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lingerie fashion show

Fashion show. December 19th indoor, Brooklyn, huge space. No audience, recording for virtual live show. 10 people capacity. Producer with paintings, producer who will run photography and video and live streaming. And 8 models team. We have at the space 4 bathrooms, hallway with beautiful windows, see in the video scouting attached. Gym space with equipment and mirrors for arty pictures and videos. Spa and sauna on the basement level. Street parking available, we start at 9 am setting place up. 11 am we will have grand rehearsal, 12 noon we will have the show till 1pm. We will keep producing content videos and pictures till 4 pm. 5 pm hard stop. 6 pm leave the space. Set is COVID compliant, wear mask and ppe. We will have a few shows, winter fur coats, red dress, cocktail dress, swimwear, lingerie show, fitness wear. Models get to share content live via Wi-Fi we will share the password, copies of the pictures and videos produced. Please reach out at [email protected] To see our work prior and at Instagram @alexanderegurman We are looking for sponsors for the show to place banners. Last show we did in that format gain 333k views we will film 4k full censor cameras. This time we plan to reach over 500k views. We will have original music with licenses. Let us know if you would like to collaborate on the production. We do not want to want stocker to come at the show so we will share exact location and details only with confirmed team members. If you are music creator and would like offer your original music for the video content we can talk about, please reach out. We also plan to do an outside show same day with dogs, if you have a dog let us know, there is an amazing passage that would be great for the walk with a dog for a model, that part of the show is sponsored by @VetVittles we can also produce content for you after the show, one one pictures and someone can hold reflector and for you, we can produce great content together in that difficult time for everyone.

lingerie fashion show

@VetVittles need model / actress fora dog commercial. production budget 1500.00 please send a picture of you and your do...

@VetVittles need model / actress fora dog commercial. production budget 1500.00 please send a picture of you and your dog @VetVittles and location, we are in NYC

We are doing a video to promote our actresses and models. The theme is girls make themselves pretty with brush similar t...
fashion and modeling

We are doing a video to promote our actresses and models. The theme is girls make themselves pretty with brush similar to what you probably seen on social media. If you can film two clips of you catching the brush looking normal at home and then touch camera with brush. We will edit clips, color it, slow down or speed up, add titles, etc. The second video should show you taking brush away from camera and you look pretty in makeup and dress up. A few seconds for each peace will do. You can add also a piece of paper with your social media plug in if you like. I will put together all the videos in one. I will add music and post it on bric TV free speech TV and our social media YouTube and will send each one of you a whole clip with all the participants. Our new YouTube channel is and My FB main page is
Main channel is that has 30k subscribers. Instagram @alexanderegurman Please email at [email protected] If you have a different idea for a video that we can do please let me know. I have over 300 pages on FB with over 200k followers’ total plan to share to other pages as well. You can also include short plug in shot out for your favorite charity or sponsoring business. If you need examples of that video message to me and I will send a few links similar to what we have in mind. We are working on getting something like done paid; once we find proper set of videos we might be able to find sponsoring funds to make a few similar commercial for various businesses. You can show yours acting skills, voice over if you like, dance or fitness or other talent that you might want to promote. I can help you to set up the story if you need help. We want to produce something really cool

Fashion and modeling

Remote interview co host is neededLooking for subjects for the remote interview, we can talk about fashion, modeling, ww...

Remote interview co host is needed
Looking for subjects for the remote interview, we can talk about fashion, modeling, online classes, inspirational stories, new business pitches (no pyramids or illegal activities), we publish at 300 fb pages with over 200k followers and YouTube channel with over 30k subscribers and on Free Speech TV BRIC TV and state Ukraine TV channel and channel in India and Canada state TV, my instagram is @alexanderegurman, my skype is Alexander.Gurman we can do it also via zoom, Viber, WhatsApp, we can do jokes, pranks, challenges, pitch, educational video, let me know what is the best time, we can outline the topics and details. [email protected]. I like to use teleprompter, proper light, sound, etc.
We can do life feed interviews as well
Email what would you like to talk about, basic talking points, your social media profile.
We also accept content for our youtube and pages, let us know if you have great programming, pictures and videos and articles that you would like to share. We can discuss the copyright and profit sharing.
Positive things that help to combat corona virus pandemic and fears and share facts and healthy vibes.
Podcasts and content that has many views has potential to make a profit from sponsorship opportunities. Now that so many people are at home our youtube channels have more than 900 percent growth and we add recently more than 20 percent subscribers on our pages organically.
Working from home has its challenges but we can share our routine and things that works for us and what to avoid.

If you need content for your channel, we may also send you some videos and pictures if you like, if it makes sense for both of us, obviously we would love to sell our content if you have budget to pay and we also consider trade opportunities. Some of our videos and pictures attract a lot of views and valuable for posts and we will share with you our copyright when it makes sense.
We can share advice how to make a good perspective at your home, what the best light, best sound practices and free editing software. (we like da vinci resolve its is free)
As long as you have a basic phone we can get it done.
A friend of mine fashion designer start to make masks from home to share with hospitals, we can talk about other charities to spread the word as well.

We can do also makeup and hair styling tutorials and questions and answers.
We can go over the script prior via email and phone conversation to stay on point.

Gurman Khachatryan fashion video Crystalline Fantasy (Stephanie Chen Designs) by Anna Khachatryan

Need a model for a designer sponsor shoot, we often get publications out of our productions. Right now need a model for the studio shoot. New collection for the February NYFW (would not be able to post anything before designer does her show February 8) model gets shared rights for pictures and videos. Working with creative gaffer, gels and colored lights. Model that we would want to work with will receive the mood board. Please email a few images, measurements, your phone number, social media presence. Please see our other productions at and if you require compensation please let us know what is your fee is. [email protected] shooting inside of the warm studio with makeup room. Various backdrops (black, green, blue, beige, cream) various props, flags. Images will be used for the catalogue. Date is open, as soon as possible but it has to be convenient for designer, you and me. Same goes for the time. Location NYC. We do not want to give away all details online because of the stalkers and other productions copy what we do. We will share details with the model we end up shooting. Designer budget it tight so we would certainly look for at models who are willing to shoot at TFP but if we do not find anyone suitable for trade than we will work with model that requires a budget. Designer and producer has a few new to us ideas that we want to test and we work closely with a publication to make sure some of the styles can get into proper editorials. By default we already have a model in mind but we still search for a different look in addition and to have a variety of looks and options.

Anna Khachatryan- Creative director, director, co producer, Transformation from the crystal stone to a dress fashion vision by Anna Khachatryan. Alexander Gu...

Miss Mexico at the NYFW about fashion and style Sofía Aragón Miss Mexico at the NYFW about fashion and style Sofía Hermosa, if you would like to have an interview with us please message us here or at [email protected] and you can check our other interviews and content yt channel alexandergurman1
we also do interviews via skype and facebook messenger. For better interviews we need an anchor and camera person, let us know if you would like to collaborate with us. Also we would love to add editor for color correction to our team.
Our next project is to film at Halloween parade NYC. We will do a fashion scary show, we will do in studio prior makeup and fitting for our models and we will walk as a team together at the parade. Message us for details.
We can do better sound and better light work next time.
Our next show in a few weeks will be at sky room in the dance style, let us know if you know designers who would like to participate and models who may be interested.
We need more makeup and hair stylists
Email for our pricing policy, we have free collaboration productions and paid gigs.
If you have pictures and videos that you would like to post with us, please let us know, we love to publish folks work and creative ideas.
We start to do more fashion comedy and pranks, let us know if you would like to collaborate on those.
We produce free content and we produce paid content, sometimes we are get hired and sometimes we hire more help for our projects. As long as it makes sense for all parties we are interested.
we also have 400 partner pages on facebook where we post our announcements and that creates great backlinks to content that we promote. Great for SEO, message us for the list of our pages
other services that we have in our arsenal are photo booth, fashion promotional videos, product placement photography and creative marketing
next fashion show we plan to do as fashion sports style when models will do various sports activities at the runway, let us know what you think.
We got a few new collections from know designers to show at our show. And we need more volunteer crew members for pictures editing and video editing as well as well as for our events.
Write to us what is your social media and we will research you and get back to you.
We got a few ideas for the coming shows as you can see but we also open for your opinion, let us know what do you think will be cool to shoot and we might get it done with you

Miss Mexico at the NYFW about fashion and style

film festival fashion show

film festival fashion show

Film makers are needed to show their films at NYFW fashion shows

Film makers are needed to show their films at NYFW fashion shows

1. Last minute call, fashion show needs an additional model for all the inquires bellow please email at mistergreatprodu...

1. Last minute call, fashion show needs an additional model for all the inquires bellow please email at [email protected] we do not have time to read messages from pages, we get hundreds messages on the page and may miss your real email, thank you for understanding
2. Looking for a lead actress for a comedy please email at [email protected]
Filming at bric and yt space and possibly a sag movie.
3. We also filming a fashion reality TV show on August 8th at sky room
4. Looking for more models for the fashion show and fashion week
5. For a pet commercial looking for a female actress and her look like mother pair
6. Film maker is looking for a crew for a sag movie in new media space, half of talent union and 5 non union actors who wants to join the union.
7. Fashion show is looking for an additional designer
8. Schedule of coming fashion shows August 8. September 5, 7 and 8th
9. Blog filming
10. Need more film crew volunteers for the NYFW
11. Beach and boat shoot needs more designers
12. Male actor is available for filming
13. Looking for a script to make a full feature film
14. Cooking show is looking for an actress
15. NYC scout location is needed
16. Model for the fitness video is needed
17. Filming Christmas video in August looking for more ideas and better mood board
18. Cake cooking video needs an actress
19. Under water fashion video needs a model who knows how to hold breath under water.
20. Fragrance perfume fashion show needs a model that does not have allergies
21. Free portrait photography at our show August 8th
22. Commercial photographer needs an assistant
23. Running a promotion on 400 pages with total over 150k following from as little as $200 fee starts.
24. Kids TV show needs more talent
25. Looking for sag crew
26. Film editor is needed with cash compensation
27. Medical commercial needs an actress
28. International pageant is looking to partner with another pageant.
29. Makeup and hair folks needed for new York fashion week show
30. Fashion shoot need an additional female photographer for a publication tfp
31. Film maker is needed for a commercial production
32. Sport action model is needed for an action film
33. Dance model is needed for a dance performance
34. Horse riding model is needed for a commercial
35. NYPD press crew additional folks are needed for a production on the parade
36. Puppy is needed for a dog food commercial
37. Drone operator needed with licenses of course and drone of course
38. French speaking actress is needed for a commercial

Film Festival fashion show

Film Festival fashion show

Need actors, second apartment, and dogs to film new commercial for vetvittles. I got everything by new by but looking to...
Gurman Photography Film Making

Need actors, second apartment, and dogs to film new commercial for vetvittles. I got everything by new by but looking to improve if possible. Filmed by

Episode 1. At boy’s home.
A young man prepare himself for the date (his clothes all around, he shave his face and talk loud to himself: What gift should I take with me? I want to impress her from the very beginning ... Oh! it might be a great idea!...
He open his iPhone (or computer) and we see the front page of VetVittles website (full screen). Young man click and next moment the door ring ringing – he open the door and a delivery boy give him a parcel.

Episode 2. At girl’s home.
The girl in front of the mirror finalizes her look before the date. Door ring. She and her dog come to the door open it and see the nice boy with a box of candy. The girl somewhat shy and smile, she takes the gist and say:
– Hi Peter, it is so nice of you but sorry, I’m on a diet, I can’t eat candy...
- Don’t worry It’s not for you – it is for your buddy. (Full screen on box of candy and the dog face)
The dog is wagging.
- That is so kind of you! – The girl say. – Let’s have some tea.
- Good idea – replied the boy – and Charlie with us...
He takes out of the pocket a small box with VetVittles’ “dental tea”, put it in a cup and add some water.
Dog drink the tea and smile – its teeth are shining.

Episode 3. Girl’s mother enters the room. She has a puppy with her:
- Hi Peter. Can I join you?
- Sure! And your little boy too. – He takes out of his pocket a chocolate bar and propose it to the puppy.
-Oh, no. Chocolate is prohibited for dogs! – Mother say loud.
- This one is okay. This one is absolutely harmless for dogs and it even very healthy. It is loaded with medicinal herbs which promote mobility of dogs.
Everybody steers at chocolate (full screen)
- Wow! – say mother this brand should be remembered!

- Do you like the script?
Any suggestions [email protected]
Trying to keep budget low
Will post on 400 fb pages (can send you a list if you want), vetvittles network and YouTube and other media we have access to
Proposed film days right now are tomorrow July 27, very unlikely we find full cast by tomorrow.
Saturday or Sunday 29 or 30th more realistic
Also in reserve are Monday next week and Tuesday and possible Thursday morning 4th of July, fifth or 6th of July. We really can everything in one day on two locations. A few hours at each property. is sponsoring cloth for the commercial



2222 Avenue X
New York, NY


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