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Knife Fashion Show

Knife Fashion Show

Supplements: Integrated Approach.Author Efroim G Gurman, press release. Press Release Company is needed for book release...
Supplements: Integrated Approach. Author Efroim G Gurman, press release. - IssueWire

Supplements: Integrated Approach.
Author Efroim G Gurman,
press release. Press Release Company is needed for book release. We are looking an additional ways to promote and sell the book
To order book @AlexanderEGurman
Currently working on front and back covers
Looking at various distribution deals,
Product placement is also available
Additional advertisement is also in discussions.
Whole sale orders for schools, and organizations and for giveaways are also on the table
This book is a great gift for the holidays and events for those who care about nutrition.
Efroim Gurman is an author of numerous books including
Efroim is a founder of the and partner at
Supplements, integrative approach, author Efroim Gurman
1. To my readers
2. A personal introduction
3. The history and prehistory of nutritional supplements
4. Healthy food mythology and commerce influence
5. Balanced nutrition and Theory of Adequate Nutrition
6. Minor food ingredients:
a) Enzymes;
b) Enzymes’ inhibitors;
c) Hormones;
d) Toxins and drugs;
e) Host metabolites;
f) Microbiome metabolites;
g) Vitamins, minerals and microelements.
7. Flesh as a source of active ingredients
8. Herbs and vegetables as a source of active ingredients
9. Cookery intervention in eating pattern
10. Behavioral and psychotropic effects of micronutrients
11. Micronutrients’ effect on bone-muscle system functions
12. Pro- and anti- digestive food components
13. Micronutrients influence excretion (swelling, urination defecation)
14. Immunomodulatory effects of food
15. Food control of sexual activity
16. Food control of cardio-vascular functions
17. Indirect supplements’ effects through microbiome modulations.
18. Supplements against aging.
19. Poly-potent action of supplements:
a) Varity of active ingredients in natural food as an evolutionary factor;
b) Plurality of the effects of each active ingredient;
c) Integrative action of supplements;
d) Dosage and time-sheet guidance.
20. The complexity as a principal difference between supplements and drugs:
a) Ethnic cuisines;
b) Food consumption as a chronic process;
c) Specificity of methodology and scientific approach to supplements’ practice;
d) Future – what to expect next;
e) Economic consideration and types of supplements.
21. Conclusion: Supplements (FFS) as a must for healthy diet now and in future
22. Appendix 1: Applicability of supplements ideas to humans and pets, practical advises.
23. Appendix 2: Herbal Directory.
24. References.
25. Un-brushed afterword/comments
we are interested in a creative ways to promote the book, we are looking for influencers who would advance the book message and move the sales.

To purchase book @alexanderegurman


Creative writer for a commercial is needed better than this one, budget $1000.00. Clients are and Dino Luzzi Energy Drink . I need someone who can write funny, viral, with call to action. Please message your portfolio at ig alexanderegurman Crew also is needed, next production on Halloween parade October 31. Need a voice over for the live stream feed. Tiktok dancer/teacher is needed $40 per hour. Next prank production at the Thanksgiving parade NYC. Dogs and cats are needed for pet commercial for @VetVittles . filming with sony 7iiiS and G master lenses. Need to get to 10 million views per month, currently we pool 5 million average per month combined on all our pages, need to get to next level.

Dino Luzzi Energy Drink is our magazine sponsor We need creators to produce content, testimonials, pictures, etc, music ...

Dino Luzzi Energy Drink is our magazine sponsor We need creators to produce content, testimonials, pictures, etc, music videos with Dino Luzzi Energy Drink. We need on-camera talent, models, actors, spoke personalities, influencers. Energy drink may sponsor events. Produced by Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (OTC PINK: IFBC) . We look for photographers, SEO, marketing folks, models, groceries and various publications to promote the drink. We actually tasted the drink and loved it, drink taste really good. We are working on new pranks and Tiktok content. To coordinate marketing efforts please message at IG @alexanderegurman email [email protected] we are currently working with a reasonable budget. We urgently need folks to participate in our beverage tasting campaign, Sunday June 27th at the Central Park, Bethesda Terrace, code ALEX for discount pricing. Thank you our next fashion show in Miami July 6th and July 12th

Knife Fashion Show

Knife Fashion Show

Knife fashion show

Knife fashion show

Maxim Magazine cover girl competition needs your vote

Maxim Magazine cover girl competition needs your vote please vote @wenyescobarx her instagram,
Paid partnership with super model Wendy Escobar
Sponsorship content, if you want to advertise and produce content with Wendy please reach out directly and do not forget to vote for her on Maxim cover girl magazine
After you vote for Wendy if you can message her on the instagram that you voted that would be wonderful for tracking and accountability of our posts
Please mention our page where you found out about Wendy Escobar
it is important to win Maxim cover for Wendy, please do your part, thank you

Restaurant to deliver food is needed for the fashion show's ongoing collaboration. We will have over 120 models and 9 de...
Fashion and Modeling - YouTube

Restaurant to deliver food is needed for the fashion show's ongoing collaboration. We will have over 120 models and 9 designers and media crew. Everyone needs to eat at the event from 10 am to 7pm. The way we want to structure the deal is a 10 percent discount for the order for everyone as a group deal and 15 percent fee to the producer for arranging and promoting the restaurant. We can also do some pictures and videos of our models eating the food and with the restaurant's logo and perhaps some testimonials by models and crew for the restaurants. You can see our prior shows at We do shows every month and look for ongoing collaboration. The plan is that some of the production team will call the restaurant and place orders for what they want and with our code you will know to charge them less and deliver group packages. Thank you. We would like to have delivery at 12 noon and at 5 pm. Show takes place in midtown Manhattan but we can do delivery from Brooklyn or Queens or Bronx and even from NJ as long as it makes sense for you as well driving to the city. One of the shows is kids show, so if you have a kids menu that is a plus. You will get great images with amazing models and viral videos that would look great on your tiktok. One of the shows is a bridal fashion show, so you can get a few pictures with gorgeous brides (models) and your food and your logo. We can also do product placement photography for your food and proper food photography as well. Also in the show we do have dogs so that is also an additional distinct factor. Dogs often provide hire visibility to products they correlate with. The show producer often does photography and video for weddings, birthdays and various events and can refer you to catering for those events as well. Makes sense, right. We will have various models with different looks, Caucasian, Asians, person of color, etc. Some of our crew is vegan, if you have a vegan menu that is a plus. Some of our models are actors also, can produce popular skits. We also have a few male designers in the show so it's not only female talent but also male talent. We can promote your restaurant also on our 700 pages with over 300000 real followers. We also have smoke that we can use to improve the quality of the picture to make it look fresher. We also have special backgrounds for food photography and tripods that film upside down and sliders to film food. If you have liquor license for the event that would be great, otherwise tea and coffee and juices and water will be fine. We also have a magazine that we print and publish online, it would be great if your food and logo can get into magazine as well.

Fashion and Modeling, NYFW, shows, behind the scene footage, interviews, interested in sponsorship productions, have many full censor cameras, mirrorless cam...


Fashion Models are needed; please send dm for compensation and details.
Dog Fashion week. February 6th to February 14th, NYFW
Locations Central Park by the fountain February 7th at 10 am start till 5 pm¬¬¬, Prospect Park by the pond on in visual distance from bathrooms February 6th start 10 am till 5 pm, Floyd Bennett Fields February 13th start 10 am till 5 pm by the airfields in close proximity to bathrooms, Manhattan beach dog playground February 14th from 10 am till 5 pm and few other locations, we will update on dates and time for each location and each day. Production by show would be streamed live on that channel. Sponsored by and Presents from @VetVittles for participants and as a present and Please reach out for details at instagram @VetVittles. We also match our human models with our four legged models. We have a few designers participating. Thank you Fashion Week Brooklyn for collaboration. You will get great pictures and videos from the show. Covid compliance is required
We are doing it as protest against animal cruelty so some of the models will have banners in support of various animal causes. We doing it in collaboration with a few dog and cat shelter organization so you can walk with our stray friends. Russian American Dog and Cat kennel cattery club is our sponsor also.
We publish our show on 700 fb pages with over 1 million followers, YouTube channels with over 30k subscribers and instagram influencers with over 40k followers and public speech TV and Bric and many other magazines and print publications. List of designers and participants will get updated as we make it better till last minute. You are welcome to film live stream at the shows. Original music provided by DJ Transaction. Updated for the show will be posted at We also are looking for social media person and PR person and SEO services and branding. We also need an assistant to house photographer and house film maker. Event is funded financially by @VetVittles we usually have some snack and drinks for the crew, charge your phone so you can do live feed from the show. Our team has a few dog trainers, veterinarians, dog groomers and rescue organizations and pet stores and pet supply companies, we also collaborate with number of influencers and we can help new folks become paid influencers with @VetVittles. For those who cannot come physically to the show but are interested in collaboration we need folks to moderate our zoom live feed, and our skype, and facebook, and instagram feed and other life feed that we do from the show also on youtube. You can also interview our cast remotely before, during and after the show for the content creation. We also need event planner assistant for the show. We will have a number of shoots every day in various locations to produce content for virtual fashion show with kittens and cats and some designers that feel too cold to demonstrate their collection in the parks.

Folks who love dogs and cats are needed for creative partnership. Dog and cat related business is needed for collaborati...
| VetVittles

Folks who love dogs and cats are needed for creative partnership.
Dog and cat related business is needed for collaboration.
We already sponsored by and looking for more brands to participate
Professional photography and film making is sponsored by we can shoot at dog playgrounds, in the parks and on locations.
We can give you this book as a gift free of charge
We can also give you this book as free of charge
We are also partially sponsored by veterinarian and grooming services and looking for more pet and grooming and veterinarian businesses to join us.
Our main sponsor is
Please share what your social media is, if we can do funny dog videos with your pets, if we can do interview with dog owners, if we can do sketch, if you already have existing content that you are willing to share.
Thank you, [email protected]
We would love to collaborate with other photographers and film makers. Are open to talk to dog walkers. Folks who make fashion perhaps can dress the actors in skits with dogs. Makeup and hair folks are welcome to join. Stylists and creative minds for the shoot welcome to collaborate. Any influencer please reach out, may be you can help us to increase our audience.

CHAMPION YOUR PET’s WELLNESS Learn More Take time. sniff the difference. Transparency In transparency we trust. We developed a page with information about our ingredients for you to know exactly what you are getting Quality No to fillers! No to artificial components! No to dyes! All ingredients an...

Music video model with a dog is needed. To promote our new fashion modeling channel ...
Meika II

Music video model with a dog is needed. To promote our new fashion modeling channel Would you like to make a video like that with me? Similar video with before After I got mirrorless camera, gimbals and fan for the air movement and original music and some locations. In NYC are, can also drive tri state. If we can have a cute dog in the shot we can have @VetVittles to somewhat sponsor the video in distribution and in editing. Please contact at [email protected] or instagram @alexanderegurman music production is sponsored by DJ Transaction. 4k with 100 frames per second. About 1k budget in labor and out pocket expenses. Got a shoe designer to sponsor, and clothing designer to sponsor. The goal is to reach over 500k legit views on social media on the end result. On the side note we are also working on the full feature film 90 minutes and want to use that clip as titles background as well. When you apply please message your instagram and perhaps phone number and few pictures and skill set, anything that may help us to work with you.

© Peter Coulson 2020 Model: Meika @Giant MGT Assistant: Bec Pead Photography, Video, editing, Music: Peter Coulson L...


2220 Avenue X
New York, NY


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