that there are now an additional 16 drivers on our natio...

G-Square Defensive Driver Training Academy is proud to announce that there are now an additional 16 drivers on our nations roads who have been certified as not just safe drivers, but defensive drivers.
Completion of this G-Square provided training grants each participant with a 10% discount on their auto insurance over the next three years. This coupled with what we are confident will be a reduction in collisions on our nation's roads is not a bad deal for a day’s work of obtaining knowledge and establishing new friendships. Carpe Diem!


Just a reminder that the G-Square Defensive Driver Training Academy will be offering its next training class on Monday, March 4th. Completing the class will provide you with a 10% discount on auto insurance and a reduction of up to four points on your license. To register for the class call us at (917) 681-2810 or visit the G-Square website at G-Square.org.



The following is the first chapter of a novel I expect to release through G-Square Publishing toward the end of the year.
The name of the book is NIKKI ARMSTRONG, MEASURE OF A WOMAN".
It focuses of the adventures of a young black female who grew up in the projects, attended a prestigious college in New England, became an awarded Navy Pilot, New York City Police Officer and moved into independently fighting crime.
Nikki is a kickass woman who doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Please read the first chapter and let me know if there is anything about what you read that interest you and leaves you wanting more. This book will be availabe on paperback, ebook and audiobook. Your comments will help me make it the best that it can be. If any of you would like to read an advanced copy, please let me know.

If my peace depends on external reality, then it is not peace

Detective Nikki Evelyn Armstrong, a decorated member of the United States Navy and the New York City Police Department, stood at the site of the freshly dug grave surrounded by its moist piles of dirt. From where she stood, Nikki could see all the acreage known as the Canarsie Cemetery.
The cemetery was a City-owned burial ground, which ran along Remsen Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, just a few blocks south of Canarsie Park, once a part of the famed hunting ground of the Canarsie Indians, and about two miles from the Belt Parkway, the handy escape route for many Canarsie residents needing to just get away for a while.
This sacred ground was open to the public as a site to honor loved ones who had gone home to be with the Lord, or for those who question the existence of a higher being, it was no more than a final resting place.
Over the years, it had become more and more the resting place for those who had passed on with no one willing to or maybe able to celebrate their life. Many of the Canarsie residents had taken to calling it, Boot Hill.
Nikki began to shed a tear as her finely manicured, slender fingers stroked the oversized wooden casket sprinkled with knotholes, splinters and other imperfections that housed the small body of Kamari Prescott. A young boy who seemed to love life despite its harsh realities.
Kamari had been befriended by abuse far too often in his battered young life and visited by death much too early than what Nikki believed the good Lord intended. As she stood at the grave, she questioned the wisdom of God’s gift of free will.

It was clear to her that human beings had misused this precious gift. She was hoping that one day soon, God would remove the scales from the marred eyes of what seemed to be countless numbers of human beings daily abusing this unmerited gift.
It appeared that in Boot Hill, caskets for impoverished members of society were purchased in bulk, and only came in one size, much like death itself.
Nikki felt there was nothing spiritual or humbling about the place where she stood; everything was reduced to an assembly line process with the sole intent to get the product to the assigned hole in the ground.
Nikki shook her head when she realized that the hole she stood before already had at least four other wooden caskets in it riddled with imperfections and housing the remains of life all but forgotten.
Nikki thought to herself; I was always told that we enter life alone and we exit it alone. I guess no one here got the damn memo. Life meant nothing here, nor did death. All that mattered was keeping the damn assembly line moving.
Nikki, was flanked on either side by two impatient gravediggers leaning on government-issued shovels, reminded her for the third time that union rules required that they take lunch no later than noon.
There was a dirt truck standing by just a few yards away with three other gravediggers standing outside waiting to whisk away the two men to the nearest Fast-food hamburger joint for an artery-blocking meal and a step closer to their own holes, complete with government shovels and workers as soon as Nikki released them from their current disposal chores.
Nikki smiled, giving no other response, but sadly noted that bureaucracy had no bounds and seemed to carry a universal passport of apathy that unfortunately, appeared to find comfort, even in the grave.

It saddened Nikki deeply that she and the gravediggers were the only ones in attendance for the Home Going Service of a little boy whose life had been mercilessly and painfully taken by his uncaring bitch of a mother.
The reality of this setting renewed Nikki’s rage over the entire heartless chain of events. As she stood wondering if there was more she could have done; more she should have done, she began to ponder the injustice of it all.
To Nikki, it all seemed purposely designed to fail the people and to perpetuate the existence of spinning wheel bureaucracy, injustice, and the irrelevance of truth. The entire elaborate system turned out to be all form, with no substance.
Nikki began to reflect on the words of her old ethics professor; "Nothing in life happens in a vacuum. Everything that you do or say; will influence someone else whether you want it to or not. The simple truth is that because you breathe someone's life will be changed."
Nikki never wholly embraced these words or understood how they related to the Public Ethics class she was taking. Well more than a decade had elapsed since she first heard those words and began to ponder their meaning.
It was only now, as she stood in a cemetery surrounded by broken lives, graves marked by numbers instead of names, wondering who all these people were, or could have been in life, that the wisdom of her professor’s words began to speak with clarity to both her heart and mind.
The little boy in the casket had a corporeal existence of less than five years; born into an abusive household birthed by a brutal mother unmatched by any woman Nikki has ever crossed paths with in her life.
Nikki did not know Kamari as a child who would run to sit on her lap whenever they were in each other’s presence to talk of his day of imaginary friends, superheroes or what’s for dinner. She and the boy never had a conversation focused on his hopes and dreams for his future and what he might want to grow up to be in life.

What Nikki did know with certainty was that because Kamari breathed the air, her life was irrevocably changed. While the experience of losing him had hurt her deeply, she hoped the change was somehow for the better; she wondered how that could be, but she had learned over the years that hope was always a good thing.
Nikki looked at her cell phone and saw that it was ten minutes before noon. She turned to one of the gravediggers who was patting his foot in the mud and impatiently tapping the face of his watch, which was now wet from the drizzle that had begun to fall again.
She picked up a handful of moist dirt, thankful that the earlier rain had not turned the dirt into mud. Nikki touched the casket and thanked the young boy for coming into her life, if even for a moment. She then spoke these often-heard words, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to dust, as she sprinkled the dirt over the warped wooden casket.
Nikki turned to the gravediggers, thank them for bearing with her and gave them each a twenty-dollar bill as she slowly navigated mud holes, wooden boards and patches of dry land as she made an effort to return to the parking lot without destroying her favorite high heel shoes in the process. With each step, she repeated to herself “Nothing in life happens in a vacuum.”

G-Square Publishing is Posed to Grow and share with our many supporters. We have just release a new work from the G-Squa...

G-Square Publishing is Posed to Grow and share with our many supporters. We have just release a new work from the G-Square Department of Poetry and Prose. It is entitled: Untrammeled Love.

by Vinny Green (Author), D.D. Norman (Contributor), D.E. Green (Contributor), Anita Cuevas (Contributor), Michelle David (Contributor), T.R. Green (Contributor)

Untrammeled Love is more than a collection of poems and prose speaking of love and hate. It is a treasure map taking the reader to the rainbow unmasking the pot of gold revealing what it means to be "In-Love".

What you will hold in your hands or see on your screen is not simply for reading. These pages will bring forth feelings, revive dreams, and scrape the scales from the trammeled vision blocking what should be your true reality. We invite you to take the ride on the rollercoaster of Love.

Available in ebook and soft cover @ Amazon.


To all of our supporters and customers. Tate Publishing has closed their doors. With this closure copies of G-Square's "Who Rigged the Bids" will not be available through Tate or Amazon. There are a limited number of copies being sold on Amazon by a profiteering third party at criminally insane prices. We at G-Square apologize for the fact that our message of integrity is being misdirected in this way. We strongly recommend that you not invest in any purchases of the book at this time. A limited number of the publication can be obtained through G-Square Headquarters for the amount of $12.00, shipping included. G-Square will be re-releasing this informationional book for purchase via the internet and bookstores before the end of the year. We thank you for your support and pray that you have a blessed day.


G-Square Publishing will be relasing several publications in the next year. If any of you are interested in reading advanced copies of chapters, full manuscripts or receiving pre-release copies for review, please e-mail us at [email protected].

We are currently in the process of preparing four books of poetry.

Several manuscripts addressing the world-wide battle to bring corruption to its knobby knees, and a novel that we are extremely excited about called "Nikki Armstrong; Measure of a Woman."

Nikki is a no nonsense African American female who grew up in the projects with equally no nonsense brothers and sisters, guided by two parents who can be discribed as, take no prison types, some might say, all about family. You decide.

The manuscrpit is still very much in the early stages, current chapters address her powerfully dealing with woman's issue, discrimination, combating crime, sex trafficking and the list goes on, with still more to write.

This release will be Nikki Armstrong's coming out. We expect her to have a Kickass career. Sign up for an early viewing.



In the hidden camera scam; a small spy-cam is fitted near the ATM in such a way as to capture the card number and PIN. Once recording this information the fraudster will then make a duplicate card.
The types of spy-cam devices needed in these scams are easily obtainable and can be made to look like items that might fit into the ATM environment. I saw one online today that doubled as a cell phone charger. The cost was well under $100, a modest investment considering the potential return for the fraudster.
It is especially easy to place these devices in grocery stores or near outside ATMs. The spy-cams do not capture every transaction clearly; but it doesn’t need to, it just needs to capture yours so that it can empty your account. One or two captures a day can be very profitable.


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