Just-My-View by Titus Battle

Just-My-View by Titus Battle My Name is Titus and I am a Good, Intelligent, Gifted - Child of God Just-My-View is just my view....It is my beliefs can make this world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.

There are people dying, if you care enough for the children. Make a better place for you and for me and all the children of the world. . [email protected] [email protected]

There are people dying, if you care enough for the children. Make a better place for you and for me and all the children of the world. . [email protected] [email protected]

Mission: Our goal is to open a 24 hour human development organization, for and about the healthy development of children. This will be a place in by which we will feed, educate, house and love...All unwanted, abused, forgotten, sick, under-educated, Thrown-away, Homeless, Hungry Children in America and subsequently throughput the world.

Operating as usual


I feel especially bad for all the Black unarmed Americans that were shot dead by Police because the COps said he or she felt theri life was in jeopardy, yet; The Capitol Police Officer who was getting beat, told they were going to kill him with his own gun...He said, "I could have shot em but that would have given justification for them to kill him"....With all due respect, White Privilege at work even in the midst of a horrendous disaster...I know tons of WHite Americans that do not want America destroyed by White Supremist...The underlying issue with what is going on is even more heart breaking, this whole issue is all about Black America...It's not the Democratic ote, it is the Black vote and that hurts...Seriously WHite America who is on the side of Trump, what have Black people done to you all that you all are so pissed; ya killing your own people and destroying the democracy in which you depend...Over Black American People...I suggest getting COngress and the Senate to take away the Black Vote in a Reparations package and we can go set up on own Government and Leaders supported by the American Government for the next 400 years...There is a better way for White American to get Black America out of its life...Let's make a deal...Let them be...None of this is worth anyone losing their life over...People deserve to live since they were born, it qualifies all to live and not be killed or disrespected. Do not destroy America with race hate; Let's just make a deal...Keep the Peace...Peace...


I would like to say very, very, Cleary that
Black Lives Matter is not a violent organization
Trump and his followers say that lie so much that they are trying to make it true...They can say it thousands of times which lying they do not mind doing but the truth is that
Black Lives Matter is not a violent organization and neither are we antifa, BLM is BLM...They the liars do not want to talk about the innocents killing of Black Americans...Black Lives Matter did not break into the Capitol when in D.C...500 arrests took place during the Black Lives Matter gathering....
Black Lives Matter is not a violent organization but it looks like the Republican Party and its supporters broke into the Capitol and wreaked havoc on America's Capitol, not Black Lives Matter...
A Republican 17 year older brought a gun to the BLM march and killed two people and went home after getting a bottle of water from the Officers on duty...Even White Americans were beaten with brutal force for just standing up on public grounds with no weapons, no nothing....Republicans do not like Black Lives Matter and spread lies about BLM, but Republicans are bold and intentional liars, they live and breath lives, they cannot be believed at all under any circumstances...They are not known and it is not their norm to be truthful or to tell the truth nor to keep their word.
Now they are saying anifa broke into the Capitol and no Trump supporters but they call Black People antifa now...I just wanted to get this truth out...Some are going to bring up the Wendy burn down or windows broken and items taken but allow me to remind everyone, the check from the insurance company made business owners happy, so happy they look foreword to being looted...Looting is a business opportunity...Just keeping it real...Republicans and their lies caused the death of a Capitol Hill Police...Peace....


I Believe that
All Voices Matter
Even if I am in disagreement with what one is saying
still, All Voices Matter
The Black Voice, The White Voice, The Immigrant Voice
The racist Voice and the Non-Racist Voice
The Child's Voice & The Adult Voice
The 'Well-Spoken-Voice' and the Voice or the Ordinary
The Religious Voice Matters an the Non-Religious Voice Matters
The deal is, you must "Speak" in order for Your Voice to Matter...
Your Voice Matters-Speak Up...Peace....

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo


For the Rest of the Year
Send Nice, Encouraging & Inspiring Messages
To those you care about and know
Practice like making fun of people
Compliment the Good you see in every one you know
Collectively, I Like You and am
Honored to be considered as your Friend
You are Beautiful...Much Love-Much Respect...
Create the Peace-Create the Love...Peace..

What's in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine?When the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received an EUA from the FDA, its ingredients list ...
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Arrived Today—Here’s Exactly What's In It

What's in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine?
When the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received an EUA from the FDA, its ingredients list was published online in a fact sheet for vaccine recipients and caregivers. This is the full list of ingredients, according to the FDA:

Lipids (including ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol)
Potassium chloride
Monobasic potassium phosphate
Sodium chloride
Dibasic sodium phosphate dehydrate


Plus, what experts think about the ingredient list.


Happy Birthday Bro. George Floyd...I just learned today is his 47th Birthday...You changed my Life and woke me up...Thank You...Be Blessed in Heaven....Remember Us as We remember You...Always with us...Happy Birthday Sir Brother...Peace...

I do like the Associate Supreme Court Nominee...Her path is filled with controversy but since there is nothing that can ...
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Full Opening Statement at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

I do like the Associate Supreme Court Nominee...Her path is filled with controversy but since there is nothing that can stop her path forward..She will be Trump's surprise...She is loyal to her family and America and not to one person or party...She fully understands that politics has nothing to do with her decisions going forward on the Supreme Court....Lots of concern surrounds Her nomination and subsequent seat...Just because one is quiet and mannerable does not mean they are not a danger to America...I did not detect any code words and I am not sure what a strict interpretation of the law means to her...Why stress over something that cannot be changed and will not be changed...Consider her nominated...Such as Life...She may not be the problem but the quiet and surprising solution...Peace...


US. Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett delivers her opening statement at her Senate confirmation hearing. Judge Barrett: "Courts are not designed ...


Happy "Native-American" Day
I support
The end to the celebration of
Columbus Day and replacing this great lie with
National "Native-American" Day & Month
We should not, as Americans, be proud of the days & times
of Christopher Columbus
Let us grow, let us change, let us develop
As a Country...
We do not need the hate of the past in America today
America-America-God shed its grace on thee
And Crown "THY-Good" with "Brotherhood"
From Sea to Shining Sea...
Happy "Native-American" Day to us all...

At a not so good time in my life when I use to wake up in the shed thinking: Why? I had to wake up in a better mode than...
Sweet Peace — Song by Nobody and the fOoL (From Tots Ep 52: Question Everything, feat. Titus Battle)

At a not so good time in my life when I use to wake up in the shed thinking: Why? I had to wake up in a better mode than depressed and regretting the new day...A Nuclear Physicist did not like me sitting watching a parking lot for 8 or more hours so he brought me one of his Banjo's and showed me a few keys....Dr. Eddie...This was the firs time I've touched or been up close to a Banjo, saw one of television but never dreamt i would possess, much less play the Banjo. One morning I awakened in the shed pissed off to be awake yet again and I wrote this song to begin y day in a better frame of mind..."Life is Good" is the first song but that was too broad for me so I added "Today is a Beautiful Day"...The last thing I do is listen to something funny ad the first thing I do upon wake up is to listen and reflect of things that are good...This song still does it for me...So if ya stuck in a depression and kind of like it but kind of want to be out of it for a minute...Blessings and Peace to us all, everyday, all day long...plus tonight...Smile...Life is hard, life i challenges and even disappointing at times but in it all there is Beauty in all things...Peace...


Titus Battle and Tepper Saffren are Nobody and the Fool! Here's an original song written by Titus about peace, love, and kindness. Thank you all for being pa...


Politics seems to be based upon lies, mistruths and deception...People presenting themselves as Good & Moral Americans are intentionally sharing and telling actually lies and think we are to believe the lie..How can one believe a lie..It is actually crazy to believe in a lie...So, no State Government will be defunding the police...No logical American want Police to end, to be over...I like Police a lot...These political commercials are driving me crazy, people are making donations to campaigns to support the lies...You cannot be trusted standing on the platform of lies...We are Americans and we are not retarded...Stop lying to win our trust...Peace...


Be mindful to wish no one no harm, especially those you are not all that fond of...There should be no joy or satisfaction with the suffering of no one...Just thinking...Wish no one harm, especially if you are not all that fond of them...Peace...


Seems like NYC Student are having a quiet protest...Zero returned to school this week...Why? Children are concerned about their loved ones..Their Grandma's & Grand Dads and Aunties...This is very interesting...Parents are supporting their children's concerns...If we keep thinking we will develop a student friendly plans for re-opening...This plan has no student input..But leave it to Children to know how to get the attention of adults...Peace...


"America, America, God shed His Grace on Thee...And Crown Thy Head.. with BROTHERHOOD...From Sea to Shining Sea...." Let's not violate the Grace God shed upon us with hate & division...Peace....


It is o.k. that we are different
I do not always eat what others eat
I do not always think the way others think
I don't even look like a lot of people
I don't like certain places & situations other people like
I am different from you and you are different from me
and that is o.k. with me...
I do not dislike you for not being like me
Don't dislike me for not being like you
I just want to enjoy the Journey of Life
With my fellow Human Beings in Peace & Harmony
I Appreciate Life...I Appreciate You...Peace...


Ya do not have to label Breonna Taylor in order to justify the police...She does not have to be labeled a criminal...This is the New America...All Black Lives killed by Police are labeled as criminals in order to justify Police behavior...Please do not get in trouble when you hear others saying this for it will be said...It has been said...You must have other things ya live for...Do you want to go home tonight...Breonna wants you to be able to go home and not go to jail for her...Breonna, like many African Americans were born to die unjustly for a better system of justice...Thank You I say to their souls...Peace....


Violence which is causing physical pain on another human being is the wrong way to make something right, better or good. To all you parents that use violence and anger on your children...Deep Breath...Ya can't say you Love someone and cause them bodily harm and use anger...Love actually covers a multitude of sins...When children make mistake, these are teaching opportunities, not an opportunity to cause pain, fear...Ask a bettered wife is she feels loved after hubby beats the crap out of her...Ask the many Wives in graves if the violence use upon them by their loving Husband make them a better person or a dead person...It is not good to raise your child which hate, anger and violence...These are ingredients of destruction...Love actually does not hurt, does not scare...Peace...


Congrats Senator Kamala Harris...Democratic Vice-Presidential Choice....Peace...


I've failed at trying more than I succeeded at trying...
There is no success without trying..
The worse time to give up is when you fail at trying...
Dr. George Washing Carver failed at trying
More than He succeeded at trying...
No Failure-No Succeeds....
Happy Failures Day to all...Peace..


This message is for people are former f-ups..Ya been to prison, you are under-educated, on drugs or been on drugs, piss everyone off been deemed not worth associating with..Homeless, unwanted, a straight out reject, loser...No one bothered to speak out when you were being abused as a child, no one cared if you were being raped or molested as a child, no one spoke up when you were called all kinds of derogatory names...If you can, do not die for the people who hurt you so bad that you are living what they said, do not die for them...I am one of you and one day I decided not to die for the ones who hurt me the most when I could not defend or speak up for myself...Your Life, My Life is just as valuable as one without struggles and injustices...If you feel like you have nothing to do with your life but to die, take your own life; call me, I got something for your life to do, I value your life...I can use your life and all that it entails...I stopped listening to what I thought about me and began listening to what others said about me and believed that...This message is from the Keep-Breathing-suicide-prevention-initiative...Do not die for the people who did and do not value you, live for the people that value you...Peace...


May the Peace of Life be with each of us this day. By the powers no vested in me, I demand each of us a Blessed day. May the Angels of Heaven bring Peace to those that are struggling, those that hurt...Life has painful moments but life has many Blessings as well...May we all live on the Blessed side of life this day...Amen...Peace...


Do Not Protest in the streets but Protest by Making-Friends..
For Black Americans...
Become a Friend
Make-Friends with a White person and a Cop...
For White-People..
Make Friend-Become a Friend to a and with a Black American...
Protest through Friendships not riots...Peace...


Stop being mean
Stop getting mad
Stop yelling
Stop threatening others
Be Nice
Let niceness & kindness
Your 1st response


Happy-Mother's Day
All Mothers
I, a Man, with an existing Mom
Dedicate this Mother's Day to those that
This Day is traumatizing...
Mother's Day is not a good memory for many
Mothers traumatized by being a Mother and
Children traumatized by the Mother-Child relationship
I just don't want to be all out here acting like
This day bring joy to all; it doesn't...
For those in pain today-
My-Thoughts and My-Heart and My-Prayers
Are with You this Day
Happy-Mother's Day to My-Adopted-Mom and
Happy-Mother's-Day to My-Birth-Mom...
Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers I know...Peace..


O.k. guys...Brother needs some help...I think I got her a nice card and some fake flowers but that's all my brain can do..Plus the economics side of it...So what can I get, should I get, think I should get for a Mother who is experiencing her 1st Mother's Day with her last born child...I'm pretty much happy with my choices but I know I am so not good at getting Gifts...I suck at it actually..I do not mind reaching out for advice and guidance...If you are with your Moms for the first time what would ya get her...She expecting something...Peace...

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo

Just-My-View by Titus Battle's cover photo

Just-My-View by Titus Battle

Just-My-View by Titus Battle


I am impressed at The-NYC School System...
All Student received their laptops,
all teachers are in the classroom and the
Teaching-Learning relationship is strong...
I will be picking up my after-school laptop this week for tutoring...
I will charge 7 bucks but
Do call if your child needs to be tutored
Don't let your child fall behind academically
I am Here...Google Duo or FB Messenger
Do not let your child fall behind academically when
I can help...Peace....


Just a Thought:
What would happen if Black America
Did not cast one single vote
In-Protest of
Never being represented
I'm going to be honest with ya
I do not want to vote
Out of protest and I would like
Every single African American to
Refrain from voting in protest of
Never being represented
Jump in and share your wisdom and logic


I Believe or Acknowledge all the Gods of all Religious Beliefs. No need to study any of them.
When Life is treated with respect,
one has fulfilled all the beliefs and expectations
of the God of all beliefs...
God is not limited to religious beliefs only,
God is not limited to a particular Holy Scripture...
Living Godly takes no religious beliefs or participation;
it does not even need one to
believe in a God of religious beliefs...
Practice being Kind, practice being a loving,
encouraging, inspiring, compassionate Being...
Even Jesus did not relate to God through
religious systems of operation...
Religious people has robbed life of the benefits of God by making us think that God can be found in a religious settings- practicing religious beliefs...
Will a Man rob God, hell yeah and doing it right before our eyes. Loving God means to be loving to your parents, grand parents, sisters, brothers, friends, bosses, associates, strangers. Religious beliefs say that
if one accepts God they will never be sick,
they will be rich and they will never die...
God is the Essence of Kindness within You....Peace....



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