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S*x Cult Leader Keith Raniere Sentenced To 120 Years Behind Bars

S*x cult leader Keith Raniere has been ordered to spend the next 120 years behind bars. A judge sentenced the 59-year old in a Brooklyn courtroom Tuesday, more than a year after he was convicted on several charges including s*x trafficking, forced labor and racketeering.

Prosectutors say he created NXIVM [[ NEX - ee - yum ]] based in Clifton Park, New York outside of Albany to gain power over women. Raniere and his attorneys deny the claim. The group operated ostensibly as a personal and professional developement training organization to empower women. Several of Raniere's victims were in court asking for him to receive a harsh sentence. Raniere spoke on his behalf, claiming his innocence but apologizing to those he hurt.


Dodgers Top Rays To Claim First World Series Since '88

The Dodgers are World Series champions for the first time in 32 years. Mookie Betts scored the go-ahead run in the sixth inning and later homered as the Dodgers beat the Rays 3-1 in Game Six of the Fall Classic in Arlington, Texas. Seven LA pitchers combined to allow just five hits and one run.

Victor Gonzalez got the win in relief and Julio Urias recorded the final seven outs for the save. Nick Anderson took the loss after Blake Snell was pulled in the sixth for Tampa Bay. Snell struck out nine over five-and-a-third innings of two-hit, one-run ball. Randy Arozarena homered in the first inning for the Rays, who fell for the second time in the Fall Classic.

Meanwhile in World Series 2020 COVID-19 news, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner did not get to see the end of the team's World Series clinching win Tuesday. A post game broadcast announcement said Turner tested positive for COVID-19, leading to his removal from the game. Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed the positive test in a post-game interview with FOX. Turner was replaced at third base by Edwin Rios and was not on the field for the post-game celebration.


Thousands Evacuated California Wildfire Rages

California continues to burn. Two quick-moving blazes have forced more than 85-thousand people to evacuate in Orange County. Most were due to the Silverado Fire burning near Irvine. The rest were the result of the Blue Ridge Fire that's burning around Chino Hills. The fire is burning above Yorba Linda, home to the Richard Nixon National Library and Museum.


Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In As Newest SCOTUS Justice

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett says she'll be an independent voice on the high court. After being sworn in Monday by Justice Clarence Thomas, Barrett said judges must remain outside the sway of politics. She said Supreme Court Justices making political decisions would be a dereliction of duty. Just a week out from the presidential election, Barrett now fills the seat of the late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The high court now has a 6-3 conservative majority.

President Trump calls it a momentous day for Americans and the Constitution. He predicts Barrett will have a great impact on the high court. Meanwhile, dueling protests were held at the Supreme Court with some yelling and holding signs that read "The Confederacy was defeated. Take Trump Down." Other demonstrators wore badges reading "Confirm Amy."


Kanye Says God Called On Him To Run For President

Kanye West is reminding people that he's still running for president. The rapper sat down with Joe Rogan for nearly three hours in a podcast that was uploaded over the weekend. He touched on a whole host of topics with the presidency coming up on numerous occasions. Asked why he's running, Kanye said it was simple: God called on him to do so. He said if elected President his first order of business would be straightening out the budget.


Snow To Slow Colorado Wildfires; Power Shut Down In CA

An early winter snow storm is expected to help curb the advance of two major wildfires in Colorado. The National Weather Service today says cold temperatures, an increase in humidity and accumulating snow will continue into the early hours on Monday. CNN reports that the Colorado Office of Emergency Management's Trevor Denny says the winter storm and snowfall could "dampen any fire spread." The Cameron Peak Fire and the East Troublesome Fire are the two biggest wildfires in Colorado state history.

In northern California, the extreme hot, dry and windy conditions that favor wildfires there are leading to power shut downs. Pacific Gas & Electric is set to turn off power to hundreds of thousands of users in northern California. The utility says Red Flag high winds and extremely low humidity are conditions that are just too dangerous. The power shut downs will begin in stages this morning at 10:00-a.m. Pacific time for PG&E clients in eight counties. Power will be turned back on gradually Monday and Tuesday.


Jerry Jeff Walker Dies

Country music legend Jerry Jeff Walker has passed away. Walker is best known for writing the 1968 classic Mr. Bojangles, and had a following among both country and rock audiences for his 1973 album Viva Terlingua. Walker is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son. No cause of death has been confirmed. Jerry Jeff Walker was 78 years old.


Final Presidential Debate Comes Up Thursday

As the clock continues to tick down to Election Day, the final presidential debate is set to happen Thursday night. President Trump and Joe Biden will face off in Nashville. Topics include COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, and Leadership. Kristen Welker of NBC will be the moderator. This time around, the debate commission is going to mute the microphones of the candidate who isn't speaking during opening segments of each new topic.


UK Coronavirus Vaccine Study To Infect Health Volunteers With Virus

The British government is clearing the way for a coronavirus vaccine study that will infect volunteers with the virus. Young, healthy volunteers will be deliberately infected in a controlled setting and some will receive an experimental vaccine. Health experts who support so-called challenge trials like this one say they're more efficient and require far fewer volunteers. They say when all volunteers are exposed to the virus, researchers can delivery scientific data more quickly.


U.S. Accompanies Israeli Delegation On Bahrain Visit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin joins an Israeli delegation on a trip to Bahrain. Israel and Bahrain are in the process of normalizing relations with the support of the United States. Mnuchin and the Israeli delegation left Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport this morning to Manama where Mnuchin's office says a process of "expanded economic cooperation" between Israel and Bahrain that first began with the UAE will proceed. U.S. Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz says Israel and Bahrain will sign an agreement "bringing forward tourism and banking and diplomatic relations."


FCC Chief To Review Communications Act's Big Tech Relevance

The head of the Federal Communications Commission says he is going to take a look at the relevance of the Communications Act of 1996 when it comes to Big Tech companies. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai tweeted his intention Thursday saying he will "clarify ambiguities" in Section 230 of the Communications Act as petitioned by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Pai says, "Social media companies have a First Amendment right to free speech. But they do not have a First Amendment right to a special immunity denied to other media outlets, such as newspapers and broadcasters."

Pai states he will clarify Section 230 which was conceived in order to protect from liability internet information providers that function as platforms to facilitate the unfettered dissemination of content created by third parties. Some argue that Section 230's liability protections do not extend to internet based publishers. The claim is that Big Tech search and social media companies have grown from their beginnings as neutral platforms of information conveyance back in the 1990s to behave today as agenda driven publishers.


McConnell: Senate Will Vote On COVID Relief

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote on coronavirus relief when the chamber returns next week. McConnell said in a statement that the bill would be "targeted relief for American workers," including new funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, schools and hospitals. The Republican Senator said there'll be time to pass it before getting to the Supreme Court nomination, as long as Democrats don't block it.


Fireworks Expected As Senators Grill SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Today's confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett could get testy as senators question her. Democrats are expected to grill Barrett about her past comments criticizing the court's 2012 ruling that upheld the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. The court, which is likely to include Barrett, will take up a case challenging Obamacare a week after Election Day. The Trump administration has joined states seeking to have the health care law declared unconstitutional.


WHO Special Envoy Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Should Be Used Sparingly

A World Health Organization Special Envoy says authorities should use the COVID-19 lockdown orders sparingly. In an interview with the UK's Spectator News on Friday, Doctor David Nabarro said the WHO doesn't consider lockdowns as the main way to control the coronavirus.

He says the WHO recognizes that lockdowns can "buy time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance resources, protect exhausted healthcare workers." Nabarro is calling on world leaders to not use lockdowns as the main COVID-19 control mechanism. He says lockdowns "make poor people an awful lot poorer."


Barrett Confirmation Hearings Start In Senate Today

Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett will start this morning. The conservative Barrett is a federal judge from Indiana and would replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump nominated Barrett a little over a week after Ginsburg died.

Senate Republicans are pushing to get Barrett confirmed before the November 3rd elections. Democrats argue that the winner of the presidential election should choose the next justice. The Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct Barrett's confirmation hearings.


Lakers Defeat Heat To Take 2020 NBA Crown

The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2020 NBA champions. They defeated the Miami Heat 106-93 in Game Six of the NBA Finals in Orlando to win the 17th championship in franchise history. LeBron James finished with a 28-point triple-double in the series-clinching victory.

James is also the 2020 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. It's his fourth career NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP Award. James is now 4-and-6 all-time in the NBA Finals, and has won a title with all three teams he has played for, the Lakers, Cavaliers and Heat.


President Trump To Speak At MAGA Rally In Central Florida

President Trump is scheduled to speak at a Make America Great Again rally in central Florida. The President will be on hand for the rally at the Sanford Orlando Airport in Sanford this coming Monday evening. It is the President's first campaign rally appearance since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on October 1st. Vice President Mike Pence is also campaigning in central Florida. Pence will take part in several campaign events today in the Orlando area.


Delta Now A Tropical Storm

Hurricane Delta is now a tropical storm. Delta is still a threat in Louisiana, where a tropical storm warning is now in effect. The storm is still battering the region with heavy rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds, and is now moving across central Louisiana. The storm should hit northern Mississippi later in the day. Delta is expected to produce five-to-ten inches of rain as it moves across Louisiana, and tornadoes are possible this morning over southern Louisiana and Mississippi.


Second Presidential Debate Canceled

President Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will only have one more chance to duke it out on the debate stage because next week's debate is off. The Commission on Presidential Debates made the decision to cancel the second debate the after President Trump refused to participate in a virtual event against Joe Biden on Thursday in Miami. Another debate is scheduled for October 22nd in Nashville. The commission wanted to do the second debate virtually after the President tested positive for coronavirus.


Delta Weakening As It Moves Inland

Hurricane Delta is losing strength as it moves across Louisiana. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 75 miles per hour. It is also expected to continue weakening to a tropical storm and then a tropical depression on Saturday. But, several inches of rain are expected in parts of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas. A few tornadoes are also possible. Delta made landfall Friday as a category two storm but has decreased to a category one since then.


"I Can See Clearly Now" Singer Johnny Nash Dead At 80

Tributes are pouring in for the singer behind "I Can See Clearly Now." That 1972 hit put Johnny Nash on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks. It was back on the charts years later when it was recorded by someone else for the movie "Cool Runnings." Nash passed away from natural causes at the age of 80. He was one of the first American singers to record reggae music in Jamaica and is said to have helped launch the career of his friend Bob Marley.


Friends, Family, Colleagues Remember Rock Guitarist Eddie Van Halen

Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen is being remembered by his friends, family and colleagues. The rock legend died Tuesday at age 65 at St. John Hospital in Santa Monica, California after a long battle with cancer. News of his death is drawing immediate reaction from Hollywood. His ex-wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli tweeted a series of broken heart symbols.

Billy Idol tweeted out a collage of photos of himself and Van Halen with the caption "Rest in peace guitar legend. We will miss you." Rocker Gene Simmons tweeted "My heart is broken." The Kiss member went on to say "Eddie was not only a Guitar God, but a genuinely beautiful soul."

Eddie is well known for his innovative and ground-breaking style on the guitar, which propelled the band Van Halen to super-stardom. Along with his brother Alex on drums, singer David Lee Roth and bassist Michael Anthony, Van Halen rose to prominence in the late 1970s and was considered one of the top acts in the world. Eddie was born in Amsterdam and was raised in Southern California.

He and ex wife Valerie Bertinelli have a son together, Wolf, who is also a musician and has been active in Van Halen. Eddie had been in poor health for years and was a cancer survivor. He had been out of the public eye for some time, which led to widespread speculation about his health again and the status of the band. He was born in 1955.


Trump Plans To Participate In Next Debate

President Trump plans to take part in the next presidential debate on October 15th despite being diagnosed with the coronavirus. The President was hospitalized for the respiratory illness on Friday. It's unclear how Trump's diagnosis will change the format of the second showdown between Trump and Joe Biden. Because of Trump's diagnosis, Wednesday's vice presidential debate between VP Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will feature a plexiglass partition between the pair.

Earlier on Monday, President Trump returned to the White House to continue treatment for coronavirus. He spent three nights receiving therapeutic treatment for the virus at Walter Reed Medical Center. His doctors agreed he was improving enough to go home. They confirmed today he's on several drugs and says he's not out of the woods yet.


Rare Blue Moon On Halloween

The skies have a treat for everyone this Halloween. We'll have a full moon on October 31st, the second one this month, known as a Blue Moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac, a blue moon on Halloween happens only every 19 years so we won't see another one until 2039. October's first full moon, known as a Harvest Moon, rose on October 1st.


President Trump Gets Experimental Antibody Cocktail Tested At Stanford

President Trump is being treated for COVID-19 with an experimental antibody cocktail that's being tested at Stanford Medical Center. Doctor Yvonne Maldonado says Trump got a single eight-gram dose of the cocktail. It's the largest dose and so far has shown to be the most effective.

She says the President is at greater risk because of his age, weight and cholesterol. The drug he's being treated with is from a manufacturer called Regeneron, and because it's so new, scientists still don't know how long it will remain effective.


White House Physician Issues Update On Trump

The White House physician says they have started Remdesivir therapy with President Trump and he is "resting comfortably." Sean Conley released a statement explaining the chief executive is "doing very well" and not requiring supplemental oxygen. He noted it was his recommendation to move the President to Walter Reed medical center for "further monitoring." Trump made the trip to the military hospital on Friday and is expected to remain there for a few days. Friday night the President tweeted things were going well for him.

Several others among the President's inner circle are also positive for COVID-19. The leader of the Trump 2020 reelection effort Bill Stepien received a positive diagnosis on Friday. The list includes White House aide Hope Hicks, former adviser Kellyanne Conway and a pair of Republican senators. The news emerges after the President and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the virus on October 1st.


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NYC Dept. of Health – 99 New Yorkers have died from Covid without underlying illnesses. Population 8.3 million. COVID-19 Daily Data Summary: Deaths (PDF, updated May 15)
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UK, Ireland Added To Euro Travel Ban The European travel ban is being expanded to include both the United Kingdom and Ireland in order to fight the coronavirus. Vice President Mike Pence announced the ban Saturday. It begins at midnight Eastern Standard Time on Monday. American citizens will be allowed to return home during the ban, but their travel will be monitored. The expansion of the ban comes as President Trump tests negative for coronavirus. Test results for the President came back negative on Saturday. Trump opted into getting tested after consulting with his physician Sean Conley. The President was in contact during dinner meetings last weekend with several Brazilian visitors at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, at least one of whom was later confirmed by the Brazilian government to have tested positive for coronavirus.
NBC News Radio -- specifically you, Cameron Fairchild: I'm putting you on notice for your repeated use of the word "Democrat" in the newscasts this am. I am a "Democrat" and a "Democratic" voter. The first is a noun, the latter a modifier. When referring to the party, the correct word is "Democratic" (modifies the noun party) not "Democrat party". Quit echoing right wing nut jobs in your reporting. We see you...
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Glaring error in your USS Hornet story. (R/V) Petrel is a project funded by Paul Allen, whose company is Vulcan Inc. Not "Allen Vulcan" as you reported. Visit their site for details: https://www.vulcan.com/about Tried messaging you this privately over four hours ago at 2:00 PST, but no one responded.
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