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44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop
44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop

44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop

Today marks 44 yrs since the #BirthofHipHop! DJ your own mix with turntables & legendary beats 🎧 🎚️ #GoogleDoodle

Nate Jones On Bass

Nate Jones On Bass

I'm excited to announce the Tastethestage mixtape is on its way. NYC's 1st live open mic mixtape . Get ready!!

Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh

In every interview I get asked the same question, "how do feel about the current state of Hip Hop?"

Often, I feel like I'm being baited to speak negatively about artist I don't like. You see, the problem with the music industry in general is deeper than a particular artist or group of artists. We all play a role with the current condition of not just Hip Hop but Urban music period.

Corporations - treat Hip Hop music as a money grab. They don't concern themselves with building careers but seek "hits" and aim to capitalize on already built fan bases to lesson their work load. The less they have to spend in development, the more is made on the backend, for the corporation. Corporations have made artist to believe that an artist NEEDS them when truly it is the other way around. What is a label without artists?
There is often talk of an "agenda" being pushed when it comes to Urban music. I will leave you with this... peep what is forced down our throat daily when it comes to Urban music; s*x, drugs, violence, repeat.

Artists - being an artist in this climate is complexed. True artist often are over looked while those looking for the big payday dominate the attention of the corporation, therefore the masses. As an artist you have to ask yourself, "do I wanna thug it out for 10 years to maybe achieve some success or do I want to conform and follow whatever the new fad/gimmick is?"
People like to pin a lot of responsibility on cats who could care less about anything other than getting paid. I can't blame some for trying to get the money and run, that's what they are here for!! We constantly let these people in and get mad when they don't handle with the same care as we would. No need...
We also have a responsibility to teach those that come after us. Part of the reason why these kids don't appreciate the culture like we do is because we failed to bridge the gap. We have failed the youth. We have failed our forefathers. Each one needs to teach some.

Fans/Consumers - yes, you play a big part in this as well. Where do you think the most power lies? It's with you! You hold the power of choice. You hold the power of influence. You hold the power of the almighty dollar. We are constantly bombarded with bu****it because you are listening and buying it. You go to the shows and buy the merch. You buy the products they endorse officially and unofficially. Yes, you. So much power is in the hands of the consumer and we fail to exercise it often. Power is in numbers, show up for your favorite artist. Show up at the record store. Show up at the shows. Show up.

Change is gradual but it is possible. You don't like where Hip Hop is, ask yourself what can you do to help change that.

- Rapper Pooh


HAPPY 2017...Peace and Blessings!!!

Stream A Tribe Called Quest We got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service
Stream A Tribe Called Quest We got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

Stream A Tribe Called Quest We got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

A Tribe Called called quest have dropped their sixth studio album We got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service, their first album in 18 years. This right here is how a legacy act should update. There are plenty of nods to the Tribe of old with Phife Dawg (R.I.P.) sounding great employing different...

Check out  emcee F.A.T.A.LE bring fire to this gem of a track! Mixed and recorded by MAKP
Ghetto Girl - Fatale Feat. Kevy Kev

Check out emcee F.A.T.A.LE bring fire to this gem of a track!

Mixed and recorded by MAKP

F.A.T.AL.E retouched this 90's classic to represent for the ROUND AWAY GIRLS. Of course, AS ALWAYS Kevy Kev is on deck!


Check this out!

Freak on Trap

Freak on Trap
Freak on Trap is a music and dance show .

The show incorporates the "cutting edge of music, dance and fashion" of Don Conrnelius' Soul Train, with an updated millennial turn up.

The music is non other than your favorite old school hip-hop songs mixed with trap music.

The Freak on Trap album will be release in 2015 with an accompanying digital show.

The album was produced in collaboration with SoundClash NYC.

-Soundtrack Intro

- Stress Relief : Produced by Abel "PM" lawson and IBra-Heem
. Ospmusik / Soundclash Nyc
. Believe Distribution UK
. Liquid Light Publishing


Creator / Editor /Executive Producer
Abel "PM" Lawson

SOUND CLASH NYC tour of Mercy Sound studios

Video tour of one of studios where Sound Clash Recordings engineers MakP, Ben and PM are putting in work.

Call or Text Sound Clash Recordings to book a studio session at (347) 827-0763. Professional engineers are available here Contact Sound Clash Recordings to b...


Hey Sound Clash Family,

Great news! We've secured five studios around the New York City Metropolitan Area to provide you all with that Sound Clash quality of service by MakP, O, Ben and the rest of the staff.

More info to follow shortly.

Feel feel to contact us at 347-827-0763 or inbox us.

Sound Clash staff



This is a message for those that believe that things like this happen for a reason because we have the power to create positive from negative.

After 12 years at 150 West 28th Street #803, Sound Clash is being pushed out of the building in the grimiest way possible. Our lease was expected to be renewed with no issues on April 1st, but we were just informed a few days ago that the owner wants to double the rent - basically “GET OUT!” And it’s not just us - all the studios in the building are facing the same situation.

So we have until March 31st to move out and find a new home. Caught completely off guard, but we’re still scrambling to keep the music going!

We don't know what will happen. But regardless of the outcome, WE (Ben, Mak, Oscar, and the SCR family) are real proud of what we've accomplished over the years: the relationships we've built, the music we've been a part of, the artists we've supported, the team we've developed, and the creative environment we've provided.

Sound Clash wants to continue but needs support, so we're reaching out to anyone that can help us through this time of transformation. We accept with gratitude any sharing of this message, any encouraging words, any leads on a new space, and any donations from those that are able. Your contributions will play a big role in helping us find a new home or, if need be, they will provide some needed support as we close our doors.

This isn't the end, simply a new path for us all. We thank you in advance for your support in helping us shape the coming changes.

With gratitude,
Sound Clash Recordings!support-sound-clash/cvuh


New hashtag #scr_aftersessions.

Former co***ne dealer Ross has a message to the rapper who took his name. In a statement he said: ”To William Roberts, a...
Rick Ross, the Ex-Drug Kingpin, Says CIA Behind Hip Hop's Love Affair With Drugs - Atlanta Blackstar

Former co***ne dealer Ross has a message to the rapper who took his name. In a statement he said: ”To William Roberts, aka “Rick Ross,” who’s using my name, I’m inviting you in, to come with me: Let’s fight this culture, let’s fight this penitentiary culture that hip-hop’s been spreading. Let’s make a difference. You and me need to come together and you need to tell them that you didn’t make your money selling drugs and making music is how you became famous. There’s nothing wrong with making music, just as there’s nothing wrong with being a correctional officer, if that’s what you did, but so many of our friends who look up to you and look up to me are out on the streets thinking that they can go out and sell drugs and parlay that into a record career. I don’t know if you know that they’re not going to make it, but I know.”

The CIA is behind rap’s obsession with drugs. Rick Ross says so. No, not the rapper, but the actual co***ne kingpin whose artist name and persona was hijacked by Rick Ross the rapper. He should know. “They were the guys who were behind me when I was selling drugs,” Ross said of the CIA. “And …
The Resonant Human: The Science of How Tempo Affects Us : SonicScoop – Creative, Technical &...

You’re walking along, enjoying some of your favorite music on a pair of headphones, when all of a sudden you realize you’re re-enacting Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger“video, stepping in time to the music like someone on a mission: Left foot in sync with a bass drum, right foot with the snare, or vice…


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