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Voix Noire Voix Noire is a reparations based platform that bridges the gap for Black women, children and marginalized genders through direct giving.



White folks and men #PAYDAYFRIDAY is here and it's important. Short and sweet. A woman is in need of an abortion. She needs $950. Her pool is in the comments. Please give. Sharing is free.

Creighton Leigh

Creighton Leigh

April 18th 2020 is Voix Noire's first community baby shower. It'll be in Philadelphia. I am sharing the baby registry and pool, and I really need folks to share and buy what they can. There are items for as little as $3.99. We need all the things! If you can donate items, please email me at [email protected] links for fundraiser and amazon baby registry!



Share widely. If you know of anti-trafficking groups and advocates ask them to share. I am sharing what little info they're allowing me to share for obvious reasons.

I need two things:

1. Pro-bono or low cost lawyer in Massachusetts, willing to help a mother gain full custody of her daughter, whose father is a suspected trafficker. Have them email me [email protected]. Do NOT send them to my inbox.

2. Money. This family NEEDS a safe space and cash. At this point a shelter is their option and they will not be safe. The motherhas already had issues around her child's safety. I've vetted the f**k out of this and this family was put in touch with me by another NYC organizer whom I trust with my life. There is a pool in the comments.
I cannot stress how important and time sensitive this is. If you cannot give, please share.


TW Sexual abuse of a child


I don't shake a cup this early, but this is sensitive and urgent. A mother discovered her husband sexually abused their oldest child. He has been arrested and they are officially divorced. She is struggling to keep her four kids, ages 1-10, housed. Her pool is in comments along with an Amazon list for diapers, wipes etc for the children. PLEASE SHARE. GIVE. Links in comments.



Four children in GA lost their mother to breast cancer. They need so much support. There's an Amazon list in comments with items such as weighted blankets, children's books on grief, and a lot of other things to help them through this tough time. I am also shakin' a cup because they need money. Please dig deep. Give. Share in your networks. Let's help them.




Black women experience intimate partner violence at higher rates than any other demographic. We also have less resources. Today's ask is for a mother and her children. They need to leave. Today. Now. Immediately. They need bus tickets, money for temporary housing (motel), food, clothes and replacement documents such as ss cards and birth certificates. Please share this pool. Give if you can. Links in comments.



Whew, my food requests are in the dozens since yesterday's post. If I haven't responded it's because I am going in the order I received. The food pool is low and I want to make sure your needs are met. Which means I need more coins. I need y'all to give to the pool so I can fulfill these orders today. People shouldn't have to wait for food.

Pool link on comments. If you cannot give, share. Share in your food security groups and pages.

Ever since I made this post I've received emails about how I send groceries. I have a PayPal food pool that is only used...

Ever since I made this post I've received emails about how I send groceries. I have a PayPal food pool that is only used for grocery delivery. I use Shipt, Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Walmart. If you need food, I usually respond to email or request on my page. I need an address, your food allergies, aversions etc. If there's money in the pool I do same day delivery. If you would like to support the food pool, here is the link bit.ly/foodsecurityTGM. I do not give money from this pool, I only send. If anyone who has received groceries would like to explain or vouch, sound off in comments.

#PAYDAYFRIDAY Hey, men and white folks! This is a very important #PAYDAYFRIDAY post. There are two asks. 1. Haslah is a ...


Hey, men and white folks! This is a very important #PAYDAYFRIDAY post. There are two asks.

1. Haslah is a Muslim woman and mother of 5 who is being harassed and needs to move. She needs help with her deposit ($675) and assistance with child care while she travels to sign her new lease (135).

2. Toi is celebrating a birthday! She's still battling plasma cell cancer and there's been no luck with finding a donor so far. But she's still in treatment and doing well. For her birthday I'd like to cushion her uber/lyft fund as well as send her some coins for dinner and a movie. Ride shares are an average $19 each way. Also, visit bethematch.org to see how you can be donor.
All links in comments. If you can't give, sharing is free.

Give. Share.



This is important. A family in NY is homeless as a result of a house fire. They've lost everything. They're temporarily housed in a motel and I want to help them get on their feet. I am posting their Amazon wish list. There are items as little as $7 you could get for them. They also need cash. I'll post links to both in comments. I sent them a small order of groceries last night, so if you'd like to support the food pool so I can keep sending them food, I'll post that, too. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from the list. We need more clothes and shoes for the littles, so please continue sharing!


Hey, men and white folks! Miss me? It's #PAYDAYFRIDAY and only it's TWO simple asks.

1. I have 21 requests for emergency contraception and need help with shipping costs. I need 21 of you to give $8, or more in case I get requests. I am expecting snow this weekend and would like to ship this evening or early morning. Please email me if you need emergency contraception. Don't comment on this post. Also, share this in reproductive justice circles.

2. #WaterForFlint and #WaterforPhilly
I have 10 requests for water for Flint and 1 request for Philly. I buy water 2 for $5 from Kroger or about $1.89 per 24pk from target. I use ship and instacart to send. Please give what you can. I've been sick lately and the requests are piling up.

Links in comments. If you cannot give, please share. Especially in your groups.


I have a mom who is experiencing a high risk pregnancy and is due to be induced. She hasn't been able to work. I am dropping her baby wish list in the comments. She also has 2 other kids. They whole family has unmet needs. I am dropping my links in the comments, including food pool. I want to make sure she is caught on bills and has a full fridge when she comes home with her baby. If you can help, check comments. If you can't, please share.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and white folks, especially those who've emailed me about fundraising, I'm kicking this off n...

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and white folks, especially those who've emailed me about fundraising, I'm kicking this off now! I have a HUGE ask. But poverty is a bitch and I'm here to be the mouthpiece and cup shaker for poor Black women in need. This family has been without electricity for a long time because she's been afraid to ask for help. Well, I'm asking. She owes over 4k because she didnt keep the payment agreement. We need to bring it to current for a new agreement to happen. I need this paid by Christmas but hoping sooner. She's given me permission to share and I need white folks and men to step it up. Yes, men. I see yall in my comments but not my money apps. Link in comments.


#PAYDAYFRIDAY part two. This ask is very important. Most of you know I suffer from pancreatitis because of medical racism and doctors refusal to listen to me and my body. Their failure to act led my gallbladder becoming infected and bursting which caused me to to me lose 51% of my pancreas. It also caused damage to my other organs. A Black woman narrowly avoided the same fate and now is recovering from emergency surgery. She needs help covering rent. Pool is in the comments along with my links. Please help her so she can recover knowing her rent is covered. Black women deserve all the things. Please share. Give.

#PAYDAYFRIDAY part one is for WHITE FOLKS AND MEN! Will you be eating with friends and family next week?  I've helped ov...

#PAYDAYFRIDAY part one is for WHITE FOLKS AND MEN! Will you be eating with friends and family next week? I've helped over 30 families with their holiday meals and have over 20 in queue. I have over 22k followers between my pages. If 300 gave $5, we could feed a lot of people next week. I'll leave the pool in comments along with other links. SHARE. It is our duty to feed hungry families.

It's Sunday and y'all gon' be like 'damn, Creighton' but I don't care because it's cold af on the east coast and they ne...

It's Sunday and y'all gon' be like 'damn, Creighton' but I don't care because it's cold af on the east coast and they need heat. Family of 5 is facing cold days because their gas is scheduled to be shut off TUESDAY. Mom had to decide between winter coats and clothes or paying on her plan. She chose clothes. So, what I need from y'all is some coins and shares to get her to the $2014.58 she needs. Especially men and white folks. Here's the notice. Pools in comments along with links. Tell a friend.



I've been sending water to Flint for the past 2.5 years but recently I've started sending water to a family in the Olney section of Philadelphia. I can't sustain these efforts alone and I need help. There is a daycare in Olney that needs cases of water. They use water for everything including making formula for the infants and preparing meals/washing dishes. I want to send at least 4 weeks worth of water. Can I get 150 of you to donate at least $10. I've contacted Mayor Jim Kenney and have not heard back. Olney is being gentrified and I honestly believe the city's lack of response is intentional. My links are in the comments. Black people deserve clean water.


White folks and men it's 🗣#PAYDAYFRIDAY

Because of recent stories about human trafficking, I've been receiving requests for assistance with mace, tasers and other safety measures from Black women/MaGes concerned for their safety. If you'd like to receive a wish list, leave a comment. If you can donate to someone who cannot receive safety measures via (due to state laws) the pool and my links are in the comments. It is your duty to keep Black women/MaGes safe. We are most vulnerable and the least believed and protected. Check comments for links. Share.


Y'all. Family. My people. I wanted two weeks away from active fundraising to focus on my kids. And I still took on emergency asks. At this point I'm not even mad. I know needs have to be met. Bills need to be paid. Food gotta be sent. This break has really made me realize that we need sustainability. Daily cup shaking is exhausting. And it's hard moving from one crisis to another when the previous crisis ain't been resolved. I am looking at ways to create a sustainable model so I can help you in real time. And this ain't for y'all to figure out. It's for white people and cis men. Period. White people, especially those who love to brag on their anti-racism work and cis men who claim they're working on calling out misogynoir and all the phobias-- y'all need to find ways to do more independent fundraising to create a surplus in these pools so these asks can be done on the spot instead of daily cup shakin'. I have thousands of white followers on my public page and thousands of men-- and at least a few hundred here. Think of how many people we can move to stability if each of you committed to giving AND fundraising a set amount each month. Reparations or nothing. I don't need the followers if they're not doing the work. #ReparationsNow



Brandye's father died early this morning and those of you who know her know her mom died 3 months ago. She has 2 older boys and an infant. She needs our help. If you can donate I'll post her pool and my links in the comments. Once you've donated, please comment "done". And it should go without saying, this is especially for white people and men to handle. Help Brandye through the loss of her parents.



This is an urgent ask. I need to help a Black trans woman remain housed. She has struggled with homelessness for years. She has an apt but lost her job and she has been unable to find steady work. She was recently hired but doesn't start for two weeks. She's asking for help so she can keep her apartment. Black trans women face discrimination and violence and I really need us to help Nia keep her apartment. Her pool is in the comments. You don't need paypal to contribute to her pool. If you'd rather give another way, my links are in the comments too. Please share, pass along to others. Share in your groups. Give what you can. It is our duty as cis folks to protect Black trans women.

Hey white folks and men, it's #PAYDAYFRIDAY and today's ask is urgent. A family of 6 had their gas shut off this morning...

Hey white folks and men, it's #PAYDAYFRIDAY and today's ask is urgent. A family of 6 had their gas shut off this morning. They're behind on their bill by a little over 2k but with her permission I was able to negotiate and they're will to put her back on a payment plan if she can pay $690. We have 4 hours to help her pay this bill. They need gas for heat, hot water and to use their stove. The youngest is 6 months old. We cannot let this family go without gas. If 35 folks sent $20, we could help this family stay warm. Temps are dropping in the east coast. Links in comments. Please share. Give what you can.

Please welcome Amy to Voix Noire! Amy's activism is canon. Please read more about Amy's activism here:https://voixnoire....

Please welcome Amy to Voix Noire! Amy's activism is canon. Please read more about Amy's activism here:

Welcome, Amy!

IMPORTANT ASK, especially for men and white folksA mother of 3 is having 3 procedures November 12th. It has taken 3 yrs ...

IMPORTANT ASK, especially for men and white folks

A mother of 3 is having 3 procedures November 12th. It has taken 3 yrs and many specialists before she was able to find a doctor willing to take her serious. Medical racism is actively harming Black women. Now that surgery is scheduled she will be unable to work for at least 5 weeks. She is an independent contractor and doesn't have paid medical leave. She needs help with rent, insurance and utilities. She also has an infant, and needs assistance with child care while she recovers. We can't allow her other young children to take on this responsibility. I need to help her raise $2400. I know this seems daunting, but with over 25k followers between my pages, we can absolutely get this done. If 170 of you donated at least $15 we can make sure she's able to recover without added stress. Links in comments. Share. Give.

[Image of momma's scheduled procedures]

#PAYDAYFRIDAY is personal for me. This is my cousin Toi. Toi has plasma cell leukemia and is need of a bone marrow trans...

#PAYDAYFRIDAY is personal for me. This is my cousin Toi. Toi has plasma cell leukemia and is need of a bone marrow transplant. This ask is twofold. 1. While Toi is in treatment she needs support with transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses. She is unable to work. If 150 of you donated $10, $15 or more, Toi would be covered for a few weeks. 2. If you're interested in seeing if you're a match, please visit Bethematch.org. Once your results are in you can forward them to Toi's oncology team in Los Angeles. I'll put you in touch. Please share. Donate. Share in your groups. This is urgent. Links in comments.


#PAYDAYFRIDAY is for a young woman in South Africa. She was assaulted by a co-worker and is now 12 weeks pregnant. What I've learned through vetting this ask, is abortions are free in public institutions but not private institutions. And the reason she cannot be seen at the institution closest to her is because she works there and she cannot risk her friends and family finding out. They're very rigid and religious and she believes she'dbe forced into carry this pregnancyto term. It is also extremely difficult to get an abortion in SA after 12 weeks. Practitioners will only perform one if there is a danger to the person's health. So we have 4 days to get his done. She needs $650 which will cover pre/post care, including counseling and contraception. Please give, share, post in reproductive justice groups. Links in comments.


URGENT🚨🚨 white followers and men. Step up.

This is probably the biggest ask I've ever worked on and it's urgent. A single mother and her two children are at risk of losing their apartment. Suffering from PTSD and depression while trying to find new employment has been a challenge for L. They're a native New Yorker and their landlord has been trying to get them out their apartment to make way for white tenants. They've never been late on rent in 12 yrs til depression and PTSD made working nearly impossible. Struggling to get well and provide for their children they've fallen behind on rent by 3 months. They have 10 days to pay the landlord or be evicted. Please help me keep this family housed. We have $444 of the $4236 needed. Share. Donate. Share again. Share in housing justice groups. There are no affordable places for Black families in this city. Help me save their lease. Redacted notice in comments along with their paypal pool and my links if you don't use PayPal. And you don't need a paypal account to contribute to the pool. I have over 22k followers between my public page and my personal pages. We can do this! No amount is too small.



A pregnant mother went to the emergency room and has been admitted. The problem is she doesn't have anyone to keep her other two kids beyond tonight and she doesn't know how long she'll be admitted. Her neighbor has agreed to keep them until her mother can come to town. The cheapest flight is $655 out of LAX. I know it's short notice but this is urgent. Can 65 folks give $10? Links in comments. Pass along.


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