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Please highlight this issue on blacknews102 Sa. UK Government are deporting black people of Jamaican birth back to Jamaica if they have served 12 months or more in UK prison. Some of these people came to the UK as young as the age of 5. Also have no family back home in Jamaica plus this was done in secret.
This is An Inspired Pan-African Page; w Diverse Content on Many Subjects regarding Melaninated People of The African Diaspora & Our Presence Globally & Historically Upon The Lands of The Planet as We Coexist within Modern Societies Around The World.
I’m holding it down in the South! Mike Tyson knockout!!!!
We the people want that interview where y’all stopped Charles Hamilton on the street in Harlem he was dropping a lot of knowledge in that video and y’all took it down and it’s no where to be found now....
Peace Brother from Khartoum, Sudan, First off, thank you for the dedication and sacrifice you've made for our people world wide. I'm contacting you because it's an emergency concerning some recent events and I don't think anyone is paying attention. Just a little about me, My name is Abdulkadir and I was born and raised in DC but I'm 100% Nubian, living in Nubia since 2012. I speak the native language and my wife speaks Mahasi and my direct Great Grandfather is a man named Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi who waged a successful revolution in the 1880s and freed Sudan until it was conquered again in the early 1900s. My uncle is a man named Sadig Al Mahdi and Dr. York is the son of my GrandFather Imam Al Hadi. I've always known about these men because my father was, RIP, associated with the Ummah Party but I never really cared about them nor realized what was going on because I was indoctrinated by the white Arab Sunni ideology until the best days of my life, starting from late 2018. I study Quran since 2006 with the understanding from the beginning that I didn't want to go to any teacher or read any commentary and I wanted to purely study the material. The result of that brought me to the conclusion that Quran and not Hadith or Islam, is the most misunderstood text in the world, even Muslims and native Arabic speakers don't understand because of the Hierarchy of understanding created by the Wahhabi/Salafi/Saudi system around the world. The only people I heard that I know grasp the Quran are Brother Polight and Brother Dr. Muhammad, Polight for his methodology and Dr. Muhammad for his contextual grasp of its meaning. I'm not Muslim, Christian, Hebrew or none of that. Nor am I contacting you for any proselytizing, I'm simply trying to notify the community and whoever will listen with the recent events that took place in Sudan aka Nubia this year. After 30+ years, Sudan this year is truly a free nation and it happened through some supernatural way. I say that because since June, the revolution really got hot when the Janjaweed were called in by the oust regime to control the situation because ALL of Nubia since the time of Muhammad Ahmad, took to the streets and forced the regime for serious change. The whole country including the military were disarmed and only the Janjaweed, with their history in Darfur, were heavily armed pretending to only be in the capital to keep the peace. what they ended up doing was wait until WE the people got ex. dictator Bashir and then the next day his replacement out and that's when the Janjaweed with their alliances with ex. regime officials tried taking the country. At first, no one realized our situation but then it became clear where everything was headed when the Janjaweed started killing unarmed peaceful protesters. At first, 10 people here 20 people there got killed but then during Ramadan, they committed the worse massacre that was really a blessing in disguise. During Ramadan, the country new that change ain't really happen when ex. dictator and the 1 day old dictator stepped down, so the headquarters of the movement posted up at the National armed forces headquarters thinking the military would protect us if the Janjaweed ever attacked. That's when the Janjaweed attacked the whole area and city, killing anybody, raping women and men, tying up people to blocks while they were alive and dumping them into the Nile river while recording everything, over 500 people got killed with bodies still being pulled out the Nile. Then, we had an internet blackout and a heavy presence of military everywhere abusing, killing, raping and recording videos of them punking Nubians making them recant any desire of freedom in the most disrespectful ways. They thought they accomplished their goal of scaring the hell out of everyone and they were in power. Now, it was a blessing in disguise because not only did this take place during "holy" Ramadan but the whole time during the blackout period, a lot of people got exposed. Mainly, the Islamists were found to be hypocrites and were speaking for what was going on, Egypt and Saudi both funded and actually ordered everything when the acting dictator went on Hajj to Mecca, but the most important thing was that the people for the first time saw the true colors of Islam and the Arabs and no longer identified with them and instead reverted back to our old Nubian culture and African pride. We were chanting old Nubian chants, our women Kandakas(Nubian Queens) took the lead and the men started chanting war chants about Tarhaqa, and people started teaching and learning about our past while shunning the hell out of the Salafi Scholars who really put their own foots in their mouths. And many more things are still happening. Needless to say, after the whole population, even with the media and internet blackout, went on strike and pressured the old regime to turn back the internet so people could start working for them again and everyone unloaded the videos they had of all the atrocities committed, literally, everyone in Sudan came to the city and shutdown everything in the capital peacefully until fellow military revolutionaries were able to get in position and forced the bad guys to give up power. The Janjaweed were disarmed, some got locked up and others started trying to act like they with us chanting insult chants we made for them. I mean a 100% reversal and now the revolution is 100% over where we really won and everyone is aware of and kicked out any shadow government. I'm still tryna make sense of everything. Now, the real reason I'm contacting you is because now, being the scriptures investigator I am, see what took place this year is undoubtedly, in the Bible and Quran. I mean it's eerie. What Nubia went through this year is detailed in the scriptures, especially the Book of Isaiah. I would have to spell it all out in another text but it's eerie. And when I seen it in the bible, it was only after the revolution, where I really read it for the first time before that I never read the bible like that, I only studied the Quran. Now also, I never started reading the Quran in a Nubian African context until late last year discovering the difference between Hadith and Islam with the white Arab context and the Quran. Long story short as far as that goes, Islam is the greatest slave master of Africa and Africans while The Quran is really the most misunderstood literature in the world and that it has more in common with the bible than it does with Saudi Arabia and Islam. I also discovered that Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi actually wasn't an Islamist and actually had a falling out with the top Islamic priesthood before his revolution began and that his story is so important to be looked into because I discovered some crazy things. First off, The Nubian Mahdi of Nubia is never spoken about even within the African consciousness movement except for Dr. York. Secondly, if he was talked about, it was only the fake white Arabs who bring him up for an example of all the fake Mahdi's of the past but I know the truth about him because of my family, if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have heard of him. Thirdly, Britian has so much information on him that we natives don't even know and they talk about how they were trying to be careful not to have his son, Abdulrahman Al Mahdi father of Dr. Yorks' father, get crowned by his colonies across the sahel and how they put a wedge between him and Said Ibn Hayatu of the Sokoto empire. Thirdly, how after Britain discovered Abdulrahman and other kingdoms' messengers were passing notes to each other using the annual "pilgrimage" to the Mahdi Tomb, made my Grandfather cancel the pilgrimages forever which afterwards, Britain began the Modern age across the world. And much more but what really blew my mind was back in the day, either Sonni Ali, Soudita Kieta, or one of them, told his people before he died to "look to the East in Sudan for the Mahdi and help him". I thought Garvey was the only one that said that about modern Ethiopia, who that's another topic itself and how they colluded with Europe until Halie Salise was betrayed by them and later he did great things for us and Africa. Now all of this is what I learned during and after we won which makes it even crazier. Finally, regarding Islam, I have full proof and evidence to end any talk on Islam and what was perpetrated once and for all. I completely dissected everything about it in a conclusive way that our brothers and sisters need to know and through your platform, after you guys critically analyze everything. I hope this message finds you and you get back to me. I am by myself out here and you guys may really make a big difference for all of us. Sudan is huge, empty, full of resources and needs educated Africans with this new chapter of its life. I am its son and my family is everywhere and I can connect with everyone in Sudan. Thank you again.
Valerie Strong
Random thinking about when my son get older and asking me how he got here
How come none of these religious zealots study archaeology?