We Are F**kistani Cricket Fans, Check Out Our Chutiyapa

We Are F**kistani Cricket Fans, Check Out Our Chutiyapa Like us and See How Chutia We Porkistanis Are

Porki fans

Porki fans


PSL = Paste Super League

Pura IPL ko Copy

Quetta ki dress to deko same to same kkr jaisi hahahaha
Zalmi ko csk bana raka ha

or dusari teams ki dress bi copy paste

hahahaha pakis our kids for a reason

Same ipl elmintor qualifers wala formula

4 forigen players

har team se 2-2 match lmao

bus ek cheez alag hai isme

Ankh band karke fixing krte hai 4 pe 4 ni bante 5 pe 6 ni bante
itni akal to mere bi h

khas pak me paida hota mai mai bi legend hota :V :P


Someone said vk is better than our Lola -_-

bitchs kohli's averge in odis 52 almost

but our lola's averge is 23+34(batting bowling combined) = 57

So overall lolas odi averge is 57>>>kohli's odi averge 52

Now endians will say 52>>57 -_-

Hence proved Lola>>vK

Buthurt indians :v

#Lola_for_Life :*


I want everyone to take 10 Mins Silence for those chutia Indians
Who thinks F**kistan is not consitent like others :/

Only 2 Wins in last 11 ODIS(Both in UAE)

This Shows How consitent we are in lossing B|

No Matter UAE or Away We are Father of all in lossing B|

We are unable to win in UAE But still we troll India for lossing overseas B|

This shows How chutias we porkis are :D

I Want word "Consitent" to replace with word "Pakistan"

Lossing is an art and we are the BOSS of It :D

#Burn #Indians B| 3:)


Wtf :/ :o

Once Again a Chutia Indian Comparing that Fast Track Bully Virat kohli -_- With our All Track Bully Sir Saheed Lolanath Duckridi


India Against Their Unofficial Kids F**kistan This Year

Fu**ed By India in T2O WC(Cricket) 2014
Fu**ed By India in Asian Games Hockey Final 2014
Fu**ed By india in Asian Games,Boxing 2014
Fu**ed By India in Asian Games Kusti 2014
Fu**ed By India in Sultan of Johar Cup Final 2014 (Hockey)
Fu**ed by India in Blind Cricket World Cup Final 2014
Fu**ed by India on Border Last Month
Many More Things

Yesterday Just Won A Hockey Match And Forgot Their Official Fathers India

We Thought Porkis Are our Unofficial Kids So Dont Make Them To Cry More

Baap_Baap_Hota_Hai But Najyaz Aulad Aulad Ni Hoti #Grow_Up_Our_Kids


If You Can't Perform Then Help Others to Score Golden Duck

Thats Our Lola Who Helped Umar Akmal Today

Sad for LOla he is Out of Form in This Series Sad

But The Way Lola Helping Youngsters to Score Ducks Etc its Just Amezing

Lala Sabse ala



Only 1 Single Digit Score in Last 10 International Innings for Kohli -_-

And Then They Said He is Better Than Our Loda


Yo Yo

Brillent Double Tentury By Our Star Lola :*

Missed His Triple Tentury by 3 Runs :'(

Haters Alive??

If You Can't Stop our Lola To Score Triple Tenutry then Get the wkt of Lola #BCCICC_LOGIC _|_

on Your Face Bitchs



Pakistan Won A ODI Match After 5 Conscutive Losses

And Lola Played More Than 25 Balls After 18 Months

So Our Goverment Announced Public Holiday in Pakistan

Lola Out Of From After So Long Time But No Need To Worry

He Will Back in Form Soon



Just Heared That Our Blind Cricket Team Fu**ed by Indian Blind Cricket Team in Final of 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

This Shows How Consitent We Pakistanis Are B|

Consitency in Lossing Against Ind in World Cups :D

And Chutia Indians Were like We Porkis Are Not Consitent Like Them B|




Today is the Birthday of All Time Best Batsman Ahmad Maulvi Shahzad

The Guy Who Converted Kohli SRT ABD Bradman Ponting into Great Batting Legends

The Guy Who Can Directly Send You To Heaven

The Guy Who Taught Kohli How to Score Cenutries

Once Again Happy Birthday to Not one of The best The Only Best Ahmad Maulvi Shahzad

Gifted Player from Heaven




Keep Mouth Shut Indians :/
We are Not taking Lola in Our Team because We are Giving Chance to You B|
So That You Our Lola Will not Easily Reach The Big Milestone of 150 Ducks in Odi :3
We Are Not Selfish That We will Take This Record Very Easily -_-
#Burn_Indians_Burn 3:)
#We_Are_Not_Like_a_Boss -_-
#We_Are_The_Boss B|


Once Again You Indians Are Underestimating us :/
We Won 1st Series in the Year 2014 in month of November 8-)
We Haven't Won The Single Series Outside UAE B|
You Must Be Thinking THat inside UAE We Are Boss :p
But There Too We Have been R***d By Aus 3-0 In ODI B|
And The Year is in Mode Of Over And We Havent Won A Single Odi Series in 2014 8-)
So it Shows That We Never Dissopoint Our Haters -_-
#Burn_Indians_Burn 3:)
#We_Are_Not_Like_a_Boss :p
#We_Are_The_Boss B|


Sanga Gone for Afridi

And Indians Thought Our Lola Not Playing in this Match

on Your Face Haters -_-


We cant score centuries,cz we are not selfish..

We cant bowl properly, cz their board fixed the ball .

We cant bat properly cz,their apply grass on the bowl to swing

Our players cant keep wickets properly,cz their players wear big clothes and pads,Play with broad bats..and our wicktkeeprs cant the ball.

Our no. 9,10,11 batsmen are better batsmen than 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. thatswy we give max no. Of balls to the tailenders.. Unlike their team who never gives chance to no.9,10,11 batsmen..such selfishness

Our umpire Kumar Dharmasena is the best.. As he has the God particle Kumar in him

Its very sad to knw that our team has never won a series in their country..
Cheaters either make flat tracks or fast track.. Make a no track and see our magic..

Bloody boundaries gets smaller when they bat because.. the spectators gets increased and ropes gets closer to the pitch fr them.

Their board even fixes winds,rain,dew,troposphere,Ozone layer,cooler,fans,lights etc

May our god particle give some brains to them

More to come after todays match :3


Well there is no breaking news, I am here just to remind you of those 2 SIXES and 2012 world cup i mean dec series :3




Our Lola is so Near To Achive One of The Biggest Milestone in Cricket


Just 1 Bad Series for Pakistan this Year

And Everyone Forgot What We Have Done This Year :/

Lost Asia Cup
Out from Group Stage of T2O WC 2014
Whitewashed in Test Series by SL (2-0)
Lost ODI Series by 2-1 vs SL
Lost T2O Match vs Aus in HOME(UAE)
Whitewashed in ODI Series By 3-0 VS aUS IN uae


Now Just Won a Test Series and Everyone Forgots Who We Are

Its Your Time Indians Bark :/

Bitchs We Will Back with BANG :D

#Burn_Indians_Burn 3:)


Fastest Hundread is Temporary

Tuk Tuk Mode is permanent :3

#Misbahian :3


And Indians Were Like Kohli Will Thrash us

Dear kohli

This is Not Old Sri Lankan Team

This is New Sri Lanka and Weak Sri Lanka





Our Lola Scored 6 ODI Cenutries >>Bradman B| :*

Lola is Lola :* No Buddy Can Match Him :)

Hence Proved Again Lola is Best in The World :D


#Jealous_Indians :v -_-


While India A Fu**ed S**t Lankans Main team

Otherside Our Small Kids I Mean Pak A Got Fu**ed By UAE Today

So What Indians??

We Dont Make Others Cry Like India Did With Cheat Lankans

We Are Pakistan Team and We Never Make Over Disspoint Our Haters

You Champions Please Try To Learn Something From Pak How To
Losse Against Unranked Sides




I Just Heard That Dhoni is Fastet Runner Between The Wickets -_-

Bitch Please :3

They Forgot Our Lola


Meanwhile Afgan U19 Team Fu**ed Pak U19s in A ODI Match At Lahore By 10 Wkts -_-

So What ?? We Beat Aus in A Test Match on a Bouncy Seaming Pitchs of UAE ^_^

Who Cares About U19s Team When Our National team Performing Like A #Boss B|

Anyways We Enjoying Our National Holidays on Victory Against Aussies in 1st Test ^_^ after 20 yEARS B|



Who the hell is this Riley Roshan and why the hell is he threatening our Lola's record?????

4 Afridi in 6 Innings :/


Just Saw Some Brainless Indians

Compairing Our Super Hero Converter Shehzad With Kohli -_-

lOl Indians Our Super Hero Shehzad Scored First 30+ Score

After 10 International Innings(All on flat Tracks SL+UAE)

Kohli Scored 4 Time 30+ in His Last 7 International Innings(2 in Aisa 2 in Eng) -_-

Shehzad Scored 9 Times Less Than 30 in Last 10 Innings(All in Asia)

Kohli Scored 5 Times Less Than 30 in Last 10 Innings (3 IND 8 in Eng)

Now Say Who is More Consitent ?? :/

Its Our Super hero Conveter Maulvi Shehzad >Kohli(5) :D B|

Consitency Level :- Super Hero Shehzad :)

#Indians_You_Better_Die -_-


Rilee Rossouw South African Batsman

Played 6 ODI Innings Yet

Scored Afridi in 4 Innings
And 3 out of them Are Golden Afridi ^_^

Another Student of Our Lola in Making :*

Our Lola Can teach Any One How To Score Ducks With So Consitency :)

#Lolaian_Till_Die :*


New York, NY


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